First Cut - Individual Men Event 1 - 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games

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Complete coverage of all three heats of "First Cut," the opening individual men's event from the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin (Thursday, August 1). Includes full commentary tracking 3x defending champion Mat Fraser as he looks to make a statement on day one. Familiar names like Patrick Vellner, Ben Smith, and Cole Sager state their own cases, while newcomer Chandler Smith announces his arrival as a serious challenger.
First Cut includes 4 rounds consisting of:
400-m run
3 legless rope climbs
7 squat snatches: 185 LB
Time cap: 20 minutes


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Ambrose Francis
Ambrose Francis Hace 10 días
Matt Fraser is the only known name I know in Crossfit.
Lloyd Dodson
Lloyd Dodson Hace 21 un día
Playing this on 2x speed was a good decision
Jesse Erickson
Jesse Erickson Hace un mes
Ben Smith was like a Senior who had to take a class full of Freshmen.
jw2par Hace un mes
Do they test for performance drugs? Was told they didn't
SeIKo BLaCk DiVeR Hace un mes
I may misunderstand something in this competition. How can it be fair for smaller athlete to lift barbell?
SeIKo BLaCk DiVeR Hace un mes
@pinter123 Regarding to body weight, I think all athletes are equal, because they train based on their weight. It still seems unfair to me when it comes to free weight. Whether they are big or small, they all lift the same weight.
pinter123 Hace un mes
SeIKo BLaCk DiVeR they aren’t trying to set weight classes. It’s just about can you do the work. Those smaller guys are going to have advantages in other places like body weight and run or anything they are dragging their body. Then it’s intended to average out and find the best all round regardless of size.
Werneck , de tudo um pouco Werneck
Cross fit sucks
MasterYourBrain Hace 2 meses
It should be based on pound for pound strength so you see a little different demographics involved
MasterYourBrain Hace 2 meses
Cian Dunphy lol no I mean the weight used for the lifts. Using a standard weight for the movement eliminates anyone really under 175-180 pounds because the strength to weight ratio is off. I would kill these movements but only weigh 155 and a snatch of 185 for sets is out of reach for me right now. But if they base it off of other wod’s that are used for CrossFit like .75% of body weight or some other metric you would see different types of competitors in these games.
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Hace 2 meses
That’s what the gymnastics are for
Billy Hung
Billy Hung Hace 2 meses
Fraser is a crazy man, how can he do that?
ale189251 Hace 3 meses
Can someone tell me how all the events work? Does the top people move to next event?
ale189251 Hace 2 meses
@JustaRandomGuy 😁
JustaRandomGuy Hace 2 meses
I don't think they really know either
Coach Nosebutter
Coach Nosebutter Hace 3 meses
Like running, and lifting weights, cross fit is not a sport
Mad SUPANOVA Hace 3 meses
7 sets of 185lbs 4x would get me.
Aram Kishishan
Aram Kishishan Hace 3 meses
where is the Freser
VICKOMARHZ Hace 3 meses
nomas de verlos ya me cansé
Aimee Jazzmine
Aimee Jazzmine Hace 4 meses
Fraser is beastest beast everrr!!
Black Williams
Black Williams Hace 4 meses
Guy in the back doing the "clean and jerk @14:15
ivegotasupra yt
ivegotasupra yt Hace 4 meses
how high is the rope climb ?
Simon Bright
Simon Bright Hace 4 meses
Some of Hunter's best work since the Karate kid.
Gautam giri
Gautam giri Hace 5 meses
Did i see a indian there at no 20 VEDHARTH THAPPA. Aankho me anshu aa gaye..
Aziz Aktas
Aziz Aktas Hace 5 meses
excellent game crossfit. i would like to be there
Γιάννης Σπυρίδης
Legend has it. Guy no1 on heat 1 still trying to do 1st round's legless r.c😂
hoang duong
hoang duong Hace 5 meses
awful awful awful commentary for the first 2 heats, so awful. someone need to make sure this doesn't happen again in the next game, awful is the only word to describe.
youngbuck0911 Hace 6 meses
To think these games started off so well. To only have the upper echelon athletes cut over a sprint race.
Nando Fern
Nando Fern Hace 6 meses
Boring to watch!
