Five Nights at Freddy’s: FULL Timeline 2021/2022 (FNAF Complete Story) + AR/VR/Security Breach

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FNAF Timeline 2021/2022 - FULL: The Complete Story Updated Theory… this is a realistic perspective and story driven take on the Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline / FNAF Lore. This video covers it all, the entire story including every single event and plot point from FNAF 1, to FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, FNAF Sister Location, FNAF 6, Ultimate Custom Night (UCN), FNAF AR: Special Delivery, FNAF VR: Help Wanted and FNAF: Security Breach. This is the Entire FNAF Story Explained / a FNAF Story Recap! This was absolutely insane and crazy.

Fazbear Frights/Book Timeline: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CgJYMDV5wUs.html
FNAF Security Breach Retrospective: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Wgwhmgc5N3Q.html
Fixed/Evidence-based: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-c7dtUd2jk4w.html

This is a THEORY and not confirmed in any way/shape/form. Not everything is right, not everything is wrong, some parts might be right, some wrong, we'll never know. The Entire Timeline is simply explained in dot points at the very bottom of the description.
The SCRIPT: docs.google.com/document/d/1K...

Hope you enjoy the complete story with fixed audio issues, covering a cruical missing event, choosing only one ending/minorly extending the Afton Ending, adding AR/VR/SB to it, and more! Thank you guys so much for joining me on this journey that all lead to this!! :)))

- Dominic: www.twitch.tv/dominokidding
- Rowan: www.twitch.tv/timescape108v2
- Lily: @lily.hamilton_
- Zac
- Jayden: www.twitch.tv/darktrixx78
- Sid: esvid.net/show-UCH47...

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Five Nights at Freddy's is an indie video game series and media franchise created by Scott Cawthon, later adapted by Steel Wool Studios and Illumix. It has further grown to big platforms such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo with Console Ports, also reaching all Mobile platforms and all Computer platforms. The video game series currently has 10 games, FNAF, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, FNAF 4, FNAF 5/Sister Location, FNAF 6/Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night (FNAF: UCN), FNAF VR: Help Wanted, FNAF AR: Special Delivery and FNAF: Security Breach. The franchise also spans out across multiple series' of books (Main Book Series, Freddy Files and Fazbear Frights) and merchandise (FNAF POPs, FNAF Plushies and some FNAF Board Games), with a FNAF Movie coming soon. This is the Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline, but also a FNAF Story Recap / FNAF Lore Recap!

Rough Game Timeline:
- FNAF 5/SL anywhere between 4-3
- UCN is after 6 but unknown how long for

Rough Story Timeline:
- Fazbear Entertainment Created
- Fredbear's Family Diner Opens
- Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Opens
- The Missing Children’s Incident
- Freddy's Closes
- Circus Baby’s Pizza World opens under Afton Robotics
- Elizabeth Afton dies (Circus Baby Ice Cream Minigame)
- Circus Baby’s closes
- Evan Afton (Crying Child) goes to Fredbear’s on his own
- FNAF 4
- The Bite of '83
- Fredbear’s Closes
- FNAF 2 Opens
- Toy animatronics created (face rec.)
- JR’s Minigame
- Security Puppet minigame / SAVETHEM
- Another Missing Children’s Incident
- Give Gifts. Give Life.
- The Bite of ‘87
- Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (JR's) Closes
- The Funtime Animatronics are created
- Cirus Baby’s Ent. And Rentals Opens, RENT ONLY opens
- 1988 Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Opens
- FNAF 3 minigames, destroying animatronics
- William turns into Springtrap
- Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closes 1993
- Michael searches for William (Going to all locations)
- Michael meets Baby (FNAF: Sister Location)
- Funtimes form Ennard and Scoop Michael
- Michael walking in neighborhood (you won’t die)
- Baby VS Ennard = Molten Freddy
- 2023 Fazbear’s Fright Opens
- FNAF 3
- Fazbear’s Fright Burns
- Happiest Day Minigame
- FNAF 6 / Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
- FNAF 6 Ending / FNAF Fire
- William is sent to Purgatory
- FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night
- Old Man Consequences Cutscene
- Golden Freddy Final Cutscene
- Rouge Indie Developer / FNAF Game Series
- FNAF: AR - Special Delivery
- FNAF: VR - Help Wanted (Vanessa Hired, Jeremy Death, Glitchtrap)
- Vanny's Therapist Tapes (Killings)
- FNAF: Security Breach
- ...now we wait.


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Gaijin Goombah
Gaijin Goombah Hace 10 meses
This is the first time I really understood the story for what it really was. And despite my history with the franchise, I'm actually really glad to watch this and see it for the horror story it was.
Squitwart Hace 2 meses
ayo gaijin goombah bruh you didnt help the lonely goomba get out of those pipes
Robinbanks Hace 5 meses
Kind of embarrassing to admit lol
Heheheheeheheh Hace 5 meses
Kitty_love018 Hace 6 meses
I know
Starving Boy In Africa
It’s crazy when someone with more than one brain cell. Does a proper review, and not make stuff up. Just like how you and mat do
Cynix Hace 2 meses
William: wanna start a pizzeria with me? Henry: no *the good ending*
amongus issus
amongus issus Hace un día
william: *is mentaly stable* Good ending v2
BanaHull Hace 2 días
William, what are you talking about, we sell mechanical abominations to third world countries to make a profit, not pizza
Revelations solo project discontinued
Lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣
Skid and pump
Skid and pump Hace 3 días
If Henry said that, they wouldn’t have been in those situations
HAX Hace 5 días
Jackattacktron1000 Hace 4 meses
This story never gets old to me I personally love how complex it is.
