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I tell the story of a very unfortunate bonfire night!
~Safety tips!~
To help someone who has burnt themselves remember to cool the burn under cold running water for at least 10 minutes.
Loosely cover the burn with cling film or a clean plastic bag to prevent infection and scarring.
Call 999 if necessary

Check out the Facebook page for more info! : on.fb.me/1aqrsON
Follow me on twitter: twitter.com/amazingphil
Thanks to the Red Cross for making this video possible! ^_^
Thanks to: esvid.net/u-danisnotonfire for letting me hit him in the head with a beach ball multiple times


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1 nov 2013






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Clone 54 Hace 2 días
1:43 that sounded welsh lol
The Ginger YouTuber!
The Ginger YouTuber! Hace 10 días
Dan deserves an oscar
Hannia Hace 29 días
i love how they always help each other in their videos
Hannia Hace 29 días
phil is so pure
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose Hace un mes
I’m sure this has been commented a million times already but _Phil was on fire_
keith o'connor
keith o'connor Hace un mes
Dan is so dead inside
Akemi Oshiro
Akemi Oshiro Hace 2 meses
Eu não gosto muito do dan me parece homofóbico. Esse homem pensa que é uma autoridade, quando ele for procurar por um emprego , no currículo vai estar escrito: "comédia".
Tezza Mezza
Tezza Mezza Hace 2 meses
Gunpowder? What's that? I think you mean boom boom dust
Sarah Cerar
Sarah Cerar Hace 2 meses
*me in amarica confused by why they said call 999*
Sarah Casey
Sarah Casey Hace 2 meses
Wow! This could have been useful like 4 years ago when I burnt my chin on a frying pan 😐 Don’t ask
Emma Morganstern
Emma Morganstern Hace 3 meses
A video title:”Phil is not on fire.” Me:”R U SURE ABOUT THAT?”
Artsy 123
Artsy 123 Hace 3 meses
November is my birthday month who else? Like if November is your birthday month
Eva Barbour
Eva Barbour Hace 4 meses
Dan : HehehEEEE
Lucia Everheart
Lucia Everheart Hace 6 meses
Just scalded my hand today and remembering this video really helped!!!!!
Emma Carey
Emma Carey Hace 6 meses
I love the way dan is not expressive🤣❤️
sav Hace 6 meses
Dans face is what everyone tells me I look like when I'm sitting in class not talking to anyone. They either say I look sad or I look angry.
katie x
katie x Hace 7 meses
i guess you could say it was *interrupted by fireworks*
hana perdue
hana perdue Hace 7 meses
Katie Beth
Katie Beth Hace 7 meses
i burned my thumb trying to save my room from a fire i set accidentally and remembered this so thank you
Hunter Becker
Hunter Becker Hace 7 meses
999 in the USA is 911
Zym Hace 7 meses
oh,, every time i’ve burned myself i’ve only run it under cold water for one or two minutes cuz i got bored,, that explains the burn scars on my hands lol
Emo Trash
Emo Trash Hace 7 meses
He's talking about liking a girl lmao XD
sarah deasy
sarah deasy Hace 5 meses
Ah the denial stage ey
Ariz Ahmad Nazerim
Ariz Ahmad Nazerim Hace 7 meses
Remember, remember the 5th of November
Bethany’s World .•*•.
I’m stressed because the Ed sheets are different in the frames ahhhhhhhhhh
Dante Wolf
Dante Wolf Hace 7 meses
this video helped me a lot when i accidentally lit my armpit on fire.
Dante Wolf
Dante Wolf Hace 5 meses
blendedby sarah yeah, they were kinda tender for a few weeks but it was fine.
sarah deasy
sarah deasy Hace 5 meses
@Dante Wolf that's funny lmao ,atleast your armpits ok lmao
Dante Wolf
Dante Wolf Hace 5 meses
blendedby sarah well after my armpit caught fire I didn’t know how to treat it but I knew that Phil had a video about that and would have been more entertaining than watching another first aid video. So I watched it.
sarah deasy
sarah deasy Hace 5 meses
Please explain more what tf
shoot me now
shoot me now Hace 7 meses
Dan looks like hes gonna murder someone. And may i just say i wouldnt mind if it was me
Gacha Girl UwU
Gacha Girl UwU Hace 7 meses
Whats 999
Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn
