Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Official Weigh-In [FULL] | ESPN

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor weigh in for the final time before their megafight on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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24 ago 2017






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Comentarios 7 539
ESPN Hace 5 años
The weigh-in is over. Who ya got?
m8080k Hace 3 meses
@Gerardo Huizar-Peña you really was delusional
ZER0☆☆__ぉっ Hace 7 meses
brianna699ful Hace 8 meses
@Tdot u1oe12urie62p6u61reo2upu61iio1ppuoo6r1u6ir2u116i1upppo21oi2112121eeuo1poooi2o1oo111iu16er2ur1rttroiu6i11i61t p6r2teptreieio6i1iur6o11ror16rurppep
Schamnlacktav Hace 10 meses
I got floyd
Absolute Anonymous
Absolute Anonymous Hace 11 meses
James White
James White Hace un año
This was mcgregor at his absolute peak, the build up was amazing he was confident and loving life. He had the hunger to take on boxings greatest ever fighter and put up a decent performance. It all has gone dramatically wrong since unfortunately
Ben Wesley
Ben Wesley Hace un mes
In no way did he ever even stand a chance in that match. Floyd WANTED him to go the distance just to give Conor a little taste of true endurance.
Marston Box
Marston Box Hace 2 meses
@RIM03 he is
Marston Box
Marston Box Hace 2 meses
@New Evolex floyd is leagues above chavez and Mike lol. Floyds the goat and I love ali
Marston Box
Marston Box Hace 2 meses
@Mishael Espero floyd Is the greatest
RIM03 Hace 4 meses
"gReATeSt fiGhTeR eVEr" LMAO
Vitória Souza Paslandim
Mó nostalgia essa luta sdds eu fui dessa época queria tanto ver o Floyd de volta
Gabriel J
Gabriel J Hace 2 meses
Estava ansioso demais para essa luta, comentava direto sobre ela na escola kk
Andy Weingrad
Andy Weingrad Hace 5 meses
Jesus loves you
﹄SɪD﹃ Hace un año
days when floyd's caps used to be safe!!!!
Andy Weingrad
Andy Weingrad Hace 5 meses
Jesus loves you
D3 Hace 9 meses
N still ain't lost🤣🤣🤣👈🏿
James Biggins
James Biggins Hace un año
Connor's folks remained unharmed because of it. 😉
Lucas Vitullo
Lucas Vitullo Hace un año
it’s hat**
Kmtvs Hace un año
L.F.N.T. Hace 5 meses
Cuanta nostalgia 🥲 digan lo que digan esta pelea puso los focos otra vez en el boxeo, todo el show en las ruedas de prensa y como gente que nisiquiera era muy fanatica del boxeo o las mma se acercó a estos deportes, simplemente genial🔥🔥
August-b Hace un mes
Conor parece que fue tocado por dios, todo lo que toca lo convierte en oro, gane o pierda paraliza el mundo la semana de su combate
Bruce Daniel
Bruce Daniel Hace 4 meses
Impresionante físico de Floyd Mayweather, sin duda el.mejor boxeador y más disciplinado
Johnnie Andarilho
Johnnie Andarilho Hace 2 años
Isso é histórico.
Kold Edits
Kold Edits Hace un año
I like it how McGregor just screams and Floyd just stays queit
@ah mcgregor lost
MisteriousGuy Hace 5 meses
Black just got punked.
ah Hace 5 meses
@Thereis Nopandemic insecure black defending another black just for the sake of it haha
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo Hace 8 meses
@Thereis Nopandemic that’s funny you say that because in a real fight Floyd would literally cry and suck his thumb as Conor full mounts him and beats his brains in while waving to the crowd, or maybe even putting him in a submission. Floyd would literally never fight Conor in a real fight or an MMA match and force him to leave his element to come box which is just handicapped fighting lmao 🤣
Thereis Nopandemic
Thereis Nopandemic Hace 9 meses
@Native Jedi how so? MMA is not real fighting. It also has too many rules, it’s not No Holds barred anymore. In a real fight we have no idea who would win.
