Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - Part 1

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Security Breach is HERE!! What horrors lurk in an official free roam Five Nights at Freddy's game?
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16 dic 2021






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MDCCXCII Hace 7 meses
I love how the entire opening sequence is just a giant "We have money now" flex.
TurboGamer Hace 7 días
@detonatoringmod either way they spent their entire budget on the intro, the rest of the game they just had to wing it lol
detonatoringmod Hace 7 días
It's not just "We have money now" it's "We are going to grab it from you."
TurboGamer Hace 8 días
they spent their entire budget on the opening scene tho obviously
Ben wilkes
Ben wilkes Hace 8 días
You watched charii5
MarKreations Studios
MarKreations Studios Hace 11 días
Yup then the rest of the game is pretty much just trash lol 😂
Avery Lehner
Avery Lehner Hace 3 meses
"Alert: Delicious frontal lobes detected!" That killed me.
CalmedChaos Hace 3 días
Is it bad that I know the following is: **freddy boots off** “oh nevermind it’s (pause) passing out time” I’m 40 minutes in.
LittleBlockser8 :D
LittleBlockser8 :D Hace 7 días
@Michael D'Antonio LMAO
Michael D'Antonio
Michael D'Antonio Hace 8 días
@LittleBlockser8 :D “my source is I made it the f*ck up”
AMOG US Hace 14 días
@•Le Music Squad• it’s mangle not toy bonnie
Swamp monster
Swamp monster Hace 22 días
I heard someone say the bite of 87 was caused by toy chica.
Jasmine D.Greene
Jasmine D.Greene Hace 3 meses
I love the way Freddie says 'I said nothing!' like he's just a bro hiding something for a bro.
TimeMasterXX222 Hace 3 días
@Nyanimal no. just no. nothing in SB is haunted other than technically vanny and burntrap
aggie Hace 9 días
@Radio Demon 😏
Radio Demon
Radio Demon Hace 9 días
Nah he's a bro hiding a bro
aggie Hace 14 días
EXACTLYYYYYYY also, its food for the people who love the theories LMAO
William afton
William afton Hace 17 días
@AMOG US hey Monty
Zippy Hace 3 meses
The fact Mark almost immediately experiences issues after launching the game is great foreshadowing for the future of this series
David C.
David C. Hace 5 días
@MR doodoofard the lunch king i mean thats one way to put it
MR doodoofard the lunch king
@ArgumentStarter well it was at least playable
ArgumentStarter Hace 7 días
@scrump yeah but it’s definitely better than launch day
scrump Hace 8 días
@ArgumentStarter still pretty buggy today
ArgumentStarter Hace 8 días
@Coke_333 plus the game was a buggy mess on launch
RusticGiraffe42 Hace 26 días
Ah…I remember playing this game the moment in came out. Stayed up all night so I could play it the moment it was released. Christ, I wish I hadn’t.
Sannukas23 Hace 3 días
@RusticGiraffe42 also they basically removed everything they showed in the trailer
RusticGiraffe42 Hace 10 días
@Deki Deron I had to start over twice after getting softlocked halfway through the game, and when I finally got past that point I had to stop playing and wait for the game to get patched so I could make progress because a key story trigger was glitched and wouldn’t occur.
Deki Deron
Deki Deron Hace 10 días
It was good
the Hace 11 días
yeah, wasn’t a good fnaf game imo
Gavin the great Gavin the great
The oof
Fidget AwesomeSauce
Fidget AwesomeSauce Hace 8 meses
I am THOROUGHLY enjoying Freddy being an ally, as well as all the characters having more distinct personalities outside of "scary possessed robot."
Kyomi_Exe Hace 7 días
How was Freddy being an ally?? That sounds adorable
alondrita Hace 9 días
I both love and simultaneously hate the characters having personalities.
Coke_333 Hace 10 días
Also this is supposed to be like 2020 something, and most animatronics in the 80's couldn't do this.
