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Cobra Kai
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Daniel and Johnny are back and their rivalry is bigger than ever. Will Daniel's new Miyagi-Do dojo have what it takes to beat Cobra Kai--or can Johnny keep the dream alive? Don't miss the new season of COBRA KAI coming April 24, 2019 to ESvid Premium.
Music: "Cruel Summer" (cover) by Kari Kimmel
Available with ESvid Premium - esvid.net/u-premiumorigi.... To see if Premium is available in your country, click here: goo.gl/A3HtfP


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7 mar 2019






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Chaosphoenix87 Hace 15 minutos
Finally I been waiting for session 2
32jball Hace 27 minutos
Such an awesome show, can’t wait!
Levtex Hace 44 minutos
I hope that the people who are making this keep in mind that the show is called cobra Kai so I really hope cobra Kai wins again
Nilsa Rivera
Nilsa Rivera Hace un hora
Súper cool!!!
Powerlifting Gabo
Powerlifting Gabo Hace un hora
Sean M.
Sean M. Hace un hora
Wow they are desperate! Digging up fossils for remakes. This looks terrible!
Robert Bellorin
Robert Bellorin Hace un hora
Cobra kai, cobra kai, cobra kai....!
Rethi Hace un hora
Both seasons in german please😍😍😍
thefamchatz Hace 2 horas
Best Sequel Ever!!!
Megat Aiman Iskandar Mohd Ismawira
inescapable fate
inescapable fate Hace 3 horas
Cobra kai ftw
Aaron Coulter
Aaron Coulter Hace 3 horas
LMAO, this looks so bad
Cambodian Exploits
Cambodian Exploits Hace 4 horas
Omg this show is so badass!
Buttcheeks Mcgee
Buttcheeks Mcgee Hace 4 horas
Omg, this one one of the best little treasures my husband and I randomly found online. This show is my favorite right now!! My hubby are both born in the 80's and were big fans of karate kid when we were little, so all the inside jokes and the twists were a blast! We want more cobra Kai!!
JASON ALLEN Hace 5 horas
They have badass cobra kai tshirts and hoodies. Yeah I bought one of each.
JASON ALLEN Hace 5 horas
Best show ever.
Bailo Descalza
Bailo Descalza Hace 6 horas
Oh Lord! I thought it was a sitcom!!! My bad! 😒🙃
Charvel Richards
Charvel Richards Hace 6 horas
I think miguel will get back with daniels daughter and robbie will get with the new girl which will cause drama
Kilobravo777 Hace 6 horas
Let's go Cobra Kai!!!!!!!!!
Tipping Toast Media
Tipping Toast Media Hace 6 horas
Liz shue?
Radio 4Men
Radio 4Men Hace 7 horas
*looks like they made this movie overnight!*
The Eidolon
The Eidolon Hace 7 horas
I was stoked for the first season due to nostalgia from my childhood. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm stoked for the second because how faithful the first season was! The writers deserve a pay raise.
Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald Hace 7 horas
I realy hope they continue with Johnny's growth. At the end of first season we saw how he realized what he was doing was turning his student toward a dark path. Daniel in first season try to ruin all the business in the area over some childhood vendetta and now by offering free lessons, because he can afford it, he trying to ruin a man trying to make himself better. Daniel has become fake, it not altruism. If i was a writer for this season it would slowly progress to have a flip flop from the first movie. We continue to see the growth after Johnny's fall, while Daniel continues to lose the way of Mr. Miyagi. My fear for this show is not showing how hard johnny is trying to overcome is short commings while not showing how spiteful daniel has become
iPooKaePoo Hace 7 horas
For some reason I don't feel like watching season 2, the story feels abit pooftah-ish
ennui blue
ennui blue Hace 15 minutos
Taehyung uwu
Taehyung uwu Hace 8 horas
Holy jesus I'm exited
Bens Views
Bens Views Hace 8 horas
Surely now to be made into movies?
Pizza Main
Pizza Main Hace 8 horas
This show is legit gonna make America go back 30 years to when the karate faze swept across the nation. It's gonna happen again I just know it y'know 😂
Frank Jimenez
Frank Jimenez Hace 8 horas
Only reason I have ESvid premium... yeah, they got me for a year....BUT...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
bmoneybesteves Hace 8 horas
This is so corny and petty. I need to watch this
GeorgeFormbyVEVO Hace 8 horas
Really looking forward to season 2! Won't be paying to watch it though lol No thanks!
