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Five Nights at Freddy's Plus
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♡imran♡ Hace 3 días
When will fnaf come out?
Жигунов Амир
Я хотел сказать похоже на ПК играть на телефоне на планшете как ПК круто
Жигунов Амир
.... Fight nights at freddy's плюс выйдет
Жигунов Амир
Привет. Я хочу игру на ПК в планшет и на телефоне как в ПК хочу такую игру. Я хочу чтобы на мобильных устройств было похоже как на ПК больше я ничего не хочу Я посмотрел и понял что надо ждать Я жду ответа
LGL-MODS-RED Hace 10 días
Obrigado android please
Aidenham Hace un mes
The problem with the original games is Scott never meant to make more than 1, which is why the story ended up being so complicated and out of order. He made it up as he went along, and as the game got more popular for it's theories, I feel like he purposefully added things with no explanation, as the fans would link them together no matter what. A reboot is exactly what we need, as the original game is probably the most iconic horror game of all time, and this is a chance to perfect it.
some random channel
some random channel Hace un día
@Depressed guzma it is, Scott asked for a reboot of fnaf 1
Gacha Aesthethic?
Gacha Aesthethic? Hace un día
Algun br vendo essa obra de arte?
pizza Hace 7 días
@Noodleman ye true
Orinbrim Hace 8 días
@Frog Man Did you just say guys PREGNANT with animatronics?!!!!! Which books are you reading, ao3?
some random channel
some random channel Hace 8 días
@Barking Lights it's in the works, but not confirmed yet
Astro Hace un mes
This game is like reigniting the original fear i felt when i was way younger watching fnaf 1 videos. That super simple fear of the unknown, no super detailed lore, just a couple of clues to what could've happened, but the rest is up to your imagination. I already know this game is gonna be so good
deobiidraws Hace 17 días
that is exactly what i felt
Pumpkin Boi
Pumpkin Boi Hace un mes
And all that before its even been released like holy shit
Wotch3_30 Hace un mes
Hmmm me to
Abel Agustin Perez
Abel Agustin Perez Hace un mes
This game highlights the footprint that FNaF 1 left 8 years ago
Luke Goli
Luke Goli Hace un mes
The “Kubrick Stare" is one of Stanley Kubrick's most recognizable directorial techniques, a method of shot composition where a character stares at the camera with a forward tilt, to convey to the audience that the character in question is at the peak of their derangement.
Stay Determined
Stay Determined Hace 21 un día
@Beatriz Zamora I wonder if maybe the spirits will play a roll in game… what if the player finds the room?
Yams Hace un mes
This works so well with Bonnie
Beatriz Zamora
Beatriz Zamora Hace un mes
Speaking of derangement I wish more people would go into the Children's psyche from innocent joyful kids to hellbent on animalistic revenge makes you truly wonder what they had to endure besides being brutally murdered. They were locked away for all those years in a metal prison unable to truly rest
Beatriz Zamora
Beatriz Zamora Hace un mes
I'm glad you picked up on that I'm so hopeful for FNAF plus it's definitely going to rely on the psychological horror just judging by the touches added to the trailer like you've mentioned
PrinceOfTulips Hace un mes
I feel Scott should remake most of the FNAF games with these developers now that there's more lore. I think it would be cool to have these games be completely remade now that Scott has more of a idea where the story is. Never the less this game looks incredible and if this project ends up to being a remake of this one game then that's cool too. I'm just happy to know that we are lucky enough to even experience a project like this!
Bimbonumulous Hace 4 días
The game isn't made by scott though, it was made by Phisnom.
- FlowerBloom
- FlowerBloom Hace 20 días
@Sain†-Cardboard oh god I can't even imagine
Sain†-Cardboard Hace 26 días
@BENTHEBEASTHENv2 3 would be an absolute nightmare. A realistic looking Springtrap is probably as scary as horror-villains get
Honestly 2 and 4 in this style would be terrifying
Beatriz Zamora
Beatriz Zamora Hace un mes
Sometimes less is more that's what made the original so special
Razzbowski Hace un mes
I was going to leave a dad joke but this is looking too good! I'm hyped af!
★Eddie THE FREAK Munson★
"Ur mother?"
