Fortnite added BALLS!

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12 mar 2019






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LazarBeam Hace 8 días
code lazar
Laura Coulter
Laura Coulter Hace 22 horas
Code lachy
nasjdjdn hdhddhshwhs
DieForYouInJune Hace 6 días
How can we join dumb shit scientist!!!
Laepley The robloxian
LazarBeam I was about to change it then my bro distracted me :( I’ll do it later
Jackman MØTH
Jackman MØTH Hace 8 días
LazarBeam hey bubbies
SamFam Sploon man
SamFam Sploon man Hace 44 minutos
_splatoon fans screeching in agony_
Pickles are Good
Pickles are Good Hace 47 minutos
Nicho Hager
Nicho Hager Hace un hora
I will support you your my favorite ESvidR😁
William Gabbitas
William Gabbitas Hace un hora
Balls no no more I am so sad no more it is just mean
Dashandfuzz Hace 2 horas
1960: in 2018, we will have flying cars and some other stuff. 2018: Fortnite added BALLS!
Dashandfuzz Hace 2 horas
I can't help myself laughing the title its so funny
Edward Heusel-Cracolici Jr.
Like your vids want to be like you lazarbeam and ninja is a sweaty try hard
Edward Heusel-Cracolici Jr.
Least been your lot and my favorite you tuber I wish I was like you
Kins 3301
Kins 3301 Hace 2 horas
Jurassic World Evolution: hey, Jurassic World's got Gyropheres, right? Let's add them in officially named! Fortnite - I had this great idea to add in blue balls, made of glass, what are totally our idea. What do you say?!
Mr. Pepper
Mr. Pepper Hace 3 horas
This video is just one giant ‘that’s what she said’ video
Gill Tibber
Gill Tibber Hace 3 horas
Shit, did anyone else realize that the balls are literally just those ball thingies from Jurassic World?
T O X I C Hace 3 horas
This is like one of my favorite gids ive watched it 8 times Edit:5 Edit:6 Edit:7 Edit:8
Frosty_Gaming Yt
Frosty_Gaming Yt Hace 3 horas
You can boost
Logan Hace 4 horas
omg no fresh
Ironeagle WD
Ironeagle WD Hace 5 horas
Fortnite may jave added balls but you still have none
Super Tubers
Super Tubers Hace 5 horas
Ur amazing MEMESSSSSS༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
andrew zhu
andrew zhu Hace 6 horas
Is this not Hammond
sofiamae21 Hace 7 horas
Who needs a fresh when you got a god damn bubble 😂😂😂 wth man
Guy WithNoname
Guy WithNoname Hace 7 horas
Me: *sees title Me: *pulls out tissues and lotio n
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan Hace 8 horas
Anyone else remember these from Jurassic World?
Rudi Parrish
Rudi Parrish Hace 10 horas
Bubbles I’m playing Fortnite now beacause I see bubblessssss I’m playing itttttt!!!
Dark King_Kobra
Dark King_Kobra Hace 12 horas
I watched one of Marcus’s videos and seen this clip but from lufus perspective and when I first watched this video I didn’t know that Lufu was in this vid so I came back to this one and she was and I didn’t even know until now
Ribah Ismael
Ribah Ismael Hace 13 horas
Skyler Terzin
Skyler Terzin Hace 18 horas
Fortnite finily got balls
Matías Baeza Ángeles
You know you can get a boost, don't you?
Mr. NightNight
Mr. NightNight Hace 22 horas
You have ligma man
Uńkńøwń 0ńë
Uńkńøwń 0ńë Hace 23 horas
I remember when you hade 6 million now you have 9
Patricia Morales
Patricia Morales Hace un día
Someone forgot to take down an ornament
MsDondon24 Hace un día
I yusd code lazaer
Jude Soape
Jude Soape Hace un día
Fresh is a bubble
Luiz Chaj
Luiz Chaj Hace un día
I got to admit this the best channel on ESvid besides pewdiepie
[ Josa ]
[ Josa ] Hace un día
Look a those BALLS 7u7
Margulan Games
Margulan Games Hace un día
Here’s to LazarBeam he’s true blue,he’s a pisspot to and through
BRAN THE MAN Hace un día
The lip biting
s1x 6
s1x 6 Hace un día
He protecc He atacc But most importantly He makes the new vehicle not wacc
Kman No
Kman No Hace un día
You can boost ass
Jordan Sylvester
Jordan Sylvester Hace un día
Do you know what this title needs? It's a that's what she said 😯😮😂
Alexis Ronca
Alexis Ronca Hace un día
I used code lazar
Yarbles S
Yarbles S Hace 2 días
Welcome to Jurassic park
Flynn Mcoy
Flynn Mcoy Hace 2 días
Dinosaurs are included
mrfreezeflame Hace 2 días
7:45 lazarbeam showed us you can win by sitting in a bubble the entire game, whilst killing only 2 people which so happened to be a soccer skin and a Twitch Streamer Our hero
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett Hace 2 días
Gyrosphere am I right?
Bj and Cj Gaming
Bj and Cj Gaming Hace 2 días
ok #
Bj and Cj Gaming
Bj and Cj Gaming Hace 2 días
come on
RCNow Hace 2 días
Jack Arndt
Jack Arndt Hace 2 días
I use code Lazar and my epic username is AWESOME122810 plz play with me btw I subbed
Colton Day
Colton Day Hace 2 días
Use cccccccccccccccccccoooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LAZER
Shubham Lahoti
Shubham Lahoti Hace 2 días
I AM DYING!!! WHAT DID I JUST WATCH! best 11:32 seconds of my life!