Pugboi Hace 20 días
Well there personality came at the cost of the fear factor
Blazeboi Hace 3 meses
*Monty wrecking up his room* Mark: Someone is taking a dump. *Noises get louder.* Mark: Someone’s taking an aggressive and violent dump. *Noises are going to the max volume.* Mark: Someone is taking a murderously intense dump. Edit: 7:50
William afton
William afton Hace 17 días
Mark said the game wants me to think it's Monty but I think it's Chica Chica I'm playing my instrument in my room
Dump dawg monty
Shinobu Hace 28 días
@•Ellis Delta• Was this good 👍
•Ellis Delta•
•Ellis Delta• Hace un mes
@Folded. Pigeon Was👍 good this
Treble Clef
Treble Clef Hace un mes
this was bad 👎
Ellie Marie
Ellie Marie Hace 2 meses
almost 6 months later and im still using this series to cope w anxiety after every minor inconvenience
Melanie P
Melanie P Hace 13 días
It gives me anxiety but it’s entertaining 😂😅
wowew Hace 21 un día
Gabrielle Skalba
Gabrielle Skalba Hace 27 días
yep same
Malena Fjotland
Malena Fjotland Hace un mes
same bro, same.
bumblebbee Hace un mes
Quinn Morris
Quinn Morris Hace 3 meses
i love the sheer look of despair on every player’s face when freddy says “that is a decorative fountain!”
NeverGonnaGiveYouUp Hace 21 un hora
@The duality of man your a danganronpa and fnaf fan? Ily
JadeTheOc Hace 2 días
@The duality of man Hatsune Miku.
The duality of man
The duality of man Hace 4 días
Despair? Junko Enoshima??
WXO_ Hace 3 meses
Everyone else during the opening: Damn, this games gonna be fire!! Mark: *Stares intensely*
bruhmoment21 Hace un día
@Gavin the great Gavin the great blame the community they rushed the devs because they were impatient
the Hace 11 días
@Gavin the great Gavin the great true
VERY_B3RRI Hace 17 días
@Unfunny Khoi They had all the pieces in place for a great FNAF game, but then the game design and the poorly thought out story kinda killed it. I love the game! But man it could’ve been a lot better.
Diego Yepes
Diego Yepes Hace 18 días
@Gavin the great Gavin the great Finally, someone agrees with me. Security Breach is by far the worst game in the series
Aidan's Headache
Aidan's Headache Hace 7 meses
Real horror is being chased up a plastic slide while wearing socks.
Mina Hace 5 días
That’s real horror right there 😔🤚
Stephanie Rosario
Stephanie Rosario Hace 8 días
God Emperor Lech
God Emperor Lech Hace 7 meses
i always walk up slides in socks
CRITICAL MINT Hace 2 meses
Roxy’s confidence is dead ass inspiring lol
Ash Davis
Ash Davis Hace 2 meses
35:20 Moondrop: attempting to scare Markiplier Markiplier: what purpose does this serve?
ʂıཞɛŋ Hace 20 días
Moon: 👁👄👁 How dare you
Solstice glimpse
Solstice glimpse Hace 23 días
Mark: “maybe I’m just dumb” Me: “yeah you are” Mark: “don’t agree with that” Me: feeling called out and embarrassed but also laughing 😂
Leah Rice
Leah Rice Hace 3 meses
rewatching this just to hear mark go "wow" at the intro again because it makes my heart smile 0:45
Wiwwy Hace 2 meses
@•Romy-Chan• that doesn't make sense we both joked
•Romy-Chan• Hace 2 meses
@wiwwy have u? bc they made a joke first. 🙄
Wiwwy Hace 2 meses
@Reflekkt ever heard of a joke
Reflekkt Hace 2 meses
@Wiwwy it's a sarcasm kid
Wiwwy Hace 2 meses
@Reflekkt it’s a heart nerd
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister Hace 7 meses
After nearly a decade of FNaF games, Freddy feels like an old friend anyways. Having him be helpful for once feels oddly fitting.
2fawnboxermom Hace 9 días
That is so true to me too
spiderstreetfighter Hace 2 meses
Yeah :)
Ansun189 Hace 3 meses
Michelle McIlwain
Michelle McIlwain Hace 3 meses
fnaf is my childhood
Julie Robert
Julie Robert Hace un mes
I love how Moonydrop getting stuck and bugging out makes the situation simultaneously hilarious and more horrifying lol
ZeroGachaSkillz Hace 2 meses
Game: **Tells Mark about running and stamina** Mark: Eh, I don’t think I will have to run, or there will be scary music Monty: * running towards him * Mark: *WHY DO I HEAR BOSS MUSIC*
Nope Notusingrealname
I love how in that opening sequence, he's just watching with a grin, until fred starts glitching out and he goes "Oh, there it is. Okay."
