FNF Character Test | Gameplay VS Minecraft Animation | Bunzo Bunny (Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)

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FNF Character Test | Gameplay VS Minecraft Animation | Bunzo Bunny Mommy Long Legs (FNF Mod) (Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)

In this video, you will see my test of characters from different mods that are compared to the gameplay for Friday Night Funkin' in playground mode with their music. I hope you enjoy it!

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19 may 2022






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Jack jello 101
Jack jello 101 Hace 28 días
Glad they made this into fnf, bunzo is a creepy character, but in my opinion the flower would be cooler, yet again the flower wasn't very menacing.
Noval Chan
Noval Chan Hace 21 un día
They should make the buttons glow so you can somewhat remember the pattern of the button
SMToon Story
Fun fact: mommy is holding gf
Anyone gonna talk about that the blue hand in this mod can’t hit the blue button and the green hand can’t hit the green button.
Gustavo Salazar
“ A que admitir que realizar este tipo de edición fomenta un largo tiempo de edición y esfuerzo laboral , me encanto el resultado final , esta increíble y a disfrutar el video ✨✨💙🎶🎶🎤🔪💕🔴🟢🔵🟣🌈🟡🟠🟤🐰🐰💛💛”
Ed Sanchez
Bunzo's vocals sound like another character from a fnf mod
IsadoraPlayz Hace 21 un día
i have no words.
Åñyã Ehhhhh...
Why does that look so hard to memorize when it's going fast 😭😭
knightmarshmallow Hace 21 un día
the fact that I got an ad for Bunzo bunny except it was on the App Store is just cool-
Dev Aadeep
I like how bfs model is soo smooth
позитив чел
It's just unrealistically cool!!!
Deez nuts
Now the real musical memory begins
SMToon Neptune
It's comedy is very interesting👌🙂
Алиса Лисова
Как я люблю видео с Бонзо!❤️❤️ты короче так клёво все монтируешь я в шоке!!!!!!😳😳😳🙂🙂но зато интересные
Tyson and his friends do stupid things
Tbh we need this on the internet to install
Я эту игру обожаю
yes Hace 28 días
Probably the most hardest fnf challenge
{Devil Tap}
💖💙💚❤ Which Color Did Bunzo Pick?
I love this alr 👌 I love bunzo I think it’s amazing how ur making a mod
I like the part
Vs Bozo Bunni FNF Mod