Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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12 jun 2018

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manav dongare
manav dongare Hace 3 horas
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Hace 15 horas
Michaeladon Hace 15 horas
Did this nigga just say Wyoming, I know as hell it doesnt exist
Violeta Quinones
Violeta Quinones Hace 17 horas
#PratPat #MCM #JW
Josh JaguarJellybean
Josh JaguarJellybean Hace 18 horas
Where is ro
IDoArt TV Hace 20 horas
While Watching I Used The Hunger Games Simulator Wow Safiya And Alex Just Wow GABBIE WON I DID ESCAPE THE NIGHT I did it so many times Rosanna One once aswell
Denus Hue
Denus Hue Hace 23 horas
YouTube Watcher
YouTube Watcher Hace 23 horas
Am I the only one that truly loves the intro
desertbon Hace un día
you are right gallimimus was like the raptor living in dessert climates
Maryama Yusuf
Maryama Yusuf Hace un día
Where’s ro
Ripper The Indoraptor
The indom is about 50ft tall by 20-30 ft long so the more you know
bunny's rule SO CUTE
bunny's rule SO CUTE
Emma Parker
Emma Parker Hace un día
is mat ok ? hes not normal :[]
kawaii Potato
kawaii Potato Hace un día
Right you are two eyed nick fury! ~MatPat
MysteryMan420 Hace 2 días
8:24 really? "Billions of years ago during the Cretacious Period" someone skipped out on some basic dinosaur knowledge. The Cretacious Period didn't start until only a couple hundred million years ago and ended 65 million years ago. Keep in mind for most of Earth's 4 billion year history most of it was just volcanoes.
11bubby Hace 2 días
On the irex’s paddock does anyone notice that the main door is open
Indominus Hace 2 días
Did anyone notice that the animation made the T. rex 40 ft tall and 18 ft long. It’s actually 40 ft long and 18 ft tall.
francheska rodriguez
#pratpat meh new ship
Ajax 021
Ajax 021 Hace 2 días
Sweaty Palms
Sweaty Palms Hace 2 días
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare Hace 3 días
Why does noone mention this? When dinosaurs roamed the earth, the oxygen level was SIGNIFICANTLY higher on the earth, basically why dinosaurs were so big. In our current world the oxygen levels would choke the dinosaurs to death. Simply, they cant breath in our contemporary world
Leila Osley
Leila Osley Hace 3 días
Jysly1 Hace 4 días
YEASSSSS #supportprattpat
Rapter R
Rapter R Hace 4 días
i like Jurassic park 3
Megalasaurian X
Megalasaurian X Hace 5 días
raspberry 101
raspberry 101 Hace 5 días
M Zaman
M Zaman Hace 6 días
Wrong!!! An t-rex is 15-20 ft tall not 40 ft
Vladimir Vlogs
Vladimir Vlogs Hace 6 días
No one knows when the dinos went extinct and no one knows which dino lived in the jurrassic period or cretashous ok
Matthew Sleeper
Matthew Sleeper Hace 6 días
Raptors ain’t domesticated dogs
Willy Wiksaas
Willy Wiksaas Hace 6 días
Willy Wiksaas
Willy Wiksaas Hace 6 días
Kat Mike R
Kat Mike R Hace 6 días
Too late
WereWolfCosplays #1 Trash Channel
Katy Agras
Katy Agras Hace 6 días
Jurassic world is more catchy than cretaceous world.just saying...
henry Hace 7 días
*Matpat is gay comfirmed*
GABRIEL Noyes Hace 7 días
What about Mesozoic world
Lucille Gilmer
Lucille Gilmer Hace 8 días
stephen durnan
stephen durnan Hace 8 días
It's could an idominis rex
Shamel williams
Shamel williams Hace 8 días
Matpat is out here giving Chris Pratt the love he wanted in Infinity War 2 when they met Thor
Mlpfanboy Hace 8 días
What destroyed the park was human hubris. I’m about to get theological here. The entire problem with the park before (and the main point of the films) were they were playing God without thinking of the ramifications. That was bad enough but the original none hybrids were close to the original design, the hybrids were completely man made and hubris bit them in the ass. This is also partially symbolic in the final fight of Jurassic world was between the ones that closely resembled the ones made by God and the ones made strictly by man using technology they barley understood and never considered the consequences, the ones closely resembling the originals won.
