Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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12 jun 2018

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MR Rainbow
MR Rainbow Hace 4 horas
I realized that not all of the dinosaurs are from the Jurassic period a long time ago. Lol
Timkney Hace 6 horas
But what if the IRex enclosure was just temporary for it to grow up first before display to the public? Think about it: there are no windows or viewing platforms anywhere near the enclosure and it’s not near the park at all.
Timkney Hace 6 horas
Great comment
Timkney Hace 6 horas
Wow, I didn’t even think of that!!!1!
BioHazard _X
BioHazard _X Hace 7 horas
2:55 MatPat you are hinting at a Baldi Theory, come on!
Stop The Dab.
Stop The Dab. Hace 8 horas
Cretaous or Triassic?
Mr. Bublee
Mr. Bublee Hace 13 horas
Lord Daubeny
Lord Daubeny Hace 14 horas
Nicolas Skylander
Nicolas Skylander Hace 14 horas
King Squishy
King Squishy Hace 16 horas
Wonder Llama
Wonder Llama Hace 19 horas
Please do one on the new movie
Hayden Benesh
Hayden Benesh Hace 19 horas
Wait, that black (no racist intended) security guy was nick furry actor?
Test Channel
Test Channel Hace 20 horas
Moshrav Hace 20 horas
rip raptors. i cri every tim
Sam Wu
Sam Wu Hace 20 horas
Build a better wall
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace 20 horas
It’s not feathery, it’s fat
Abram Post
Abram Post Hace 20 horas
I feel that #MatPrat would sound better. Oh well
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace 20 horas
Jurrassic PrattPat Ship + Theories included
Jay XD Woo
Jay XD Woo Hace 20 horas
Cala Maria
Cala Maria Hace 21 un hora
I always cry when Zara the babysitter died by the mosasaur :( she’s my fav actor
Angelina Carrillo
Angelina Carrillo Hace 21 un hora
Victorquinn 100
Victorquinn 100 Hace 23 horas
Avin French
Avin French Hace 23 horas
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson Hace 23 horas
How does Steph feel about PratPat?
Lance Jacobs
Lance Jacobs Hace 23 horas
You can see the bottom of the tank right
bendyfan0066 alexis
bendyfan0066 alexis Hace un día
Jurassic world do your research
Frothy Mr Six
Frothy Mr Six Hace un día
#MatPratt or #PrattPat. WHICH ONE!
Scarifus Prime
Scarifus Prime Hace un día
I know it’s a joke, but the “Cretaceous park/world” thing is so frustrating
The meme Slayer
The meme Slayer Hace un día
Oh yeah #prattpatt that's what everyone wants 😍
Aden T4
Aden T4 Hace un día
Mesozoic park
E Hace un día
Make a film theory about indoraptor and how it was made and shoutout me in your next video #Parttpat
Sofia Sanchez
Sofia Sanchez Hace un día
#Prattpatt And Thanks alot Star-lord!
Lardex Beater
Lardex Beater Hace un día
The indominus Rex is a girl
Ichthys King
Ichthys King Hace un día
9:04 Yes, a giant lizardman would DEFINITELY have the same needs as a toothed turkey
animegod of greatness
11:12 really matpat!?!??! THAT IS A ALLIGATOR!
TwoTerribleTwins2017 That Make Movies
Oh yrha i asked an expert a Spinosuar could kill a T-rex i asked batch
TwoTerribleTwins2017 That Make Movies
Hey Jurassic park three was the best get a life dipshit
Jim Means
Jim Means Hace un día
Scardy Bear1201
Scardy Bear1201 Hace un día
Dinosaurs are all from the same period tho
Cupcake Productions
Cupcake Productions Hace un día
My 2nd favorite Jurassic park is 3! And I don’t care if anyone hates it it’s my second favorite Jurassic park movie!
Squid Nugget
Squid Nugget Hace un día
Kamden Frazier
Kamden Frazier Hace un día
Also the T. rex was actually a scavenger
Alex Fosberg
Alex Fosberg Hace un día
The i rex had a short enclosure cause the woman didn't give a shit :/
Alex Fosberg
Alex Fosberg Hace un día
But as for the other ones we cant turn a eye to it
BigBoi 200
BigBoi 200 Hace un día
Omg the way he tiny house
gaming dog
gaming dog Hace un día
Put a human door in Jurassic world in indominus rex paddock.
Pikachu Sisters Aj Aka. Pikachuxe J
Why do The Hot Ones Never Die How?
I’m in Costa Rica watching this I think I’m near dinos 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SubN3tH4x Hace un día
I dont unsterstand the hate on JP3. i mean it want the greatest movie and had some rly stupid scenes but its not like its a really bad movie (Also building up in the Indo pen is easier then making it bigger cuz then the I-Rex would have to be removed which it would not like i'm guessing)
Kalvis Kalvis
Kalvis Kalvis Hace un día
8:20 billions of years ago :D
zombiekiller zk06
zombiekiller zk06 Hace un día
4:24 the i rex is female and not male-
Reckziegel Hace un día
actually, jurassic park 1 would be great if some fat guy disabled the energy, seriosly, try to imagine, park gets approved, nobody dies, make money and stuff and thats it, yes the dinossaurs might escape or hurt a bit someone, but thats it. if is to difficult to imagine this, just delete de I Rex on jurassic world, nobody dies, the end.
joseph pallo
joseph pallo Hace un día
HEY! I'm from Montana ! 😨
The Puppet PizzaMaster
Carla Moore
Carla Moore Hace un día
life finds a way
cliffthelightning Hace 2 días
Dont fucking see it if you grew up with the original. Its like Caitlin jenner assfuckiny Santa while ridiculing your childhood with sjw spew.