Jorel Martinez
Jorel Martinez Hace 15 horas
Yovis Hace 2 días
It's a tragedy story
ThyHolyNoodle Hace 24 días
@i hate twitter Calling people kids instead of providing a valid argument or just moving on is pretty pathetic. And worse it makes it difficult to see your previous arguments anything than worse than they were. If you thought the person is a kid and think that kids in general are incapable of providing a valid argument then why argue with them? Especially over fucking opinions lmao.
frozebite Hace 27 días
Yeah I watched this a months ago and I watched it again
werfer Hace 27 días
Screaming Opossum
Screaming Opossum Hace 4 meses
While I personally agree with Wendigoos version of the lore, this is probably the more cohesive and story driven ones. While he speaks in more of a documentary style, yours is certainly cinematic and I can enjoy it because of that. Well done.
Screaming Opossum
Screaming Opossum Hace 26 días
@hajitooru In Wendigoon's version, as already stated, William's motivation for murder is more of the story of a broken man than it is a man who absolutely loves murder. Wendigoon puts Elizabeth's death after Even's and before Charlie's so that William lost both of his young children before murdering Charlie in a fit of grief and anger. This makes the death of Elizabeth even more tragic, because in Wendigoon's version William wasn't even thinking about killing children at the time, he just wanted to know what happened to his son. Events still play out the same, but the motivation for it all is VASTLY different. It also changes Michael Afton's motivations a little bit too. While it's not as nearly cinematic as this, it's still a decent watch.
Kantor Hace un mes
@hajitooru yeah It is. In his version, Williams motive is more distraught driven than just pure murder
hajitooru Hace un mes
is wendigoon's version far more different from this? i don't think i have the time to watch another hour of fnaf lore but if it's a completely different version then i might check it out.
Lying Figure
Lying Figure Hace un mes
Yeah the only issue with wendigoons is he blames Mike's smell on his being scooped while still putting sister location after fnaf 1 and 2 on the timeline
xAd01f_Dr1pL3Rx Hace un mes
Ong wendigoon on top
RaichuToonz Hace 3 meses
I just finished watching this in one go! Wow! What a great lore that was, I honestly want the FNAF saga to never actually end. It's just something special that keeps me using my brain more
Alice Valentine
Alice Valentine Hace 10 meses
This actually made it sound like a cohesive horror story instead of the convoluted mess the lore has been. Good job
Christian Skeleton
Christian Skeleton Hace 10 días
Jesus loves you
Subnautica planet friends
You know William regrets killing the children you know
Ender 01o
Ender 01o Hace 18 días
@JamesBeSketchin’ ÒwÓ
Loendy C.
Loendy C. Hace un mes
@Aluminium Fail Vods i think my fnaf phase ended after sister location but i think im getting back into fnaf
Jou t7
Jou t7 Hace un mes
This is still way too long story and story about some freddies for hour, so its not even that intresting, but its true that many stories get booring and bad, when they get convoluted with too much stuff on it, that starts to become too ridiculous to be beliveabel story anymore.
Average_Nut_Job Hace 4 meses
I love how while I don’t agree with certain lore, the story itself was entertaining enough to make me believe it was a completely different world with similar events and lore, while it includes MORE added on, like the arguments and emotional aspects of characters like Michael and William and Henry, pretty much everyone honestly, it’s awesome. Like... in the real games we never get to see the perspective of any of the characters when it comes to how they FEEL. This makes the generic horror story with seemingly interesting gameplay and lore even better because it also makes YOU feel, this made me sad, pitiful, angry, and at the end joyful. It’s a rollercoaster of feelings that draw you in using the incredible, already existing characters and i could not be more grateful because seriously, this was amazing. Props to the talented people who worked on this timeline to make what I believe to be a consistent narrative as well as possiblity for actual lore and in game content. Y’all are awesome as heck for this.
D S Hace 2 meses
There are still unanswered questions about Security Breach. Why are the other animatronics so adamant on killing Gregory? Why was Freddy helping Gregory instead of trying to kill him? How could all the members of the original incidents still not be dead? Will it ever end? I love the fact that this could still continue. WE NEED AN OFFICIAL FNAF MOVIE FRANCHISE
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! Hace 17 días
They can't die because the developers of these games need more money. Simple as that
MintyKlin Hace 27 días
Henry help me I’m trapped *nukes pizzeria partially good ending 👍
Vincent Miller
Vincent Miller Hace un mes
@Rebecca_2012 That's fanmade, it isn't canon at all. It's for Hyper Droid's story telling purposes. And it can't be Henry, just like I said with the other guy why would he refer to them as his "friends?" The only people who could possibly posses Freddy is one of the MCI kids.
