Film Theory: We SOLVED Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1!

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The Rick and Morty is back! The season premiere, "Edge of ToMorty: Rick Die Rickpeat", left me with so many theory ideas and I couldn't wait! This episode showed us a side of Rick and Morty we haven't seen before and I LOVED it! In fact, I think that there was a life lesson hidden somewhere in all the jokes and violence. What was that lesson? What did Rick mean at the end of the episode? I'm here to explain it all to you!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editor: Yosi Berman and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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17 nov 2019






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The Film Theorists
The Film Theorists Hace 8 horas
So glad to see so many of you liked this more "laid back" style. It helped us get the episode out same week, rather than weeks later after all this was relevant! That said, seeing a lot of comments about the green screen, lighting, and background, so quick note: I had to film while traveling, meaning stuff was a bit rougher than it normally would be. Shouldn't be a problem in the future!
Jessus Christ
Jessus Christ Hace 2 minutos
Please make old style
aiden demarco
aiden demarco Hace 10 minutos
Congrats on #1 on trending
Lucas Nogueira
Lucas Nogueira Hace 13 minutos
either way is great because you guys always come up with great theories
Ebonmourn Hace 26 minutos
prefer the laid back style thats not so edited
rich rich
rich rich Hace un minuto
homeschooling works
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Hace un minuto
Make a R and M series like this.
fnaf 55
fnaf 55 Hace un minuto
First on trending
ThatLastMinecraftSteve Hace 2 minutos
👏👏more JoJo theories👏👏
Silver bullet
Silver bullet Hace 2 minutos
yeah I'm tired of the regular thing
Mr LopezBTD
Mr LopezBTD Hace 2 minutos
Claim your before 5 million views now.
Zippo Fanatic 77
Zippo Fanatic 77 Hace 4 minutos
i have a hard time believing u like ladies at all lol great vid tho
Russ Cooper
Russ Cooper Hace 4 minutos
WHERE'S MARY!?!!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!??
Jiggle Nipple
Jiggle Nipple Hace 4 minutos
Your episodes are always interesting, but this one was even better :) loved it
ryan shewmaker
ryan shewmaker Hace 6 minutos
Why is this something?
Denta1 Flam3s
Denta1 Flam3s Hace 6 minutos
egoism=selfishness, pls make that clear
Nova Strike
Nova Strike Hace 7 minutos
Film trending
Mr Doge
Mr Doge Hace 7 minutos
Matpat: It’s for the ladies eyes only Me: Wasn’t expecting that sentence.
Rebekah Johnson
Rebekah Johnson Hace 7 minutos
Please sign this petition to stop COPPA! ( I promise I am not a bot) chng.it/XXxs4VrjS6
Brendan Keating
Brendan Keating Hace 7 minutos
Laid back is a good style
Smug Yellow Pearl
Smug Yellow Pearl Hace 8 minutos
“It’s for ladies’ only” but I’m a girl
The Principal
The Principal Hace 10 minutos
Billie Eilish - everything i wanted ----> ( Live Performance ) in Mexico esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i8VNzewlVuk.html please like it , and like it ❤😍 !
De Llama
De Llama Hace 11 minutos
Number 1 on trending. Nice
Wow lit
Wow lit Hace 12 minutos
blessed images that are adorable drive.google.com/open?id=1-RhGWsHuWPSR4ohqHZPss32Dep6XNC21
Ryan Otumiseng
Ryan Otumiseng Hace 12 minutos
Akira is one of my favorite movies.
Heaven Arteries
Heaven Arteries Hace 13 minutos
A k I r a
Johnchi Fru
Johnchi Fru Hace 14 minutos
Lesson: Do not focus on 1 girl There are plenty of fish in the sea
Bio Ligh
Bio Ligh Hace 14 minutos
It’s fun once in a while.
Anything’s The Topic
Anything’s The Topic Hace 15 minutos
Please answer this: What is Senku’s IQ
Sam Gorena
Sam Gorena Hace 16 minutos
I like the new style Matt.
Xtreme556 Hace 20 minutos
why use a greenscreen if you have the room?