Peebeeceeplayz Hace 5 días
What joke
frisk Hace 8 días
@Dweet Fairfield my dad left for milk
batkid plays games
batkid plays games Hace 9 días
Hey papa razz
Bonnie Bunz
Bonnie Bunz Hace 12 días
@Rayford79 true
Jacrow Hace un mes
this looks incredible! fnaf plus is gonna be amazing! this is exactly what we needed right now with the current state of this franchise being extremely tailored towards kids and losing its fear and horror factor imo. it’s great to see phil go back to the original game, and make fnaf terrifying again
Tuukka Hace 10 días
yup u cant be more right, anything after fnaf 4 was absolute garbage imo
Beatriz Zamora
Beatriz Zamora Hace un mes
Exactly *cough* security breach being basically horror for kids with no build up to the scare and bare minimum horror atmosphere
Suji Hace un mes
We can all look back and say that this was one of those horror games that drove us in, not just the story or the characters but the atmosphere! A dim lamp used as our only light source, two doors that had caution like tape on them. A man on the phone talking to us, making us feel secure until he hung up. And then the game began. A sense of terror fills our heads wondering what to do. We couldn't move. Our power grows more and more limited with each action we took as it was gradually decreasing. All we could do was watch the animatronics very movements as they drew closer and closer to use. The main factor of horror was not the jumpscares, it was the fact that we were literal statues knowing that we couldn't do anything else besides watching the cameras and closing the doors when they got too close, waiting for the time to hit 6am. Time felt more and more still each night. I couldn't ask for a better horror game to be a successor.
Green-Light Creations
Looks like Disney+ has some competition 😂
CheddaGV Hace un mes
I can't wait to see folks like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Dawko play this. FNaF has come a long way, in 9 years, and if it weren't for people like them, we probably wouldn't have stuff like this.
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler Hace un mes
Everyone no matter the drama or controversies that surrounded around the community, make note that we all should still support the amount of time and work these developers made to bring their creations to life. From Emil Macko developing FNAC 4 to Kane Carter developing Popgoes Evergreen, these indie developers want to put all the time and passion to make their games as enjoyable and memorable as possible. With FNAF Plus looking like the development is going extremely well for Phisnom, he wants us to all know that this whole one game in his perspective hopes to be much more than the original first game. As not only he hopes it will be the The first FNAF game but better, but also hopes to create his own unique spin to the horror that made FNAF as scary as it was in the first place being the tension built into it. We should all definitely be excited despite all the drama, we should have a moment to enjoy these games as possible especially for the fact that their literally fan games.
Norn Hace 2 días
@Goldleck well that good but i dont like usa anyway if you say that
Goldleck Hace 2 días
@Norn ...when did i say i lived in USA...?
Norn Hace 2 días
@Goldleck ehh i dont care lol it not my country lol and your usa need to know your place lol
Tiziano Ferrando
Tiziano Ferrando Hace un mes
¡Se ve muy bien! ¡Aplausos para este juego, seguro va a ser un juegazo!
Beny miller
Beny miller Hace un mes
This wonderful game has been my childhood! I’ve got good memories playing fnaf with my 3 best friends at school, we were huge fans of this game and now seeing this is happening it kinda takes me back in time remembering seeing the first fnaf trailers. Oh and the fnaf songs!! There are plenty of fnaf songs all over ESvid, this game was a hit and we all the fans appreciate this! Thank you Scott and also thank you the guy who’s making this version!
boli milda
boli milda Hace un mes
Phil, you’ve outdone yourself. This game looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Even more, can’t wait for it to come out!!
Just Another Crumpet Eater
I'm not even in the fnaf community any more, but I'll definitely be watching this masterpiece closely. It actually looks scary, unlike modern fnaf games (looking at you SB)
Spagett Hace un mes
This is gonna be sick. Can’t wait for the release, so hype I like how you guys decided to like a comment about me liking a game. This world is great
Zeno Hace 20 días
@ArkEvolver12 say no more
ArkEvolver12 Hace 20 días
@Zeno they said that in a interview
Zeno Hace 21 un día
@ArkEvolver12 how do you know?
