Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce Their Return to TV

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Chip and Joanna Gaines discuss the newest addition to their family, their decision to end Fixer Upper and what's next for the franchise, including spin-off details.
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Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce Their Return to TV


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10 nov 2018

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Comentarios 1 995
Ginger Louco
Ginger Louco Hace 20 horas
Such an amazing and hilarious couple! Adorable!
Julia Rollings-South
Hes a puppy, he is a literal puppy
Yvonne Perez
Yvonne Perez Hace 4 días
He should gave his wife a chance to speak, it’s not all about him
kay d
kay d Hace 4 días
I love the way Joanna calls Chip “bud” 😂
Kim Bryan
Kim Bryan Hace 3 días
kay d Me too..
Michael M.
Michael M. Hace 5 días
Does Chip have a brain?!?!?
Kim Bryan
Kim Bryan Hace 3 días
Michael M. Lol yes it’s called ADD seriously.. he has such a hard time staying focused
geewilliams306 Hace 5 días
I'm in tears ...yesssssssss I'm so happy
Physics Queen
Physics Queen Hace 7 días
How ADHD looks in adults
Kim Bryan
Kim Bryan Hace 3 días
Physics Queen That’s exactly what I just posted on a previous commenters comment lol then I scroll down and see y’all comment. But right serious ADHD it’s very hard to deal with others on a daily with ADHD.. Jojo seems to do a pretty good job but I seriously think she gets a little annoyed at times for sure.
Bita Bonita
Bita Bonita Hace 7 días
I love them ❤️ I want them to do my Fixer Upper .. yeeeeeaaaa.
Emely J Perez Ramirez
Love chip and Joana!!! So exited they will be back can’t have enough of them!! Come to PR
Nicholias Parham
Nicholias Parham Hace 9 días
Come on, don’t act like you guys wouldn’t be just as thrilled to be on the Late Show. Chip is having fun and enjoying the moment. Some of you don’t know how to live in it, therefore you have a poor opinion. Joanna is just probably being her usual self. They’re just people doing what they love. Chill out.
Ann M.
Ann M. Hace 9 días
Love your show and you two. But now I have new tile I'm putting into my house. You guys get me into trouble. Lol
My My
My My Hace 12 días
I love Chip! 😂
Sir Loxley Mendoza
Sir Loxley Mendoza Hace 13 días
Chip: the 3 dollar bill... fake marriage to promote mixed race
June Hodsdon
June Hodsdon Hace 10 días
I'm sure that's exactly what they were thinking when they met...
Mae Aragon
Mae Aragon Hace 15 días
We can't wait to see you both and kids on tv again. Greetings from the Netherland 💕💙💝👌😍
Nora M
Nora M Hace 15 días
How can anyone give this a thumbs down! This is America's favorite couple and family. My 90-year-old client is so excited for them to be back on TV! And so am I
Brandy Jones
Brandy Jones Hace 17 días
i love pink roses
i love pink roses Hace 17 días
Melinda TC
Melinda TC Hace 17 días
They can leave Chip at home with other children and just have Joanna do the show
Melinda TC
Melinda TC Hace 17 días
Damn, Will Chip ever grow up and stop acting like an idiot.
Air23 Hace 17 días
He reminds me or Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch
Fatih Yavuz
Fatih Yavuz Hace 17 días
Bunlar harika dostum bayılıyorum bunların programına 😻😻😻😻
Zara A
Zara A Hace 17 días
Hello ! Chip & joanna vous êtes génial ♥️😊
vanessa Uriza
vanessa Uriza Hace 18 días
This is the cutest thing ever! I want them to come back every month! Love them!
Sheree Burress
Sheree Burress Hace 18 días
I love Chip!
Adda Fisher
Adda Fisher Hace 20 días
I couldn't stop laughing the entire video 😂
Teeyah2 Hace 20 días
rain73ful Hace 20 días
They seem like a lovely and sincere couple, and compliment each other very well.
Allmybees Hace 20 días
Bianca Alvarez
Bianca Alvarez Hace 23 días
We love them!!!!
