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Theorists, by now most of us have seen the videos by @Eddy Burback and @Ted Nivison . They inspired me to take my own trip to a Rainforest Café, so while I was out of the country I went to the one in Paris! No, not for the food or the ambiance. For. The. LORE! That's right. I needed to find out if this theme restaurant had any hidden lore and, Theorist, I think it may just be the next FNAF. Yes, you read that right. Let's go!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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Ted Nivison
Ted Nivison Hace un mes
I’m happy to see my idea of driving to every Rainforest Cafe in the USA blossom into a global phenomenon
Alec Lawson
Alec Lawson Hace 10 días
It was honestly inspiring how you guys faced so much nonsense and still managed to pull through
Joe Henson
Joe Henson Hace 13 días
Be glad you are getting free advertising
Zan Hace 17 días
Discreet Man
Discreet Man Hace 22 días
LifeButisAHope Hace 23 días
Light up the part MY Idea lmao
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback Hace un mes
thank you for going to another one so I don't have to
💌Møri kid💌
💌Møri kid💌 Hace 3 días
Sussy baka
Sussy baka Hace 18 días
ITS YOu!?😮
Bobby6453 Hace 23 días
You should go to every rainforest cafe in the world
Steven John Flores
Steven John Flores Hace 24 días
​@Canyonforgot to change accounts LOL
Golden Ares
Golden Ares Hace 27 días
The duality of man. Eddy has resentment, Ned had pride.
Sen Yuk
Sen Yuk Hace un mes
This episode is just full of surprises, Matt went to Paris, Oli speaks like he runs the Theory channels and I just learned in tandem about American history and the benefit of a fake forest chain restaurant on the psychee
D Bone
D Bone Hace 10 días
His speech pattern was exactly like Mats. Loved it.
Amora Acho
Amora Acho Hace 27 días
I mean both of his parents are really smart so I feel like he’d pick up on things easily. They probably take time to teach him stuff too
I.D. Hace 28 días
And not to mention the fact that these restaurants are dying out, which makes me real sad
WintersHollow DescendentsOfMist
Definitely not what I expected but I wasn’t disappointed
ArthurPC7 Hace un mes
I was expecting a creepy traumatizing theory, instead I got a sweet and beautiful theory, thanks matpat
Stephen Schiffman
Stephen Schiffman Hace 16 días
Yeah, same. I was expecting "Rainforest Cafe secretly has terrifying hidden lore deep in the children's menus", not "How Rainforest Cafe made an LGBT kid realize it was okay to be himself."
I.D. Hace 28 días
It was just as wholesome as visiting an actual Rainforest Cafe
Sherry Johnson
Sherry Johnson Hace un mes
i eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
David Sabados
David Sabados Hace un mes
We all know that Ollie is eventually going to take over all the Theory channels when he gets older. Keep adding him in, MatPat!
Revolution In the dark
Âriš •
Âriš • Hace un mes
When my cousin survived cancer, our entire family went to Disney to celebrate. One night we ate at the rainforest cafe. My family was the only ones who had already eaten there, so I watched them experience all the lovely chaos for the first time. Special memories I’ll never forget
Âriš •
Âriš • Hace 24 días
@Anoyint it was the most magical Disney experience I’ve ever had. When we took a family photo on Main Street, the morning show was just finished up, and fireworks launched into the air. Our photos had litteral fireworks framing the castle behind us.
Anoyint Hace 24 días
that sounds like an amazing time. Especially after such a serious experience it's great to get a little silly.
Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!
That’s so sweet. I’m glad your cousin’s okay now!
Julie Lakey
Julie Lakey Hace un mes
When the rainforest cafe here in kansas city closed i felt a part of me go with it. I still have a plate from them i got when i was 5. Its my favorite piece of dishware. I miss it and think of it often. It was unapologetically odd and i was always facinated by the thunderstorms and animatronics. I hated chuckie cheeses but thr rainforest cafe was an escape. One day i will drive myself to a rainforest cafe.
El_gato Hace un mes
I need to know to lay my childhood to rest
El_gato Hace un mes
I need to know the food quality
El_gato Hace un mes
You must
Nina Hace un mes
"Rainforest cafe hasn't so much as spawned a single nightmare" I beg to differ: it was through watching this video that I realized just how much this place still appears in my dreams after going to the one that used to be in San Francisco just a couple of times as a small child. Usually in a bad context too.