Bad beast
Bad beast Hace 2 años
Imagine if this was during the pandemic conor trash talking with mask on face 😂😂
Andy Weingrad
Andy Weingrad Hace 5 meses
Jesus loves you
Μάριος ΜερκούρηςMMA
instead of fooking we would get phooking
Phantom Custom
Phantom Custom Hace un año
Not gonna happen
Joel Emmanuel
Joel Emmanuel Hace un año
Mm no
Sohrab Moazami
Sohrab Moazami Hace un año
Just wait few more days now...🤓
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen Hace un año
Jesus. Conor believed so much in himself that he made me believe in him lol
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen Hace un año
@Samurai Cop gotta make that chedda
Mrcz Z
Mrcz Z Hace un año
Dudes a tool with basic boxing skills Watch Floyd growing up if you want off the charts self belief. One of the hardest working athletes ever
Samurai Cop
Samurai Cop Hace un año
I don’t think he cares whether or not you believe in him because the only thing he cares about is the money 💰.... 😂 😂 lol
poogaure Hace 4 meses
Floyd was trying so hard not to laugh 😂
CURRiY Hace 7 meses
This was the first and last UFC match I ever actually cared about. The build up by the media and UFC themselves for this fight was generational
Juzo3k Hace 7 meses
Josh Michael
Josh Michael Hace 2 años
Man I remember how hype I was for this fight this weigh in was entertaining asf
jackson pedro
jackson pedro Hace un año
Sensação sensacional
Random videos
Random videos Hace un año
After 3 years this is still iconic
AOCLIVE Hace 6 meses
How so it was a exhibition fight at best . A complete farce that served no purpose for either sport. Only fools thought Connor had a chance
Theodorus Hace 2 años
Dude, obviously floyd won that mental game round. He makes conor looks like the one who's trying too hard. Floyd doesn't even flinch when he faces up with him. What a legend..
King K. Rool
King K. Rool Hace 10 meses
I would be acting crazy like Conor too if I knew I was getting a massive payday like that. Conor knew he wasn't winning this fight but, he knew it was all worth it in the end.
Knivez Official
Knivez Official Hace 14 días
right mate, that massive pay check is all worth screaming for
Stephen Ndungu
Stephen Ndungu Hace 2 años
Floyd was silent coz he was busy celebrating his victory in his own head ..lol
a Hace 9 meses
@IBN_temp Lol the only advantage Conor has in the octagon is he can kick, and we both know he can't grapple
harshit shaeb
harshit shaeb Hace 11 meses
@Victor Starkiller Mayweather is calm cause he knows if it goes to a street fight up there right now he would be fucked up lol
AkA_DxxnieL Hace 11 meses
We all know that in mma mcgregor he kills floyd's black man
PatriotsFan12 Hace un año
George Gonzales
George Gonzales Hace un año
Mayweather pay all judge
Fatian Berisha
Fatian Berisha Hace 2 años
When I defeat the boss in a fighting game even though it killed me a hundred times: 3:09
Manav Thakur
Manav Thakur Hace un año
Monkey d luffy
Monkey d luffy Hace un año
That's a good one
Player unknown's Battle grounds
@Vlad yes. I would say I was rather immature at that time. I think I have some sense in me now. Sorry for using the Lenny face.
m77mmdd 1
m77mmdd 1 Hace un año
@egg love your name
Vlad Hace un año
@Player unknown's Battle grounds lenny face was unnecessary
Julio Tzoc Jr
Julio Tzoc Jr Hace un año
2:00 he didn’t want to tell Mayweather to stop moving so he told the camera man lol
Юра Hace un año
Rajat S
Rajat S Hace un año
Smart move right there
Obinna Odoemenam
Obinna Odoemenam Hace un año
On god
Evyn Shank
Evyn Shank Hace 2 años
this felt like it happened months ago, can’t beleive it’s been 3 years
TechOutAdam Hace un año
I'll always love the guy checking the weight, what a gangster.
Heauxmade Hace 5 años
I love how calm he's being. Unbothered. Save that energy for the fight b
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Hace 7 días
@Zacr bro floyd would get destroyed in a street fight
Raul Robledo
Raul Robledo Hace 5 meses
@Zacr Conor would eat Floyd in the street tf 😂😂😂
Elisir Melody
Elisir Melody Hace 7 meses
@harshit shaeb you are a comedian
harshit shaeb
harshit shaeb Hace 9 meses
@Zacr bro first of all a boxing stance is extremely easy to defeat by a knee stomp and as you are a boxing fan you probably don't know it so search and moreover Mayweather was never a heavy puncher . And if it was so floyd was angry and tried to punch jake when he took his hat but do nothing when conor put his hand on his bald head that to on stage . Floyd knew he would get fucked up
Zacr Hace 9 meses
@harshit shaeb bs two punches in street fights is enough for mayweather to eat him
shadowman Hace 2 años
3:13 and an iconic moment was born
Twitchy Hace 6 meses
Man. Only guy I’ve ever seen to win the face off against Mayweather
The Notorious
The Notorious Hace un año
Conor o melhor 🥊🔥🔥🔥
Javier Urtado
Javier Urtado Hace un año
Si floyd le pelea en ufc ganaria igual por que el boxeo es muy completo tambien
Rodney White
Rodney White Hace 2 años
All the glitz and glamour was well worth it. In the 4th and 6th rounds, Conor brought it but in the end it ended in a TKO but that TKO came late and the 2 men gave the people the entertainment they came to see during the 1st 9 rounds. It was well worth it.