Rebecca_2012 Hace un mes
Is it possible that Henry is possesing Freddy, coz in the video it said 'Micheal sees his younger sister and his younger brother, welcoming him to rest with open arms. Micheal steps closer to the bright light, the final thing he'd see.' But isn't his younger brother Evan, who in the very next scene we're told is the only spirit left that wouldn't rest? So how did Micheal see Elizabeth and Evan welcoming him to rest if Evan wasn't at rest. I'm confused lol
Vincent Miller
Vincent Miller Hace un mes
​@Sunlight Studios The others were all infected by William but Freddy rebooted into safe mode so he couldn't infect him. And Michael's not the only one who doesn't attack children lol. In The Silver Eyes, they straight up try and protect a kid from grown-ups who they thought were evil.
Rozeaux Hace 2 meses
I've watched a lot of lore and people play the games, but this is the first time everything makes sense as one story rather than a vague theory. I know there are some loose ends, and some personal opinions and theories to different parts of the story. This was a pleasure to see the whole story come together!
J'den Ong
J'den Ong Hace 3 meses
I know some of this stuff might be deduced based on certain loose ends the actual lore left behind,but let me just say that this story put this way,was extremely sad and beautiful in its own way. Michael,though he was a little detached from the main story throughout the middle,deserved his happy ending,as he valiantly tried to avenge his family,finally getting to embrace his family one last time. William,though the apparent villain in the story,had his own fair share of struggles and heartbreak.a murderous rage and mentality that brought up all this madness,left out of his own franchise by his best and perhaps only friend.Trapped in a bunny suit in horrible pain for 30 years,alone,hated and hunted by every member of his family.and at the very end,watching his last family member die and feel sorrow,guilt and regret in a burning hell full of his victims. I know there are many other characters that went through so much pain and suffering,but I just want to highlight these 2 characters because I feel like they went through some of the worse stuff.
J'den Ong
J'den Ong Hace 2 meses
@Neurono C. actually it was glamrock bonnie that became afton's new body
Neurono C.
Neurono C. Hace 2 meses
Judging by how it's pretty much a given that Glamrock Freddy is the new body of Michael Afton (opening stomach compartment to put things inside, the fact that it's a Freddy -paralleling to the bite of '83-, his highly apologetic and protective nature) and Gregory at the very least looks way too much like Evan, his story didn't end. He got redemption, a second chance to prove himself a good older brother.
Houston Brock
Houston Brock Hace un mes
I remember playing the first FNAF when I was 12 and now seeing the plot evolve to what it is...its so awesome. Best lore story in gaming
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! Hace 17 días
You dont know many stories in gaming so stfu claming its the best. its a messy kids shit for the new generation
Kerm1t is val!d
Kerm1t is val!d Hace 3 meses
Wow I find it so incredible that even as new games come out it still follows the story perfectly, it’s as if Scott leaves loose ties at the end of every game just in case he makes a new one to follow the original story. It is just amazing
IzzyHam77 Hace 20 días
The amount of research, time, effort and work put into this is phenomenal. Really amazing work. 👌👍👍
Ancent Hace 4 meses
You managed to make me watch the entire video without getting bored, and now I don't need 50+ videos for understanding the lore, what can be done in a hour and a half.
Alex Q.
Alex Q. Hace 4 meses
This was really good, but there was one crucial mistake in the lore: the "vengeful spirit" was Cassidy, not Evan. Even was the crying child, and his soul is at peace, it's Cassidy who tormented William (as shown by the correlations in the book with the tormentor being a child with curly black hair, like the body of the girl found in the Golden Freddy suit.) It's also shown in the FNAF survival log book, where you can see conversations between Evan and Cassidy. This is part fact and part theory of what actually happened: As said in the books, William was kept alive in a coma. Cassidy attached her soul to his own to torment him, making him relive his nightmare, until eventually his body was placed in Fazbear's as per his final wish and the building was exploded, as said in the books - after that his soul began trapped in the tech left there, which was eventually found and used in a FNAF VR game. William's consciousness was trapped in the game as Glitchtrap, where he corrupted the game and took control of beta testers - succeeding in controlling Vanessa (Vanny) using a rabbit mask.
•  Veah •
• Veah • Hace 3 meses
Am I the only one who just feels so happy seeing how Charlotte pulled an Uni reverse card on William. Helping the souls find animatronics so they could get revenge, then saving Michael near the end. She’s honestly one of my favorite characters
Khalid Hosen
Khalid Hosen Hace 13 días
@Khalid Mukhtar you have the same name 😃
Khalid Mukhtar
Khalid Mukhtar Hace 24 días
Kane Hace 3 meses
ive been a fan of fnaf ever since the first game, and ive always been a fan of the lore. while i knew alot, you made everything so clear and it was so intresting revisiting it. thank you for all your hard work
taetae Hace 29 días
after so many years and it’s still so thrilling to go through the storyline, it will forever stay iconic
Hunter Wulfstern
Hunter Wulfstern Hace 9 meses
I wasn't expecting the lore of FNAF to be in this amount of depth as there is so much to it. From a simple concept of entertainers animatronics to finally putting an end to the cause of the snowball effect, after so many losses and pain inflicted to many. Great job at getting the lore complied together into something very clear which makes it easy to follow
TransPenX Hace 7 meses
if you think some people need to die than you're one of the ones that need to die.