Fling Gonza
Fling Gonza Hace 2 días
Why didn't he make a joke about BALLS. You know, a fresh pair of BALLS... just afresh new pair of BALLLS
Godzillia 123
Godzillia 123 Hace 2 días
THE GUY at 8:35 had 1 of the rarest pickaxe
Gus Bram
Gus Bram Hace 2 días
Dazasmaza Hace 2 días
Lazerbeam makes fortnite look like season 2-3, where people were just bad and memed
Jimmy Playz
Jimmy Playz Hace 2 días
Add me 😝 Please
Lillian Policicchio
Lillian Policicchio Hace 2 días
It’s a hamster ball
Fredy Siebold
Fredy Siebold Hace 2 días
Anyone know the name of the song at 7:49 when he wins?
Zoey Richardson
Zoey Richardson Hace 2 días
Did anyone else get it again today? The notification
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson Hace 2 días
U k1l my bubble 1 k1l U
Jesse Hernandez IV
Jesse Hernandez IV Hace 2 días
Fresh feels betrayed
UMG Loopz
UMG Loopz Hace 2 días
It's sad that I got the notification 5 days after it got uploaded.
Travis teddy Bear
Travis teddy Bear Hace 2 días
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges Hace 2 días
Updated Fortnite Thanos abilities: Power Stone: Laser beam Space Stone: Teleport Reality Stone: Turn invisible Soul Stone: See all enemies Time Stone: Slow down enemies Mind Stone: Freeze enemies
siepfh ·
siepfh · Hace 2 días
They're called turbo testicles
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Hace 2 días
THIS is the ultimate meme strategey
khamilo_z _
khamilo_z _ Hace 2 días
How many tomes you soy Bublé?
Torcher2000 000
Torcher2000 000 Hace 3 días
Milburn Madness 2.0
Milburn Madness 2.0 Hace 3 días
LazerBeam:I don’t need Fresh! Me:Then kick him out of your life forever! Edit:Sorry I know harsh.:(
Milburn Madness 2.0
Milburn Madness 2.0 Hace 3 días
thebo4 god
thebo4 god Hace 3 días
A Kazakhstan without his fresh is noth9ng and a ninja without his lupo is nothing
Mégane Lessard
Mégane Lessard Hace 3 días
I miss code lazerbeam
Spooky Blooky
Spooky Blooky Hace 3 días
Fresh the multi balled missile
SpectorEntity Hace 3 días
"Oh look a treasure map, i'll use the bubble to get the treasure map!" *200 IQ*
Austin29 Hace 3 días
yes you are
Maks Grzancic
Maks Grzancic Hace 3 días
Im gonna use it, but u can actualy Jump w da bubble press space bar
Zylonia -Editsx-
Zylonia -Editsx- Hace 3 días
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, He smacc 😂😂💜
sharkman-kun Hace 3 días
lazar loves his balls
JiggePancake143 Hace 3 días
They see me rollin'...
gaming headquarters
gaming headquarters Hace 3 días
The bubble protec
Monish Avvaru
Monish Avvaru Hace 3 días
anyone else watching this a week later
Ryan Goonan
Ryan Goonan Hace 3 días
Day see me rollin’.....
Liam Santos
Liam Santos Hace 3 días
Lazerbeam kevin the cube is still alive!!! In the snow use the cube item if u see on the sky there kevin the cube
YOU TUBE Hace 3 días
I would use your support but I was on a crouse for a week
Kaleb Reiner
Kaleb Reiner Hace 3 días
7:43 what song is that??
DaSnipeGod Zombie
DaSnipeGod Zombie Hace 3 días
I won a game only being in a bubble lol
Peter Møller
Peter Møller Hace 3 días
you are like hitler without fresh, one ball
chase0408 Hace 3 días
Can I have a Shotout my Name jake
Aditya Chopra
Aditya Chopra Hace 3 días
Nikolay P
Nikolay P Hace 3 días
Who's balls?
Steven Hawkin
Steven Hawkin Hace 3 días
Sucker The Doggo
Sucker The Doggo Hace 3 días
I’m using your code for the item shop!!
Its Jaylee
Its Jaylee Hace 3 días
I love you 😂 your literally awesome 😂 ur FUNNY AS HELL and ur face is adorable and I find that awesome. 😂😂
gamer_29_ WESON
gamer_29_ WESON Hace 3 días
He should play call of duty black obs 2 code laser 👍👍👍😉✌✌
The_ Abyss
The_ Abyss Hace 3 días
Cerys Byles
Cerys Byles Hace 3 días
Can you stop saying swarewords and if you hate fortnight then why do you play it
Sjoerd Veneman
Sjoerd Veneman Hace 3 días
Try the last meme with a plane
Rian Powell
Rian Powell Hace 3 días
effe vi
effe vi Hace 3 días
ShinyNinetails Hace 3 días
I love playing with balls!
jose gonzalez
jose gonzalez Hace 3 días
7:41 when lazarbeam screamed i expected grace to come in and ask 'honey is everything ok?'
Quanster Is not funny
Flash Theory
Flash Theory Hace 3 días
Hahaha Great vid oh and Lufu even made an appearance in this vid sweet
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skybase memes are back
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