Film Theory: Inside the Mind of Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

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Season 4 of Rick and Morty is giving us a brand new, deeper look into the mind of our favorite genius, Rick Sanchez. Throughout the run of the show, people have speculated about what's going on with the smartest man in the universe. Today, I have gathered all the data I need to really dissect his brain. I think we may all have judged Rick a little too fast... or did we?
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Sources:www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/11/151119104105.htm www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5796649/ hopeandhealingcenter.org/blog/lashing-symptom-depression-madeline-stiers/ www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3959025/ www.huffpost.com/entry/aggression-research_n_5532142 ben-zeev.haifa.ac.il/publication2.htm

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1 dic 2019






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dalton gleeson
dalton gleeson Hace 47 minutos
mat you got it all wrong the 5 episodes is a sign its the five stages of grief this season is to rewrite rick in a suddle way that they dont think anybody will notice
TurboDieselDan Hace un hora
9:15 [Smartest in the galaxy] I think you meant to say universe... huge difference between the two.
YJN Lowry
YJN Lowry Hace un hora
It’s crazy how rick can be depressed and I’m depressed but I don’t want that I’m the opposite of that I don’t want no one to feel how I feel but In the end it affects ppl differently
Whoop Boop
Whoop Boop Hace un hora
You should totally do a theory on treats for beasts it's weirdest channel I have ever found
Robert Clopton
Robert Clopton Hace un hora
what about ricks dui incident, while driving from a miami dolphin football game, where a man died, then rick ended up working in another state, no charges filed, what a guy!
PizzaCrafterzzz Hace 2 horas
You know I have a request scary movie Sydney camble
ChrisChin94 Hace 2 horas
Watched this while pooping, only to feel attacked cus I've been doing the same to people I love recently. Thank you MatPat, screw you depression.
John Bainbridge
John Bainbridge Hace 2 horas
Taking your conclusion about Summer to its logical conclusion, there's a pretty clear reason why Rick constantly puts her down and tries to exclude her from his adventures... Because she's Beth, just in the way that Beth is also Rick's wife. Not literally, of course, but symbolically. Rick screwed up things with his wife and ended up screwing Beth up in the process. He's clearly trying to keep Summer at arm's length to protect her from himself.
Fin Browne
Fin Browne Hace 2 horas
Goes to show no ones truly happy and if they are well unfortunately they won’t be forever because nothing lasts and we all have the same fate looool 😂
SonicDX #1
SonicDX #1 Hace 3 horas
Can u do a flash cw theory
Panda Hace 4 horas
iTs and old saying we have. Humans are just walking talking parrots
izuku midoria
izuku midoria Hace 4 horas
do interstellar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabell Xie
Isabell Xie Hace 4 horas
This episode is Matt Pat's most accurate psychiatric diagnosis--he correctly understood the diagnosis criteria of the two personality disorders and correctly ruled them out based on observable behaviors. Yes, from Rick's actions, his diagnosis would be depression. His alcoholism is his self medicating, which could also be diagnosed as alcohol use disorder. Matt Pat's older videos have misrepresented a number of psychiatric disorders, which is what tends to happen when a layman tries to understand and explain mental illnesses. Not sure what changed because this episode was accurate. Perhaps Matt and his team have done deeper research, or he hired a mental health professional as a consultant?
The Epic Doges Hiding Account
Yup i know depeson
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Hace 4 horas
Anyone waiting for the second part of hi Mary Mary?
Guilherme Deitado
Guilherme Deitado Hace 6 horas
Hey MatPat do a theory about Teen Wolf
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Hace 4 horas
Ana O.
Ana O. Hace 6 horas
Can you cover the movie ready or not?
A Galah
A Galah Hace 7 horas
Hey, didn't Robert Heinlein go down this path with 6-to-the-power-of-6-to-the-power-of-6 alternate universes where authors got to hang out with the characters that they created? (I think he smoked some bad weed that day)