I Hace 7 meses
@TransPenX you agree with me or not? they are literally furries talking about furry stuff that noone needs to hear about except *them.* *so?*
TransPenX Hace 7 meses
@I no subs?
I Hace 8 meses
@Spoopi Boi EWww
Lunux Hace 8 meses
Well yes but missed a liiittle bit of information
Agi Antics
Agi Antics Hace un mes
This has been the most confusing storyline and franchise I’ve ever come across. Thank you so much for putting a LOT of hard work into making one of the best videos on ESvid and clearing up the confusion for me.
Jake Lol
Jake Lol Hace 18 días
Unfortunately this video is full of inaccuracies and misinformation.
PEACHEXX Hace 4 meses
Can we give him a big round of applause👏 Bravo 🙌. You made me understand the whole complicated, messy lore . Really nice work great job. 👏👏🙌🙌
bubbykat Hace un mes
the perfect blend of concise story telling and comedy. wonderful job.
I eat chunks of dog shit but
I've started playing fnaf since fnaf 2. This is what fnaf is. A horrifying story of how children was murdered and got no proper burial instead, their lifeless bodies were stuffed into the suits that were made to make them smile. There's just some part of the community that kind of overshadows the darkness of the franchise. The games are just the "playable" way to present the story to those who want to know the story by uncovering the secrets. This video and those vhs fnaf tapes like Squimpus Mcgrimpus' brings back the horror of the fnaf.
m Hace 10 meses
fnaf gameplay: shut doors, look around, avoid the animatronics fnaf lore:
Ralph Lorenz Perolino
Ralph Lorenz Perolino Hace 19 días
@elcomp42 Can't understand that BO4 Aether story started on Blood of the Dead lmfao
abandoned channel
abandoned channel Hace un mes
Ngl when I first played it I didn't understand sh1t
nightmare Hace un mes
@elcomp42 Cod Zombies Gameplay: Shoot zombies, drink perks, get guns, survive Cod Zombies Lore: Let me show you how to scratch it....
Rifter447 Hace 6 meses
Nossa um brasileiro assistindo esse vídeo incrível igual eu
Gärbage Hace 2 meses
It's been 8 years and I still remember FNaF from the time when there were like 2 games, I love that community keeps the series alive, but it feels like everything has died, been reincarnated, and died again and I mean that about the whole series. The story is huge, but it feels like there isn't much to add.
Wo! Wo!
Wo! Wo! Hace 28 días
What I love the most about your rendition of the lore is how Scott is canon in the lore as a rogue employee who was later brought back and strucked a deal with.
v1nce cuh god
v1nce cuh god Hace 3 meses
I've never heard someone explain the lore and backstory of FNAF so well great job
august_1 Hace 2 meses
dude you are everywhere
Alec Hace 2 días
this was amazing, what an amazing way to explain the whole fnaf lore and series so indepth, incredible. this must have taken very long.
nhery..loya.. Hace 10 meses
Unlike the other theory’s and lore, this was honestly a reasonable and understandable timeline and lore. I didn’t understand why they made the security breach game until now
Sengokuthebruh Hace 8 meses
@Linlo bro do u know the lord Evan was the first one to die
Linlo Hace 8 meses
@Sengokuthebruh he didn’t, why wasn’t Elizabeth present in the fnaf 4 mini games then?
AdamRee1940 Hace 9 meses
@MithVibes But, it is possible to get to that part, when you know all the information.
AdamRee1940 Hace 9 meses
@Voli MatPat doesn’t just do that for likes, he is trying to figure out the lore.
AdamRee1940 Hace 9 meses
@MithVibes Why are you being dramatic? I know “almost” doesn’t mean all, I’m not stupid, but Scott literally said that his theories are almost correct.
Helen Hace 3 meses
I became a new fan of FNAF not so long ago,but I knew nothing about it except that it had pretty complicated lore.This made things so much clearer for me!Thank you!
Some random dude
Some random dude Hace un mes
For anyone wondering about Circus Baby’s eyes, if I remember correctly, they’re blue on default, but turns green when Elizabeth possesses her
Carter Delaney
Carter Delaney Hace un mes
Hey great video! I don’t know if this is ESvid’s fault, but around the 16 minute mark the video starts to separate from the audio entirely and it becomes pretty hard to watch since it’s like a minute behind.
hagjang Hace 4 meses
I have been in the fnaf fandom since I was 7 years old, right now I'm 16. And in all these years I have never been this much satisfied with how much I understood the timeline. Thank u so much for this. I'm sure someone who doesn't even know what fnaf is can understand it by watching this video.
woon yur
woon yur Hace 10 meses
one of the most CLEAREST recaps of all games ever. gets straight to the point, all of it makes sense. wow thank you
JGreenRN Hace 4 meses
@Yony Alexander well in fnaf 1 Micheal is the night guard and second the night guard is Willam afton
Midnight gaming
Midnight gaming Hace 10 meses
So are all the games combined a true story
I love Gods
I love Gods Hace 10 meses
Mark B.R
Mark B.R Hace 10 meses
@David Dobrick richtofens death was the cleanest, best pleasure
David Dobrick
David Dobrick Hace 10 meses
Bo3 lore did it better
shade Hace 3 meses
It really does help the story line make sense especially with the last three games, but I feel sorry for this man because of how much work and research he has to put into each video
shyfellow Hace 2 meses
Fun Fact: For Ennard, one animatronic had to speak for all of them. At the end of SL, Baby’s voice was used for all of them. But when she gets kicked out sometime near the beginning of Pizza Sim, they used Funtime Freddy’s voice instead. Hope that makes sense.