Danny Pipe Wrench
Danny Pipe Wrench Hace 29 días
Dreams are fascinating. I have been having very different dreams for the last few days, but they all have the same plot and characters. Me, a girl I know, and some activity we would have likely both happened to be in. So far, it has had such settings as: VEX Robotics Competition (we are both involved in amateur recreational engineering for children) Taking a college aptitude test, like SAT or ACT Shopping at Wallmart
iAMwhatIamK Hace 28 días
Little Ollie being part of the intro and then Mat reassuring him during the thunder is so cute; way to go there, Dad. Also, totally screaming over the shout out to your hometown Mat and the amazing river that caught fire twice. As a Medina native myself, it’s always fun to here those bits about you talking about your childhood home.
MysterySteve Hace un mes
The Rainforest Cafe will always be one of my favourite restaurants. It beautifully and LOUDLY announces to you how much it doesn't give a crap what your standards for a normal restaurant are, and commits to the fun idea they had all the way through.
DuckMonster Hace un mes
It’s so cute how Ollie mimicks his dads expression and tone when talking about food theory and his videos. It’s so sweet, ollie is definitely going to be a good theorist like his father!
Cinnabunny Hace 26 días
I didn’t know he has a son, he’s so cute 🥹
Mint limeade
Mint limeade Hace 27 días
@Da Epic DoGe I mean, you can still watch the anime 🫠
Trash-Panda Hace un mes
@Valen gezuntheit
Da Epic DoGe
Da Epic DoGe Hace un mes
@gabby Guess I'll never get into MHA now...
gabby Hace un mes
@sharkshakes im on mobile. You’re so unnecessarily rude, your bakugou pfp really suits you!! He’s dead in the manga, btw 🤭
Eyoshin The Maximum
This wasn't really a theory, but I like it, I like just hearing history lessons from Matpat disguised as evidence for a theory
Tag_ Draws
Tag_ Draws Hace un mes
Came here expecting a creepy lore theory, left with tears in my eyes and nostalgic memories of the two times I went to a rainforest cafe, one as a baby, another one as a preteen
NB 1224
NB 1224 Hace un mes
I never realized the Rainforest Cafe that's like, a 15 minute drive for me is the only one in my state. Also, protip, Saturdays are the busiest day, so if you want the best service, go on a weekday. Found that out from applying for a job there. Also, for those of you at Animal Kingdom at Disney World Orlando, the Yak and Yeti resturant is actually a sister location to Rainforest Cafe. (Cue "The More You Know" graphic"
Autobots1342 Hace un mes
Hey mat.. hope after the "parents stuff" incident, you guys are doing okay 🙂 hope for the best - Horcus P.S. love ur vids
kk84 kk84
kk84 kk84 Hace un mes
Matpat: this was surprisingly expensive. Stephanie: the “lore” here could pay for our eats. Ollie: - takes notes.
UHM Hace un mes
Imagine Daly
Imagine Daly Hace un mes
Actually, there’s more lore to this then it seems. One of the characters there Tracy the magical talking tree has an entire creepy pasta to it. Not to mention how creepy this entire place can be, it’s worth mentioning that it makes sense for a murder to take place there. The story is told like this, a girl and her friend are in the mall late at night with her little brother when her friend decides to go into the building after hours even though it’s closed. Her friend is suspicious of doing so but decides to go anyways. They enter the creepy restaurant and start to hear whispering from the talking “magical” tree Tracy. Her friend goes up to it and is shocked by what she hears. Afterwards her friend immediately decides she wants to be taken home and is found dead the next day. Traumatized, her friend refuses to ever go to that rainforest cafe but a few years later understands what the tree said. It was a warning to those who listen about when they will die. Apparently her friend knew about dying that next day. Credits to Jessii Vee
nohbdyz3 Hace un mes
Burback has some great videos. The rainforest Cafe and Morbius videos were a combination adventure/descent into madness. Great fun.
Rat pack
Rat pack Hace 27 días
I loved this restaurant as a kid and tried to go to it every trip and I still do. I love these theories too.
Donirexian Hace un día
I used to love going inside the San Francisco one when I was younger, my family never got to actually eat inside but I wish we could’ve before it closed. There really should be more bizarre themed restaurants in the US cause they’re awesome.