Justin Dicarlo
Justin Dicarlo Hace 6 meses
Such a great goddamn workout
Mr. Kelowna
Mr. Kelowna Hace 6 meses
I got a massive shipment coming in from Russia if you need to restock on anything 💉
Jarred Hace 7 meses
Please fire this commentator
Miguel Vacas
Miguel Vacas Hace 7 meses
Christopher O'Neil
Christopher O'Neil Hace 7 meses
I wanna puke just watching this.. lol
Jason Russell
Jason Russell Hace 7 meses
This guy needs to shut the fu@k up.
dovile mkls
dovile mkls Hace 8 meses
the audience is so lazy, could be way more supportive, well done to all the athletes!
MrNailbrain Hace 8 meses
Fuck Ben. Tell me something about the remaining 49 competitors...
VEGETA Hace 8 meses
it should be called "2019 reebok who can do most exercises wrong games"
Just some kid with a bowl cut
Dude why would you do this to yourself crossfit sucks ass in the realm of reality.
Just some kid with a bowl cut
Jason Scott
Jason Scott Hace 9 meses
Donde estan los profecionales mejicanos ke ligan viejas y cobran recaro puro musculo de papel y nieve 👻👻🎅🎅🎅👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺🍺🙊🙊🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈
De tudo um pouco
De tudo um pouco Hace 9 meses
Mat fraser given up?
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh Hace 9 meses
Feels like the Royal Rumble when Ben Smith Entered the Ring
Locket175 Hace 10 meses
tHyS iS nOt SpOrT ok boomer
Philip Hace 10 meses
This is not fitness test.. This is just a game for entertainment.
BBMustang514 Hace 10 meses
Ben Smith a beast, especially after surgery earlier in the year!
Fox Mind
Fox Mind Hace 11 meses
“Reebok Nano 10 Gallon” had me in tears
δούλος του Χριστού
25:00 If he had to dump the bar behind him, that judge would have gotten a bit of a surprise...
Designer Hace 11 meses
Patrick was my chiropractor WOW !
Philip Hace 11 meses
That event is brutal.
Davey Socks *
Davey Socks * Hace 11 meses
williamsxl Hace un año
the perfect explanation off crossfit esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qnjYyfkcaNI.html
Shantanu P
Shantanu P Hace un año
Philip Hace un año
I hope It becomes legal to punish late students with the first WOD in this video.
Sahj Weichuke
Sahj Weichuke Hace un año
Who is this host talking? He did a great job. Love his voice and excitement talking about the games. Pls let him host all the crossfit games.
M C Hace un año
Someone forgot to tell Vellner that only the rope climbs are legless, not the snatches.
TJ Hace un año
RustyEquipment Hace un año
A LOT OF NEW FACES.... a lot of new faces.... echo echo echo
Евгений Трубников
России нет
Chris Hebner
Chris Hebner Hace un año
Did Sweeney grab Fraser’s butt at 50:05?
Son Of Scotland
Son Of Scotland Hace un año
They use to bring the best in the world to the games. Now it's the best from every country. Majority of these men are terrible athletes. Multiculturalism seeps it's way into every avenue. It ruins everything.
David G DMZ
David G DMZ Hace un año
This event is BRUTAL. Probably only 1 in 5 million men could do this in less than an hour
Adam Chance
Adam Chance Hace un año
Commentator sounds like a strip club DJ.
Lmao he totally does
Brendan Tomlinson
Brendan Tomlinson Hace 5 meses
Not surprising considering how sexualized everything is in CrossFit. They want it to be a big fitness hippie party.
Adam Chance
Adam Chance Hace un año
The commentator ruined it for me.
thats f'ed up
thats f'ed up Hace un año
I used to think this is cool until elgintensity showed me the truth
Kyle Shears
Kyle Shears Hace un año
Do people really buy into this?
G CN Hace un año
Cody Hace un año
Mateo Homet
Mateo Homet Hace un año
Tan tos dopao
Ben Paynter
Ben Paynter Hace un año
Commentary made me wish I was deaf
Dušan Pavlík
Dušan Pavlík Hace un año
The big difference between 2015 and now the lead guy had to beat over 40 guys in 2015. Now he has to beat only 9 guys, more than 40 guys can take some points from him. Not mention the fight on top 10/top 20.
Axe Physio
Axe Physio Hace un año
Proud as to see KILA in lane 1 representing his nation PNG!!!
Rob Wilde
Rob Wilde Hace un año
Athletes? What a joke. Just watching this bunch of unfit chumps bumbling around the 400m "run" (jog) and you know what a shit show the whole thing is going to be.