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
Honestly I wang cobra kai to win this
Maxwell Mendoza
Maxwell Mendoza Hace 9 horas
I actually don’t know who the good guy or bad guy is anymore
Caleb West
Caleb West Hace 9 horas
"I beat them 30 years ago" yes daniel, by cheating.
TTNorth Hace 9 horas
Great show. I am looking forward to Season 2
Alan Gersain Hernandez
Cobra Kai es la unica razón por la que vale la pena ESvidSeries 👍👌
Mikey Vengenz
Mikey Vengenz Hace 9 horas
I expected the first season to be hokey and dumb. Boy was I wrong. I'm stoked for season 2.
J S Hace 10 horas
SMH Just. let. It. Go.
TRiKs Hace 11 horas
If myagido wins then I’m gonna kms
swetank vishwakarma
swetank vishwakarma Hace 11 horas
History repeats itself !!! But cobra Kai’s gonna win.
Games N Roses
Games N Roses Hace 11 horas
My true love is out there somewhere binge watching Cobra Kai without me. God willing, one day we will cuddle and binge watch season 2. Where oh where could she be?
LOLTORI Hace 11 horas
Wait wait wait so your telling me the original enemy is now the hero and the original hero is now the enemy... I’m losing brain cells
Can't think of a name
Can't think of a name Hace 11 horas
0:56 When u make sound effects with ur mouth when ur play fighting.
Az4 gamer
Az4 gamer Hace 12 horas
I can't tell by the trailer is going to be dope even tho I dont have youtube prenium:(
KARMENR818 RIVERA Hace 12 horas
Matthew Conway
Matthew Conway Hace 12 horas
Let's go!!!
Chris Barker
Chris Barker Hace 12 horas
Melgoza Jaime
Melgoza Jaime Hace 13 horas
So dimittri joins miyagi do?? Because if you pause the video at 0.55 he appears in the back
Pablo G
Pablo G Hace 14 horas
I think season 2 is shaping up to be explosive
Student Deon Hill
Student Deon Hill Hace 14 horas
cobra kai season 2 finna be lit 🔥🔥💯💯
Rachel YouTube
Rachel YouTube Hace 14 horas
Scott Miller
Scott Miller Hace 14 horas
I'm for team Cobra Kai!
The memory
The memory Hace 14 horas
Millagie!!😭😭😭😭😭 Like si eres Mexicano
Roberto Moreno
Roberto Moreno Hace 14 horas
Awww yea baby!!! This is what we have been waiting for 30 years!!! Is Dickson Gracie in the movie?
pervmanyesican Hace 14 horas
Bonnie Hundley
Bonnie Hundley Hace 14 horas
I luv this series!!!!
Angelina Hace 15 horas
Xi Xu
Xi Xu Hace 15 horas
It's like Revenge of the Nerds. It's Nerds VS Jocks. Nothing new.
farorin Hace 16 horas
Cornellianchris Hace 16 horas
So pumped for the upcoming season!
Benjamian Hausmann
Benjamian Hausmann Hace 16 horas
top-10-spinkicks i dont finde the site on youtube so he dont postet it on real youtube xd
Can't wait!!!!!
Shocyz '
Shocyz ' Hace 16 horas
im wait,turkey waiting
Ali Yusif
Ali Yusif Hace 16 horas
very beatifull🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🤙🏽💪🏻👍👍
Floating Treetops
Floating Treetops Hace 16 horas
Damn Daniel why you so obsessed with dismantling cobra kai
marvdatboi Hace 17 horas
Daniel beacme such a tool. Lol
Chrissy Holgate
Chrissy Holgate Hace 17 horas
I'm excited
Jimmie Evans
Jimmie Evans Hace 17 horas
Looks like a good show
Lily Flower
Lily Flower Hace 18 horas
For the love of god, let Johnny win!!!!
Emily Peterson
Emily Peterson Hace 18 horas
Does anyone else want Samantha and Robby to end up together! :) I also think Miguel's mom and Johnny would make a good pair! :)
Rita Poon
Rita Poon Hace 18 horas
I should have been drinking wine with all this cheese good god I'll stick to the original.
chalpinm Hace 18 horas
That was awesome!!!! I won’t watch anymore clips because I want it pure. This show is terrific. Can’t wait.