LittleGhast Hace un mes
I went in expecting lore like “oh no someone died” or “the food was terrible” But Instead I got a history of a restaurant and a life lesson
Trash-Panda Hace un mes
@Jerome Jeffcoat Your not a well made video
it Hace un mes
@im sacred better call bot
Anita Collins
Anita Collins Hace un mes
Me too. I went in thinking the animals were possesed by dead kids or something
JellyBean Artist
JellyBean Artist Hace un mes
Jacko Catacomb
Jacko Catacomb Hace un mes
@Jerome Jeffcoat ok
Odin Angie
Odin Angie Hace un mes
This is more of a video essay than a "theory" and I'm honestly all for it.
theo labbate
theo labbate Hace un mes
Glad to see you in France, MatPat ! I love the Rainforest Café, and even more so the Billy Bob's, where a friend of mine used to work, may he rest in peace !
R H Hace un mes
Growing up as Mat's kid must feel like your Dad is either a detective or a treasure hunter they way he finds mysteries in anything
Death de corvid
Death de corvid Hace un mes
Your a wholesome guy and your family is just goals, keep up the great work papa
쀵쀵귀염이 Hace un mes
I love how Matt and Stephanie are more interested and intrigued by Rainforest Cafe than Ollie himself is 😂😭
Galey Luu
Galey Luu Hace un mes
Ollie is definitely Mat’s boy alright…
Evie 0h
Evie 0h Hace un mes
Honestly that’s usually how it normally goes for most things like this 😂
ジン || Gene
ジン || Gene Hace un mes
Lauren Leddy
Lauren Leddy Hace un mes
He's so cute tho he so little and sweet
Steven Chua
Steven Chua Hace un mes
Well, it IS the dad's idea to go to the rainforest cafe 😂
Elizabeth Niño
Elizabeth Niño Hace 27 días
When I was younger, there was a Rainforest Café in Chicago that my family took me to every once in a while. Unfortunately it closed during the pandemic, but what I wouldn’t give to revisit that specific location just to see it again. I’m glad to see the Rainforest Café also lives on in other peoples’ hearts, and now Ollie’s, too
Ragan31687 Hace 23 días
I love the differences between Eddy and Ted’s videos.
Sydney Nickerson
Sydney Nickerson Hace un mes
Only Matpat can take my favorite childhood restaurant and make lore for it. I respect it.
TheDarksaphira Hace 25 días
Well, this is actually pretty great. It is super interesting to hear all of this and learn about these restaurants that I know nothing about. :)
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Hace un mes
Ollie is so freaking adorable. You’re right, you little theorist, this will be quite the whacky theory If you told me Rainforest Cafe is the result of someone experiencing some sort of insane acid trip, told their friends about it, and they told him "You should replicate that acid trip and make it an actual concept"....I'd believe you. We wish we had one of the international locations of the chain. It'd be a nice fit at my palace for Rodman and I.
Preston Ryan
Preston Ryan Hace un mes
Wow I found 2
Beanos_P Hace un mes
@Ahsan Ashar I clicked translate to English despite knowing the Mensing and it came up as pretty
Beanos_P Hace un mes
Thank you Kim jong-un for your input
Shovel Smacker
Shovel Smacker Hace un mes
@Kim Jong-un Glorious Supreme Leader of our glorious nation of THE DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA
hiMrvince Hace un mes
Is that a his kid
Lila Roschen
Lila Roschen Hace un mes
When I heard they closed the Rainforest café near my home, I was devastated it truly is a great theme restaurant and I wish there were more like it.
addy- Hace un mes
It’s so amazing that when I came to this video I figured it was going to be poking jokes and puns at the scenery and the oddly placed characters then I left with an amazing, hopeful message in my heart that it’s okay to be different and to love yourself and accept yourself for the exotic and colorful traits you have. Thank you MatPat.
SammaLoo Hace un mes
I love Rainforest Cafe! I love it when it "rains" and always made sure to sit under the "stars".
Quill K
Quill K Hace 27 días
I slightly knew about RainForest Cafe when I was very little, seeing how my older cousins had two cups from them. As a kid born in 2004, I sadly never got to go, but I always imagined it being in a huge jungle where you can sit on huge tree and meet cool new animals pals and just be yourself. At least, that's what it taught me. AND THANK GOD, WE GOT A BRIGHTER SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM!!!! WOO!!
