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The Florida State Seminoles are hungry for success in 2019 under 2nd-year head coach Willie Taggart. The 'Noles will be looking for players ready to step up and lead FSU back to prominence. Defensive end Joshua Kaindoh, tight end Tre' McKitty and wide receiver Keyshawn Helton will be "3 To Watch" for Florida State in 2019!
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10 may 2019






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Devin Brown
Devin Brown Hace 4 meses
Matthew Shane
Matthew Shane Hace 4 meses
Willie Taggart is a dumpster clown boy.
Michael Hiers
Michael Hiers Hace 4 meses
Those helmets are hideous.
Zack Preezy
Zack Preezy Hace 5 meses
Laborn, Terry and JB.. just watch
onyx 0311
onyx 0311 Hace 5 meses
Plz get some guys who can block
Ty Hace 5 meses
LydellG4 Hace 5 meses
No Cam Akers?
Alex Truax
Alex Truax Hace 5 meses
Its more so upcoming players cam terry dj all got names
FSU ALL DAY Hace 5 meses
If we get 8 wins this year, we’re winning the natty in 2021
Devin Brown
Devin Brown Hace 4 meses
Peter Caruso
Peter Caruso Hace 5 meses
What about Tamorrion Terry? (FYI I’m a Boston College fan and I was so mad after BC lost to FSU back on November 17th 2018 thanks to that 74 yard TD)
Michael Hiers
Michael Hiers Hace 4 meses
You guys lost because of your coaches
Sammy Lantz
Sammy Lantz Hace 5 meses
If we get a bowl game I’ll be happy but I would love a 9-10 win season
Start Of Something LLC
There ya gooo boy's!!! That offense should be back to normal!!
Football King
Football King Hace 5 meses
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