ArkEvolver12 Hace 22 días
@Zeno it will be
jacknoeyes Hace 22 días
isnt it funny how I had more enjoyment from a steam wishlist trailer then I did from a main line entry into a vastly popular series that costs 70 dollars? all I have too say is that this is some very high quality work and I for one can not wait to play
Javier Ávalos
Javier Ávalos Hace un mes
Todo hay que agradecérselo a phisnom (Phil) ya que gracias a él podemos tener uno de los mejores fangames más esperados y quizás mejor hechos de toda la comunidad de fnaf gracias bro Pd : saludos de 🇨🇱
Coolmuzt Hace 23 días
Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulaaaado
elite Hace un mes
The story deserves a remaster, amazing job phisnom, back to the start where it was only missing children
Ev'ni Hace un mes
This is amazing, I am excited to see how this title plays out. I really love the updated design and just how eerie everything is, well done.
Juicyorange Hace un mes
I just can't wait to play it. I decided that it's going to be the first ever FNAF fangame I'll ever play and I don't think I could had chosen a better option. Thank you so much Phil
Can't Read
Can't Read Hace 21 un día
Jesus Christ they really got the essence of FNAF for being a fan game. I legit that that this was official because of how good this trailer is lol. I know the creator is involved in this but still.
SpikyToaster Hace un mes
Well good fucking luck I couldn't play the normal fnaf games because I was to scared but this shit will kill me
TimeMasterXX222 Hace un mes
@ShweeDy it is 100% fangame... what do you not get?
ShweeDy Hace un mes
@TimeMasterXX222 bruh, no body can read? i said "its not 100% fangame"
TimeMasterXX222 Hace un mes
@ShweeDy well it is... its not an official game just because scotts putting it onto steam to be sold
Z-man Hace un mes
1:23 This little split second shot here! This is definitely telling me that this game is going to give me a lot of nightmares, and I'm really excited for it!
theboxx Hace un mes
Always love when this channel pumps out more content. So glad Scott got behind this
David Boyd
David Boyd Hace un mes
This game looks so so good and I’m in love with Bonnie’s design! He looks so creepy with his wide open eyes, his giant smile ,and his looks for his body! Also I love how plus chica looks like withered chica! And Freddy is awesome!!! Although Freddy is really creepy at the end! This looks amazing
MC Cookies
MC Cookies Hace un mes
this game is so much more artistic than a simple fnaf 1 remake would be, because rather than being a simple 1:1 recreation of what scott did, it gives a glimpse into the _feeling_ of playing fnaf 1 - an idea of what it looked like in our imaginations when we had never seen anything like it before. this looks dope, i can’t wait to see how it turns out
JakeTGB Hace un mes
I am beyond ready to play this and record my reaction, truly a peace of art of a fan game. Im so excited
PitiedLobster Hace un mes
Out of all four fanverse games currently in development, this is my most anticipated one (as well as my most anticipated fangame in general). A re-imagining/remake of the original game is something that always had my attention since i first heard about it and the fact that it's coming very soon has me very excited.
Teaboy All-Stars
Teaboy All-Stars Hace un mes
I miss being hyped for FNAF games, this brings back memories of being excited for FNAF 2, 3, 4, and onwards. Excited to play this and relive the good ol' days
Erin Bathie-Moore
Erin Bathie-Moore Hace 11 días
This looks a lot more terrifying than anything we've gotten recently. Good job! 👏
SARGE Hace un mes
This captures the feeling and atmosphere ive always wanted for fnaf...
Grif Hace 5 días
@JuiceBox2000 No
JuiceBox2000 Hace un mes
So, is no one is gonna question that we got Sarge and Donut watching FNAF?
Sin Hace un mes
Sitting in my dusty office while facing possessed robots is all i want from a Fnaf game
PrivateDonut Hace un mes
I always felt like the atmosphere was scary enough, I won’t be able to sleep for ages if I play this game
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Hace un mes
I just can't wait to play it. I decided that it's going to be the first ever FNAF fangame I'll ever play and I don't think I could had chosen a better option. Thank you so much Phil
Gaiden Hace un mes
God I'm so excited for this game. Haven't been this hype for a LOOONG time
Huntish Hace un mes
By far my most awaited game from the entire fanverse.
tom shuo
tom shuo Hace un mes
The nostalgia,the memories,the chaos,the fun is once more going to be with us again
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hace un mes
This looks incredible, couldn't have asked for a better rendition of the original game
Depkis Hace un mes
@ItsLost It's a Remake but not canon to the original game series. The story is gonna be different in FNAF PLUS
ItsLost Hace un mes
@Sersity is it canon ? Or a remake
RoboKnightTV Hace un mes
@benecrim yes
benecrim Hace un mes
@Sersity ohhh okie tyty
Sersity Hace un mes
@benecrim 50/50. Scott is funding the game but he is not working on it. It is made by entirely different people
Polliz Hace un mes
Something’s telling me this is going to be a game that’s a little more than just surviving 7 nights that progressively get harder….
