Foods You Are Eating WRONG !

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Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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15 may 2019






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Comentarios 10 073
Silent wolf
Silent wolf Hace un hora
Azzy:SEND ME FOOOOOOD! Me: KFC,McDonalds or Wendy's Azzy:YES
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Hace 11 horas
I eat the stem XD
Andrea Cerritos
Andrea Cerritos Hace 15 horas
Guinn/lilli Broussard
Guinn/lilli Broussard Hace 16 horas
I would so eat spongebobs house......sorry.......
Princess Songstress
Princess Songstress Hace 17 horas
#Anoying orange
Christina Willyumms
Christina Willyumms Hace 17 horas
I honestly didn't know this about food.
Cara McKee
Cara McKee Hace 18 horas
I love you and your Verdi’s your so funny and my favorite you tuber I subscribed to all your videos because you are the best love your best fan
Bella cool
Bella cool Hace 22 horas
I believe you
It's me Sam
It's me Sam Hace un día
I have an other hack for the ice cream one. I just put my spoon under hot water and it makes it so much softer.
Jessica Cotton
Jessica Cotton Hace un día
Omg shut up
Snow_Wolf 113
Snow_Wolf 113 Hace 2 días
I love the cake part of the cupcake! 😂😌
Kavara and Kivvani forever
0:26 i already use those like that
red de dieren in nood
I try'd that egg with peperika and it don't work al the egg leaks out of the peperika
lulu 5556
lulu 5556 Hace 2 días
i dont think that ill eat rong again! i think ;)
crazy team
crazy team Hace 2 días
I do that with a banana open it from the bottom and It works
James Meyer
James Meyer Hace 2 días
I have a better life hack for the soda thing... ... JUST DON’T USE A STRAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Meyer
James Meyer Hace 2 días
I like hard cookies! 😡
Tricia Goh
Tricia Goh Hace 3 días
looking at all those foods makes my mouth water
Mardi B
Mardi B Hace 3 días
9:37😂😂. Azzy that's why I love you🤣. Keep it up😅👍❤️
The Hangout
The Hangout Hace 3 días
Burger upside down bruh I’ve been doing that since my first burger IS COMMON SENCE
Vinit Kumar
Vinit Kumar Hace 3 días
Icy 8888
Icy 8888 Hace 3 días
No wonder they’re call straw-berry but fact if the day strawberries and raspberries aren’t berries yet bananas are
Too Blue
Too Blue Hace 15 horas
It’s really cool right?
Too Blue
Too Blue Hace 15 horas
Icy 8888 lmao ikr Edit: oh sorry wrong comment
cookie queen
cookie queen Hace 3 días
I'm open, but now that way since I was 4
The Bubble Gums
The Bubble Gums Hace 3 días
Anyone in 2019
Christianna Pruden
Christianna Pruden Hace 4 días
0:11 I knew dat
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Hace 4 días
Am I weird I love the cake and kinda like the icing on the cupcake?
Rachel Waite
Rachel Waite Hace 4 días
The ice cream one isn’t tire because the ice cream is running over the EDGE
Jade Smiles
Jade Smiles Hace 4 días
For ice cream, I always warm up the spoon with hot water so it goes through the ice-cream easier 😊
Christina Littler
Christina Littler Hace 4 días
I'm allergic to fresh pineapple
debra gay
debra gay Hace 4 días
Bye-bye SpongeBob😼🤫🤤
Nurdamia Nadia
Nurdamia Nadia Hace 5 días
Chad Boyko
Chad Boyko Hace 5 días
im allergic to pineapple :P
almond milk
almond milk Hace 5 días
its 9//11 yall lets us show are support for all the people out there that didnt get to say goodbye to the people that didnt do anything to all the people that died to all children that died to all the firefighters that died to all the police that died to all the animals that died to all the beauty , gone. forever in our mind forever in our hearts forever we are strong 9//11
alvelazquez26 Hace 5 días
Gallegos Gigi
Gallegos Gigi Hace 5 días
I drink it just through the tab. Like if you love soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nola_ PlayzGacha
Nola_ PlayzGacha Hace 5 días
Roses Are read Violets Are blue Azzy likes Food But im hungry too
MC Master
MC Master Hace 4 días
Ur not funny, nor cool that doesent even rime
Lydia Chapman
Lydia Chapman Hace 5 días
Im at 4:48 so i dont know if this is in the video or not You know the packet thingies your fries come in? (at McDonalds) Well, if you open up the flap at the back, you get a plate to put your ketchup on! Then, you don’t have to always dip it in the cup thingy or get your fingers all messy when you eat it! #AzzyLanders
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Hace 5 días
Thanks azzy you my favoured
Onthatile Shalatw Daniella Makubela
I literally like all ur vids
Lé Banana
Lé Banana Hace 6 días
Well, I’m also an expert in bananas, in fact, I AM a Banana
Eren The BrickWhale
Eren The BrickWhale Hace 6 días
2:40 👌 I just dont eat the leaves that it I eat the steam and strawberry dose anyone else do that
Desaray Robibson
Desaray Robibson Hace 6 días
It isn’t easier to open I used to do that I stopped because it would make my fingers frozen
Kylie Klimek
Kylie Klimek Hace 6 días
No I would not eat SpongeBob home because a BMhow could I and be I don't even like pineapple
Val Garcia
Val Garcia Hace 4 días
This is a 24
Brian Thibeault
Brian Thibeault Hace 6 días
I am going t o eat peanut butter jelly time
Brian Thibeault
Brian Thibeault Hace 6 días
It wazint me
Brian Thibeault
Brian Thibeault Hace 6 días
Nope not me
yokai59 Loi
yokai59 Loi Hace 6 días
You said dilicious not delicious. Life is a LIE????
iiWillowii Tree
iiWillowii Tree Hace 7 días
I watched 2 ads just so Azzy can earn money! 😄 Who else did so? | | V
MC Master
MC Master Hace 4 días
I'm pretty sure ur the only one Ahahahahahhab halllariouse ;)
Mathilde liv Victoria
I havent really been eating burgers wrong because i never have sauce in. No ketchup nothing but cheese and meat
Sophie Mcgonagle
Sophie Mcgonagle Hace 7 días
That’s literally how I’ve been eating pancakes THE WHOLE TIME.
Alianna Aragon
Alianna Aragon Hace 7 días
I hate the frosting of the cupcake I don't like it so yeah
PinchyLV Hace 8 días
When she says "your eating it wrong" me: "there is no eating food wrong" pls like
aRaja Pittman
aRaja Pittman Hace 8 días
2:29 I like the bottom😭😢
Mireya Ayer
Mireya Ayer Hace 8 días
you have way to many ads
Mireya Ayer
Mireya Ayer Hace 8 días
I would eat sponge bobs home
Jessica Khadka
Jessica Khadka Hace 8 días
Shame shame shame
Justin Guccione
Justin Guccione Hace 8 días
My dad did that with my cikmen
Justin Guccione
Justin Guccione Hace 8 días
That’s just a way to say it m k
Mia Takase
Mia Takase Hace 8 días
I knew that since my dad told me
Jelena Ostojic
Jelena Ostojic Hace 8 días
Azzyyyyyyyyy today is my birthday😁
DjLevi Official
DjLevi Official Hace 8 días
I tried the Egg Hacke the hacke White vegeteble
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