Floyd Mayweather (USA) vs Conor McGregor (Ireland) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD, 60 fps

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Professional american unbeaten boxer, greatest boxer of all time, pound for pound Floyd Mayweather with nickname "Money" (49-0, 26 KOs - pre-fight record) against irish professional MMA fighter and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor with nickname "The Notorious" ( 0-0, Boxing, 21-3, 18 KOs, MMA - pre-fight record). Fight took place in T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, USA on August 26, 2017. Spectacular and epic boxing match billed as "The Money Fight" in HD, Highlights.

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Floyd Mayweather (USA) vs Conor McGregor (Ireland) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD


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29 sep 2021






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Satrio Bayu
Satrio Bayu Hace un día
Coba klo pertandingannya d MMA udh selesai sama McGregor
Carlos Esparza
Carlos Esparza Hace un día
Basura de Pelea
Whoman ?
Whoman ? Hace un día
u can clearly see conors ufc instincts actin' up
x Lothbrok
x Lothbrok Hace 2 días
Floyd nao lutou oque sabe , valorizou a luta .
vivalavida Hace 2 días
체력 관리야 당연히 복싱만 했던 메이웨더가 더 유리할 테고, 단순히 복싱 실력만 봤을 때 그렇게 큰 차이는 없는듯.. 오히려 초반엔 맥구가 정타 더 많이 갈긴듯
Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez Hace 2 días
Que manera de hacer el ridiculo por favor
D Sayers
D Sayers Hace 2 días
Bearded Daddy Beard Company
Here some facts mayweather is supposedly the greatest yet couldn’t knock out someone who never boxed lmao weather is a chump
propertoke 420rep
propertoke 420rep Hace 2 días
Conor had countless cheap shots he going have tge excuse he normally does mma that's karma
Alkavon Rouse
Alkavon Rouse Hace 2 días
Also why is this video titled knockout when no one actually hit the canvas?
Alkavon Rouse
Alkavon Rouse Hace 2 días
This fight put Connor out of his comfort zone. Honestly I don't think Floyd would do good in an MMA fight but boxing is his expertise.
Y Hace 3 días
Well done May.
ちゅんちゅん Hace 3 días
KWS West Coast
KWS West Coast Hace 3 días
First time in Mayweathers career that he doesn't run and came forward and of course doesn't cry!!! FACTS
Фильмец Hace 3 días
Фу бля зашёл посмотреть на бой, сразу реклама, дизлайк и смотреть не стану
rafael poliglota
rafael poliglota Hace 3 días
I dont even fight but this fight was horrible show. i could knock out both of them .
antonio demon
antonio demon Hace 3 días
Конор молодец, без эпотажа, чисто на боксе, не ожидал, всегда был мне симпатичен, и Флойд молодец в свои года
M Vinyl
M Vinyl Hace 4 días
This was a farce ...a money making scheme between business friends and nothing more...
sclarvx Hace 4 días
No jodan si uno es de mma
Clint Walker
Clint Walker Hace 4 días
MC Gregor is I fighter who agreed to box. He did well against a champion boxer. Just saying.
優しい原人 Hace 4 días
マクレガー 強いな
Konstantin Gureev
Konstantin Gureev Hace 5 días
Негр против брита в стиле колониального государства)
Franco Hace 5 días
La estafa del siglo.
George E.
George E. Hace 5 días
Connor is DUMB AS FUCK he actually thinks he did good in this match lol Floyd played him the entire time! Floyd was always in control! Floyd took it to the round he wanted and did so like Conor was his bitch@
HappyTrading Hace 6 días
рефери не адекватный тормоз. уволить.
Виталий Hace 6 días
Этот бой я считаю был шоу , отмывание денег
Alfitman Channel
Alfitman Channel Hace 6 días
you are just kids. Flyod is a loser. McGregor is a loser also.
Jay Sanchez
Jay Sanchez Hace 6 días
Floyd chooses refs and judges since time ago look at round 9 how Floyd was being protected after that body shot
Geno Vesse
Geno Vesse Hace 6 días
dont86kun Hace 6 días
ボクシングはケンカじゃ弱そう。蹴りとか投げとか関節技がないから。 メイウェザー がMMAに参戦したら全然弱いと書かれていたぞ。
Jean-Marc König
Jean-Marc König Hace 6 días
How would it have been if this Mayweather dude had ever steped into the octagon to face the Notorious. Mhh? Not one round and it would have been over...
Sergio Nieto
Sergio Nieto Hace 6 días
Quien cree edte circo?
