Finally buying a new truck!

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Yeah this is an older video, deal with it. lol
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17 may 2022






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Great truck review by Ricky and Frankie!! 👍
Super Duper5914
You guys need to put a flatbed system with shorter rails for all the heavy towing you do. Even with the few mishaps your content is 👌🏼💯. Keep it coming.
Benjamin Sparks
Rick and Frankie y'all rock! Love the channel and content keep up the great work! I'm here for the algorithm! Peace
I hope y'all like travelin together, cause you guys seem to have a great time, and it's great content. Keep em coming.
Joe Patenaude
Hey I am glad that you guys are all healthy and happy and taking a positive step forward from the minor mishap rebuild even stronger and faster
This video is a few misfortunate events behind now haha No complaints though, Always preciate' the content
Frankie is a great addition to the team. He's definitely not shy and adds another dynamic to the team.
Trevor O'Banion
I've got a Ram too. I like that the Rams have enough power they don't need to stick a 10 speed in them to make it work better. But, realistically, none of the heavy duty pickups are a bad choice anymore. I'm a Ram guy I guess because the Cummins diesel engine has been tried and true for years and years and years. There is a reason all the tractor trailers on the road pulling the weight of the world have inline diesel engines in them. Better design for diesel engines, in my opinion. Anyway, like I said awhile ago, glad you're all ok and nothing happened during the trailer toll incident and congrats on a beautiful new tow rig. Can't beat the technology in those nee Rams. I still find features in mine every now and again. Haha
Go Easy, and make some trailer/towing upgrades.. totally worth it, some loading training would be a good idea also.. 👍
Cooking in the Dark
We love you SXS blog. Things will be burnin right soon
Matt Reed
Hey guys!!
Jean Sébastien McCaie
Such a beautiful 💑 Frankie and Rick! 🤣🤣 killer content!!
Smart Ass
Lookn like you guys tear up lot of stuff lately 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaleb Kimbrough
This is great I love Rick and flanks adventures 😂😭
James May
FrankanRick adventures? I'm in for 2. ✌
Tim Nash
I love when you two do a video!! Cheers boyz.
Can't go wrong with the road trip.👍✌️
Mike Harlow
Doesn’t matter how old or behind the video is boys! You send it. I watch it! Just sorry nobody ended up wearing representative clothes for the state you were in! Then again Florida equals bikini’s... So that said thank you for NOT doing that!!! Always enjoy a
you guys are really starting to have fun and it shows RIP to the machines lost in the accident but cheers to a fun summer boys
Rick standing by the tow strap when JH was pulling the truck up had me nervous.
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