Erica Mae
Erica Mae Hace un mes
Oh my! First time seeing Oliver more grown, so cool to share theory crafting as a family 🥰
purpleshutin luci
purpleshutin luci Hace 2 días
I went to a rainforest cafe once when I went to Disney world with my family. I don't remember much, but I do remember the rainstorms (those were my favorite parts) and the dinosaur themed build a bear where I got a pink stegosaurus. It's one of those restaurants I want to go to again, and definitely will at so point
ErrorBirdEsther Hace un mes
This is really nice to see And seeing you and your family having a nice time is cute
Aster Adams
Aster Adams Hace un mes
after collectively seeing eddys video, me and three of my friends went to the disney springs rainforest cafe. it was expensive and the wait was long, but I'm glad that I went. my friend did get covid (she did something dumb), but I don't blame the cafe. overall a good experience
Sockiblorp Hace un mes
"Welcome to rainforest cafe, what can we get you?" "I'd like lore." "That's not on our menu." "TELL ME THE LORE."
Ashley Gilman
Ashley Gilman Hace un mes
ViralGames Hace un mes
Woah I think I just stumbled on Matpats way of getting lore
Bee_Is_Home Hace un mes
I can just imagine Matpat slaying his hands on the coner and yelling that at them 🤣
Masked YT
Masked YT Hace un mes
Tailsthefoxfan2013 Hace un mes
Free pass
The fact Mat has a beard growing in makes you realize how long it's been since the first episode of Game Theory and Food Theory
Kaiser GX
Kaiser GX Hace un mes
When stuck in a survival situation is it better to eat everything and once and prevent whatever will spoil later or eat everything bit by bit. Which one gives you the best chance at survival?
Lord Daraken
Lord Daraken Hace un mes
I love the nature theming, it's so gorgeous 🥰
Crazy Sasha
Crazy Sasha Hace un mes
That intro was great! I can't wait to see little Ollie participate more in the channels.
Bugケイティ Hace un mes
This is exactly why i love living in Japan. They've kept the weird and adventurous themed cafes and restaurants alive while they are slowly dying in the US.
pauljs75 Hace 13 días
And my understanding is you can still go to proper hobby shops and electronic stores where the goods can be demonstrated and examined, while we have to trust reviews while online shopping and hope things aren't junk. So you're luckier than us in that regard too.
Bugケイティ Hace 27 días
@idk you can do it! It’s really not as difficult as you think!
Bugケイティ Hace 27 días
@Tony Duran Jr then maybe try not commenting. Usually that’s what people do when they don’t care.
The real zenitsu
The real zenitsu Hace un mes
I’m Japanese but I went to USA and go to that rainforest
Liam Tran
Liam Tran Hace un mes
​@Tony Duran Jr Yes, why are we talking about the tragedy in Hiroshima
Critter_Guy Hace un mes
I remember there used to be a Rainforset cafe in a nearby mall, it closed a long time ago, but I STILL feel the nostalgia.
M E Hace un mes
As an Egyptian I've been to the one in Egypt. (yes there is one in Egypt though I don't know if its around anymore.) I've went multiple times when I was a kid, this video unlocked some memories. Update: I checked and its still there! Another Rainforest Café to check off the list. Now I know what to do next time I visit :D (though its not listed in the official website of the restaurant, among the other international locations) Some weird thing I've noticed is that both me and another member of my family recall that the name of the restaurant contained a "Jungle" in it, thought that's not the case.
Lulu Vinton
Lulu Vinton Hace un mes
I honestly loved going to the rainforest cafe, it was always a good memory, now I wanna go back again
jarold fedrick
jarold fedrick Hace un mes
I thought there was actually lore but it was instead a video appreciating rainforest cafe. Amazing.
Pocket Infinity
Pocket Infinity Hace un mes
Ollie already pick up on MatPat’s ways of opening a video. They grow up so fast Oh wow, over 2,000 likes
Pocket Infinity
Pocket Infinity Hace un mes
@Immortal_Shrooms yes
Immortal_Shrooms Hace un mes
Pocket infinity
poto the proto
poto the proto Hace un mes
Yeah soon he's going to make his very own FNAF theory
poto the proto
poto the proto Hace un mes
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 dude tried to fake the verification check mark
DarkHumor Hace un mes
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 I see this guy everywhere in people's replys
Zer0G Hace un mes
The beard looks great imo, ollie’s intro was adorable, literally 0:22 seconds in and know it’s gonna be a great episode
finalfantom Hace un mes
We had a Rainforest Cafe in one of the malls within a few hours where I grew up so we would pass it on occasion. Didn't eat there more than once or twice that I can remember but I always really wanted to go because animals are, and have always been, my thing. Even just seeing this video got me super nostalgic for it but I don't think there's one nearby where I live
Spidey Wars Studios
As someone who's got nostalgia like HECK for this place, as I've been going to the gift shop since I was born, I love seeing this
Neil Chace
Neil Chace Hace 23 días
Your son is SO ADORABLE! I'd love to see more videos with him!
