Foreign Boys | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Wuz Good

Rudy Mancuso
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Music by Rudy Mancuso
Produced by Jamie Rise
"Rockstar" by Post Malone, performed by Foreign Boys.
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3 ene 2019

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Comentarios 13 642
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso Hace 17 días
Taron S
Taron S Hace un día
I love ur videos what I dont get is how the fuck do u hang out with ppl like lele Pons soz cant stand that bitch
Mari Williams
Mari Williams Hace un día
Your kill
Luis Cazares
Luis Cazares Hace 2 días
Please give me a showrat
Helda Jojom
Helda Jojom Hace 3 días
Rudy Mancuso N̥ͦI̥ͦC̥ͦE̥ͦ
TTV BlizZard YT
TTV BlizZard YT Hace 3 días
Rudy Mancuso isjsjdmsmsidmsw rockstar
Fortnite Adopted Kid
Romane gila
Romane gila Hace 3 horas
You miss Gypsy person 😃
Sade S
Sade S Hace 4 horas
BeEeEeEsT video so far!! I'm obsessed its so funny and the music is actually amazing😍
WISE Beats
WISE Beats Hace 5 horas
Tellatubbies59 Hace 5 horas
That hummus tho...
MR LAVALOS Hace 5 horas
Nice job rudy loved it keep going you can do this!!
Zyren Calimpong
Zyren Calimpong Hace 6 horas
we need more content like this
gr853_out blogz
gr853_out blogz Hace 6 horas
faithe Mcquown
faithe Mcquown Hace 8 horas
I can relate on being other colors then white many other people who say those things need to see this video thank u for showing the World that u don't gotta be racist because their not white thx Rudy mancuso
Mark Sprow
Mark Sprow Hace 9 horas
that post molon
Fart Nuggut
Fart Nuggut Hace 9 horas
Anwar Got buff
Aterno Life
Aterno Life Hace 9 horas
All it twlk about rasis
Jazzi Dixon
Jazzi Dixon Hace 9 horas
I love you Rudy
Marlen Pineda Santana
Marlen Pineda Santana Hace 10 horas
Rudy is very talented. Por eso su cancion "Lento" esta en la playlist de spotify llamada 100% Latinx. No falta mucho para que se considere uno de los mejores artistas de esta epoca.
Ali Qasimi
Ali Qasimi Hace 10 horas
Now that gentlemen is a hit
Miranda Campos
Miranda Campos Hace 10 horas
1:47 Rudy : You know what we have? Anwar : a crush on his wife Guy : wait wut
Artsymaria Hace 10 horas
😂😂 I enjoyed this way too much
Cool no noice Stuff
Cool no noice Stuff Hace 11 horas
I was born in the 1st century
Denise Forsberg
Denise Forsberg Hace 11 horas
Camel jockie lol
IRANSADIVY Hace 12 horas
Every song I listen to it 10000 times
Faisal Shaibu
Faisal Shaibu Hace 12 horas
I’m Muslim
Faisal Shaibu
Faisal Shaibu Hace 12 horas
Ay Anwar I’m arib look at my name have you heard the name faisal
Abdulhameeid Kharbit
Abdulhameeid Kharbit Hace 12 horas
4:30 so funny
Victoria Freeman
Victoria Freeman Hace 12 horas
*kids left the chat
Leo Lucas
Leo Lucas Hace 12 horas
If u don’t like this comment then ur racist
Alexzander Morris
Alexzander Morris Hace 13 horas
Not to be racist but the only people who disliked this are all white people haten
Jacklyne Rosado
Jacklyne Rosado Hace 13 horas
Jacklyne Rosado
Jacklyne Rosado Hace 13 horas
Jacklyne Rosado
Jacklyne Rosado Hace 13 horas
XubbsTV Hace 14 horas
it reminds me of the bohemian rhapsody movie
godsamir nawrozada
godsamir nawrozada Hace 16 horas
Rockstar was 🔥🔥🔥
godsamir nawrozada
godsamir nawrozada Hace 17 horas
These songs are so good
Giselle Lopez
Giselle Lopez Hace 18 horas
I've watched this a million times and I still keep watching this😄😄
Xx-KingWahib-xX Hace 18 horas
My new favorite video so far...
Sawsan Soufan
Sawsan Soufan Hace 18 horas
I like Anwar's voice
Tyler Jude
Tyler Jude Hace 19 horas
When I heard The Beatles, I started singing Hey Jude in my mind.
餓好 Hace 20 horas
my birthday😂
Seo Buni
Seo Buni Hace 21 un hora
Foriegn boys part 2 but pls with Qpark
Mc carta negra 13
Mc carta negra 13 Hace 21 un hora
Latinos 🤙🤙
COZY PIE Hace 21 un hora
There really good😊😊😊
Felix Haukland
Felix Haukland Hace 21 un hora
These guys are not racist, they are trying to be funny. It works.
andy wall's slime
andy wall's slime Hace 21 un hora
I turned on my captions and it said: If you think that Brazil isn't mexico and you think that Latinos have mrs.if you see a black guy on the street and you lock your car door meeting hen your racist 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Creeper Craft
Creeper Craft Hace 23 horas
well I'm black and white so I'm coloured. Deal with it
Rahaf Elif
Rahaf Elif Hace 23 horas
انت عارف انو نحنا نحكيش انكليزي ههههههه Cool you are great😂😂
Georgette Ø
Georgette Ø Hace 23 horas
Celi Valentin
Celi Valentin Hace un día
Are these songs on Apple Music , I love them 😭😂❤️❤️
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali Hace un día
'Baby say my name' Hahaaha 5:45
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Why not translate into Arabic
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