Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce Their Return to TV

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Chip and Joanna Gaines discuss the newest addition to their family, their decision to end Fixer Upper and what's next for the franchise, including spin-off details.
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Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce Their Return to TV


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10 nov 2018

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Comentarios 2 096
Dirgni Vafenelrahs Siagubaf
Love this couple!
Itsmeharper Jacksons
I love them and their work is absolutely beautiful
Cora Belmar Roberts
Cora Belmar Roberts Hace 5 días
You can tell Joanna didn't want him to say anything about coming bk or the network. Tell all is in the body language and facial cues
Anna Sommer
Anna Sommer Hace 7 días
Chip is just hilarious, I love these two!
Irene Swatzell
Irene Swatzell Hace 7 días
Chip and Joanna love that your coming back. Chip you are too funny and Joanna is not gonna kill him because he keeps it real.
Trl Dr fu tv lyric
Trl Dr fu tv lyric Hace 7 días
Love Chip and Joanna.... Chip is the Best Joanna even better ,for having to put up with Chip ...LOVE THIS COUPLE 😋😋
Janice Shira
Janice Shira Hace 7 días
Just for laughs and giggles, Put a Seat belt on Chip next time he is on Air .in my. Toyota it automatically put your seatbelt belt me have chips it in one of those .
Steve Campeau
Steve Campeau Hace 8 días
I love Chip and Joanna!!!
Georgina Rangel
Georgina Rangel Hace 8 días
Awesome they're coming back or right
Tiffany Hace 9 días
Here is a soap design inspired by the duo. esvid.net/video/vídeo-3OwkOBCCG_4.html
Sharon Childrey
Sharon Childrey Hace 9 días
Awesome! Great family ❣️
Randall Wilson
Randall Wilson Hace 9 días
i absolutely love this show and that family . they are so down to earth!
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Hace 9 días
Hope they do come back..love the show
msbutterfly714 Hace 10 días
I am glad to hear this wonderful news because I am sooo tired of watching all the re-runs. Love this couple and love their show.
Jd Smith
Jd Smith Hace 11 días
Holy fuck... Chip gives every failed class clown the hope of snagging the hottest wife all the while remaining being a perpetual 13 yr. old....
Shawn Whitworth
Shawn Whitworth Hace 14 días
God bless you
Farina O'Donovan
Farina O'Donovan Hace 15 días
Come visit us in Perris Ca.
LUVR NU Hace 16 días
Chip has a little Steve Irwin spirit shining through him. Glad they’re coming back! #DemoDay
Trinii1 Hace 18 días
Chip is the biggest DUMBARSE😍 Love him. Can't wait to see more of this show. Please come back soon . I love this show. CONGRATS on the new BABY🙏🎈👍🥂💃💖💋
upasteph Hace 18 días
i'm French and i see the tv show, and i love it, Joanna and chip are very super, and the houses are so beautiful. sorry for my English.
Sandra V
Sandra V Hace 22 días
Omg can’t wait!!!!
bangtanfangirlTurk ARMY
Jhhcbfcycbbf bunlar çok iyii yaaaah
Nou Lee
Nou Lee Hace 25 días
Love their show and their design, such humble family.
thrill102 Hace 25 días
They are literally the only reason I watched hgtv. Now they’re back! So happy!!!
Sweets Discochic
Sweets Discochic Hace 27 días
Chip looks like a mini me Tom Cruise. He smiles like him and laugh likes him. Great energy too
Marie Mary
Marie Mary Hace 27 días
Shayna Okanime
Shayna Okanime Hace 28 días
My fav couple on tv.
For Animals First
For Animals First Hace 29 días
He is a little goofy, but he is ok, can’t say the same about her, she is soooo arrogant and treats him like shit in a sophisticated way, in conclusion Johana has stupid attitude with airs of superiority!
Danielle Leclerc
Danielle Leclerc Hace un mes
Wooohooo!!!!! I've been watching re runs non stop 🙈
corbettroberts Hace un mes
I never realized how much Chip reminds me of Shaun White
Adam Honesty and decency
I’d give anything to get with Joanna.
Jumi Ramirez
Jumi Ramirez Hace un mes
Great news! Love this couple
tjahyaningtyas Hace un mes
i loveeee them...joanna gaines is trully a magic.