GAY KNIGHT Hace 2 meses
makes perfect sense but in custom night some death voicelines you can hear ballora or foxy's voice in pizza simulator too (very quiet tho)
Angel Moreno
Angel Moreno Hace 2 días
Good story telling, very well explained, but I feel it would've helped explaining which game was taking place at what time, and perhaps the years as well.
dawkohrtz- Hace un mes
while baby is a super frightening animatronic, the fact that she knew she wasn't in control grabbing elizabeth sent chills down my spine. remembering that she actually had a conscious.
Deondre Thomas
Deondre Thomas Hace 10 meses
Years of experiencing this franchise, I never knew the lore of the game was THIS deep. All the puzzles that were scattered for a long time has finally put together as a whole. You sir, made a fantastic video. The effort you made in this really paid off.
Josh Groban
Josh Groban Hace 9 meses
@Jason Socker you could say that about anything, there is a confirmed timeline and although something's may be unanswered you can cut the fat especially after 6, VR and Security Breach which confirm many things.
Josh Groban
Josh Groban Hace 9 meses
@Luke Fye no, he's wrong about many things, best being UCN and says Evan tortures Afton, when it's Cassidy. We all know "The one you should not have killed." Isn't Evan since Evan wasn't killed by Afton.
Josh Groban
Josh Groban Hace 9 meses
@MithVibes why are you being so disrespectful to him? You call him 12 yet you're the one insulting him for saying he's wrong
Luke Fye
Luke Fye Hace 10 meses
@DC 4life it's actually all right lol
AdamRee1940 Hace 10 meses
@MithVibes Why are you being disrespectful? He’s just correcting him. He didn’t say anything rude.
Maddie Scarhead
Maddie Scarhead Hace 4 meses
Really nice theory and well put together, Well done!
Lily Simmons
Lily Simmons Hace 2 días
truly a cinematic masterpiece. literally the best thing ever
GTMans Hace 16 días
And I know now the entire story. Such a well done video with explanations being very well detailed.
Tfhunt Productions
Tfhunt Productions Hace un mes
I love watching this timeline video! Best summary of the timeline yet! One question though last time I watched it I remember you included all of Henry’s speech in the video and now it’s only given a small portion throughout, out of curiosity was there a reason this was removed?
TamamoTube Hace 10 meses
I'm proud of how far this Fandom has come, you've pieced together this story into something full of emotion, drama, and true horror. Respect to you, man.
TransPenX Hace 4 meses
@z 2035
Caro Hace 10 meses
@z yeah but the bite of 83 isn’t real either
z Hace 10 meses
@Bawhoppen from chucke cheese
Bawhoppen Hace 10 meses
@z Don't worry it's definitely not real in any way, even if a tiny bit of inspiration came from real life
•YūChi Miyūri•
•YūChi Miyūri• Hace 10 meses
@z A game made about scott cawhton's stories fnaf.
Emma Rowan
Emma Rowan Hace 4 meses
Omg thank you so much this is epic! You've done a superb job with all this, it's like one long horror movie. Well told & absolutely chilling I loved every minute of it!!
David Lanfear
David Lanfear Hace 4 meses
I am already ten minutes in and I am very impressed with the presentation of this video. Good job.
Kilogramate Hace 2 meses
there are some things i don't agree on but that's maybe because I have an older understanding of the story, I was a hardcore fan between 2014 and 2016 and then a casual fan after, so a lot of my theories and knowledge come from that time. The editing in this video was strange st times but still helpful to aid in understanding the themes discussed, and I think it's a very cool video all in all. :)
Fumparump Hace un mes
I really love the fnaf 6 ending I personally think it was the perfect ending to the original story and the new games should be a separate canon to not make the story more convoluted then it already is
Arpit Panwar
Arpit Panwar Hace 9 meses
0:00 Intro 0:40 The beginning 2:38 Birth of a Killer 6:58 "Where did the other children go" 11:17 Bite of 83 19:46 The Puppet 29:08 Give gifts, Give life 34:05 Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals 36:31 Springtrap 40:52 "You won't Die" 48:32 Enard 49:22 Fazbear Fright 55:25 The Endgame 1:04:29 The Vengeful Spirit 1:08:04 A Fresh Start 1:10:59 Vanessa 1:15:29 Freddy Fazbear's Megaplex 1:16:06 Vanny 1:18:33 Gregory and Glamrock Freddy 1:23:05 A familiar place 1:26:52 Credits/Outro Holy shit ,this took a Hella time
-tyrese- Hace 12 días
i love you
nvexzq Hace 9 meses
The venessa part is why you should never become a furry
•-• Hace 9 meses
Dang, fnaf is such a good story.