Midnight Matter
Midnight Matter Hace un mes
It sparks more joy than I can put to words that Ollie's having fun with Papa-Pat's work.
Barrirez Hace un mes
@Valen nah
Ai   {dragon}.....
Ai {dragon}..... Hace un mes
Valen Hace un mes
All very beautiful. But first together the numbers 10 and 1. One lanie.host brunette and another blonde. It would be unfair if I choose 4..fo..Love two are my favorites at the top of the female beauty son...
Barrirez Hace un mes
@Chad 007 no
Hanako Hace un mes
@Chad 007 begone bot!
melonemlon309 Hace un mes
You can tell MatPat is training Ollie well with the intros.
bee Hace un mes
This food theory really hit home it made me realize how much I just love Rainforest Cafe keep up the good work!:D
Moon Spider
Moon Spider Hace 29 días
I love Rainforest Cafe. It was something fun I remember as a kid. I made sure I went twice on my honeymoon. I even went to the one in the mall in Nashville on a double date before I moved away. It is always fun to watch the fish swim around and the thunderstorm was fun.
Ainslie Arnell
Ainslie Arnell Hace un mes
I went to a Rainforest Cafe in the Mall of America during my cross-country move. Curious to see what lore will unfold.
Cat Hace un mes
I love how the LOREEEE is just history. I expected you to say something along the lines of " The animals take children and steal there souls while their parents get hypnotized or spelled into thinking that they never had children or just forget who they are/ were." You know, but this video is still cool, educational and entertaining. Thanks!
The Secretary
The Secretary Hace un mes
@Twitchy Kirby Yw, glad I helped you get interested in irl lore xd
Twitchy Kirby
Twitchy Kirby Hace un mes
@The Secretary now im going to use that mindset so that i can actually enjoy history, thank you so much
Livie Millie
Livie Millie Hace un mes
Yeah honestly, as MatPat pointed out in a video on Game Theory, that kind of lore is really cool but after a while gets old because it feels like newer games/franchises are trying way too hard and the whole point of that kind of lore is the mystery and strangeness of it
Pancake starship
Pancake starship Hace un mes
@epic history is just irl lore
The Brown Recluse
I’ve been going to the rainforest cafe for my birthday since I was 7 and I’m still doing it. It’s always been a great experience every year and I love going.its so cool how one of my favorite restaurants is getting resurgence in popularity!
lego fan
lego fan Hace un mes
Omg do I miss that place I went to the one in Atlantic city every year when I would take a trip down to the cost (I live in northern nj) and I loved it I especially loved the mud dessert thanks for the nostalgia I know you do your creepy and bizarre theories but this was a tribute thanks for no ruining my childhood
XivaBliss Hace 29 días
I honestly thought this restaurant was only in Disney world lol 😂 I love it so much I hope I find one again.
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace un mes
I've only been to rainforest cafe once to my knowledge. At that time I was going through a lot dealing with a really bad depression episode, and some other mental issues, among other things. So my mom and my dad who don't really get along most of the time, got together and took me down to the big mall in Nashville. And we ate a rainforest while there. All in all for me it was an escape from my horrid day to day reality I was dealing with, and I really enjoyed my self the sights and sounds that I remember even now we're somewhat calming and brought me a sense of peace I hadn't really felt in a long while at that point. I was 13 at the time, and now it's one of my good memories especially from that time cause there really aren't that many. I'm doing better now, but I think I'd like to go back at least one more time, to feel it at a better time.
Ash Casper
Ash Casper Hace un mes
When the video opened up and they were talking about lore, I was like “ah yes, who died this this time? What secrets does this family friendly restaurant hold? What have you uncovered MatPat?” And then I was hit with genuine feelings, memories of childhood, and history facts that I wasn’t prepared for. I don’t know wether to be upset that there are no skeletons in closets or sad that there isn’t one near me
Karan Aher
Karan Aher Hace un mes
@ahmed4363 What's wrong with the skeleton with a glowing left eye? You got a bone to pick with him?