Hudayi Kaya
Hudayi Kaya Hace 6 días
O'Conner fights like a woman 😂😂😂
Kapitan Nemo
Kapitan Nemo Hace 7 días
Крутой бой! К обоим с Великим Уважением! Красавцы!
Ешик Hace 7 días
And who winner? Oo
Spindoctor Hace 7 días
This was never about anything but $$. Good for both of them, they got paid. It was never a serious fight. Floyd did him a favour, he barely threw a punch before roumd 5.
VIANKY Hace 7 días
To much alcohol is not good
Юрий Титов
Юрий Титов Hace 7 días
S24 Hace 7 días
I mean can you blame Connor he’s a UFC fighter
rusebal828 Hace 7 días
Did better than canelo
narayan sherstha
narayan sherstha Hace 7 días
O may got
Guillermo Pacheco
Guillermo Pacheco Hace 7 días
Ninguno de los dos son de mi agrado pero al negro le dio como a entenado
Joel Crichi
Joel Crichi Hace 7 días
What kind of pussy fight is this ? Where is my old good fight btw tyson and hollyfield ???
mnm mnm
mnm mnm Hace 7 días
Fitness! McGregor is a drug addict ...
magar thapa
magar thapa Hace 8 días
If this battle happen in ufc may weather lose sure . Coz boxing 🥊 rule is diffrent than mma.
Sandro wb
Sandro wb Hace 8 días
No sé porque en todas las peleas de Floyd lo que no a logrado hacer durante toda la pelea lo hace justo al final , c ven muy arregladas esas peleas de Floyd
Iwan Agustinus Ong
Iwan Agustinus Ong Hace 8 días
Make lot money both
Khaled Awajan
Khaled Awajan Hace 8 días
كونر لما كان زلمة قبل ما يصير مطسة 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Аслан Куадже
Флойд мог бы закончить этот бой за раунд!! Факт!! Кто знает спорт видно, что Флойд при всем своём профеонализме бьёт как КМС где-то, не одной жёсткой встречи не было, а это фишка Флойда контер отаки, но их не было почему то!!? Уважуха всем конечно, но, Бокс есть Бокс
Bushmills21 Hace 8 días
Good lord Conor is shit at boxing His entire plan seems to have been to just make it messy and dirty as possible and fluke out a win. Floyd was respectful enough to treat him like an actual boxer and let him play games for a few rounds before dusting him though, so fair play to him on that.
ILikaDaTaTas Hace 7 días
Lol fan boy
Ian mckenzie
Ian mckenzie Hace 8 días
I could never seem to skip past this fight lol
Ukraine com
Ukraine com Hace 8 días
Это старый бой
Buakaw Banchamek
Buakaw Banchamek Hace 8 días
*Mayweather vs Buakaw , Buakaw vs Mcgregor*
Unanuma Hace 8 días
Dude, HORRIBLE editing. So much cut out, I couldn't even tell who won based on this video, especially cuz the last few words were all cut to shreds. And you said KNOCKOUT in the title which I never saw. I have to find the fight elsewhere. Never do anymore ESvid videos
Eric Wilhelm
Eric Wilhelm Hace 9 días
Official is 50-0, but we all know the truth. Money and rules rule his temporary world.
Joseph Bryan
Joseph Bryan Hace 9 días
Mayweaather vs mcgregor in the octagon next
Oliver Robbins
Oliver Robbins Hace 9 días
Announcers announcers he didn't go down because the referee saved his salary but y'all didn't see that did you now you was too busy trying to help him to win a bunch of clowns
碓井勝範 Hace 10 días
Jonathan Benítez
Jonathan Benítez Hace 10 días
L Baku
L Baku Hace 10 días
This was a incredible show for everyone
Coco Morena
Coco Morena Hace 6 días
Exactly! It was only a show😂 Fake.
This no Pasteur
This no Pasteur Hace 10 días
Respect for McGregor!
AKG Hace 10 días
Floyd played with Conor
V Gastelu
V Gastelu Hace 10 días
Its like having a formula 1guy racing against drag racer. Obviously unfair fight.
Bernard Sandmayer
Bernard Sandmayer Hace 10 días
Look it is great for entertainment. Floyd signed the contract with Conor which states 'Thy shalt not knock out the Blue Oyster Bar dancer named Conor' - same deal - coming up ahead with Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. Thomo' has to sign on the dotted line. Do not hurt Jake. Let's get paid in $full$ in front of the paying horde. Jake Paul is a lady boy. Nothing wrong with that.
trillionaire14 Hace 10 días
Lots of guts of McGregor 💪
Alexey Hace 10 días
Ну прям такого "декласса" здесь не было!