I like how when Mark gets jumpscared he always says, no matter what: OH FUCK
Maximaker02 Hace 8 meses
The King of Five Nights At Freddy’s shall claim his throne once again.
J070907 Playz
J070907 Playz Hace un mes
gg 129k likes!
Very much so.
Rick C-137
Rick C-137 Hace 2 meses
Lololol okay 🙄
goldendummy2099 Hace 3 meses
and he’s still doing it to this day.
v1nce in real life
v1nce in real life Hace 3 meses
Catnap Hace 3 meses
I like throughout the whole video when mark sees the wet floor bots he's just like. . .😰
katie hamer
katie hamer Hace 3 meses
Pop in for a couple more about it and it was the 2nd floor and 22nd of a few weeks 22nd of a few weeks, so that you are not in a couple more
Brennan Perry
Brennan Perry Hace 2 meses
Seeing Roxanne transition over the years has been crazy. Almost 10 years ago she was just this little fox egg hiding in the corner, but now she's just rockin' out on the main stage.
kanexoxo Hace 3 días
Wait what lol
🎧 Midnight_Emerald🎮
Omg yes
DestroyerOfAglets Hace 2 meses
Rowan Hace 2 meses
I still can't believe that this video was my first introduction to Markiplier. I had watched Ranboo play this game before, but then this came on autoplay and I ended up watching this whole series about five times over and then started watching all his other videos. Honestly I'm kinda sad that I missed out on watching him before, but I'm happy I finally found his channel. And now it feels like I've been watching them for a majority of my life, and these are my go-to comfort videos for when I'm feeling down :)
almond water!!
almond water!! Hace 10 días
mark has been my comfort for so long now, I couldnt even begin to describe
Rowan Hace 13 días
@Melanie P Thanks :) it's nice to see someone online that is actually nice about others' interests instead of criticizing lol
Melanie P
Melanie P Hace 13 días
@luvlita pretty much everything…he’s a good kid. Does his best to be a good person, true to himself, and defend others
Melanie P
Melanie P Hace 13 días
@Rowan …..eh, whatever, just ignore them haters 😅😆 i love how we’re all coming together though. “New” and “old” viewers and content creators!
Rowan Hace 13 días
@luvlita ?
Wave_Gamess Hace 2 meses
Security Breach: Has awesome intro. Markiplier: Looking at the screen blank, “Okay.”
IamDIRT Hace 7 meses
I really love how Freddy's voice has personality to it, he stutters, rises and lowers in tone. It makes him feel more alive.
Entrapta Hace 20 días
@DoctorBleh he ends up not betraying you, but considering what Baby did in Sister Location, I was also very skeptical.
Mosh kii
Mosh kii Hace 7 meses
@Caleigh M tip, when doing a spoiler alert, don’t put it right next to the warning 💀
Dorian Jareth
Dorian Jareth Hace 7 meses
PACAD Hace 7 meses
@Caleigh M Well except for low power, when his security stuff is shut down and guessing when he gets hacked.
jaiegh Hace 7 meses
@ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ you messed it up dummy, it's not an ending.
Salty Soda
Salty Soda Hace 21 un día
i absolutely love how Mark's like "wow!" and then it slowly hits him even more and he cant even tear his eyes away from the intro either, save for that distraction. that smile that crept onto his face slowly was just delightful
Unfunny Khoi
Unfunny Khoi Hace un mes
every time characters get stuck then un-stuck and mark congratulates them just feels like a proud dad
Angry._.Rash82 Hace 3 meses
“Alert! Delicious frontal lobes detected!” This is now my new favorite quote
Mahnga Hace 3 meses
"I am sorry Gregory. I am truly sorry." Said in the most sarcastic, monotone voice
Heyy Hace 7 meses
everyone: loves when characters chasing them gets stuck mark: waits for the character to get unstuck and congratulates them
Erica Stein
Erica Stein Hace 2 meses
It’s only fun if you’re being chased. You see that a lot with kids and dogs. They’ll stop and look at you like “are you coming?” Then run when you start chasing them again. Pure joy.