Sleep WeaselR55
Sleep WeaselR55 Hace un año
No this wasn’t that devastating of an event just cause only 14 of first 2 heats finished it, just means 66 percent of the athletes there shouldn’t have been there, sorry but that’s just facts
Justin Dicarlo
Justin Dicarlo Hace 6 meses
It’s deceivingly simple on paper. Almost took Vellner out and he is seasoned. You don’t know what your talking about. Mat makes this look easy... I can assure you. It is not
Sleep WeaselR55
Sleep WeaselR55 Hace un año
Igor Valko lol spent thousands of dollars to run 400 meters and practice rope climbs
Igor Valko
Igor Valko Hace un año
Sleep WeaselR55 some of them couldn’t even climb that rope after a 400m run 😂🤔
Gonzalo Gayoso
Gonzalo Gayoso Hace un año
TheMrbeastinside Hace un año
the cuts ruined the games.
Jacky Z
Jacky Z Hace un año
Is the commentary worse than last year or is it just me?
Jacky Z
Jacky Z Hace un año
Poor marketing, I watched last years highlights a couple months ago and I didnt even know this was going on right now.
Paul Mulryne
Paul Mulryne Hace 3 meses
Yeah, totally. It’s compulsive viewing in the later stages. I’ve been watching for a few years... is it just me or is Ben Smith suspiciously big here? I don’t want to sling mud, but he looks way bigger than he did.
Brendan Tomlinson
Brendan Tomlinson Hace 5 meses
I imagine that had to do with CrossFit pulling the plug on social media and TV contracts diffusing due to poor partnership with CrossFit. The unprofessional-ism of the company is profound. Then again, this is what happens when a bunch of gym rats get a massive following and don't have a proper corporate structure to handle it.
Knox McConnell
Knox McConnell Hace un año
the games are a joke now
Ronnie Martillo
Ronnie Martillo Hace un año
In the good ol days they sent the best in the world instead of one from every nation...Greg Glassman’s “diversity” mindset caused 80 athletes to embarrass themselves and not make the timecap.
Vox Daze
Vox Daze Hace un año
Whites always dominate
JustaRandomGuy Hace 2 meses
​@Vox Daze Do you honestly think that proves me wrong? Boxing isn't really a sport were genes matter the most, it's strategic too. Funny how if you look up the top 10 best boxers ever the blacks still dominate that list Black people dominate sports that include physical activity like running being the best example Usain Bolt running 100m in 9.58 seconds Eliud Kipchoge running a marathon in under 2 hours
Vox Daze
Vox Daze Hace 2 meses
@JustaRandomGuy Like the Klitschko brothers dominating boxing for 10 years and Tyson Fury destroying Deontay Wilder?
JustaRandomGuy Hace 2 meses
Black people usually dominate in sports since they usually have stronger genetics
Anderson T.
Anderson T. Hace un año
Overall, I feel like Rogue did a good job with their coverage. I think the commentating was pretty weak compared to last year though
John Bernard
John Bernard Hace 5 meses
The announcers were trash. Worse than highschool sports.
John Bernard
John Bernard Hace 5 meses
If they could run it as well as a major sport like football then crossfit would be really cool
Just some kid with a bowl cut
Just say it crossfit is ass
So So
So So Hace un año
30% Off MuscleTech. prf.hn/l/KNxWmqr 👈👈👈
TheYoyozo Hace un año
The announcer’s voice is so annoying.
HAguayo Hace un año
Cent BigB
Cent BigB Hace un año
LOL, ah no.
A. Reyes
A. Reyes Hace un año
The first heat was only to see ben Smith. The rest were totally inncesary.
Milton Blends
Milton Blends Hace un año
amzn.to/2ygPQTb Waist trainer for $13.98
marios kr
marios kr Hace un año
Why you Change it? Cut is Balls hits.. So unfair For all of athletes... You choose first events that Some athletes made bad but They can win the Last events.. And scoring is idiot with cut.. We cant see amazing athletes like fikofski, sager etc...
Jason Archer
Jason Archer Hace un año
Umm .....what?
VivaRevolucionDGS Hace un año
more like the winnie, deca, and tren games
Barahonuh Hace un año
Was Sweeney making a move of Fraser? 😂😂😂 50:05
Alessandra Tullini
Alessandra Tullini Hace un año
It’s so evident that most of the national champions are just not ready for this. I mean, it’s surely going to have a positive effect and CrossFit will keep growing, but the Games have lost something.