Mlpfanboy Hace 8 días
And the new movie adds another layer to this. They say love of money is the root of all evil. Well according to the new movie greed and ego are both equally dangerous. Pride came when the team decided it was there duty to save the dinosaurs from the eruption. Whether you call it God or nature is irrelevant, it was attempting to fix humanities mistake, but humanity felt it was there duty to save them and circumvent this. There plan they had was a good one however bring them to an island to call there own, away from the humanity that was foolish, but greed made other plans. Greed caused deaths in ways that could have been forever avoided, the death of the original park owner, the deaths of all the people who attempted to buy them (not that that was a huge loss mind you) and the death of all the researchers (again not a big loss). Those were the mistakes of Jurassic park, and Jurassic world.
9odino Hace 9 días
i prottec when bullies attac
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson Hace 9 días
#1 have at least 1 20 mm rifle on the premises.
Nate dog gaming
Nate dog gaming Hace 9 días
her sister
Meme Man
Meme Man Hace 9 días
jurassicc parcc
Mikayla Rubio
Mikayla Rubio Hace 9 días
All of the information about the raptors needing a different enviroment is valid, however the movies specifically directs the attention to the dinosaurs being slightly different in their genetics compared the original counterparts. So therefore if the raptors were genetically different than those before them it is possible for them not to need the desert climate. #prattpat and btw I'm a huge theory fan. Love u!
Fortnite Fun
Fortnite Fun Hace 9 días
Dead meat is counting
Jackson Loya
Jackson Loya Hace 9 días
Whoa whoa whoa, you do NOT cut off John Williams.
Falcon Plays
Falcon Plays Hace 10 días
its i rex,s cage is small
PJ Lewis
PJ Lewis Hace 10 días
I love Chris Pratt and Bryce is my hero because I am now thinking about trying to get my own theme park called Jurassic worldwide. Blue will be a dinosaur ride so you would here and see the Jurassic world musicals and you would see a hologram of Chris and Bryce.
Error429 Hace 10 días
#prattpat sounds more like if Chris and Matt fused together to create the coolest kick butt theorist ever and if anyone said they were wrong they'd hunt them down and show them- WITH MORE MATH AND SCIENCE!
Rebecca werid animations
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Hace 10 días
i love the way you animate these the one at 1:22 made me laugh
Spencer.s. Taco
Spencer.s. Taco Hace 11 días
And I saw Jurassic world (FK)
Spencer.s. Taco
Spencer.s. Taco Hace 11 días
Pug Plays99
Pug Plays99 Hace 11 días
I Youtube person
I Youtube person Hace 11 días
8:20 billions of years ago. Im pretty sure it was millions of years ago
Hayden Castillo
Hayden Castillo Hace 12 días
Anna Elfers
Anna Elfers Hace 12 días
cmndrkool321 Hace 12 días
I went to the safari at Animal Kingdom twice this weekend. It was great!
Luna Marie
Luna Marie Hace 13 días
didnt owen click the clicker 4 times? it would make sense if he did! one click per raptor! Im just saying, i think the multiple clicks were for a purpose!!!