James (Guerrero)
James (Guerrero) Hace 4 meses
@匚卄工K丹ツ shirogane: misses ball. chika: *iron man replusor noises*
thatweirdfr0g Hace 4 meses
Honors to that man
Aircoolguy521 Hace 5 meses
A very Canadian way to approach the situation
Kalifox Hace 5 meses
Corben Wiseman
Corben Wiseman Hace 26 días
7:48 Mark (doesn’t care): Someone’s taking a dump A few seconds later Mark (Concerned): Someone’s taking an violently intense dump A few seconds later: Mark (Worried): Someone’s taking a murderous dump Me: Are you done yet or do I have to stab you in your sleep Mark.
Lorelei Hace un día
With Security Breach the scare factor of the franchise was lost. It went from a horror game to a telltale fps game.
Nightfall Alicorn
Nightfall Alicorn Hace un mes
Rewatching Markiplier play Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach after getting all the endings. I like how the editor made the live wet floor caution signs more spooky with the added sound effect. I think it would had been good in the actual game.
Lee 1302
Lee 1302 Hace 2 meses
I can't get over just how much of a bop that opening sequence is, it's SUCH a good song
Mars-Like The Planet
Game: "Don't get spotted" Mark: I've taken what you've said into consideration however I'm going to completely ignore it.
Meme Weeb
Meme Weeb Hace 18 días
@Alexthing You're right I apologize. Ah shoot!
Alexthing Hace 18 días
Alexthing Hace 18 días
I am the language police
Alexthing Hace 18 días
@Meme Weeb stop saying bad words
🎧 Midnight_Emerald🎮
@Meme Weeb why did I immediately think of that 😂😂
mace ☆°
mace ☆° Hace 4 meses
coming back to this playthrough because i'm still obsessed with fnaf security breach months later and love markiplier's playthroughs
Liisbet Lasn
Liisbet Lasn Hace 22 días
I love how Mark just admired the intro sequence, while everyone else was just screaming they're lungs out :')
JACOB MORA Hace 2 meses
I like how Mark was walking toward the desk in the daycare and sun just picked him up and carried him back to the ball pit 🤣
Tomes of Awesome
Tomes of Awesome Hace un mes
I don't know if you'll see this Mark, but if you do, you don't even have to stream it, but I hope you give security Breach another chance. The last update basically fixed everything and made this game AMAZING !!
X. Nova&Ash .X
X. Nova&Ash .X Hace un mes
Yeah he really should
Akira Makara
Akira Makara Hace 7 meses
Other FNAF Games: *You don't wanna be in that suit, buddy.* This one: _Let me in... LET ME IIIIIIIIIN!_
AlextheAxolotl1 Hace 5 meses
Smidge Hace 7 meses
@Peyton, Talented but Lazy Nice
Peyton, Talented but Lazy
@Smidge yes. Yes it was
Smidge Hace 7 meses
@Peyton, Talented but Lazy Was that a Animaniacs reference?
The Fangirl From Hell
This series had me in an absolute choke grip when it first came out! This was the fist ever time I had ever turned on notifications for a video series and checked Mark’s page obsessively everyday for new uploads. I would literally shriek the moment the new video notification came in. Thank you Mark! Thank you so much!
Wesley Vanderark
Wesley Vanderark Hace un mes
Monty: RRRRGGGT!!!!!!! *SMASH SMASH* Mark: Someone's taking a very very VERY murderous dump.
David Cook
David Cook Hace 2 meses
YOOOO just like old times. Love to see this playthrough!
bethany vili
bethany vili Hace un mes
Binge watching this at 11:00 at night is scary, but Mark makes it hella funny😂
j Hace 4 meses
Sun honestly feels like a frantic, overworked and very stressed daycare working. Well done
Oscar Fox
Oscar Fox Hace 4 días
This brings to mind my favorite Eddie Munson quote ever. Chrissy: Do you ever feel like you’re losing your mind? Eddie: On a daily basis!
Peter Vargmosse
Peter Vargmosse Hace 4 días
I love them
dbDumBee Hace 15 días
Like the 17 year-old underpaid Wendy's employee having to deal with the Karen yelling at him for the manager
Kater Hace 18 días
​@NightWolf moon is actually a normal worker like sun, right? He just has a virus in him that causes him to act that way.