Yeetionary Hace un mes
i went to toronto and niagara falls and almost went to rainforest cafe. i had no idea of what i missed
JJ Tv Hace un mes
@ahmed4363 that's gonna be a bad inconvenience.
Tyler I.
Tyler I. Hace un mes
ahmed4363 Hace un mes
@JJ Tv and if you do find a skeleton make sure one of its eyes (specifically the skeletons left eye) *isn't* glowing, yeah just a tip
Mer child
Mer child Hace un mes
I remember going to that place when I was a child, the sensory issues I had when I was young freaked me out with all the loud noises and the nuggets I had were Dino nuggets which were not good and I had trouble remembering that because the only thing I remembered were flashing lights at the dinner table when they had the thunder storm event thing
ExT_ Hace un mes
I would go there when I was little all the time Such a experience
SimDoughnut Hace 21 un día
This is without question the most creative way I've ever seen to write off a family dinner as a business expense.
PRPL_GUY Hace un mes
This episode reminded me of when I used to go here as a kid, and yesterday I finally went back. It was so much fun and honestly shocking how much of it I remembered. Better yet, I came back with one of the frog cups :> So thanks for bringing this restaurant back on my radar, MatPat.
Caleb Hernandez
Caleb Hernandez Hace un mes
His kid just radiating his father’s energy…looks like we know who’s gonna take over the channel soon🤣
arfin jalal
arfin jalal Hace un mes
Yeah by the time matpat passes on ☠️ Ollie’s gonna make theories of his own
Cogs_and_oil Hace un mes
Oh yah Oli theory
Simon Burgess
Simon Burgess Hace un mes
The modern family business
Epic Dud
Epic Dud Hace un mes
as dantdm said "he's gonna start at the bottom, like his papa"
do not
do not Hace un mes
Let's be honest we all enjoyed this video by having this: *esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mCfYi7634rU.html*
Kit Robins
Kit Robins Hace 22 días
I mean, being around plants is also just really good for mental health, so an entire forest-themed restaurant? Yeah, I can definitely see that having a positive effect. The unabashed chaos and weirdness in a society of written and unwritten rules and boxes, as well as the hit of nostalgia and reality actually living up to it, adds to that. All of those things combined? Man, I can only imagine how nice that must be
Jerrica Bargo
Jerrica Bargo Hace un mes
My town didn’t have any of those restaurants when I was growing up but the Mr Gatti's Pizza was definitely a place that has everyone in corbin ky by the heart strings. Especially when a tornado ripped the roof of we all that it would shut down , but thankfully it didn’t .
Whitney Standridge
Whitney Standridge Hace 4 días
I absolutely LOVE the Rainforest Cafe. My great grandparents lived 6hrs away and ik that's technically not far for some people, that was far for my 8 year old self. Anyway, anytime they came over to visit they would take us 3 cousins at the time (Me, and my now brother and sister) to Rainforest Cafe. I miss those times and them.
Akili Amethyst
Akili Amethyst Hace un mes
There was this great restaurant on Broadway that I loved, Jekyll & Hyde's, that was a terrifying, kitschy, dark academia place. There were freak-show specimens in jars in the waiting room, and bizarre comedic animatronics inside, like a sphynx head that told one-liner pun jokes, and a frankenstien monster that would come to life with a lightning storm every 15 or 30 minutes. If you found the bathroom, you'd be washing your hands normally, only to suddenly see a mannequin staring at you from the other side of the apparently two-way mirror. It was a fantastic experience. And I'm so sad that the location shut down.
slygal555 Hace un mes
Yeah I just found out that the company went bankrupt just a week or two ago. What a shame
BurntToast1020 Hace un mes
The stark difference in Eddies and Teds videos make me laugh every single time. Teds video is childish joy and excitment with dragging his friend along on this journey and Eddies is like a slow decent into madness
Bruh moment gaming
Bruh moment gaming Hace un mes
@Beast 😈 x3 you post the exact same Minecraft animation video lmao
LifeLikeSteak17 Hace un mes
Bro him cutting to him wearing a buckys hat killed me
Grobletombus Marble Eyes
Three bots with a total of 4 bot comments.. great.. 2 having a video link, 2 saying it’s better than the youtuber. WAT
El Ram
El Ram Hace un mes
one guy comment in the videos that "Eddie was wondering why Ted didn't decent into madness like him, but Ted is already mad" I think about that alot
Tomm.Catt.99 Hace un mes
I'VE BEEN TO BUGABOO CREEK! It's popular in the New England area where my mom is from! The food wasn't anything to write home about but the theme was definitely something lol. They had a giant animatronic buffalo and moose head on the wall that would talk on an occasion and we had one of those talking fish wall decorations hanging out above our table. It was a wild time
Yoru夜 Hace un mes
i dont actually mind the history lesson. if there was another channel w/ this content id 100% subscribe
Gunplus574 Hace un mes
This vid got me a PS5. When I was watching this my dad walked into the room and saw me watching this. This gave him the idea to eat at Rainforest Cafe. At the mall where the Rainforest Cafe was, there was a GameStop that had PS5's. Thank you MatPat for the PS5.