Cian Dunphy
Cian Dunphy Hace 2 meses
SnifferSock have a look at the injury rate with CrossFit. It is actually less then many other sports such as strongman, powerlifting, running etc
Brendan Tomlinson
Brendan Tomlinson Hace 5 meses
Lol straight nonsense about CrossFit Games being dangerous. The only danger in this sport is that people cut corners on technique to get the work done (and letting a bunch of noobs into this competition for the sake of globalism). This isn't any different than Kevin Durant playing against the Raptors with a slight AC tear. It turned into a full one eventually. I'd like to know why the only arguement we have against CrossFit is that it's "dangeous" when we have more popular sports like UFC, NFL, NHL, Boxing...etc.... that cause far more injuries at a higher rate.
SnifferSock Hace 8 meses
@Chris Hebner CrossFit is in a whole different league of dangerous compared to most sports...
kefkapalazzo1 Hace un año
Chris Hebner are you really trying to equivocate right now lmao you’re not supposed to do heavy compound movements for reps in the damn sun. This is with cardio pushed in and calisthenics. I saw one competition they had people doing squats I believe in a slick surface. And just because there’s stupid dangerous shit doesn’t mean anything. The NFL has to change a lot of rules for their players health. Even the NBA is finally league wide taking action on mental health.You don’t get it, and you need to stop
Chris Hebner
Chris Hebner Hace un año
kefkapalazzo1 dangerous is relative. It’s dangerous for me to enter a skateboard competition on a half pipe. It’s much less dangerous for a professional skateboarder. Is crossfit dangerous? Sure. So is baseball. So is football. So are many other sports. I’m not arguing that it doesn’t have its risks. But the risk drops significantly when your talking about professional athletes, the top crossfitters for example, versus less prepared, more inexperienced athletes.
james ochieng
james ochieng Hace un año
There is a Kenyan in the games, oh man now I'm excited
Noel Bartolome de Guzman
So So
So So Hace un año
10% Off Californai Gold Nutrition Organic Super Foods. prf.hn/l/7Q3GEl6 👈👈👈
Thatotherchannel Hace un año
Danny Beatchild
Danny Beatchild Hace un año
Ben Smith drinking game
Brent Dawgs
Brent Dawgs Hace un año
Beeeeeeen smith....Ben smith. BEEEEEEEEEEN SMITH!!!!!!
Samuel Frazier
Samuel Frazier Hace un año
Did no one else see Sweeney at the end of the run on round two? He acts like he’s grabbing Fraser’s butt.
Mat Hace un año
This was horrible, I’m sorry.
Timothy Blackwell
Timothy Blackwell Hace un año
Timothy Blackwell
Timothy Blackwell Hace un año
@Son Of Scotland not only is he "black" he is in the military (not my branch of choice but..). Plus he worked his ass off to get an invite to this event..
Son Of Scotland
Son Of Scotland Hace un año
I'm pulling for the black dude because he's black woooooo!
Kathy Drazsnzak
Kathy Drazsnzak Hace un año
Where's Bill Grundler? That's what the commentary needs!
Elma Robberts
Elma Robberts Hace un año
James Newbury is wearing NO SHIRT. Did y'all get that? No shirt. James. no shirt. Watch out for him. He's the one with no shirt.
Elma Robberts
Elma Robberts Hace un año
@Daytona Says What?! The female commentator fell hard for his chest judged by the repetition. :)
Daytona Says What?!
Daytona Says What?! Hace un año
Elma Robberts It’s a fashion show.
Elma Robberts
Elma Robberts Hace un año
Why bother with a field of 50 if you're only going to show the leader? I always enjoy the games but please it's high time you get a clue about broadcasting and commentary.
Elma Robberts
Elma Robberts Hace un año
@fitforlife Highlight, sure.if there's action up front or when he finishes.. This was too much. There was lots of time to show more of the others.
fitforlife Hace un año
Have you seen any competitive race before? They always highlight the leader...
hamdus99 Hace un año
Looking forward to the highlights of the loser olympics this year
Will .F
Will .F Hace un año
That airhorn
CC L Hace un año
Ole boy wanting the fans to look to look at him and cheer, he'll end up not even finishing..
Jackie Carpenter
Jackie Carpenter Hace un año
Things we learned. 1. Fraser still killing it 2. Chandler Smith is going to be a contender. 3. Heppener is know where to be found.
Jackie Carpenter
Jackie Carpenter Hace un año
@Daytona Says What?! considering I don't really do crossfit I would agree😂 I do crossfit type stuff for my condition ing says and I hate that
Daytona Says What?!
Daytona Says What?! Hace un año
Jackie Carpenter 4. CrossFit sucks
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