So, when I was little (about 5/8 years ago) I was at my nan and grandads house (they host a massive bonfire party every Guy Fawkes night) and literally (don’t forget this bit) MY NAN AND GRANDAD SET THE FIREWORK DOWN ON THE FLOOR FACING DOWNWARDS. There was this massive explosion (which looked like from a film Michael Bay would produce) and I was so scared that I literally jumped out of my skin. The second time (look, we all know that this has happened to you), I got one of those things that you jiggle around (ew no not that thing) and you can write your name in the air and I burnt myself right on my hand. I’ve been scared of them since. That was when I was 3, and I’m 11 now. I still remember it.
Blackandwhite Life
Blackandwhite Life Hace 7 meses
Impress a girl 😂 Sure Phil … sure
hollie brooke
hollie brooke Hace 7 meses
"when i was about 12" tHiS hiTs diFferEntlY
Noisy jupiter
Noisy jupiter Hace 7 meses
Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn
Legit I’m camping and if you burn yourself camping you wouldn’t be able to cool the burn down... I’m now scared! Thanks, Philly:
FALSEHOOD Sanders Hace 8 meses
Phil: (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Dan helping him: (°_°)
freya williams
freya williams Hace 8 meses
this was the first video of dan or phil’s i ever saw! it was going around as one of the ads before a youtube video in november 2013!!
Awkward Potato
Awkward Potato Hace 8 meses
Britain is jealous of America’s 4th of July
luna eclipse
luna eclipse Hace 9 meses
My b-day is the day after bonfire night! I love England!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 (where i live)
Yeet Hace 7 meses
luna eclipse my birthday is two days after bonfire night!
jaynemarkey Hace 9 meses
All I hear at 0:00 hegg eyes because of phils newer video😀😔😞😢😭
whatifdanisonfire o.O
whatifdanisonfire o.O Hace 10 meses
I wonder if Phil had to pay Dan in Oreos just so he would film with him
twentyonecadences Hace 11 meses
4:30 look in the mirror. Dan.. wheres your hair gone?
Kayleigh Guscott
Kayleigh Guscott Hace un año
when he said "what ya doin?" i lost it lmaooo
Social Hermit
Social Hermit Hace un año
Whats 999.... im too american for this
Yeet Hace 7 meses
Social Hermit the emergency services number in England, like 911 lmao
Adrian Howlester
Adrian Howlester Hace un año
i was questioning wtf 999 was but then i was like,,, im in america,,, 999 is probably 911🤦🏼‍♀️
Kennedy Bagshaw
Kennedy Bagshaw Hace un año
I live in Canada, and when Phil said 999, I thought he was just joking and being funny! Nope, I was just not educated.
Itz Lynn
Itz Lynn Hace un año
Dan is not on fire but Phil is
Rebekah Myers
Rebekah Myers Hace un año
Remember remember the 5th of November with gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason that the gunpowder treason shall ever be forgot.
a human bean
a human bean Hace un año
In this video dan is me in absolutly every situation ever
momo Hace un año
if only he would've known that purple fleece is the biggest trend in 2018/19
Taylor Kaufmann
Taylor Kaufmann Hace un año
Yo I’m actually burned myself and this helped me
Sarah K
Sarah K Hace un año
Dan really hated that didn’t he?
kawaiin00b Hace un año
Dans face in the tip 😂
simple dork
simple dork Hace un año
Dan is just so done
Just another Marvel fan
Dan is just like what am I doing
Lyra 111
Lyra 111 Hace un año
Dan looks so dead inside
kamaboko gonpachiro
kamaboko gonpachiro Hace un año
dan looks so unimpressed
Kate Light
Kate Light Hace un año
U know ur American when ur so confused as to why they're shooting fireworks in November and not July......also called 999.....and not 911
macm Hace un año
0:56 wha ya dooinnnnuh?!
s •
s • Hace un año
*phil is on fire hehe*
Jaana Kaldma
Jaana Kaldma Hace un año
I love it how Dan just looks like hes dead inside 😂
Transport In West London
Phil ...... IS on fire
potato Hace un año
Dan looks so unenthusiastic during the burn guide 😂
upsidedown_loser 999
Nov 5 is my birthday
Jamie Lachappelle
Jamie Lachappelle Hace un año
I guess it looks like AmazingPhil IS on fire
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