Abhijit Kulkarni
Abhijit Kulkarni Hace 2 años
I wonder if they tried to make floyd come out of his comfort zone atleast a little bit, a bit lighter gloves or like fewer rounds. If this was a 6 round fight it would have been a completely different story
CyanPHD Hace un año
Even if it was no doubt Floyd would win i was still kind a hyped for McGregor ngl
Loredz Garvs
Loredz Garvs Hace un año
Paquiao to Floyd " His not care for the fans, he is care for himself, he is always one punch and ran, even people fans pay to watch action" a real talk from Manny
Alco Hace un año
@Loredz Garvs whomp whomp..
Loredz Garvs
Loredz Garvs Hace un año
@Ts plays bogus record boring fighter! It should be 45-5 idiot
Ts plays
Ts plays Hace un año
YK S Hace un año
We need this McGregor back ffs
AVERAGE MAN Hace 2 años
These weigh ins are so funny and massively entertaining
Doug Vito
Doug Vito Hace 2 años
Conor was certainly happy to see Floyd!!
baby hulk • comment 3 years ago
2:48 even without shoes Conor still taller than Floyd
Mark Hace 4 meses
I remember this like it was yesterday. Crazy it has been 4 years already.
Fight4Freedom Hace 5 años
Thanks Floyd for all the years of entertainment in boxing. Love him or hate him he brought us true boxing entertainment . The best in the sport of sweet science
Alejandro Constantino Aguilar
Simplemente señorita alguien que corre,,señor de guerra alguien que sale a conquistar y a fajarse cómo hombre
Jovan P
Jovan P Hace 11 meses
Floyd was like: Kid, you don't know what's gonna hit ya! 😁
Mace2GO RC
Mace2GO RC Hace 2 años
Man Mayweather was in hella good shape.
Bliss Ventura
Bliss Ventura Hace un año
Man, anyone you put after Floyd is instantly loved by the crowd no matter who it is lmao
Tech Hace un año
unless you're Jake Paul
Brian H. Stein
Brian H. Stein Hace 9 meses
And Floyd took care of business as the true professional!!
SendeeApp Hace un año
Great achievement Mr. Conor McGregor!.Greetings from Hungary!
Gonçalo Nunes
Gonçalo Nunes Hace un año
If there was a competition for weigh in face offs connor would win every time
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain Hace un año
Prime Mike Tyson
Antilio Soares neto
Antilio Soares neto Hace 2 años
Eles tinham que fazer uma luta no estilo vale tudo agora ! Já imaginou ?
Emerson Fittipaldi
Emerson Fittipaldi Hace un año
Coitado do MC Gregory mal ele sabia quê ia perder a luta
Angel Sandate
Angel Sandate Hace un año
We need something like this again
Meet Shah
Meet Shah Hace un año
Mayweather s smile says everything 😂😁😍👌
Tabom Gamdik
Tabom Gamdik Hace un año
Ahhh The good old days ...
David J
David J Hace 5 años
Why were so many Mcgregor fans so delusional? You have the best from one sport (mixed martial arts) fighting the best from another sport (boxing), but with boxing rules. People were talking like Mcgregor would knockout Mayweather-who had gone 49 fights and never lost. Many of those fights were against top tier boxers as well. Think about that-no losses throughout 49 different fights. Obviously Mayweather knows how to control his stamina and use strategy and boxing IQ to his advantage. At the end of the day, you have two GREAT combat sport athletes who put on a show for the world. It was really cool to see Mcgregor and Mayweather hug it out in the end. I have always respected Mcgregor because of his humbleness in defeat. Mayweather also giving props to Mcgregor was great to see. These guys will definitely be friends after this. They are more similar than people think. Anyway, it would be really cool to see Mcgregor come back and win a boxing match against someone else-maybe Paulie? :P Just wish UFC and boxing fans could be more reasonable and respectful. Here's to a great fight and to some legendary fighters!