ZEEBEE Hace 18 días
@Daymian Gamer Do you work in daycare
I Show Speed 2
I Show Speed 2 Hace 20 horas
This game was not very good, and I literally watched this as it came out like 7 months ago, but I’m rewatching already cause it’s so entertaining
Gacha Alex
Gacha Alex Hace 2 meses
22:23 Mark:who needs hiding place when you got speed 22:30 Also Mark:*hides immediately after seeing chica*
Anyone rewatching this series 4 months after? Gotta love Mark! ✨
Anastasia⁷ Hace 3 meses
I really like to rewatch this whole game. Thank you Markiplier always!!
I never thought “release Freddy from his room” would be an objective you’d want to accomplish in a Five Nights at Freddy’s game 😂
libEluLLah Hace 5 meses
@Spewa2233 thank you kindly
Spewa2233 Hace 5 meses
@libEluLLah I believe it's because Freddy boots into safe mode at the start of start off game, so he isn't connected to the Pizzaplex network and Vanny has no control over him.
libEluLLah Hace 5 meses
@Spewa2233 why is freddy friendly tho here? I think I might have missed something
Drip3000 Hace 3 meses
6:03 lol it’s so funny when he says “ok let’s be honest, we’re playing a five nights at Freddy’s game, they’re plenty to be scared of”
Dallas Afton
Dallas Afton Hace 3 meses
Nobody: Me: I'ma watch Markiplier play FNaF while doing my homework!
SassyBritches Hace 2 meses
rewatching this, the opening reaction... you can see the glee in his eyes during the opening musical montage. They zip over and move as the video plays and i dunno... i just smile seeing how happy he is to be watching that play out. You could tell he was about to enjoy the game much more than he thought.
𝙎𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙮 ♡ 𝙍𝙖𝙩
Thank you Mark, you really made my day. I was home sick and watching you made me feel a lot better! You don’t know how much your videos mean to some people
Chicken-nugget Hace 8 meses
Game: “don’t get seen by the animatronics or you will die” Mark: *casually greets Chica with open arms* HEEEY WASSUP BUDDY!
Dinosharttt Hace 2 meses
@CanadianChloe copied and pasted on 100s of videos
hello_ Hace 3 meses
@Raiden Janes lml
Mr Vaporize
Mr Vaporize Hace 7 meses
@UniqueLock KeyŚ I like clowns I find they have bad representation as an occupation and form of art
j money
j money Hace 8 meses
@Jack Wrath no one asked
Xxgamer_kidxX Hace un mes
I love how Markiplier watches the opening scene completely dead inside
Kyle Ray
Kyle Ray Hace un mes
Moondrop: Naughty Children must be punish Mark: Na mate I’m out of this Sh*t
Selcouchi Hace 5 días
Cant wait for the moment when this is going to be considered nostalgic (for me it already is)
Rebekah Bishop
Rebekah Bishop Hace 11 horas
Coryxkenshin during this intro: FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Mark to this intro: *staring in awe*
Charlie Emily
Charlie Emily Hace 8 meses
Freddy: “I feel you are.. broken” kid: **starts unpacking a bunch of trauma** Freddy: “… I meant you’re bleeding-“
@Don't read profile photo ok
Jasper Hace 7 meses
@froggie hat 13:53
froggie hat
froggie hat Hace 7 meses
Time stamp?
Jasper Hace 7 meses
@CyberSword yeah i thought that was why he did that
Nazgul Anon
Nazgul Anon Hace 7 meses
LigBeastYT Hace 2 meses
I remember when the first game came out and I love how far it has come from a 2D stationary position, to a VR format, and finally to a Free-Roam game with lots of secrets and puzzles as well as multiple endings.
KrisTheKat Hace un día
Oh hey, after binge watching the previous Fnafs you've reached the Security Breach era. Welcome to your newfound destination!
Draweing Hace 3 meses
This was probably my favorite series hes ever made
hello i am human
hello i am human Hace 3 meses
rewatching this for the 2nd time i need the spooky-markiplier-comfort content
Eva Schiller
Eva Schiller Hace 7 meses
Honestly...i'm rooting for freddy. He seems nice. A friendly fredbear
Ray Hace 7 meses
@szalflingtam Dude, spoilers much?