Cliche _
Cliche _ Hace 23 días
Desicated Limbs
Desicated Limbs Hace un mes
I watched Eddy’s video because I grew up going to Rainforest Cafe in Orlando because it was our "family outing" once a year in the 90s, since you didn’t need to buy park passes. It was a deep nostalgia trip for me because it was better in its "high day". All the lights went out, and it wasn’t every 20 min, some people never even saw the thunder storm because they tried to do it between diners as a "show theme" so it was every hour or so in 2002-2004 when I went with us as a table of 8 never even seeing a thunderstorm though we waited 45 minutes for a table and hearing the thunderstorm and whatnot outside, never actually seeing it. The third time I was there the thunderstorm went off and they included the bathroom, so the lights went off and being 13 I was so mad I was in the bathroom missing the event. Rainforest cafe is the magic of my childhood, along with the smoking Lego dragon and the 16+ rating of the "rockin roller coaster" of MGM.
Crazzy Coco
Crazzy Coco Hace un mes
I just cannot get over Mat's beard- he's such a dad now and Ollie is soooo precious and smart! Yall are such a cute family
seyt the element dragon
Dad and son are sooo cute
F1 Contend
F1 Contend Hace un mes
You can call him DadPat
Jswelly Hace 29 días
I used to go to one in London as a kid, never thought there was lore to it but here we are 😪
xtramerk Hace 2 días
I can’t believe Matt mentioned Bugaboo Creek, I went there a lot as a kid. It’s been so long but I remember it had a singing tree in the dining area and was always such a fun experience. The one near me closed a long time ago but I hope we can keep similar experiences alive. We shouldn’t stop experiencing these wonderful wacky things just because we get older.
Blue Moon Music
Blue Moon Music Hace un mes
Man I remember how crazy Rainforest Cafe was... it was freaky and I loved it (Sunrise, Florida... ain't nuthin like it... except for the other 17 locations). I remember when my dad would pick me up to be closer to the snake on the outside since we didn't have the money to actually eat there.
Owen8710 Hace 26 días
This is the first time in months where I have found a new MatPat video, and then saying "WHAT THE ACTUAL FU-" when looking at it. Bravo, MatPat, bravo.
KillCode102 Hace un mes
Important Disclaimer: Eddy didn't buy tickets to Morbius, he bought tickets to a good movie and snuck into Morbius. He has standards
Pancake starship
Pancake starship Hace un mes
@Freyja The Healer at that point security would just feel sorry for him
F1nn1810 Hace un mes
What do you mean? Morbius is the movie of all time!!
WynterFir Hace un mes
It was “Everything Everywhere All At Once” that he bought tickets to. Standards indeed, we commend you Eddy lol.
Freyja The Healer
Freyja The Healer Hace un mes
The funniest part of the video was him worried he’d die of embarrassment if he was caught sneaking IN to Morbius
Just A Person
Just A Person Hace un mes
You know what? I support this
PsychoMantis Hace un mes
When they had a location in Vegas I went for a field trip as a kid. I still have a rain stick. Lost the stones though, think my mom threw them out, she was good at throwing out stuff that didn't belong to her. But it looks like it's back in Vegas so that's interesting.
JJ's edits
JJ's edits Hace 25 días
I went to Rainforest Cafe during a school trip to Toronto. I was barely having fun during that trip but i loved that restaurant because it combined some of my favorite things; food and animals
Aurora Thomson
Aurora Thomson Hace un mes
This is the one man on earth that can make me enjoy a history lesson
Arumea Hace un mes
I went to rainforest cafe exactly once in 2008 when I was visiting disney world. it was AMAZING. Like, I mean I glossed over the restaurant theme but the food was absurdly good.