ForsakenSavior Hace 2 días
Myah A.
Myah A. Hace 2 días
I just wonder, Why didn't they make all of the dinosaurs herbivores? I am probably going to get Rekt for my stupidity but still. I am curious lol.
Potato Person
Potato Person Hace 2 días
What if in millions of years aliens found earth after humans were extinct and all they found were memes?
Ephram Arner
Ephram Arner Hace 2 días
Anyul Flow 19 7337
Anyul Flow 19 7337 Hace 2 días
The I-Rex cage perimeters I have one thing to say I came here for a nice vid not for school
Dagonclaws Claws
Dagonclaws Claws Hace 2 días
Me and you have so much in comen like loveing Chris Pratt yahhh
The White Eraser
The White Eraser Hace 2 días
abdo5033 Hace 2 días
Nick Alvarez
Nick Alvarez Hace 2 días
I'm sorry if I keep on asking but please Slender Man movie
grey580 Hace 2 días
A Chameleo
A Chameleo Hace 2 días
It is feathery now
Christina Granger
Christina Granger Hace 2 días
Wait you and Stephanie broke up? And now you want Chris Pratt as your, and he is a BOY. Okay, now we all now that it's 2018 anything can happen. But you I don't even know anymore. I just don't. . . it's whatever. BUT YOU LITTLE EVIL! Wait, people call me evil so I'm roasting myself. . . well you know what I mean!
8-Bitro Hace 2 días
Stay away from my favorite series cunt
demonic ginger
demonic ginger Hace 3 días
I'd go and watch cretaceous world
Richard Riley
Richard Riley Hace 3 días
Richard Riley
Richard Riley Hace 3 días
Matthew Mouawad
Matthew Mouawad Hace 3 días
Chris Pratt could do wrong if he plays obi wan
Caleb Lewsaw
Caleb Lewsaw Hace 3 días
Shannon Bollenbach
Shannon Bollenbach Hace 3 días
about the clicker, if the raptors are only tought with multiple clicks it wouldt be an issue. they would actully be cunfused by one click seince they arent used to it
DarkSansGD Hace 3 días
delicious dino action, totally not weird in anyway...
Animals Are Amazing
Animals Are Amazing Hace 3 días
Mom: Learn something!!!!!! Me: Ok.... *watchs Film Theorists *
Animals Are Amazing
Animals Are Amazing Hace 3 días
#Prattpat Forever!!!!!!!
Olocksaurus Hace 3 días
0:57 Hahaha because they kissed so much
DapperDolphinVids Hace 3 días
also one of the reasons dinosaurs could get SO big was because an era beforehand there were TONS of volcanic eruptions which gave enough oxygen for larger life forms to you know... not die and have enough oxygen to grow. so all of J-park is impossible :D
DapperDolphinVids Hace 3 días
love how he used Chris Pratt's face from that one shot in parks in rec for the shirt. put that on sale!
Eric G
Eric G Hace 4 días
Why is he gay
OKC Thunder
OKC Thunder Hace 4 días
Chris Pratt yeaaaaaa
smallishcat28 VC
smallishcat28 VC Hace 4 días
1 I hate Chris Pratt for infinity war, and 2 no spoiler warning?
William Lavine
William Lavine Hace 4 días
I am from the future and spoiler alert the ALL of the dinosaurs get put in to SMALL cages then get auctioned off
O9Sharkgirl 2018 1
O9Sharkgirl 2018 1 Hace 4 días
Dominic Neave
Dominic Neave Hace 4 días
Is Jurassic park safe? Answer: No Mat Pat: hey guys scarce here today dhfnfbsoosndjdifnf firlodks so that means ddoofkfnwiaks djdkdod meme oddisjsoodjdjdd dinosaur djdjfjeiwjwhddjfjfjejssisid quantum mechanics ufhfieiwososodjfhfu 44 x 67 = y jfjfhsisoodjfhfufif N O
ARJL thehedgehog
ARJL thehedgehog Hace 4 días
The mosasaurs isn’t in a deep tank
Jan Vincent De Jesus
Pat some of the dinos is isnt for the cortageos period they named it Jurassic park so its much eisier
Adrian Miro Co
Adrian Miro Co Hace 4 días
Ok, Rule 34 people: PrattPat. Get on it XD
blkbrdsr71 Hace 5 días
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart Hace 5 días
Delaney McCabe Mccabe
I’ve all really wached the new jurassic world movie
spartancraft 259
spartancraft 259 Hace 5 días
Dr wu said irex was geneticly tailored to tropical enviroments mabye he did that for raptors too?
Dcard Dcardian
Dcard Dcardian Hace 5 días
Well it is impossible to make dinosaurs in the first place so no sweat there can't build a place like that in the first place. Can't save a place that can't be made.
Joey Woey
Joey Woey Hace 5 días
Actually, with the raptors, if they had enough holes in the extracted raptor DNA then there would be more filled spaces with tropical frog DNA. In Jurassic World, Henry Wu says they've always used topical frog DNA to fill holes in DNA and adapt the animals to a tropical climate. So the raptors would probably be pretty happy with the climate.
DomovoiJr Hace 5 días
Oh my god #DinosaurBattles yeeeeeesssssssssss
Sammm Hace 5 días
1:03 stay away from my man
Nodor The Conquerer
Nodor The Conquerer Hace 5 días
They should also use avian DNA, instead of amphibian DNA, to fill in the gaps in the genome.
CatiePlays WateryJennifer123212
#CrissyPat Life goals
PiklPie Hace 5 días
Httyd stands for how to train your dragon
PiklPie Hace 5 días
Do a httyd theory
pandi hoon
pandi hoon Hace 5 días
the stegosaurus was from the Jurassic
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