TowerTech Hace un mes
I really love the new character designs, bonnie looks horrifyingly organic, freddy looks alot more like a bear and chicas gotta be my favorite in terms of designs, her mismatched eyes and seemingly broken jaw piece coming together with how dirty they all look really gives a great insight into the people whos jobs it is to maintain the animitronics, clearly they are too afraid of the animitronics to get close enough to do proper repairs, I'm so excited for this game, great jobs to the people working on the character designs!
Night Dog
Night Dog Hace un mes
I have a feeling this will definitely be scarier than the original Fnaf 1, hype.
PrawnBaggo Hace un mes
What I've seen so far is outstanding! If only Scott was here to see this.
Tyler // Tylerland264
This is going to be one of the best things to come out of FNaF, I can tell.
FATALYS Killeur Burger
@TimeMasterXX222 i know, i understand x)
TimeMasterXX222 Hace un mes
@FATALYS Killeur Burger ok??? its still a fan game
FATALYS Killeur Burger
@TimeMasterXX222 yeahh but its very realistic
TimeMasterXX222 Hace un mes
@FATALYS Killeur Burger no.. its a fangame how do people not get this by now, its literally apart of the FANverse you know.. the fangame universe
FATALYS Killeur Burger
is this an original fnaf ? not a fangamr
Ernesto Mendez Anchondo
¡Las leyendas regresan!...🤩
mads Hace un mes
im so excited for this!! im sure it'll be awesome, as always
EL COMIC BOOKER Hace 14 días
Because I love this trailer, it's so simple and perfect. It makes me feel better every time I see and hear it. If the future FNAF movie is half as good as this trailer I'll be calm.
Artagle Hace un mes
I love the new designs on the characters! Chica looks similar to Battington's fnaf animations
Loony Dood
Loony Dood Hace un mes
you know what this is one of the first times in a few years when I actually think I'll be genuinely scared playing a FNAF game
Yo yo hi
Yo yo hi Hace un mes
They look so terrifying, I absolutely love it!!
OtherRad Hace un mes
Finally, the first actually good official FNaF release since VR!
Shock to yo System
Shock to yo System Hace un mes
Cant wait for this to come out and bring back the original spirit of fnafs back to us older original fans‼️⚡️
yams Hace un mes
Phil, you’ve outdone yourself. This game looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to see where you go with this! Even more, can’t wait for it to come out!!
NoBrain69 Hace un mes
@_SpooksYT_ Steel Wool try to make a good fnaf game challenge (99.9% impossibile)
Влад Денисенко
numbers? Baskare
DartPI Hace un mes
It's just hype trailer with animation made in Blender. It's not an in "engine footage". So it's hard to say that the game will be amazing just basing on that video. But I'm looking forward into it, really curious about the changes.
Etam Hace un mes
@_SpooksYT_ ever since Aftonbuilt
BlackAntoITA Hace un mes
This game will change the first FNAF forever, the wait was really worth it 😁❤️
Chaser Hace un mes
I honestly can’t wait for this to come out!
This is Phoenix
This is Phoenix Hace un mes
The models are just *chef's kiss* I can't wait for this to come out! What a way to revisit my middle school days. Looking forward to the finished product!
BW Gaming
BW Gaming Hace un mes
Looks creepy, can’t wait to see more :)
VaporTheGamer Hace un mes
They all look so good! I can’t freakin wait it looks amazing 👏
Влад Денисенко
VaporTheGamer? Vapor Tiska Losik
The Taco Man
The Taco Man Hace un mes
Jimmy neutron, god I’m neurotic
Luka Zlatanović
Luka Zlatanović Hace un mes
never have been 4th on a verified youtuber, epic
omar Mohamed Farouk
Haxel The Skeleton
Haxel The Skeleton Hace un mes
Lovely'z Hace un mes
Esto es una locura, está muy bien hecho. Tiene sentido que lleven tanto tiempo haciéndolo. La calidad se ve. No puedo esperar a que ya salga.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Hace un mes
I'm personally so excited for this game.