Virginia Deer
Virginia Deer Hace un mes
The whole panda goes in his inside pocket! We love you Chip!
Dana B
Dana B Hace un mes
Did Chip say " she almost hit me in the Tenants"? Hmm? Lol
Ruby Vielgo
Ruby Vielgo Hace un mes
I love Jo and Chip so soooooooo much. Hate Fallon though.
ambo254 Hace un mes
Mina Hace un mes
I've watched a couple of their shows and I like Joanna but I immediately stopped watching their show because the guy is sooooo very annoying. He's not funny at all. I don't know how she puts up with him, yuck!
TravelerPat Hace 27 días
Watch the first season. He was more mute. The second season he was a bit much. Third seasons onward he somewhat toned it down and was okay.
Tracey Ragan
Tracey Ragan Hace un mes
Get on with it!!!!!
Peace on earth
Peace on earth Hace un mes
I love this sweet guys, especially Chip! Greetings from Turkey 💕
Arwen Laird
Arwen Laird Hace un mes
Chip, don't listen to the Negative Nellies, you're awesome! You both are. Some people just need a demo day so they can be happy like you haha
Mickeal Night
Mickeal Night Hace un mes
I wanna fuck joannas feet she stays fucking
Lauren Adcock
Lauren Adcock Hace un mes
chip needs a seat belt
DJ ok
DJ ok Hace un mes
Love chip and Joanna but jimmy is a tool!
Christi Kurkjian
Christi Kurkjian Hace un mes
They truly are the best! I personally had many experiences to say. Thankfully Waco's onky 2.5 hrs away so I've been down to Magnolia six times!
Greg Shaw
Greg Shaw Hace un mes
I watch because of Jonna
Home With Rene
Home With Rene Hace un mes
Joanna barely got to talk about her book...CHIP!!!
Bernie's 03
Bernie's 03 Hace un mes
Yes!!👍 so excited
Karen Condon
Karen Condon Hace un mes
YAY Chip & Joanna coming back‼️‼️‼️
Amy McGann
Amy McGann Hace un mes
Joanna looked rather irritated
Una Coburn
Una Coburn Hace un mes
Chip is one andonly and please don't change.
Una Coburn
Una Coburn Hace un mes
Chip is so fun to watch...without him there is no Joanna
Amy Bruch
Amy Bruch Hace un mes
It's official: the Gaines have joined the cult Hollywood scene after deceiving their clients and taking their money. #cult
Melissa Geittmann
Melissa Geittmann Hace un mes
Gag! Chip thinks he's so funny. Dude, you are in Jimmy Fallon. One of the funniest guys around. He seriously is acting like an 8 year old. And poor Joanna... doesn't know how to dress out of jeans and tee.
Lois Blake
Lois Blake Hace un mes
I'm sad to hear this. It's going to take a toll on theit marriage and family.
Mia Kline
Mia Kline Hace un mes
I love them snd I love her skirt
serious Hace un mes
I love them!
Shawn Staley
Shawn Staley Hace un mes
Chip is doing something right. He still gets the cookies 😎. Baby number 5. I knew it was going to happen.
Trina Bass
Trina Bass Hace un mes
I so love them ❤️❤️
thomas blackmon
thomas blackmon Hace un mes
Fuck these guy there A couple of homophones
Lali Blackcastle
Lali Blackcastle Hace un mes
love them
Johanne Brunner
Johanne Brunner Hace un mes
I love these two! And they’re coming back!
maria shorty
maria shorty Hace un mes
I luv chip n jo. There so hilarious. I luv any show there on. Chip is goofy i like tht keeps u tuned in.
Veronica Garza
Veronica Garza Hace un mes
I love chips energy! Lol jo is quiet serious though
Fabiola Galindo
Fabiola Galindo Hace un mes
This is the greatest couple!! I love them both, Chip is so funny I love his personality.
katie kermit
katie kermit Hace un mes
Chip is literally my spirit animal 😂 Not even one minute in and he’s already acting like a little boy. 😂👌
Yisselia Burgos
Yisselia Burgos Hace un mes
I love chip and Joanna ,, but my God that chip is sooo funny
Dorothy G. Mullis
Dorothy G. Mullis Hace un mes
Just returned from Waco..from a visit to Magnolia Market and Silo Bakery.... great FUN!