Jr. Paleontologist
Jr. Paleontologist Hace 13 días
preston keefer
preston keefer Hace 13 días
Aussie Abs
Aussie Abs Hace 13 días
Yeet I’ve already seen it beat it
McDonald's Wifi
McDonald's Wifi Hace 13 días
Maybe instead of Jurassic World it can be called Mesozoic Park/World
Bray Man
Bray Man Hace 13 días
The raptors in the movie are actually more similar to a different dinosaur, but the author thought raptor sounded better
The Gaming Dilo
The Gaming Dilo Hace 15 días
There's another problem with the Velociraptor. Not just where it lives but what it looks like in reality. You see,Velociraptors are only the size of a turkey but in Jurassic Park/Jurassic World,they're as tall as Chris Pratt. And MOST IMPORTANTLY,they had feathers in real life
Gabriel Booth
Gabriel Booth Hace 15 días
mate you are wrong it should be"Mezazoic World" hey at least it is more accurate than"Cretaceous World"
Lacey Mendoza
Lacey Mendoza Hace 15 días
My theory in the first Jurassic park the fat dude with shaving cream was planning to make the Indominus Rex but he died so some one probably the Asian dude that’s been wearing the same thing for 20 years found it and finish his work
Spoiler 1230
Spoiler 1230 Hace 15 días
Can you imagine putting all this work into making this perfect park then it explodes
Fiona Beagle
Fiona Beagle Hace 15 días
Matpat just fixing Pratt movies
The Gaming Dilo
The Gaming Dilo Hace 16 días
They call it Jurassic Park cos it's sounds way good! It doesn't depend on what the dinosaurs that live in the Jurassic.
Hazoish ?
Hazoish ? Hace 16 días
Since these Dino’s are genetically created. What if they just modified the genes and since they never grew up on a natural habitat, maybe the Dino’s would think a small space is its home. Since it wasn’t taken from nature.
Búi Helgason
Búi Helgason Hace 16 días
8:20 billions of years ago?
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro Hace 16 días
But it is in Mexico so good luck getting a few $400 dollars to get to a zoo
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro Hace 16 días
You should really visit a zoo in Puebla de Zaragoza it’s called Africam safari and it has these conditions
Jeremy He
Jeremy He Hace 16 días
Just make them sign a waiver
Arden Grosfeld
Arden Grosfeld Hace 16 días
You got the length and width backwards 😂
Nameless and Shameless
Park: They protecc Dinosaurs: They attacc Then they snacc. Okay okay I know I probably did this wrong but I had to try.
Jade White
Jade White Hace 16 días
So its.. treated more like a museum
Silent Scream
Silent Scream Hace 16 días
The i-rex is a girl
Sophia Sprenkle
Sophia Sprenkle Hace 16 días
Sophia Sprenkle
Sophia Sprenkle Hace 16 días
Sophia Sprenkle
Sophia Sprenkle Hace 16 días
Sophia Sprenkle
Sophia Sprenkle Hace 16 días
Unicorn Or not
Sophia Sprenkle
Sophia Sprenkle Hace 16 días
hydragon of death
hydragon of death Hace 16 días
the velioceraptors in JW were actually the size of UTAHraptors
zanderclark25 Hace 16 días
Ironman:what’s that Star lord :she’s a blue Ironman:how much Star lord :not for you son
Keshab Maharjan
Keshab Maharjan Hace 16 días
It is not i rex it is in domoro rex haha i rex
Mary Hernandez
Mary Hernandez Hace 16 días
What show is 9:14
uganda forever
uganda forever Hace 16 días
Film theory is the best because he gets smort studying
MEME MASTER Hace 16 días
#Matisastalkerproblay #pleasedontshipthemplease
Banana Bob
Banana Bob Hace 16 días
opposites attract5532
opposites attract5532 Hace 16 días
I feel like they should have made all the carnivore dinosaurs herbivore, that way they wouldn’t eat humans and while it would take some of the fun out of the park I feel it would’ve helped immensely I mean, if they can make an entirely new species of dinosaur then they can sure as heck make a herbivore Velociraptor
TwoTerribleTwins2017 That Make Movies
Uh a 49 score on rotten tomatoes thats what could go wrong
The official Levi critchley
In the start you should say Mesozoic World.
Alan Cazares
Alan Cazares Hace 17 días
He refered to baldi at 2:58
Ryan Firth
Ryan Firth Hace 17 días
Spielberg didn't name it, it was a book first...
Brandon Hace 17 días
Cretaceous world still sounds catchy
Rowan Coccimiglio
Rowan Coccimiglio Hace 17 días
A continuación