Nyxus Scarlet
Nyxus Scarlet Hace un mes
Thought this game was canceled. So glad to see it finally coming out!
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson Hace un mes
Idk if I should be happy that I’ll be shitting my pants playing this! This looks horrifying! The animatronics are so much more eerie and frightening. I will 100% be getting this on Steam! ❤️
Squid Man Nuva
Squid Man Nuva Hace un mes
Can I just say how much I love these redesigns? They really nail that creepiness of 80s animatronics, without losing too much of the original game's character designs.
Courtney Hof071
Courtney Hof071 Hace un mes
Small Hace 28 días
the first fangame ive ever seen on steam this is absolutely amazing
Liam Doan
Liam Doan Hace un mes
Imagine what the Fnaf 4 remake will look like
jay66 Hace un mes
honestly can't wait for this to get released 😄
MyFishJudgesYou Hace un mes
You guys really put your hearts and souls into this game
The One And Only Aubergine M8
Stuff that I like more about this game than the last one... -You can move cameras by yourself -Sister location light button -Door had a lever instead of a button -Realistic setting -More beaten up animatronics -Camera system revamp -Better tablet
ArcXDZ Hace un mes
That's...the point of such thing
Влад Денисенко
Dan? Balsai Bamna
meme meme
meme meme Hace un mes
@Janski The best look has to be the Windows 98 style. Not only is it truly retro, it's far scarier because you can't trust those OS like you can your generic futuristic FNaF UIs.
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia Hace un mes
@Janski And adding to the fear factor, rather than having the windows be at the far corners of the office, they are now right next to you. That means you can have the animatronics looking at you through the windows, right next to you and just a few inches away from your face. That's fucking frightening!
The One And Only Aubergine M8
@LordMrBoss and @janski If you're right, this is gonna be a game changer for all fnaf fan games.
Swtnix Hace un mes
this game looks so cool! I can't wait to watch gameplays of it 🫣
Lurtz333 Hace un mes
i do like the designs not only for their quality but also the fact how they are different yet similar enough to where its like nightmarish memory that you can vaguely remember. 10/10 design
OrangeLime 101
OrangeLime 101 Hace un mes
Remembering the past where my uncle let me played FNAF as a kid leaving me traumatized
Dinozilla Hace un mes
I am hyped to see this game getting played by several ESvidrs
YoutubersMiL Hace un mes
Se ve que va a dar más miedo que el original , aunque tiene sentido , el ambiente del juego está muy bien logrado al igual que los diseños de los personajes , espero el juego con ansias
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel Hace un mes
@Johan Santos de la cruz y hecho oficial por Scott
Johan Santos de la cruz
@Celina Zuñiga por fans bro
King Mike
King Mike Hace un mes
Why no ingles
YoutubersMiL Hace un mes
@WB yeah , I loved it , there are really creepy and amazing at the same time
Legoshi Hace un mes
this feels like a love letter for the fans ❤
Joaquín Eleazar Esparza Ramos
Esto se ve super increíble ya no puedo esperar más 😃
PrimeJackup24 Hace un mes
0:46 This moment sent a chill down my spine. The only words echoing in my mind were, "They're back."
M.F Hace un mes
I wishlist this game already and IT LOOKS AMAZING CANT WAIT…
Aliata Hace un mes
The thing is the models in this game are genuinely terrifying and this is coming from someone who has pretty much never been scared by fnaf. Honestly can’t wait to see more.
Nikki - Zeero
Nikki - Zeero Hace un mes
@Aliata yes,,
Aliata Hace un mes
@Nikki - Zeero is like you said these models are far more like actual 1980s animatronics than the original fnaf models which is probably why these models scare the shit out of me and why the original fnaf ones dont.
Nikki - Zeero
Nikki - Zeero Hace un mes
These are actually way more accurate to 1980's animatronic designs than the original fnaf ; bigger heads , smaller eyes , more accurate cartoonish faces for its timeline (especially chica) , more accurate endoskeleton/exoskeleton design , movement patterns , audio , and the setting . And old animatronics are creepy as fuck so that might be why you are scared , which means the designer it a magnificient job :D .
