FOALS - Mountain At My Gates [Official Music Video] (GoPro Spherical)

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Watch the “Mountain At My Gates” music video at 4K on desktop or 720p on mobile devices.
Directed by NABIL for United Realities united-realities.com
Shot 100% on the GoPro HERO camera from GoPro.com.
GoPro spherical content requires Google Chrome or the ESvid App on Mobile. View in Google Chrome and use AWSD keys or your mouse to move around.
Check out the GoPro Behind the Scenes video here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-TO-m3exi27M.html
The new album WHAT WENT DOWN featuring "London Thunder," "A Knife In The Ocean," "Mountain At My Gates" & "What Went Down" is out now: foals.co.uk.
Connect with Foals:
Instagram: instagram.com/foals
Twitter: twitter.com/foals
Facebook: facebook.com/foals
Tumblr: wearefoals.tumblr.com


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29 jul 2015






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Brayan Jaramillo Ortega
It's Me
It's Me Hace 12 horas
Love the random dog that shows up and barks at 1:51. Love this song.
Enrique villalobos
Enrique villalobos Hace 16 horas
Omg wow ilusination perfect y loved the effect
Rnrn n jjnj
Rnrn n jjnj Hace 19 horas
hly sht, he has so many twins
ciscokid USMC
ciscokid USMC Hace 21 un hora
This is cool
Gamingwith Wadi3
Gamingwith Wadi3 Hace un día
Lets be honest, most of us are here from fifa 16 it had great music Like if from 2019 and later
TIKA FIRMAN Hace 3 días
Nicole Maria
Nicole Maria Hace 8 días
so freaking cool
David Bone
David Bone Hace 10 días
uy no que mierd esta es la clase de musica que escucharia esa perra que boleta webon
Elton Gordon
Elton Gordon Hace 10 días
I barely see any Fifa 16 fans in the comments. What’s going on guys?
Putri Nerefi Ardi
Putri Nerefi Ardi Hace 10 días
This video is sick meeennn
jane doe
jane doe Hace 17 días
Cool! You can move around in the video! (Look up in the sky, look at the ground, turn in different directions.....)....and to the tune of a jammin' song...sweet
Thiago Otaviani Vidal
Thiago Otaviani Vidal Hace 18 días
I fucking in love with this song. Can't stop listening.
Sanja Savic
Sanja Savic Hace 19 días
Amazing video
Sanja Savic
Sanja Savic Hace 19 días
🌹 Beautiful 💖💖💖2019
andrea garcia
andrea garcia Hace 20 días
It's awesome to watch this at work in my swivel chair spinning around and my co-workers looking at me like an idiot but I don't care. Love this song!!! ❤️
Rob Disipherer
Rob Disipherer Hace 19 días
Keep spinning girl , your equated masterbations probably don't alarm other workers , me either .
Raymond Huffman
Raymond Huffman Hace 20 días
Clever video
meme ster
meme ster Hace 21 un día
This guy looks like mysterio from the new spider man far from home lol
Eric Hoffman
Eric Hoffman Hace 23 días
God this song rocks
Fhahim Rahmat
Fhahim Rahmat Hace 23 días
FIFA brought me here.
Christian Miranda
Christian Miranda Hace 23 días
Adrian Gospodaru
Adrian Gospodaru Hace 24 días
Good music is so underrated ...
German Fonseca CAMARGO
buen vídeo !! pero en las escaleras del lugar esta morfeo de matrix jejeej
Marisa Payne
Marisa Payne Hace un mes
Am I the only one that noticed the dog?
Clinton Ochoro
Clinton Ochoro Hace un mes
2019..2020...fuckin 2030,,shits still a classic💯💯💯
Matt Guitar
Matt Guitar Hace un mes
Nayan 20786
Nayan 20786 Hace un mes
2:20 my favorite part of this song starts
Cindy Hernández
Cindy Hernández Hace un mes
I love it 😍😍❣️
El vato del barrio
El vato del barrio Hace un mes
Not only Alisson is a good keeper, he's a great singer
Mahfujur Rahman Rifat
This used to be my most favourite soundtrack in FIFA16 :')
Matheus Lopes
Matheus Lopes Hace un mes
Mario Kart double Dash sherbet land= this
Diana Roche
Diana Roche Hace un mes
WhAaaaa. So cool foals
Shivani 123
Shivani 123 Hace un mes
Heard this on Bbc New Blood and loved it so much 😘
Rick Kelley
Rick Kelley Hace un mes
This virtual reality video is pretty fucking cool!!!
bevrosity Hace un mes
i think im about to hurl. stop the ride i wanna get off!
Chris Pawlak
Chris Pawlak Hace un mes
Anyone figure out who those two guys are on the stairs?
Mystic stickman
Mystic stickman Hace un mes
Only kinda just discovered foals what a nube always thought I kept it game tight there the best pure quality!!
Lchin MirAch
Lchin MirAch Hace un mes
Marchant2 Hace un mes
This band intensifies each song as good as anyone.
Kimmy Fangirl
Kimmy Fangirl Hace un mes
Y’all I thought it was my weed moving the video dude tf I love that
cäio cesär
cäio cesär Hace un mes
Amr Hamdy
Amr Hamdy Hace un mes
I have realized that this music is really interesting
Oleh Horovoi
Oleh Horovoi Hace un mes
I dreaming to see you on the atlas weekend pleeeeease
8menincostume Hace un mes
Take on challenges, plateau to see another mountain, then risk it by planning to reach new heights
Blake SD
Blake SD Hace un mes
Memories from when I was 17. Now, I’m 20. I just want to cry. :)
Samara Herrería
Samara Herrería Hace un mes
are all those birds real?
Broken Native
Broken Native Hace un mes
I saw the foals in 07 in a gig with about 100 people in, it was one of the best nights of my life 🖤
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace un mes
F u if it's a problem. 4 u.
lelio422 Hace 2 meses
Wow. This is incredible the song and the video features.
Aşkın Koç
Aşkın Koç Hace 2 meses
what a nice song
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace 2 meses
Show me a foothill.....
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace 2 meses
What a Great tume
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace 2 meses
Give me some CV time.
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace 2 meses
Oh oh oh.
candice bachelder
candice bachelder Hace 2 meses
Such a great video. I come back here from time to time, just to watch it. Spin around....
Marita Ruiz
Marita Ruiz Hace 2 meses
Esto es muy hermoso 😍
Evangel Hace 2 meses
I could play with this all day.
jimmie ray
jimmie ray Hace 2 meses
this tore gloats a new one !!!
Cayden Doherty
Cayden Doherty Hace 2 meses
This song makes me feel weird memories and I don’t know how I feel about it.
Rio Rio
Rio Rio Hace 2 meses
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