Horacio Rejala
Horacio Rejala Hace 10 días
Cesar Ariet
Cesar Ariet Hace 10 días
Esta pelea estaba arreglada por dinero.
Dkdkfi Djejje
Dkdkfi Djejje Hace 10 días
Jose Goncalves
Jose Goncalves Hace 10 días
Mc Gregor levou o Zé Aldo à falênciakkkkkkk
raul sastre
raul sastre Hace 10 días
una cosa tiene mis respetos pero es no ser boxeador y otra no cubrirse debidamente
$N0W LE0P4RD Hace 10 días
Puras patadas de ahogado mi leprechaun golpea ancianos
Djan Pereira
Djan Pereira Hace 10 días
This fight is SUCK...KKKKKK looks like two little cats...
Jose Hurtado
Jose Hurtado Hace 10 días
Peleaba con boxeadores q asta yo les ganaba
Alfred Corrales III
Alfred Corrales III Hace 10 días
Edited the last part when Connor was rubber legs😂
rsgenocidna tvorevina
rsgenocidna tvorevina Hace 11 días
Nurmagedov King!!
Дастан Ниязов
Шоу показали они даже не дрались херню показали
Альберт Григорьев
Конор насмешил своими калатушками с верху, бокс всё-же не клетка😁
BrutalMan Hace 11 días
Mc it's not a boxer, if u see, it's so hard for him change the rules lol But, still one of the most coolest fight in history for me..
Henry Clark
Henry Clark Hace 11 días
구경왕 Hace 11 días
boxing is weak
tom soyeur
tom soyeur Hace 11 días
Combat truqué
대복 박
대복 박 Hace 11 días
정몽규🤦‍♂️ 축구협회 회장 아무나 하나? HDC 현대산업개발 정몽규 이러고도 재개발 재건축 리모델링 수주를 할려고 하는냐? 현대산업개발 아이파크 정몽규 부천약대주공 재건축 조합원 40개동 1034세대 추가분담금 1368억원 발생시킴 왜 1368억 발생 된건지 근거를 재시해봐? 아울러 확정지분제 에서 도급제로 변경시켜 조합원 엄청난 피해봄 설계대로 공사를 안해서 단지내 도로폭이 좁아져 준공과 등기가 늦게 나며 조합원께 엄청난 피해줌 아파트 단지내 땅 파놓고 추가분담금 올려 달라고 거의 1년간 공사를 중단해 빗물이 고여서 소중한 아이들 2명 씩이나 물에 빠져 사망케 했으니 살인 죄 맞지요? 현산 아이파크 정몽규 약대주공 조합원께 엄청난 피해를 보상하라? 현산 아이파크 정몽규 이러고도 재개발 재건축 리모델링 수주할 자격이 있는가? 제 2의 약대주공 만들지 마라? 현산 정몽규 에게 재개발 재건축 리모델링 맡길 것입니까? 고기도 먹어 본놈이 잘먹는 다고 약대주공 처럼 추가분담금 폭탄 맞을수도 있겠죠? 시공사 선택은 조합원님 몫 꼼꼼하게 따져서 선택을 하셔야 내 재산을 챙기시는 지름길이 아닐까요? 정몽규 약대주공 시공 잘못한것 조합원께 피해를 보상하라? 현대산업개발 IPARK 정몽규 시공사 의 갑질 행태임 정몽규 확정지분제 계약했지만 1기 조합장때 도급제 변경 총회를 열어 부결이 되자 반복해서 총회를 열어 통과 시키는 이런 악날한 갑질이 세상 어디에 또 있을까요? 도급제 총회는 1기 조합장 임의로 열지 말았어야 맞지요 본인과 정몽규 와 확정지분제 게약이 이미 성립 되었으니 말입니다 현대산업개발 과 약대주공 간에 확정지분제 계약을 했음에도 이러한 나쁜짓을 한 정몽규 계약위반 맞지요? 저 또한 1기 조합을 믿고 있었지만 이미 늦었고 해서 1기 조합장 해임 시키고 2기 조합장 때부터 조합을 지키며 감시를 했지만 역시나 믿었던 2기 조합장 놈도 조합원을 배신하고 현산 정몽규 편에 서는 바람에 해임 시키고 저는 3기 조합으로 출범 새로운 출발을 하였습니다 시공사 와 결탁 없이 오로지 조합원을 위하여 변호사와 함께 저의 재산과 조합원의 재산만 지키기 위하여 노력을 했습니다 제가 3기 조합장이 되었지만 현산의 갑질에 협조를 안할게 뻔해서 그런지 현산에서 조합에 자금을 보내줘야 조합 운영을 할수가 있었는데 돈줄을 막아 식물 조합을 만들려 한것이 맞겠지요? 그러나 --> 현대산업개발 아이파크 정몽규 조합에 보낼 자금을 보내지 않아서 조합원들 께서 기금을 모아서 조합사무실 운영을 했지요 정몽규 가 이렇게 악날한 사람인줄 누가 알겠습니까? 저를 비롯하여 임원들 모두가 용산역 현산 본사를 찾아 갔지만 문턱도 넘어보지 못하고 돌아섰을때 조합원을 대표해서 찾아간 임원 모두가 무시를 당했다는건 조합원을 무시 한게 아닐까요? 이러한 정몽규 의 갑질 행위 때문에 저는 전국에 재개발 재건축 리모델링 하시는 조합원님께 널리 알리고자 소중하고 아까운 시간을 쪼개서 오늘도 이렇게 댓글을 올리고 있습니다 현대산업개발 에서 재개발 재건축 리모델링 수주 경쟁을 하는곳 아신다면 댓글로 달아 주시면 감사하겠습니다 가정축복, 건강축복, 사업번창 하실것을 간절히 소망합니다 약대주공 3번째 조합장 박대복
ただの猫dao Hace 11 días
Santiago Valverde
Santiago Valverde Hace 11 días
Ill fu for a milli
Santiago Valverde
Santiago Valverde Hace 11 días
Ur all weal bought out