Mike McConeghy
Mike McConeghy Hace 7 horas
I wonder if the writers ever watch stuff like this and go, "Oh, is that what we were doing? Hmm."
Kyle Chapman
Kyle Chapman Hace 7 horas
I liked this theory because I always believed that yes rick says he fabricated that memory of Beth and his wife dying but I believe he was selective to what he was referring to. I believe that really did happen to him and the only memory he fabricated was the formula for the portal gun. I think rick went straight to another dimension that was almost exactly like the one he was living right after the bombing. But once he noticed the differences between both dimensions, he got to depressed and eventually left that version of Beth and his wife. He is the smartest man in the universe after all. Knowing that your one true wife in the universe died and he couldn’t replace her. That is reason why toxic Rick is so attached to his Morty because he cares about that original version of Morty. Even though he can clone them with no problem, he has these attachments and he views them as toxic. Which might be the main reason for his depression...the loss of his original wife.
SpideyAnonymous Hace 7 horas
Never would I have ever thought I’d be saddened by film theory
Ryan Proshusta
Ryan Proshusta Hace 8 horas
Not sure if you’re a fan or not but South Park did some really meta stuff by posting a number to buy streaming rights to their “spin off shows”. These shows went by terrify farms, pc babies, one for the ladies, and Scott Malcason. Each was listed in the phone recording if you called the number. On top of that the show even calls out Disney at the beginning where Mickey Mouse asks. “Tegriry farms? Do I own that” Then a random third party yells not yet. This means I think anyone who can stream may be able to get rights to one of more of these spin offs for cheap be it ESvid or even ESvidrs or any of the big platforms. I think they just want to prove a point.
Ludwig Jose
Ludwig Jose Hace 9 horas
Please do a theory on coraline
derrick carmenatty
derrick carmenatty Hace 9 horas
i feel you Rick, i feel you... :(
jojo0142 Hace 10 horas
Why did I even click!?!? Lame!!!
Steven Haws
Steven Haws Hace 10 horas
did anyone else notice that Morty is in ricks eyes? @1:00
Vincent Ordas
Vincent Ordas Hace 10 horas
Cringy af opening
Cassie Hace 9 horas
You should watch disenchantment on Netflix
Kiki Thorn
Kiki Thorn Hace 10 horas
okay so before I finish the video6:10 what if unity was secretly Beths mother but she died and rick bought her back as an alien thing that takes control of other people, probably why we never saw unity's real form
Kiki Thorn
Kiki Thorn Hace un hora
@Cassie idk just something my tired mind thought of
Cassie Hace 9 horas
in the 8 years? His wife died but how and when? Did he leave or come from somewhere else?
APY Reign
APY Reign Hace 11 horas
Dude love the intro👌
Alexander Mangaard
Alexander Mangaard Hace 11 horas
Great job. If anything, he's a wounded empath. Such intelligence doesn't come without a finely attuned central nervous system, albeit he displays a lot of reactionary, almost PTSD-like avoidance at times.
Kimbo Morty
Kimbo Morty Hace 12 horas
Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera Hace 12 horas
Anyone waiting for the second part of hi Mary Mary?
Sebastian Hofmann
Sebastian Hofmann Hace 12 horas
I mean it's a good video, but can we have hot, slightly tan, animatronic matpat back?
Mitch Comer
Mitch Comer Hace 13 horas
What if summer was Rick's wife? Through some device she was sent into a reverse time warp into the future... Does that make sense lmao
Mitch Comer
Mitch Comer Hace 13 horas
It's been awhile since I've seen these seasons but wasn't the only reason Rick kept Morty around because he was dumb?
Roblox Guest
Roblox Guest Hace 13 horas
This is sad hope Ricks family will respect rick
Miss Bloocat
Miss Bloocat Hace 13 horas
Depression really is the worst though.
Hendra Lim
Hendra Lim Hace 14 horas
Is it weird if I'm crying watching this?
MR.sadness Cry
MR.sadness Cry Hace 14 horas
Bruh instead of sad Bart simpson edits there’s gonna be sad rick edits
Backon Thelevel
Backon Thelevel Hace 14 horas
Just a thought, but Beth is noticable more pale in color than the rest of her family is because she is a clone.
Chazzie317 Hace 14 horas
Rick and morty renewed for 100 episodes! *WOOOO* New season only 5 episodes! *AWWHH*
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