Ashley Valdez
Ashley Valdez Hace 23 días
Oh heck yes.
Bryochemical Intuition
Awwww snaps
kaily caputo
kaily caputo Hace 24 días
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton Hace 24 días
they have a really great reationship
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton Hace 24 días
omg they have 6 kids wow and there still a strong couple show was a great show
GregoryTheGr8ster Hace 25 días
Is it ok with everyone if I say that Chip must be difficult to live with. He's as fun as hell for certain occasions, but most of life isn't these occasions.
The Bookish Corner
The Bookish Corner Hace 25 días
I love them! Chip is Awesome!
Bevan Mical
Bevan Mical Hace 26 días
Positive people on TV ... That's why me and my wife love watching Chip & Jo.
Brad the Pitts
Brad the Pitts Hace 26 días
I think Chip is drunk.
redheadgirlygirl7 Hace 26 días
hahahaha omg I love them!
Sandy E
Sandy E Hace 27 días
My fav people! So excited for this news!!
Rachel Rae
Rachel Rae Hace 27 días
Joanna was not happy bout that lol. But I love them
Karis Kroeker
Karis Kroeker Hace 27 días
Chip is just like my dad like sorta embarrassing but I'm a funny way.... And filled up with dad jokes!!!
Tara Noble
Tara Noble Hace 27 días
I SERIOUSLY love them to death! That's how you do a marriage right!
FlowerPower Hace 27 días
Chip looks like he has ADHD.. but he is soooo hilarious! Still love em!
i samary
i samary Hace 27 días
I love chip and joanna just the way they are!
Emma L
Emma L Hace 28 días
Wow! I remember when they were begging for people to be in their show, and now there are tourists around every corner in Waco.
Li Li
Li Li Hace 28 días
Chip kept standing! 😂😂
John Kraft
John Kraft Hace 28 días
when come back fixer upper
Steven Charles
Steven Charles Hace 28 días
I don't get it about those two. They're famous for fixing up houses and they live in Waco, Texas ? Where the hell is Waco on the map of the world?
David Boggs
David Boggs Hace 28 días
I bet that is one nice piece of ass.
Rebecca George
Rebecca George Hace 29 días
OMG I love them! Chip is just a big kid and so funny!! I'm so excited for their new show!
SeeburgMusic Hace 29 días
Poor Joanna, such a lovely, classy lady... then there's that asshole beside her obviously high on something acting like a fucking retard. Damn, what an embarrassment. You can feel her cringing. That's too bad.
Jacqueline McCray
Jacqueline McCray Hace 29 días
That was the weirdest interview ever. Was that a clone or something? He was way too excited... Like a little kid. Joanna looked pissed the majority of the time too.
Patty Hopkins
Patty Hopkins Hace 29 días
I love them but Chip was just too damn silly! I bet she got on him when they left!!
Monique Alexis
Monique Alexis Hace 29 días
LOVE THEEEEEEEEEEEEEM! I don’t know what I’d do if I met them.. which I will one day, I hope!! I love them and everything about them. Such true, down to earth, genuine, goofy, warm loving souls.
AngiesQuilting Hace 29 días
Well, so much for introducing the new book. Chip is annoying at times, and this was one of those times. Notice, they did not say it was "Fixer Upper" they were coming back to, just coming back to TV. As for taking time off, I don't think that happened considering the running of ALL their business ventures, writing and endorsing interior design products for retail sales, etc, etc, etc.
Kymberly Thomoff
Kymberly Thomoff Hace 29 días
LOVE IT! You should have them on doing some re-modeling on your set or home? This is classic Chip and Joanna! Reminds me of what I go through with MY husband, seriously! He's a handful as well!
cierrablue Hace 29 días
Am I the only person in America who really don't like them all that much?
lasvegasNEV Hace 29 días
chip is good i don't know why but i like him
Thaliz Hace 29 días
I watch you guys from 🇫🇷 keep going you have inspired me so much
The H Vessel
The H Vessel Hace 29 días
🗣 Your favorite celebrity’s SEXIEST moments are on my channel! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zoey Brown
Zoey Brown Hace 29 días
Joanna behaves herself. Chip is unrestrained. 😊
jcorcs Hace 29 días
lol neither of them know what camera to look at.
thnxrj2 Hace 29 días
I love these guys💕
Cleire O'Neil
Cleire O'Neil Hace 29 días
I love you guys!