Amarius Takashi
Amarius Takashi Hace 7 meses
@szalflingtam thank you for saying that! I was really hoping nothing bad would happen between Freddy and Gregory - glad to know the canon ending is the best. Also glad to know I can trust this Freddy 😌
Kaylee Wilde
Kaylee Wilde Hace 7 meses
@sad rat and other than the animatronics that were DESIGNED to kill kids, made by afton. like baby in sister location
sad rat
sad rat Hace 7 meses
@K He probably does not attack Greg since yknow, he is a kid, and the animatronics themselves don't really attack kids. Moreso they just bring kids to grape man by stealing them. All the animatronics in the past tried to attack the guards since they mistook the guards for purple guy. I also now realize that the animatronics here do attack Gregory, a kid, making my argument invalid. So instead, my theory is that Freddy doesn't attack kids since he is conscious, both about his surroundings and even his own robotic body, yknow knowing that he mentions a connection error and is even confused by it. Kinda makes sense how a _conscious_ animatronic will not attack a kid
Aurawarrior 13
Aurawarrior 13 Hace 7 meses
A friendbear!
KattoFroggo 👑🎗
26:54 is my favorite part, I love it when Markiplier roasts CHICA 💀
Journey Watts
Journey Watts Hace 22 días
Mark ~ "maybe I go out the big doors... No." Also Mark ~ "YES! :)" *attempts to turn lights off* Sun ~ "oh Hell no. You get tf out"
Moga ola
Moga ola Hace un mes
"Who needs hiding places when you got speed!!.... Demonic speed... Oh my god its RED!!" -Markiplier
sad pee
sad pee Hace 2 meses
i'm stunned at the level of detail, so much attention has been given to each square inch, every prop and every room. the animations are high quality, better than they need to be. voice acting fits well and the actors seemed to have really gotten into their roles. oh and the colors? off the charts. a zero compromise approach that is oozing with charm, a clear labor of love from the developer. all from a fnaf game. A FNAF GAME. they did not need to go this hard. ig this is why it's a 35 dollar game. well deserved. if not for the bugs. case and point: you can see mechanical components in their skulls if you clip your model into them. a detail no one would ever see, yet it's there.
Glitched_Bunny Hace 8 meses
All Five Nights at Freddy's games: *Freddy is the worst of them all* Security Breach: *Freddy is your only hope*
joshuacr Hace 8 meses
@Hayden Damn, you're right. Take a like!
Sarah Zahira
Sarah Zahira Hace 8 meses
Do not trust the rabbit
Hayden Hace 8 meses
@🌞Ethan Loves Meth💨 LOL a bot replying to a bot that is new
Best plankton
Best plankton Hace 8 meses
Glamrock Freddy is THE goat, the best Freddy ever and I'll fight anyone 😾👊
Jamie Noah
Jamie Noah Hace 2 meses
It's odd, (I've only just started watching this and have seen nothing of this game since its release only because I was catching up on all games since Sister Location and all the lore) as much as in every other game Freddy is out to get you, something about him being a good character who helps you just feels right. He reminds me of an old friend, aiding you through a whole new, and large (compared to the other games where your limited to a few rooms) environment. I really like this new freddy and hope that other old characters get there moments to shine and be good / help you
Supercali Creative
Supercali Creative Hace 3 meses
Mark your content is incredible watching these FNAF videos literally helped me through Covid 💗 I cannot wait to see what else you create!
im shrek
im shrek Hace 14 días
when chica looked concern for freddy thats literally what made me realize that they actually have feelings, kinda was heartwarming
ᗰEI Hace 5 días
The bass drop when the wet floor signs look at him is hilarious to me. 😭
ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ ツ
“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Fnaf” Ah, memories
MrJaks Hace 7 meses
@Reikas aesthetic Good point
Equixツ Hace 7 meses
jelly Emma TPN 🌻💛
dgo. yes
dgo. yes Hace 18 días
I know i’m late but the scariest thing in this game on release were the bugs and great optimization
Myr Nep
Myr Nep Hace 4 meses
Markiplier being quiet in the fnaf security breach intro be like:*a moment of silents*
NoahNewbs Hace 2 días
Markiplier watching the opening scene: "Wow." *stares blankly
youareasexytwitter Hace 3 meses
who needs hiding places when you’ve got speed-markipler
ツTrinity Hace 7 meses
*I felt a STRONG wave of nostalgia when Markiplier said “Welcome back to Five Nights At Freddy’s”*
gerard pirlov
gerard pirlov Hace 7 meses
I love how literally everyone bothers the mop guy and regrets it immediately
Life Cookies
Life Cookies Hace 7 meses
We all did
Just a normal Shinigami
Same dude
no Hace 7 meses
ツTrinity Hace 7 meses
@Gemini ha! Your user name is my zodiac lmao
Jayson Gaming
Jayson Gaming Hace 3 meses
Mark: Do I need to run? I am assuming I dont! Monty: CMHERE KID!