Santiago Valverde
Santiago Valverde Hace 11 días
Ur floating
Sio Mokof
Sio Mokof Hace 11 días
Mayweather looks like a Burglar character in a porn movie I saw
theskateboardfan Hace 11 días
Floyd was a good sport. He gave a show he could have destroyed Connor.
venezolanodeapie Hace 11 días
1er round: Mayweather estudia a McGregor y solo protege y esquiva, se da cuenta que McGregor NO se cubre los golpes y además, McGregor lanza golpes desordenadamente, sin ahorrar energía. 2do, 3er y 4to round: McGregor se frusta al no poder romper la guardia de Mayweather y pegarle en el rostro como quería, casi en ninguna oportunidad y entonces comienzan las prácticas poco profesionales de McGregor, volteando a Mayweather y dandole coscorrones detrás de la cabeza, típico de una conducta poco profesional del hombre. 5to round en adelante: A McGregor se le acaba el tanque de combustible, ya que en mma sus peleas terminan la mayoría de las vez antes de los 4 round y comienza a recibir el doble de golpes de Mayweather, que le había dado ya muchisimos golpes en los anteriores round, a todas esas McGregor aún no se cubre los golpes de Mayweather, solo los resbala con cintura y le seguían haciendo muchisimo daño. Luego todo finaliza, Mayweather conserva el título, y McGregor pierde una oportunidad de hacer historia, por estar poco comprometido con su estrategía de pelea y estado mental correcto, ante una pelea de esta magnitud y un rival campeón veterano, y recibe una inabilitación para pelear por la comisión de boxeo por 2 meses, por la cantidad tan brutal de golpes que recibió por no cubrirse los golpes. En conclusión: el único responsable de la caida de la carrera de McGregor, es McGregor al no tomarse su carrera en serio y querer ser siempre el eterno fanfarron y no prepararse bien ante sus contiendas, respetando las habilidades de sus adversarios y por no pulir bien las habilidades propias.
HUMAN x2 Hace 11 días
Best defense in boxing history.
Eduardo Pablo
Eduardo Pablo Hace 11 días
Mayweather got weak punches or else Conor would of been knocked out
Cesar Cavalo
Cesar Cavalo Hace 11 días
Foi uma boa luta, parabéns aos competidores
Jose Goncalves
Jose Goncalves Hace 10 días
Boa luta prá quem ganhou😁🎩
Mike Osuna
Mike Osuna Hace 11 días
Conor McGregor needed to learn how to throw uppercuts. What a horrible style to fight he has that took Floyd out of his usual runnung running but at the end we showed who is who.
Олег Юрковский
Шоу !!!
Mark Genotiva
Mark Genotiva Hace 12 días
Mark Genotiva
Mark Genotiva Hace 12 días
Gleb Lemagistral
Gleb Lemagistral Hace 12 días
Bravo Floyd Mayweather ... !!!!!
omer kishanov
omer kishanov Hace 12 días
Floyd took mcgregor to school
Chili Bowl
Chili Bowl Hace 12 días
This is a biased video , you only showed 25% of Floyd's highlights n you dick ride conors moments in the fight, which Floyd let conor burn up his energy "rope a dope " a fighting strategy that's been around for hundreds of years