Cloud Search
Cloud Search Hace 29 días
Joanna - Guuurl! You do have your hands full with Chip. 😂😂 I’ve missed your show, glad you’re both back.
M B Hace un mes
She looks so annoyed
Lee Weyer
Lee Weyer Hace un mes
So happy they are coming back YES
Lawrence Pangilinan
That split second between 3:14 - 3:15. Chip was thinking to himself "might as well". That was a golden moment!
smay727 Hace un mes
I've always liked Chip but this was about Jo's book and he made it all about him.
Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon Hace un mes
This guy thinks he's so cute. They may do nice makeovers, but basically they're a lame knock off of the Property Brothers
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson Hace un mes
Chip Gaines!! Yeah, Baby!! XD
Hope A.
Hope A. Hace un mes
Yaaaay they're coming back 👏🏼💕
Amanda Hace un mes
Chip is funnier than Jimmy.
Aneesah GIlbert
Aneesah GIlbert Hace un mes
I love love love Chip and Jo!!!! Best couple made
Yvonne Brumbeloe
Yvonne Brumbeloe Hace un mes
Yes Yes Yes!!! Their Show is about the Only thing I will watch on TV Now!!
Sherrie White
Sherrie White Hace un mes
Jes he could have let Joanna say three words
Dale Groves
Dale Groves Hace un mes
Got to love Chip's energy and Joanna patients. Can't wait to see them back on TV.
Tricia Hensley
Tricia Hensley Hace un mes
#relationshipgoals Love, love, love these two!
The Elements Of Virtue Collection
🙌 I love them!!!
Gabrielle Hace un mes
I could not stop smiling this entire video
Tara Cellitti
Tara Cellitti Hace un mes
At like 4:48 she turns to him and I think she says "why did you do that?"
Gracie Beecher
Gracie Beecher Hace un mes
I love Chip!!! 💕
lithiumkc8 Hace un mes
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Teagan Denny
Teagan Denny Hace un mes
Just walked a mime video then this and was so confused I was like is chip a mime 😂😂😂
Itgameingbro story time ‘
I watch this show every day
Steven Cherry
Steven Cherry Hace un mes
So happy they are coming back to tv!
Eve Cheris
Eve Cheris Hace un mes
This is my favorite moment ever to happen on this show. CHIP, WHAT THE HECK lol
Brendon Kelly
Brendon Kelly Hace un mes
They are such great humans. Role models for us all. The deserve (and more) all the great thing's that have come to them. That being said, Chip needs to start doing improv or standup.
Joanie Adams
Joanie Adams Hace un mes
I can TOTALLY do without the lastest billionaire duo. He sucks. Good luck with populating the world.
Squat Puke
Squat Puke Hace un mes
Brittney B. Williams
Joanna looked at chip like oh shit you just exposed it!
Alessandra Thiele
Alessandra Thiele Hace un mes
Im pretty sure they were fighting before coming on and he is just pushing her buttons
Gooheil Gleht
Gooheil Gleht Hace un mes
I have been a fan of Jo's blog since before the show, and she has pretty much remained the same, through and through. Chip can be a trainwreck sometimes, like he doesn't know how to handle attention. He's great when he's calm, but good lord, when he's hyper it's a disaster. She was there to promote her book ... not talk about their next business venture before whatever very meticulous launch I'm sure she was planning. He should know way better than that by now. Thankfully, she knows him better than anyone, and clearly loves him in spite of his total asinine behavior.
Araceli N
Araceli N Hace un mes
I love Chips and Joanna Gains. 😍😍😍😍
Gloria Martinez
Gloria Martinez Hace un mes
I didn’t know they left
Angela P
Angela P Hace un mes
Tom Cruise on Oprah 2007 vibes
Angela Messer
Angela Messer Hace un mes
Why is Chip doing all of the talking?
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