Cata Hace un mes
This is the best interview I’ve seen I love them, they’re hilarious
Michele Villa
Michele Villa Hace un mes
I’m so excited!! A lot of the other shows on HGTV need to go bye bye 👋
sexobscura Hace un mes
Chip is literally a Piece-of-Shit in human form.
Rania Segakis
Rania Segakis Hace un mes
So happy they are back ❤️
clyde mcmillan
clyde mcmillan Hace un mes
Great Show
Kayalicious Joseph
Kayalicious Joseph Hace un mes
Yaaaaaay! They are coming back !!!
Crafty Cat
Crafty Cat Hace un mes
Ugh, just when I thought we'd gotten rid of them.
Erin De'Nis Liggins
I love me some Chip. LMAO
Go-go Akins
Go-go Akins Hace un mes
Chip resembles the w w e superstar hhh !
Libby Welch
Libby Welch Hace un mes
I've watched One program of their show, She can't stand her husband in the show her daughter's surprised her with a cake, her little boy was heartbroken and ignored by her she needs to watch that episode and look at her son's face..sad
Libby Welch
Libby Welch Hace un mes
Beth G I watched one of their programs it only took one, the exact one I couldn't say.
Beth G
Beth G Hace un mes
What show did you watch?
Love these guys and look forward to seeing them back on television again..... Such a gorgeous couple whom are just so natural in front of the camera..... The way that Joanna and Chip bounce off each other is wonderful to watch, their deep love shows through.
Nancy Calderin
Nancy Calderin Hace un mes
You are the best!!! Many blessings!!😍😍😍I love you guys from VA!!!!
Joe Nobles
Joe Nobles Hace un mes
If chip and jo come back that will make my day I've seen every week of fixer upper thanks for the post Jimmy
Heartbeat Designs
Heartbeat Designs Hace un mes
Am I the only one that never realized how popular the are?? I LOVE THEM! 😂😍
all done
all done Hace un mes
I once had a rock collection with more brains.
Shane Tseng
Shane Tseng Hace 2 meses
This couple's energy is just so positive. And that's simply incredible! And you feel that too at the Silos. People are just warm and happy there. Or maybe only warm and happy people go there lol
Gregory Carter
Gregory Carter Hace 2 meses
Let Jo speak some she didn’t get 2 words out
Ruth Nagarya
Ruth Nagarya Hace 2 meses
LOVE this couple
Hannah Edwards
Hannah Edwards Hace 2 meses
I love how real they are and silly they can be together. They have a perfect balance between fame and keeping a private life which is why I love them so much. They do the tv thing, they love there career but they know each other and there kids come first. It’s just awesome to see two people not let any tabloid drama come into there life and ruin a beautiful thing.
Raviee Hace 2 meses
s j
s j Hace 2 meses
great news yahoo
Ginger L
Ginger L Hace 2 meses
Such an amazing and hilarious couple! Adorable!
Julia Rollings-South
Hes a puppy, he is a literal puppy
Yvonne Perez
Yvonne Perez Hace 2 meses
He should gave his wife a chance to speak, it’s not all about him
kay d
kay d Hace 2 meses
I love the way Joanna calls Chip “bud” 😂
Kim Bryan
Kim Bryan Hace 2 meses
kay d Me too..
Michael M.
Michael M. Hace 2 meses
Does Chip have a brain?!?!?
Kim Bryan
Kim Bryan Hace 2 meses
Michael M. Lol yes it’s called ADD seriously.. he has such a hard time staying focused
geewilliams306 Hace 2 meses
I'm in tears ...yesssssssss I'm so happy
Bita Bonita
Bita Bonita Hace 2 meses
I love them ❤️ I want them to do my Fixer Upper .. yeeeeeaaaa.
Emely J Perez Ramirez
Love chip and Joana!!! So exited they will be back can’t have enough of them!! Come to PR
Nicholias Parham
Nicholias Parham Hace 2 meses
Come on, don’t act like you guys wouldn’t be just as thrilled to be on the Late Show. Chip is having fun and enjoying the moment. Some of you don’t know how to live in it, therefore you have a poor opinion. Joanna is just probably being her usual self. They’re just people doing what they love. Chill out.
Ann M.
Ann M. Hace 2 meses
Love your show and you two. But now I have new tile I'm putting into my house. You guys get me into trouble. Lol
My My
My My Hace 2 meses
I love Chip! 😂
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