Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!

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We've seen a lot of Spider-Man lately. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and soon Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before that we saw Andrew Garfield slinging webs with Emma Stone for a couple movies, but I want you to think FURTHER back. That's right, I'm talking Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.
Remember how at the end of his first movie EVERYTHING had gone wrong? Norman Osborn - the Green Goblin - was gone, his best friend was fatherless, Uncle Ben did what all Uncle Ben's do, etc.. It was all very sad. In Spider-Man 2, we see a Spider-Man without his powers. I want to talk about WHY he lost his powers. What made our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man just plain, old Peter Parker?
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SpimNickBeast Yt
SpimNickBeast Yt Hace 50 minutos
If u havent seen the first 3 spiderman movies then dont talk to me
StachMan Hace 6 horas
He lost his powers because hes a asshole in real life.
lil dino
lil dino Hace 7 horas
roblox for ever
roblox for ever Hace 9 horas
In category 3 changes arousal i have all of them and I am fine
Bending Spoons Inc.
Bending Spoons Inc. Hace 9 horas
11:05 **Sees Tissues and soap** Yeah he has been looking up mary jane pics
dd davidson
dd davidson Hace 10 horas
he lost his power because he lost confidence in his self
Sandhya Mantha
Sandhya Mantha Hace 11 horas
hfhxgdytfyguyghf yfhrbt6gxchrf1topi
I got goosebumps during that last speech about Peter being a role model for psychological strength to that *epic* music. Also, am I the only one who immediately guessed he lost his powers due to stress?
THEREAL COLLIN1 Hace 12 horas
F 😢
Gabriel Hughes
Gabriel Hughes Hace 14 horas
F I pressed it
Raj H
Raj H Hace un día
An alternate theory is that he wasn't well rested or nourished enough. MatPat addressed Peter's lack of sleep in his diagnosis, and its highly possible that he's so busy as Spider-Man that he didn't get enough time to eat properly. The comics document his spider sense becoming less accurate or stop working altogether when he's tired or hungry, and during the brief time he had organic web shooters in the comics (which he has permanently in the film) it is stated that if Spidey doesn't consume the proper proteins and nutrients required to make webbing then they stop working (as they did in the film) So there you have it! Alternate theory. But.... Thats just a theory, a film theory! Aaaannnnd cut!
Kuksong Fuse
Kuksong Fuse Hace un día
Wait but hwo does trauma make him lose his powers because it’s basically just talking about trauma happening and he loses his powers but how?
Kvon Curry
Kvon Curry Hace un día
Toada Hace un día
How does he webcrawl while wearing gloves
Lol Lel
Lol Lel Hace un día
Hire this man as a lawyer
GORRILA73 Hace un día
Baconlord 906
Baconlord 906 Hace un día
He has memorized Mario’s height
Matthew Diola
Matthew Diola Hace 2 días
11:06 hmm self care huh? 😏
Spy Hace 2 días
The reason why he lost his powers is because Peter forgot to pay Mr Dikovitch RENT!!!!!
Brandon Krol
Brandon Krol Hace 2 días
If Spidey was real, he would not be pleased about the fact that his name is not hyphenated in the title. I’m not joking. It’s surprising how often he makes a point about his name being hyphenated to people.
R&A. Official
R&A. Official Hace 2 días
Bruh,the reason peter lost his powers is because he gave up because the city gave up on spider man,not because of PTSD.And when he gets them back to fight doctor octopus its becuase the city needed him,so they believed in spider man.And thats why he got his powers back
kaine bolts
kaine bolts Hace 2 días
In the comics one issue he randomly loses his powers but when he has to fights he noticed his spider sense works and then the other powers come back mid fight
Charles Pletzke
Charles Pletzke Hace 2 días
ORRRR Mary Jane is a Petty B**ch
That One Guy
That One Guy Hace 2 días
Was I not supposed to know it was ptsd I always just assumed that’s what it was, thanks for the confirmation though
Oshun Synnamon-Honey
Nnoooo, lmao, not "Bobble head Tobey Maguire".😭
wojo 006
wojo 006 Hace 3 días
Snoopyyy Miller
Snoopyyy Miller Hace 3 días
1:13 pat: press f to pay respects Me:does this entire thing just to press f
Thank you for adressing the dangers of mental health
TheHaxBOI Hace 4 días
Alan Deblois
Alan Deblois Hace 4 días
You just made me love the Sam Rami movies now...
