Florida State vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball

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Florida State vs. Duke: The No. 5 Blue Devils are the 2019 New York Life ACC Tournament Champions after defeating the No. 12 Seminoles, 73-63. For Duke, it is the 15th ACC Tournament Championship under head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Zion Williamson led the way for Duke with 21 points and 5 rebounds. RJ Barrett was also big for the Blue Devils, scoring 17 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. Mfiondu Kabengele scored 14 points for FSU.
Watch the Condensed Game from Duke Blue Devils vs. Florida State Seminoles, 03/16/2019


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PHX Master
PHX Master Hace 3 meses
The final game of Raycom Sports acc syndication
steven ukiteyedi
steven ukiteyedi Hace 4 meses
Zion Williamson is the bast college player
Andy Simon
Andy Simon Hace 7 meses
LoSoNBanks22 Hace 8 meses
Crazy how good the acc is. I just Florida state absolutely spank murrary state who’s legit
D Me
D Me Hace 8 meses
Grant Hill says ex-Duke players are called 'Dukies'. Sounds like what a toddler says is in their diapers. At least go with the much more mature 'Dukers'.
franzgelo Hace 8 meses
fk that's a lebron pass 4:43
Benjamin Batubenga
Benjamin Batubenga Hace 8 meses
Zion will win a championship with Duke
Cold Bizzness
Cold Bizzness Hace 8 meses
The power of Zion throwing GROWN MEN AROUND LIKE TODDLER'S 7:15
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 8 meses
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Yogita Sakpal
Yogita Sakpal Hace 8 meses
Numbers Zion’s gunna drop in nba 6:29
Elite Seb
Elite Seb Hace 8 meses
Plz sub to me guys
Vogue Of Today
Vogue Of Today Hace 8 meses
Nice moment
Mad Space Poet
Mad Space Poet Hace 8 meses
7 min of basketball for a 10 point blowout.
Brian Osagie
Brian Osagie Hace 8 meses
#zion on top
SuperKeith 007
SuperKeith 007 Hace 8 meses
My 'Noles can't slip up in the tourney like they did this game or they're out
Gregory Baskin
Gregory Baskin Hace 8 meses
That bounce pass Zion did...WOW!
Yunis Rajab
Yunis Rajab Hace 8 meses
I haven't seen a player as NBA ready as Zion since LeBron. Zion actually looks a lot more ready
Jameson Hune
Jameson Hune Hace 8 meses
Duke is overrated
THE BIG C 5000
THE BIG C 5000 Hace 8 meses
Zion Williamson is a BEAST!!! 😱
W M Hace 8 meses
FSU fought tough, but Duke w/ Williamson is just such a great squad.
Steve Mark Gan
Steve Mark Gan Hace 8 meses
Interracial at 3:07
Dr. J.J. Spinner
Dr. J.J. Spinner Hace 8 meses
RJ is playing some of his best ball, he really look good, and I think Zion is taking a book out of Lebron James book the way he is facilitating the ball is unreal. Although RJ looks better and more dominant than earlier in the season, Zion is clearly the number one choice how is making everyone better around him due to the double teams he commands.
Melbourne Campaña
Melbourne Campaña Hace 8 meses
if not for his injury tre jones could do better to help the team
Candice Natelli
Candice Natelli Hace 8 meses
FSU still my ride or die
Le Garçon Qui ment
Le Garçon Qui ment Hace 8 meses
So much falling lmao
Jr Hace 8 meses
Zion looks goofy as hell when he clenches his fists😂
Boston Blackie
Boston Blackie Hace 8 meses
I hate Duke watch they'll play in Greensboro; In tournament like always that's bs !!!
H3AT Charms
H3AT Charms Hace 8 meses
Jamie Varner
Jamie Varner Hace 8 meses
Bro I wear my duke hoodie to school and they say duke sucks what about now fuckers:3
Abba Navy
Abba Navy Hace 8 meses
they jump alot , it's like watching kids play
Jloading 2x
Jloading 2x Hace 8 meses
I really feel like cam reddish isn’t getting the spotlight he deserves
Janeer Rodgers
Janeer Rodgers Hace 8 meses
T 808 Entertainment
T 808 Entertainment Hace 8 meses
Get me 1k subscribes
Michael Colby
Michael Colby Hace 8 meses
Zion is like the lamelo ball of Duke comment and like on your opinion
troy caldwell
troy caldwell Hace 8 meses
Why is it delayed
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 8 meses
Spikes YT
Spikes YT Hace 8 meses
Can I get to 50 subscribers it’s my birthday
Choco Boi
Choco Boi Hace 8 meses
The “pocket” in pita bread is made by steam. The steam puffs up the dough and, as the bread cools and flattens, a pocket is left in the middle.
Sarthak Shrestha
Sarthak Shrestha Hace 8 meses
4:40 .. Cant see the ball even in slow motion 0.25
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