Sui Hace 6 meses
@Mr Lim of the time Conor was arguably pfp 1
Mr Lim
Mr Lim Hace 3 años
Since when Conor was the best of MMA? Not even in top 10 in the history. Best trash talker maybe
farhsn abshir
farhsn abshir Hace 4 años
Marx Stewart Mamhot shut up kid
Marx Stewart Mamhot
Marx Stewart Mamhot Hace 5 años
David J lol he's not undefeated for the eye of the people.. What about Marcos maidana,Oscar dela hoya Manny paquiao and castillon against gayweather clearly won the fight.. Boxing is corrupt it should be 46-4 record
Turn Tables Have They
Since when was McGregor the best in the UFC. Very debatable that he's not even top 10 of all time and the UFC doesn't have a long history.
Ayersush7 Hace 9 meses
The man was like " Stop movin, back Tf up" 😂😂😂😂
The Home of Boxing
The Home of Boxing Hace 2 años
Abhishek Birla
Abhishek Birla Hace un año
Need this type of patience in 2021 .
Ezekiel Galang Vlogs
Imagine that kind of hype from mcgregor but against pacquaio. And pacquaio just smiling , goosebumpsss
Joan Cardines
Joan Cardines Hace un año
never gonna step in the same ring pacquaio is standing, I'mma just go home and sleep
Jordan Martinez
Jordan Martinez Hace 2 años
Floyd looks so different from his first wrestlemania
ĆHRIŚ-DÜFFER -71 Hace 2 años
My Favourite part was @3:10 😂
Irish Curse 412
Irish Curse 412 Hace 11 meses
I'm still waiting for a rematch but in a UFC match but Floyd won't do it
jalan takbuntu
jalan takbuntu Hace 2 años
I am Khabib fan, not McGregor fan, but I feel bad for McGregor in this fight.. Just bring us their second fight, but in UFC rules..so that's will be fair!
Liz P
Liz P Hace 5 años
McGregor sure was excited to be there ;)
somkid keawsrikhow
somkid keawsrikhow Hace 7 meses
manaharav Hace 2 años
We love ♥️ you too Elizabeth.
Conor McGregor Fan
Conor McGregor Fan Hace 2 años
Optimus Gatron
Optimus Gatron Hace 2 años
Connor McBonner
xikezy Hace 3 años
Nomon Munir what package
Akshit Sharma
Akshit Sharma Hace un año
''"Action speaks louder than words ""
VICΞ Hace un año
It had me dying that the dude with the sunglasses was laughing when mcgregor began to fool around
Lupillo Sandoval
Lupillo Sandoval Hace un año
Joseph Ingram
Joseph Ingram Hace un año
That mans was packing some HEATT
Daniel Felipe
Daniel Felipe Hace un año
Conor: "get your hands off me I'll break your nose right here ". 😂
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Hace 4 meses
Crazy Floyd looks considerably taller 🤔
Héctor Diaz
Héctor Diaz Hace un año
Muy buena pelea
KuroBushi Hace un año
Floyd knew what will happen
ٴ Hace 2 años
Why is conor 🙌🏻 And floyd is 👌🏻
Captain Jack Sparrow
G.O.A.T of events
Samir Fountain
Samir Fountain Hace un año
Imagine being undefeated and still no one cheers for you
Haamu Hace un año
Both of them won money wise. Both were so smart how they planned this.
Sportsgirl Paris
Sportsgirl Paris Hace 2 años
Am I the only one who still can’t believe this match even happened
M Hace 3 años
Conor: You can't read Logan: You don't know math
rahman kasmi
rahman kasmi Hace un año
@shush 😂😂😂
shush Hace un año
And they both ended up losing
WorldOfWonder Persian
@Jason and thats funny how they both lost the match vs their black opponent....i love KSI and i like mayweather😂
M Hace 2 años
@MUFC What are you talking about? Nobody is even talking about soccer. And football has soccer beat in america, if it was international like soccer it would be superior in numbers.
Eternal Sioana
Eternal Sioana Hace 2 años
@Conor McGregor Fan man version of crackhead kid
Michael Nabimanya
Michael Nabimanya Hace un año
i can see how people wanted Floyd to lose
Theyhatecam Hace 2 años
The sad thing about it is that he did all that and still lost
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Hace 5 meses
dude how is floyd so insanely shredded at 40 something years old
One of the major factor for defeated cornor is that the energy GE safe for the last n when conor is energy less thn he did wat he wanted. His coach told him all that I think it was a planning..but nyc
Shivam Dhir
Shivam Dhir Hace un año
3:09 person behind is enjoying the most😂
Just an issac newton Who has internet access
So no ones gonna talk about something bulging out of conour...