ChaseStudio Hace un mes
MattDad is so precious to me. Just knowing he has a kid who probably thinks he has the coolest job 😩
The R.F.G Club
The R.F.G Club Hace un mes
@John Isn't Here wait waht
John Isn't Here
John Isn't Here Hace un mes
I was in 4th Grade when I found out he was going to be a dad and now I’m in my Sophomore Year of High School. The years fly by.
DIM LEF Hace un mes
Dad: matpat Uncle: mrbeast Family friend: mark robber THE TRIPPLE M COMBO!
Scp999 Hace un mes
@Deb Boedeker yes
Deb Boedeker
Deb Boedeker Hace un mes
I betcha Owen's first word was lore
PurpleJaedd Hace un mes
Rainforest Café is probably my favorite resturaunt of all time the only one i've been to actually HAD A SHARK IN AN AQUARIUM! It was a small 2 foot long shark in a small aqaurium about 4 times the size of a normal fish aqaurium It was so COOL! 11:00 i guess maybe that's a remnant of that kinda thing? and the food is delicious Anyway, that's at the Rainforest Café in Niagara Falls, Ontario
🪸 𝟷𝚍𝚒𝚘𝚝.𝚌𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚎 🪸
Went to a rainforest cafe once when I was a kid, we sat next to the elephant animatronic, turned out it made an elephant noise every ten minutes. I only lasted 15 minutes
Sir-Ani Hace un mes
I once stopped at a rain forest Cafe with my auntie when our family went to a zoo. My auntie was like, 13 so she thought it'd be cool to be seen sitting around in it but the Cafe was crowded. I remember I either got a turkey club or a tuna salad sandwich, she got to take pictures with the talking tree animatronic, and I got to see the penguins after. It was a good day.
hvnz g8
hvnz g8 Hace un mes
as a 24 year old person, i can confidently say that on my recent trip with my mom/ sisters to help one of them move; i absolutely begged to stop at the arizona RFC cause it was RIGHT THERE, literally on the road we were taking; how could we NOT go in?
Ava Adams
Ava Adams Hace un mes
It’s so cute how Ollie mimicks his dads expression and tone when talking about food theory and his videos. It’s so sweet, ollie is definitely going to be a good theorist like his father!
Castle of Fiction
Castle of Fiction Hace un mes
@Aletheia Tell me you wouldn't watch that parody, especially if it featured Matt and Oliver playing themselves (Stephanie as a PTSD-stricken mother, we can skip)
Liam Khang
Liam Khang Hace un mes
@Chaos Incarnate yep
Aletheia Hace un mes
@Castle of Fiction Theorist's Creed 2 lol
Vincent Carlson Victorian
@Castle of Fiction Tell me you are an Assassin's Creed 2 player without saying you are one
Chaos Incarnate
Chaos Incarnate Hace un mes
@BasilKnats Nope it's a bot, they copy and paste other comments. Check their channel and banner. 100 percent bot.
AC C Hace 18 días
I adored Rainforest Cafe as a kid and even tho I hardly ever got to eat there, too expensive, I insisted on window shopping every time we went to the mall. Thank you for reminding me of better times before trauma.
Ylena Mayrinne
Ylena Mayrinne Hace un mes
I literally watched both Ted's and Eddy's videos just to get the references in this video, and I do not regret a single moment
Mars_Does _Youtube
Mars_Does _Youtube Hace un mes
This must be a coincidence lol while I was in Michigan I actually went to the rainforest café for the first time ever, it was definitely interesting :] also Ollie is absolutely adorable!
Tshuki no megmi
Tshuki no megmi Hace 24 días
I just imagine a employee over hearing all of you at the start and being like "OH NO OUR SECRET"
Kirby? Hace un mes
MatPat can find lore in anything and I appreciate that
imyabooo Hace un mes
@epic he's literally talking about the history of the Cafe
Communist v1nceඞ
Communist v1nceඞ Hace un mes
@UnfaithfulEvil 🅥 wow this is so funny I want to die
Matthew Lofton
Matthew Lofton Hace un mes
Next month, Mat's gonna comb through the dictionary to figure out how all the words relate to each other.
TheWolfLeader500 Hace un mes
there wasn't rly any lore and he said that in the video also wth these bots are getting out of hand
Bolt B
Bolt B Hace un mes
@Random Stuff ikr
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