Verity Doyle
Verity Doyle Hace 3 meses
11:11 *The slam of 2028* 35:00 I love Mark's super skeptical face the first time Moon appears lmao
Asep Supriadi SH
Asep Supriadi SH Hace 3 meses
The king of five nights at freddy's is back!
*Anyone ever think Scott Cawthon from 8 years ago when FNAF came out would've ever thought it'd come this far and turn out like this???*
Pink Donut
Pink Donut Hace 7 meses
"Caution is advised for people with a history of seizures and epilepsy" Mark: warnings are for nerds
Jumo Hace 5 meses
@Leumaz Dnazor I'm going to hell for laughing at this
I alive
I alive Hace 7 meses
@A Anddone unless if it's strobe lights I'm usually fine
chef moon💜🥡
chef moon💜🥡 Hace 7 meses
@Leumaz Dnazor i am not supposed to laugh at this because people suffer with that but damn this was funny
A Anddone
A Anddone Hace 7 meses
Or the opposite of nerds as I see it since almost everything online has flash-like things on the screen/page/video (unless it's a page made in the early 90s [lol] &/or pdf), & the other part that most types don't have that effect/cause from lights/flashes.... that's right I'm a weal neerd (lol).
B-1 Battle Droid
B-1 Battle Droid Hace 7 meses
No homo btw
Lynnette Howell
Lynnette Howell Hace 2 meses
Markiplier:hehe you'll never find meme Chica:this area is off limits Mark:ohmygodmygod Me:hey ye mark what were you saying
Bearcub Hace 17 días
When he said,"how didn't I see that before,and said maybe I'm dumb" I said Mhm yes you are.And he looked right into my soul and say "don't agree with that" I dying laughing.Coincidence I think not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kusakichan15 Hace un mes
2:11 Mark: "I wonder if this is just a precursor to open up one of these as an actual restaurant" Its not exactly a 'real' restaurant but Mark was practically right 🤣🤣🤣
James Brown
James Brown Hace 2 meses
This horror game deserves an award, what a game, didn't see horror game like this for long time
PizzaCake Pie 🥧
PizzaCake Pie 🥧 Hace 5 meses
"Caution is advised for people with a history of seizures and epilepsy" Mark: warnings are for nerds
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry Hace 10 días
As someone with epilepsy, I can confirm, warnings are for nerds
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez Hace 11 días
Mark was found crushed by rocks. He did not follow the falling rock warning on the side of a mountain
Justin Van Veen AR🔧
It’s warning you cause only nerds read it 😂🤣
AMOG US Hace 26 días
@Jomar Alvin Rebosura what did he say
Treble Clef
Treble Clef Hace un mes
good thing im a nerd jk jk, chill
coralthesquirrel Hace un mes
You can really see how much the franchise has moderated from 2014-2022 and the king has been here since
Coffee_is_Godly Hace 18 días
Marks confused face slowly turning horrified will always make me laugh
rowan Hace 14 días
43:08 im not usually bothered by the jumpscares but this one got me 😭
Divine Hace 19 días
I literally love how you show us each time you play. It so funny and I love it so much. Amazing job mark!
Yoni Hace 7 meses
the only time where Freddy ACTUALLY helps you instead of killing you, thats a new change to himself
Susie M.
Susie M. Hace 7 meses
He made a lot of effort.
goose Hace 7 meses
@eHarmony-ReCon or helpy?
Sunlilee Hace 7 meses
@Jeremy Murphy-Malcolm yeah I saw that. When you press the wrong color
Jeanne Lotte
Jeanne Lotte Hace 7 meses
@Kayla Marie I don’t remember
Preampogiko[] Hace 3 meses
the fact that fnaf security breach is the least scary chapter in the whole fnaf history
Gàŷł_Głïtçh Hace un mes
Random person: Monty golf is for nerds Mattpat: and i took that personally
Micay🧿 Hace 3 días
"damn I'm good, damn I'm good" and now Moon Enters the play structures 🥰
neogamerkid1205 Hace 3 meses
27:20 got me laughing my ass off
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