One Direction Forever
73l925 Hace un año
lmao i noticed that
Mathías Ovelar
Mathías Ovelar Hace un año
I didn't laugh until I see your comment bro, thx for the laughs 🤣🤣
Jigen Otsutsuki
Jigen Otsutsuki Hace 2 años
Ahora lleven a Floyd a la mma
notorious ayemi
notorious ayemi Hace un año
Poor Floyd 😂 made millions but he will never forget this
Keannu Vazquez
Keannu Vazquez Hace 2 años
Imagine Floyd choosing this fight over a rematch on Pacquiao.
Matthew Patterson
Matthew Patterson Hace 7 meses
Why fight someone who he already decisively beat..
Conceive Believeachieve
I feel sorry for mcgregor haters
magniis Hace 10 meses
Still one of the best
Rober Hace 2 años
McGregor with his performance as always... and after being McTap out also as always.
GÖKHAN Aydin Hace un año
Şu adamın boksu ufc ye göre gerçekten iyi hakkını yemem ancak tazmanya canavarı gibi olmak nedir 😂
the boi
the boi Hace 2 años
Finally a fighter that's calm even tho his opponent screams and trash talks in his face Respect 🙏
Burner Account
Burner Account Hace 2 años
That's most fighters
Rakesh Pal
Rakesh Pal Hace un año
Conor would be one of the craziest fighter in ufc history
Angelo Nuñez coaguila
Ambos son buenos luchadores con actitudes similares como la soberbia arrogancia y el orgullo .. pero el que me cae re pesado es ese floyd me alegro el dia en el el que big show lo aplasto con su enorme pie
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 Hace 2 años
Good times 😎
Akshat Chaudhari
Akshat Chaudhari Hace 5 años
Beautiful fight by both. Mcgregor boxed beuatifully but Floyd comeback or rather the strategy to finish it at stretch reigned supreme. Thanks Flyod and Conor and cograts to flyod for 50-0 perfect record. Still a mcgregor fan
Raghu Rajaram
Raghu Rajaram Hace 3 meses
lol u dont understand the sport whatsoeverr...mcgregor boxed beautifully lmao..........man i swear people talk just to talk.....or to sound intelligent...
kacper kacper
kacper kacper Hace un año
Mcgregor's screams at the end was a change into SSj2 (dragon ball), in the days he was supposed to be a multi-millionaire. He's completely crazy. xD
Tre Napier
Tre Napier Hace 8 meses
Everyone knows Floyd bet on himself and made it go to the round it did...
T.T.R Hace un año
nlawson2004 Hace 2 años
Connor seems intimidated by Floyd here. And having to always play up to your image of being Mr Hype all the time gets draining and just comes off as overcompensating.
be_regular Hace un año
For the best viewing experience, watch the post fight press conference immediately after...
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores Hace 11 meses
He couldn't break Mayweather in the stare down the fight was a joke don't get me wrong but at that moment when he couldn't get floyd to break is when you all shoulda known floyd was too composed for him
Mauricio Rosado
Mauricio Rosado Hace 2 años
Quería llorar mayweather
Jaan Paul
Jaan Paul Hace 2 años
lol it’s so funny cuz floyd may weather is literally 15 years older than him and still looks as good
Archie Sutherland
Archie Sutherland Hace un año
@Bryant 1980 ,more money in boxing
Bryant 1980
Bryant 1980 Hace un año
Conor have the guts to challenge him in boxing ring I wish mayweather would go UFC with Conor be fun to watch mayweather is boring to watch in boxing ring
Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone Hace 2 años
Connor did what nobody thought he could do. Win a round or 2 against the GOAT in another sport.
Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone Hace un año
@V A idk who “Y’all” is lol. I thought Connor would lose easily. But he did way better than the “experts” said he would
V A Hace un año
But Y’all said he was gonna KO Floyd before the fight 🤡
Sunny Bove
Sunny Bove Hace 2 años
McGregor sure was excited to be there ;)
Tales de mileto
Tales de mileto Hace un año
3:11 en ese momento Floyd se iso en los pantalones
La maria belem mundialista ⚽
Marcelo - skills
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