Val Hace 9 meses
i appreciate you and the time you took to make this omg
Discord e
Discord e Hace 3 meses
This video literally cleared up most of the questions i had in fnaf lore
Kidey11 Hace un mes
This is AMAZING! I love how you made it seem more like a depressed sad tale of FNaF rather then a scary tale! I'm really hoping we get to see something like this or similar to the FNaF Movie, because it really did feel like I just watched the FNaF movie early. That's just how good it is, amazing job!
Joseph Amaya
Joseph Amaya Hace 3 meses
Dear God! This story is both intense and awesome. I first saw Fnaf security breach and wanted to know the full story of FNAF and this was explained very well.
Glitching Shadow • 543 years ago
Wow. 1983-2023+. That whole story. From William and Henry being as close as BFFs to the demise...of this 50 year-old Fazbear Entertainment. Thanks so much Hyper!
TheSSGCorrin Hace 10 meses
I've honestly never been able to understand the FNAF timeline as a whole, but this really helped explain everything perfectly. Amazing job!
AdamRee1940 Hace 10 meses
@Dalton Moore What’s your problem?
Илиян Иванов
@Frog you can crack them
CãKe Hace 10 meses
@pogizm unless you take the afton's family sitting at the table thing from security breach as a proof lol
FrosttBytte Hace 10 meses
@Dalton Moore okay dAlToN
Dalton Moore
Dalton Moore Hace 10 meses
He didnt explian shit
dominic hryniewicz
dominic hryniewicz Hace 4 meses
WOW, theres much more to the lore than i thought, im not really a huge fnaf fan but the video really helped me understand the lore, this video is really easy to understand, great work!
Doubt Hace 27 días
Fun fact: the original story/ending was supposed to be fnaf 4 and it was supposed to be a dream, however seeing the negativity surrounding it, Scott scrapped the idea. He has never said this (I think) but the implications “would they like the ending?” And everything else in fnaf 4 points to it. What’s in the box is the original ending.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace un mes
I love how it ended up incorporating the games themselves into the story and even the VR game and the new Security Breach game. Also I lowkey want this to be a movie
A_person Hace 3 meses
I started fnaf on help wanted and fell in love with it and the lore seemed complex so I barely knew anything about it for a long time so it was hard to talk about it with other, long time fans and this video really helped me out
Hot Cocoa
Hot Cocoa Hace 10 meses
This was a RIDE. A movie's length of what's essentially a True Crime doc without the True? A clear (as possible) summary of the whole story, including dozens of fan-made animations and fansongs? 10/10, worth the hour and a half! Let's just hope you don't have to edit this too much in the future!
Aito Blitz
Aito Blitz Hace 10 meses
I've never even digged deep into fnaf lore, but this "movie" was sooo clear to watch and understand that it blew my mind.. watched it from the start, to the end.
…… idk
…… idk Hace 10 meses
Fr it was really good
PenguinOnTheWall Hace 10 meses
10 seconds in I subbed, I’m currently 50 minutes into it and I understand every bit. He’s so good at explanations
Smokey La Bear
Smokey La Bear Hace 20 días
Thank you. This is much easier to follow than those other 'FNAF explained' videos.
Jake Lol
Jake Lol Hace 18 días
Although this video has better story telling than most, it's full of inaccuracies and misinformation.
NormalDeformation Hace 2 meses
I watch this video whenever I need my FNAF fix (Bout twice a year) and it just is so satisfying 💜 thank you for helping my brain out this story into place
Athena Hace 17 días
i love how this actually shines at least a bit of light on Freddy's strange lines as they go down to the burnt pizzeria. i wholeheartedly believe that Michael is Freddy during Security Breach, because of Gregory's appearance (resembling Evan) and Freddy's overprotectiveness and full intent on keeping Gregory away from any harm, especially the other animatronics, to avoid him dying the same way that Evan did. to me, Freddy seems slightly guilty during the game after he meets Gregory, and him being possesed is a reasonable explanation of why he's helping Gregory. i also think that since they used animatronic parts from the burnt pizza place for the VR game, they wouldve used some for the animatronics themselves, with Freddy being the first built because he's the face of the company, and Michael's remnants might have attached itself to those parts, making him Glamrock Freddy. to me, that's what he means when he says "i found myself". he found michael's body down in the burnt pizza place and knew immediately it was himself. thats all just my opinion based on the other games and lore, though
FeatheredMask Hace 2 meses
Watched this whole video it was amazing its inspired me to now follow the FNAF lore usually I wouldn't follow it due to how confusing it was and hard to figure out but you literally switched my mind.
tidelinetori Hace 10 meses
My 12-year old daughter and I just watched this and after years of watching her play FNAF, buying her the books and plushies etc. It was so special to sit down and watch this with her. It also helped me understand the lore so much better and gave us so much to talk about. How inspiring! Thank you so much for your effort and creativity and story telling. You made our night
DavidBoBavid Hace 28 días
@tidelinetori thanks!
tidelinetori Hace 29 días
@DavidBoBavid I think it's awesome he came around and you guys both like it now!
DavidBoBavid Hace 29 días
Hey. I’m a 13 year old who finally hit that fnaf phase everyone was talking about. My parents kinda scared me away from fnaf, but then my Dad played it with me and liked it.
shla.com??? Hace un mes
more parents should be like you
dxstopia Hace 3 meses
you’re such a cool mum omg
Kate Exe
Kate Exe Hace 9 días
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I'm finally understood everything, but it's REALLY messy! An incredible job you made, thank you!