Влад Денисенко
Aliata? Mande Reblat
LordGenox18 Hace un mes
Shit I can’t handle Fnaf 4, 6 or even Help wanted 💀
Jesson Mendoza
Jesson Mendoza Hace un mes
This game looks sick I can’t wait to play it
Omega Maru(akira)
Omega Maru(akira) Hace un mes
Volvió el verdadero terror de la nostalgia :)
Valt Aoi
Valt Aoi Hace un mes
This is horror gold!🤩 It's perfect!
Nicholas S
Nicholas S Hace un mes
Happened to see this by coincidence while searching steam and immediately added it to my wishlist, can not wait for this to come out
Isaac Hace un mes
The marketing and hype for this game is insane. I am In love with everything that we have seen so far for this game. Like many, when I was little I use to be so hyped for every new fnaf game. But this one is just different. I'm way more excited for this game than any other. I have so much respect for Phisnom for sticking to the creation of this game. Obviously whishlisting right away lol. EDIT: I wonder if Phisnom added an easter egg of bonnie running down the hallway. I think it'll be a cool reference.
Влад Денисенко
Isaac? Bolifv
Spochy's Random Network
@Deadpool × wolverine Sorry to interupt you but that's not your dad
Deadpool × wolverine
*esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mCfYi7634rU.html* Finally it's here after so long
WolfPaxGames Hace un mes
Im already wanting the game, can't wait to see it soon
A Random Killer
A Random Killer Hace un mes
If the gameplay is different, I can't imagine how people would now beat this game on the hardest mode.
Scrap 224
Scrap 224 Hace un mes
Man this game looks good.
Myth Mage
Myth Mage Hace un mes
There's very clearly gameplay updates in addition to reimagined graphics (the map actually appears to be bigger), and that's great, but I pray the AI gets changes, since they're super bare bones in the original
Hurricane Hace un mes
damn bringed me back to the good ol' days
Alim Yiğit Saraç
Alim Yiğit Saraç Hace 28 días
c'mon! i was also working on this remake kinda thing without even knowing you guys already made it! Well i'm kinda glad you guys made it since mine was terrible anyway. oh well.... this looks fun as hell god job sporties!
Galactic Gaming
Galactic Gaming Hace un mes
Duuuude, I cannot wait for this to be released!
Emmi Spark
Emmi Spark Hace un mes
This looks incredible!!
CardinalPrime Hace un mes
This feels like a celebration of what made Scott’s game so great. I’m rooting for this one to succeed.
eltroll119 Hace un mes
OMG Me estoy volviendo a sentir en 2014 :")
Mark Hace un mes
For a moment somehow I forgot this was a game and I thought I was watching a movie trailer, it looks that good
Thomas Renna
Thomas Renna Hace un mes
The sheer fact that they can just enter the office and you'd have no other chance once that happens is absolutely terrifying, with the lighting and the models it gets even more scary
Hola xdxd
Hola xdxd Hace un mes
pensaba que habian abandonado el proyecto lo bueno es que con este trailer me da esperanza de jugarlo :3
Lupin's Red Jacket
Lupin's Red Jacket Hace un mes
After Fnaf 4, I feel the series had lost it's scary factor. It just relied on jumpscares rather than building tension and having disturbing imagery. Thank you for making Fnaf scary again! I feel like it's 2014 all over again!
Captain Crystal 370
You forgot fnaf 6 existed didn’t you
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins Hace un mes
Same with me, only the scary factor ends with pizza sim. Help wanted is scary, but only because its... yknow, vr
lob0zin Hace un mes
7 ANOS DE FNAF. ESTOU FICANDO VELHO KAKAKKA,tô ansioso p esse jogo :3
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
Scott Cawthon would be proud. What a homage to a horror game icon.
Fanerv Hace un mes
This looks like a remake comparable to RE2. Perfect.
shodic the battle
shodic the battle Hace un mes
Oh, I thought this game was canceled, but nevermind, this looks great
ChaoticSnacks Hace un mes
This game is about to live up to the hype I know it. Phisnom is an incredible dev and has unlimited possibilities I cannot wait!
Deadpool × wolverine
*esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mCfYi7634rU.html* Here is the full video:
RMHfanatic Hace 29 días
Ya lo sacaran en Stam y yo, no puedo esperar a probar esta deliciosidad 🤌🏻
Adrieel Rodríguez Gonzáles
Díganme q no soy el único que vio el tráiler muchas veces 🤯😥
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