Teheskimo Hace 19 horas
Oh man, looking forward to seeing Hawk's character develop!!! It looks like its gonna be a rough season for him judging by this trailer. He has a hard time with his anger, and that new red mohawk and head-butting his own ally looks like hes getting even more aggressive and out of control. I hope hawk can shed all that anger and fear and become an amazing clear headed fighter by the end! Favorite character
kickbuttme Hace 19 horas
Beto AMV
Beto AMV Hace 19 horas
Chris Hace 19 horas
How can anybody give this a thumbs down?! WTF lol. This is the best show in years! Beyond awesome! I love ESvid Red or whatever they call it now. Wish they would bring back Youth & Consequences though. Surprised they cancelled that. Cobra Kai 4 Life 🤘.
Tyler Blakemore
Tyler Blakemore Hace 19 horas
Still wanting Larusso to win
Josh Disher
Josh Disher Hace 19 horas
Sweep tha muthafukkin leg Johnny!
Johnny Greeko
Johnny Greeko Hace 19 horas
Mr Miyagi aint around no more to help train him. Gonna have to go back in time to watch them movies.
maximus fritz
maximus fritz Hace 19 horas
cant wait for season 2😁
Mrage1976 Hace 19 horas
Finally took them damn long enough lol cant wait 👊🤜🤛💪
Godfist Hace 19 horas
i see your comments about,Daniel uses his money to beat the cobra kai because the other guy is poor.Hey wake up he wants to defeat cobra kai because they teaching the wrong way of martial arts and the principles that comes with it. In the end johnny will understand that his way is the wrong one,hate is not the answer,bullying the weak because you are stronger is not the answer aswell but its the opposite,help the weak if you are strong! War is on lets go for MIYAGI DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Sourav DotA SEA stream
Cobra Way is the Right Way
mike carr
mike carr Hace 20 horas
Series one was awesome Series 2 looks even better!!! Well done ESvid!
La Loba
La Loba Hace 20 horas
Ummmm what??!!
timmybmn Hace 20 horas
I swear the 3.5k downvotes on this just proves there are unbelievably stupid unfeeling people in this world with and agenda to bring down good folks. Rock on Cobra Kai.
Shayne Guthrie
Shayne Guthrie Hace 20 horas
My theory...the students realize that both Johnny and Daniel are bad instructors and refuse to fight each other in the tournament.
Hüseyin Yalçın
Hüseyin Yalçın Hace 20 horas
Is there a Turkish?
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart Hace 20 horas
They should honestly rename the show “Miyagi-Do vs. Cobra Kai”. I’m just saying.
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Hace 20 horas
Everyone so decided, and I just want them to become friends. It was amazing in season 1 when they spoke and drank together. They are so alike its kinda funny.
Rob V
Rob V Hace 20 horas
I loved the 1st season because of the nostalgia of the movie. Hopefully season 2 brings a new element that wasnt in the 1st...
fookoff mate
fookoff mate Hace 21 un hora
Hilarious to watch bunch of white bois trying to learn martial arts and starts flailing their extremeties. Lmao
John Hace 21 un hora
First trailer for second season and Over 7.9 million views in the first week.
Blizzard Gaming
Blizzard Gaming Hace 21 un hora
pls, name of song?
Blizzard Gaming
Blizzard Gaming Hace 20 horas
+István Török true, thx anyway =)
István Török
István Török Hace 20 horas
Check the video description.
stephen walsh
stephen walsh Hace 21 un hora
I'm just going to come out and say it. Kobra Kai is the best transition of film to TV out there. Nothing else compares. Drops Mic.........
Reuben Zuazua
Reuben Zuazua Hace 21 un hora
I didn't even know there was a Season 1
DeadFake Hace 21 un hora
Summer 2019 will be with lot of movies
Nathan Btiley
Nathan Btiley Hace 21 un hora
I could knock out every one in this trailer with ease
3Daddicted Hace 21 un hora
After 30 years you'd think they could make up already and go out for some beers instead.
Karen The Groomer
Karen The Groomer Hace 21 un hora
Go Miagi Dojo! No matter who wins, they're doing *real* martial arts and improving themselves. Cobra Kai just turns out thugs who'll wind up just like Johnny.
Ashutosh Khantwal
Ashutosh Khantwal Hace 21 un hora
y them unlikes though?
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