Foals - Late Night (Official Video)

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Official video for Late Night by Foals
The new album WHAT WENT DOWN featuring "London Thunder," "A Knife In The Ocean," "Mountain At My Gates" & "What Went Down" is out now: foals.co.uk.
Directed by NABIL


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12 mar 2013






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benbachir zaki
benbachir zaki Hace 9 días
ill never get tierd of the solo
Paulo edson Góes
Paulo edson Góes Hace 12 días
ron malka
ron malka Hace 13 días
Gabriel Portuguez
Gabriel Portuguez Hace 13 días
Ustedes son los mejores😢😢
patrick kelly
patrick kelly Hace 16 días
sure theres porn in the video... if you actully watch it
Петр Иванов
Петр Иванов Hace 17 días
Brother, from Donetsk People Republic
Петр Иванов
Петр Иванов Hace 17 días
Отель жизни, это круто)))
Praiseworthy Nobleman
Praiseworthy Nobleman Hace 18 días
Sex -> Give Birth -> Life = Trouble = Depression -> Suicide -> Repeat. "That what is lives about."
Hamit Yomaz
Hamit Yomaz Hace 28 días
Akram Refes
Akram Refes Hace un mes
Solomun brought me here
Mega Line
Mega Line Hace un mes
Wee Troon
Wee Troon Hace un mes
Ohhh the sex is goddd. Me and my girlfriend we both agree.
CAMZ. 16
CAMZ. 16 Hace un mes
Fix me and my baby
CAMZ. 16
CAMZ. 16 Hace un mes
We need to fix this
CAMZ. 16
CAMZ. 16 Hace un mes
Suicide is a fucking issue
olena mama
olena mama Hace 2 meses
Русские вперед!!!!
jaouadi iheb
jaouadi iheb Hace 2 meses
Huslen Tumenbaigal
Huslen Tumenbaigal Hace 2 meses
MacGyver Eletro Santiago
Mó depressão porra e mó gostosa no começo acho k vi um peitinho
Andre Luis
Andre Luis Hace 2 meses
Algum Br por aqui? 2019?
Javi Torres
Javi Torres Hace 2 meses
La mejor canción de Foals!
N. Borges
N. Borges Hace un mes
De que país sos?
Kristina Blagoeva
Kristina Blagoeva Hace 3 meses
Love love love❤️❤️❤️
Steffany Bruna
Steffany Bruna Hace 3 meses
2019 muito foda esse som
Villa03 Villabona
Villa03 Villabona Hace 3 meses
Me encanta 💗
0 AA 0
0 AA 0 Hace 3 meses
Xvideos theme?
Wow just realized they truncated the solo in this...
The Real Gooseman
The Real Gooseman Hace 3 meses
One of the best songs i know, strong lyrics and very good sound. Please give us more of this. Thanks Foals!
Heaven's Gate member
Не знаю, что за пиздец я только что посмотрела, но давать месту, где такая хуйня происходит, русское название-это символично
André Brito
André Brito Hace 3 meses
Solomun remix it is much better
Zsolt Kubicsek
Zsolt Kubicsek Hace 4 meses
gacha sakura area 56
I love foals I am I am 10
Albert Foster
Albert Foster Hace 4 meses
i thouth this was a seafreat song lol
Bay Sonunbek
Bay Sonunbek Hace 5 meses
очень стильно
Mark Hambleton
Mark Hambleton Hace 5 meses
sad but true i will end my life today i have nothing
11secondeclipse Hace 5 meses
Wooh... how did they get away with showing full titty but had to censor a man's butt. lol I'm not complaining... just the parts I wanted to see. lol
Tarek Ghazouani
Tarek Ghazouani Hace 5 meses
Good job bro
Paul Dooley
Paul Dooley Hace 5 meses
Wow. What a emotionl video I was not prepared for this 😂😢
Costin C.Costin
Costin C.Costin Hace 5 meses
Pure song 👍
donskelo Hace 5 meses
Sasha brought me here
SPIDYQDA Hace 5 meses
Someone still listening this masterpiece?? :,v
дима вольский
нормально тока не достатоно ума ахахахахахахахахаххахахахахахаха у короче брат дау(н)
tiffany Vanlengen
tiffany Vanlengen Hace 6 meses
Robby Graham
Robby Graham Hace 6 meses
And the music Video Director's credit?
kasia kasia
kasia kasia Hace 6 meses
you want sex but you can not have it, so you're going to hang up and go to hell cose u was born this way baby. ;(
Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez Hace 6 meses
The Solomun Remix needs to be im Forza & The Original version can be in Need For Speed GTA & The Crew
Mitchell Muñoz
Mitchell Muñoz Hace 6 meses
Excelente musica foals los mejores
Sadoon Zahid
Sadoon Zahid Hace 6 meses
Thankyou foals
Beardy Ry
Beardy Ry Hace 6 meses
Arguably Foals greatest tracks,outro is fantastic no band since GNR can do outros as good as Foals.
CrossFire Hace 6 meses
Это, пожалуй, один из самых запоминающихся клипов, что я когда-либо видел. Видеоряд просто гениальный. Сто баллов.
Gustavo Gomes
Gustavo Gomes Hace 7 meses
Oh, I hope that you are somebody Someone I could count To pull me to my feet again When I was in doubt Oh now Mama, do you hear me? I'm calling out your name Oh now Mama, do you hear me? Calling out your name Calling out your name Now I'm the last cowboy in this town Empty veins and my plastic broken crown They said I swam the sea that ran around They said I once was lost but now I'm truly found And I know the place another way I feel, I feel no shame Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear? It's coming after me I'm calling out your name I'm calling out your name And I know the place another way I feel, I feel no shame Oh now Mama, do you hear my fear? It's coming after me I'm calling out your name
GARYPUSSY Hace 7 meses
Thank the lord for SHAZAM
Nose Fract
Nose Fract Hace 7 meses
Nu, si tu m'entends, MERCI !
Lucie Blop
Lucie Blop Hace 7 meses
Toujours une joie de partager avec toi des sons et des images ma petite murène <3
Krichs Hace 7 meses
Tu cause vraiment trop fort !
Chris Olly
Chris Olly Hace 7 meses
....30 august 2017....
тут смешно
тут смешно Hace 7 meses
MrBati122 Hace 7 meses
Solomun brought me here.
Diana Paola Aranguren
Diego Saavedra
Diego Saavedra Hace 7 meses
The forever so popular duality of life and death
Moni L. Garcia
Moni L. Garcia Hace 7 meses
I get it... LIFE IS BREAD, LIFE IS MADE,,, AND LIFE IS TAKEN !------------# well done📿💛🙏
Moni L. Garcia
Moni L. Garcia Hace 7 meses
Love the song!!!!!! And the video📿💥💔
Dan Gordon
Dan Gordon Hace 7 meses
Best foals song? Impossible to say, they’re all incredible
BrettSV 12
BrettSV 12 Hace 7 meses
Underrated band x1000000000
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