Samera Steele
Samera Steele Hace 3 meses
I love how you interpret the lore. I just wish you would’ve said the years things happened. Or at least an estimate.
SHMvlogs Hace 4 meses
Wow this was absolutely amazing well done and thank you for explaining this whole thing!
Silvaroo Hace 14 días
Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed hearing the story - especially while doing homework; thank you again for making this video :)
TheAarons1234 Hace 10 meses
Had me at the edge of my seat multiple times. I had been a fan since FNAF 1, but still couldn’t wrap my head around the lore. I was pretty skeptical about this video at first, but I’m grateful I got to watch every last second of this. Thank you for this masterpiece.
Surzaw Hace 10 meses
@Vectoroni true all I had to go with was the bite of 83 and golden Freddy witch was the trippiest thing to me lmao
TheAarons1234 Hace 10 meses
@Naomi Vargas I never said it was scary..? I was simply complimenting the organization of the video and the video itself as a whole.
Naomi Vargas
Naomi Vargas Hace 10 meses
No way your a real person this ain’t even that scary
Vectoroni Hace 10 meses
@Surzaw to be fair when the first og fnaf game came out there was no lore it was just a random game with moving animatronics
Surzaw Hace 10 meses
Exactly I was only in the 4th grade when the franchise first came out and even then I was so invested in the lore and would watch many videos on it but since I was so dumb I didn’t understand much and just stopped learning about it so this was awesome
Ca11 M3V
Ca11 M3V Hace 23 días
This was AMAZING. I've been obsessed with FNAF since i was little but u never actually understood anything about it and i can tell you put a lot of work and effort into this
juan baez
juan baez Hace 2 meses
Bruh only 18 minutes in and I’m absolutely blow away at the quality of this video. This is a masterpiece.
K C Hace un mes
Finally, satisfaction 🥲 that’s all I can say so thanks for making this video that puts the story together. Feel like the lore will always be a mystery though
kurtsworld96 Hace 3 meses
Woah this is so well made. It’s amazingly well done.
Jeff Barry
Jeff Barry Hace 5 meses
I’ve come into this story knowing relatively nothing about the FNAF lore and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt this video has turned me into a full on fan. You shed so much light on what a beautifully morbid horror story this game series is
Andrea Bermudez
Andrea Bermudez Hace 6 días
ImOutOfHeathPoints Hace 2 meses
It has some errors and mistakes but it's mostly accurate
The Gamer bros and Spring G/Wilson A.
@Mari2x  i got a notification bruh
Mads Skriver
Mads Skriver Hace 2 meses
Me too
TheNinjaNiky Hace 2 meses
Game Theory is great for some really in depth stuff, but Wendigoon is good for simplicity. Both very good ESvidrs, I personally watched both but people have different tastes so I recommend both or either or depending on your taste. Game Theory goes into the books and all so it's a lot lol
Pinstripe Hace 3 meses
This made me wonder. Did Michael inherit his fathers psychopathic tendencies? See psychopaths are not necessarily bad people, in fact in one instance there was a psychopathic psychologist who was unaware of his condition. He tended to hurt people around him emotionally. However when he became aware of his diagnosis through a brain scan, he ended up living by the ideology of “what would a nice guy do” Basically psychopathy is like any disability. William gave into his psychopathy, his instability, and his blood lust. Michael at first indulged that side of him. He tormented his own brother and as most of us older brothers can attest to, if you see your brother bawling on the ground due to what you’ve done… it hurts. You would stop, not double down. But he lacked the ability to empathize. So his actions led to the death of his brother by his own hands. This saved him from becoming like his father.
anyla pickens
anyla pickens Hace 2 meses
This is a masterpiece!❤️
Emerald Bunny
Emerald Bunny Hace 4 meses
No wonder that this is my favourite game franchise of all time. I've collected all FNAF POP figure collections, even all of the most recent ones from Security Breach. I really do hope this franchise continues and that we get a film. My favourite character is indeed William.
Agent Blazebøi
Agent Blazebøi Hace 2 meses
You got a whole lot of the lore correct!
Magnetcross Hace 8 meses
Holy; imagine if they made a series or movie franchise out of fnaf with actual good acting & production. This would be one of the best drama horror series ever! I’d pay to watch em all if they were filmed super well & the scripts.
Bigman5000 Hace un mes
That would be crazy
Magnetcross Hace 4 meses
@Loni12 yeah I’ve seen it, Nicholas cage was good in that movie
Loni12 Hace 4 meses
Willy's Wonderland came out not too long ago. It's a pretty good FNAF parody movie. Give it a go while waiting for the original.
Min Jimin
Min Jimin Hace 5 meses
Yeah he's right
PizzaBoyPepe Hace 5 meses
It would be so good as a tv series!
Bray Gaming
Bray Gaming Hace 21 un día
I personally don't like the end of Security Breach, and think that the lore should've ended at UCN, but that doesn't stop me from still having hope for the series.
Superhall911 Hace 18 días
Same bro
Some random dude
Some random dude Hace un mes
I’ve literally watched this 2 times, bout to be 3, you’re a great storyteller!