Son - Stevkan
Son - Stevkan Hace 4 días
So... this basically just explained what everyone already knew? He lost his powers cuz he went through some fucked up shit and wasn’t right mentally... that wasn’t unexplained that was implied and pretty obvious lol I mean I love You MatPat and I love Film Theory but this one seemed really pointless.
CliCky Hace 4 días
How did you make Lucas the spider not cute right here 1:19
Leah GooDa
Leah GooDa Hace 4 días
“He has memorized Mario’s night”
Grizbands Hace 4 días
I didn’t know dna changes because i question myself and have a mental illness, who knew.
TheGoogle27 Hace 4 días
7:36 me and some of the bois sneaking into a film theory video before we come a meme
AnimeGirl15 Hace 5 días
Ethan Choate
Ethan Choate Hace 5 días
I actually have PDSD
Spunky Sanchez
Spunky Sanchez Hace 5 días
Leonardo Ramirez
Leonardo Ramirez Hace 5 días
8:36 caught me off guard
That1 CODGuy360
That1 CODGuy360 Hace 5 días
0:01 Damn, I Remember Watching All Those Old School Spiderman Shows
Regan Beech
Regan Beech Hace 5 días
Just Dom
Just Dom Hace 6 días
Lego Brix Studio
Lego Brix Studio Hace 6 días
Me and the boys before it was popular
Alex Hemmel
Alex Hemmel Hace 6 días
*thanos snaps* “mr. theory man I don’t feel so good”
Wallyian Massò
Wallyian Massò Hace 6 días
Who was the *GENIOUS* man or women who memed the beging if this video?
YTM Hace 6 días
I have PTSD apparently
Tiger da cat
Tiger da cat Hace 7 días
I pressed f
SH4D0W Blake
SH4D0W Blake Hace 7 días
Ok game theory in Spider-Man into the spiderverse miles saw peter die and he goes through that disease why are his powers more effective then
Jaquan, Tyrone's Older Brother
it’s funny because this was never actually a mystery people (or at least most i’ve seen on the internet) concluded that his emotional turmoil over always having to choose spider man over his own life was why he was that way
O f f l i n e [ o n ]
No it is definitely not a theory, now it's real, every thing makes sense now!!!
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever Hace 7 días
Alonzo Chapman
Alonzo Chapman Hace 7 días
Nice job they already said this in the movie
gamingfan_2758 234
gamingfan_2758 234 Hace 7 días
Welp...i think i have ptsd.....that's fun!
Ironspider2099 Hace 8 días
Samir Johnson
Samir Johnson Hace 8 días
Good work with that intro Mat!
Cole Lewis
Cole Lewis Hace 8 días
Rubbish Sarah
Rubbish Sarah Hace 8 días
fanfan lingo
fanfan lingo Hace 8 días
I think I may have minor ptsd
Billy Rowe
Billy Rowe Hace 8 días
cat man
cat man Hace 8 días
You like moveis Press like 👇👇
James Hace 8 días
Great now i have Hypochondria and PTSD
Werdco 57632
Werdco 57632 Hace 9 días
PTSD is 3.141583 (pi to seven digits)
Jason Albarran
Jason Albarran Hace 9 días
Laughed too hard at "I'm on to you aunt May"
Jonathan Sng
Jonathan Sng Hace 9 días
7:37 the boys
Jackson Yarbrough
Jackson Yarbrough Hace 9 días
Wassel Hace 9 días
Simon Bodega
Simon Bodega Hace 9 días
I heard the crack and knew exactly what it was, rip Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man’s girlfriend’s life
noglas potato
noglas potato Hace 9 días
I have been wanting to know this for 4 YEARS thanks 🙏🏽
charles thomas
charles thomas Hace 9 días
Gaming Noob that’s sad I hope you get a skin one day or at least the battle pass lmao
Random Asian
Random Asian Hace 9 días
Keyri Hernanadez
Keyri Hernanadez Hace 9 días
He lost his powers because he was heartbroken by M.J.(my opinion)
your FBI agent
your FBI agent Hace 9 días
Ceramic G!