Dontayvious Caldwell
Dontayvious Caldwell Hace 22 minutos
Can you put the theme song in the next episode
annabelle n
annabelle n Hace 23 minutos
Matpat's tattoo is only for ladies eyes only? *I WONDER WHERE HE PUT IT*
iamsaztak Hace 24 minutos
Team Twin Bricks
Team Twin Bricks Hace 24 minutos
It’s theory time
Evelyn Rocks
Evelyn Rocks Hace 24 minutos
yeah this style of video is really nice especially with that Chris picture in the green screen XD
Bridget May
Bridget May Hace 24 minutos
It never shows rick going back to his human self from his wasp self.....
Plamen Peev
Plamen Peev Hace 25 minutos
0:42 *exists* Me tomorrow in class: I AM THE SMARTEST OF YOU ALL. KNEEL BEFORE ME YOU DUMB CREATURES Me waking up: UH uh UH UH Aaha ah... ah. And thats why I have no friends. At least I have you to agree with my theories and sing with RE (Mat if you don't know who I'm talking about heres a hint. OOOOOHHHH. If that didn't help then this one will give it away "I'm in love with my ink machine" did you get it...... I know you did)
Blind Bob
Blind Bob Hace 27 minutos
16 minutes to explain what is explained in the last 20 seconds after the credits.........
Ethan Ethington
Ethan Ethington Hace 27 minutos
Guanaca al 100 Guanaca
Guanaca al 100 Guanaca Hace 27 minutos
Droolsial Hace 28 minutos
You have to have 101% IQ to understand this season of Rick and Morty
Naomi Mine
Naomi Mine Hace 28 minutos
He looks like a fired ESvid star😂
Turin Thalion
Turin Thalion Hace 28 minutos
Has anyone told you that you sound like Krombopulos Michael?
Itachi17509 Hace 29 minutos
Format is k.dude, nice vid
Jason Cleary
Jason Cleary Hace 29 minutos
#1 on trending omega LUL
Mary Schwarzer
Mary Schwarzer Hace 29 minutos
idk it made me a little uncomfortable...I´m used to seeing you as a cartoon and this made me sad
jole521 Coulter
jole521 Coulter Hace 29 minutos
Me: ok what to watch *sees video* Me: Oh new Film theory #1 trending
Scarlett The Great
Scarlett The Great Hace 30 minutos
4,733 people are too dumb to understand this episode.
Dirk The Daring
Dirk The Daring Hace 30 minutos
Wisecrack + Vsauce = this
Jack Mathias
Jack Mathias Hace 30 minutos
Don’t rlly like the green screen lol
Dakota Ball
Dakota Ball Hace 31 un minuto
This content is cool as long as u still do the other theories
Dnld Hace 32 minutos
rick argument is a little faulty... rick only pretends to be a fascist after dying like 3 times, its not like he was faking the whole time
Z DEXTER Hace 32 minutos
At least I was able to figure out why this video is on trending no1.
Kayden Castro
Kayden Castro Hace 32 minutos
I like this way better but the audio is a little weird
MFPanda 51
MFPanda 51 Hace 33 minutos
I'm a lady! Let me see the tattoo😸 J.k. you don't have to show it😹😹
Caesar Coss
Caesar Coss Hace 33 minutos
Number 1 trending, well done theorists!
Summer Rodriguez
Summer Rodriguez Hace 33 minutos
imagine using a green screen for your own living room lmao EDIT: it’s 9 seasons and a movie, not 6...
James Van Hoose
James Van Hoose Hace 34 minutos
I liked the new style. I also liked the old style. Both are good. Then content is what I want.
David Gomez
David Gomez Hace 34 minutos
Everyone: talking about the theory. Me: is it me or is Matt pat getting tanner?
Cas Cas
Cas Cas Hace 36 minutos
I liked it, but i like the form of the previous videos more
Smol Cat
Smol Cat Hace 36 minutos
Congrats on #1 on trending!
Hussein Hace 36 minutos
I like the episode and style, but i do prefer PowerPoint MatPat. But maybe Im just opposing change for the sake of opposing change.
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