West Pets
West Pets Hace 2 meses
This is my first time learning the lore and I didn’t think it was this long so I’m taking a break here is a note for myself for we’re to start off again 56:17
•  Veah •
• Veah • Hace 3 meses
I’m trying to learn as much as I can about FNAF lore so I’m not confused so thanks for this! Now I’m wondering why Cassidy’s gender and the afton kid’s ages are kept secret. I mean, are they waiting to reveal that Elizabeth was actually 5 years old when she died as if that would actually change anything lol
elena baker
elena baker Hace 10 meses
as someone who’s been into fnaf but only has known bits and pieces and not able to understand how everything fits into a story, this helped me a lot. you presented it as if it was a story, not a bunch of video games that happen to fit into each other over time like a big arg type thing, but instead an original story you made. you are so educated and knowledgeable in fnaf, and i’m very grateful you made this. i’m not able to sit through so many explanations about what happened like how matpat does, so this was really helpful. keep up the good work man
dxstopia Hace 3 meses
@Justforthelols same bro i was interested in it when i was around 7-10 but i didn’t know what happened at all then
No No
No No Hace 10 meses
I appreciate the Mla formatting
I agree
Cee deez
Cee deez Hace 10 meses
@elena baker new phone buddy
elena baker
elena baker Hace 10 meses
@Cee deez ok 11 month youtube andy
Callum Woodward
Callum Woodward Hace 3 meses
Think back to when FNAF first came out. Who knew how much of a sad and interesting story was awaiting us.
kill commies
kill commies Hace 2 meses
i do respect you for making the story somewhat understandable and reasonable, but i still consider only fnaf 1-4 canon, its the simplest timeline.
Louis Bell
Louis Bell Hace 2 meses
hyper droid i like how you go into full detail it just lets everyone follow what went on in the games.
Lacey and her stories
Wow, I'm amazed. This video was perfect, I know much more now about this story I never understood! Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll come back to this video someday again.
Weezerclown Hace 10 meses
Actually can't believe I've lived through all of the fnaf games since 2014, it's actually insane seeing the lore come together in one piece. Amazing job man!
TransPenX Hace 6 meses
@Lil Javi the time in 2014, i watch a lot of minecraft dantdm and playing a lot of angry birds
EPIK Hace 7 meses
I was the 3,000 like let’s go
Luca Hace 10 meses
Its been so long,i feel so old hehe
MimiAtions Hace 10 meses
Bruh You made me feel old but for real the lore amazing
Adeez Hace 10 meses
Jeez I feel super old
AwesomeEzra RoRo Player
After watching both this and the Game Theorists I can now spin my head around this highly complicated story... jeebus
ISAM🇺🇳 Hace 15 días
After watching this I kept looking at lore and theory’s and now I know the lord and I’m addicted to this great story line and also how you explained it
lala Hace un mes
Finally. After years and years. We know the story
Pyramid Plays
Pyramid Plays Hace 2 meses
Looks like I’m once again watching an hour and a half of five nights at Freddys lore
Al Max
Al Max Hace 10 meses
Piecing together the lore hidden in every FNaF game and turning them into a thorough story is not an easy task, but you committed yourself to telling this story that has eluded gamers & theorists for years, and this video is proof of that commitment. That was amazing, dude!
Joshua Hace 8 meses
@C r A c K e D y 2 here
C r A c K e D y
C r A c K e D y Hace 9 meses
First reply for a comment with 1000 like?
NattPatt Hace un mes
I was really into Fnaf lore back then but kinda forgot about it so I'm just here to refresh some lore that I forgot and learn some new lore
Killer B
Killer B Hace un mes
man I have watched all the five nights at Freddy's several times but man I did not know the story like this, it all links together so well. I love it
Triforce792 Hace 3 meses
Why on earth did you make an hour long recap on the fnaf lore that was SO WELL MADE that it made me cry 3 times while watching? That part with William saying goodbye to Evan on his deathbed really got me
Geno Sans
Geno Sans Hace 24 días
Wowie! You explained it all so clearly! Thank you so much! You earned a sub😁
Jake Lol
Jake Lol Hace 18 días
Unfortunately this video is full of inaccuracies and misinformation.
kaleigh Hace 10 meses
Lets be honest. This timeline is probably the best, most clearest one any of us have found. Could some parts be wrong? Yes, but probably only Scott can make a timeline that has no mistakes. Amazing job. Umm HOLY SHIT 3.1K LIKES??? WOWIE THANKS
maka mess
maka mess Hace 9 meses
At this point I think Scott himself wouldn’t even be able to make a coherent timeline
kaleigh Hace 9 meses
@Amora Acho um give me more in detail what your looking for
Amora Acho
Amora Acho Hace 9 meses
@kaleigh I just started watching it but still at the part where it’s like a tournament/exam
Disturbing Bliss
Disturbing Bliss Hace 9 meses
@meme prez even though William was one of the main reasons. Michael still fucked up but honestly.
meme prez
meme prez Hace 9 meses
@Disturbing Bliss because micheal unintentionally killed his brother, william hated him after the fact
DrasticBoy 6696
DrasticBoy 6696 Hace un mes
1:22:47 - 1:22:51 Finally, someone acknowledged my favorite theory in all of FNAF.
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