Ceramic G! Hace 10 días
XD dat song at the start tho lmao lol
Mr. Scarlo
Mr. Scarlo Hace 10 días
1:14 We lost two Spider-Men in 2018. Rest In Peace.
Oscar Falkman
Oscar Falkman Hace 11 días
Do i have P. D. S. D
Scarlett Flannery
Scarlett Flannery Hace 11 días
F to pay respect
Christian Konkler
Christian Konkler Hace 11 días
You got that all wrong matpat, adaa actually stands for American dodgeball association of America. I don't know where the heck you got depression from.
Icee Clash
Icee Clash Hace 11 días
*uses game theory logo for film theory intro* Me: what sorcery is this!?!
DBGAMER Hace 11 días
Matpat: Press F to pay respect... Me: *(Clicks F)*
Sein Acevedo
Sein Acevedo Hace 11 días
f i have spiderman power for real
jesus moguel
jesus moguel Hace 12 días
Doctor Octopus’s wife, ask if peter has a gf but peter doesn’t know and Octavius replies with “Love should never be kept a secret.If you keep something complicated such as love, it can make you sick. And I got this information from stock exchange
Jacob Wertenberger
Jacob Wertenberger Hace 12 días
No the ADAA stands for the American dodgeball association of America
Nikolas Lipimenos
Nikolas Lipimenos Hace 13 días
It might be a little cliche but in CinemaWins vid for spiderman 2 he points out a scene where Otto tells peter " if you keep something as complicated as love inside it can make you sick" and as we see after he tell mj that he "doesn't love her" his powers start failing and when he goes to show his love at the cafe scene his powers come back so yeah the reason might be love
F B I Hace 13 días
u telling me he made a whole theme song
kudakwavo vhudzijena
kudakwavo vhudzijena Hace 13 días
Adding even more depth to one of the greatest films ever made?! And teaching me about PTSD while you're at it? Thanx Theory Maaan😊, you'll always have your very own Gargoyle reserved for you to brood on in my city.
Kill Yourself
Kill Yourself Hace 14 días
The Blonde Spiderman isn't Toby but the Fat one was Toby also I thought it was because it was depression, he his Uncle was Killed a father figure was killed and he couldn't tell the love of his life he loved her although that only sorta cut the powers from him when he was at his most sad, it came back when Doctor Octopus robbed the bank it came back because he knew his Aunt was endanger and infact his powers didn't work in the bank because no matter depression is still there his body and mind was more concerned about Aunt May and when his Aunt was safe it stopped working and when Mary Jane was endanger his power came and once Peter and Mary Jane loved eachother it came back to stay due to being reassured and knowing that his love loved him back
Clumbsy Levi
Clumbsy Levi Hace 14 días
Lol Browser Logo
migit man gamer
migit man gamer Hace 14 días
Tai Collie
Tai Collie Hace 14 días
Christian Candelaria
Christian Candelaria Hace 14 días
Thanks: I will balence the universe. Spider Man dance's. Thanos:I give up
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger Hace 15 días
Finally I’ve been waiting for this🙀
amazing -pluto300
amazing -pluto300 Hace 15 días
Ryan Rusnak
Ryan Rusnak Hace 15 días
I loved the beginning part!
Shadow Stones123
Shadow Stones123 Hace 15 días
In one of those three poster spidy was putting up a... bad finger?
power to shape
power to shape Hace 15 días
You forgot the hyphen between 🕷️ and👨
A Random Meme Guy
A Random Meme Guy Hace 15 días
Me and the boys in a game theory vid
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