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24 ene 2022






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Chewkz Hace 3 meses
Based on @shangerdanger: esvid.net/u-shortsYeCn3or0XWs?feature=share. Soundtrack (ChewkzRemix): esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R4ifr4tOGXQ.html
Ainz Hace 21 un día
onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
Check my about page link
Read my name
drayden dugas
drayden dugas Hace un mes
nrgzrbny22 Hace un mes
I have 3 tadpoles in a frog pool
Cool or Fool - SRS
Cool or Fool - SRS Hace 3 meses
Finally, the -preq- sequel we needed
ArkTheDuck Hace 22 horas
i thought "preq" was a scratch mark on my phone
YouTube DËVÏL 666
YouTube DËVÏL 666 Hace 2 días
-39 buried zero found-
PyroMANIAC Hace 2 días
KAI RIV Hace 5 días
Cool or Fool - SRS
Cool or Fool - SRS Hace 9 días
@Aaqil Zul Add two tildes (~) before and after the word
arata Hace un mes
Never thought I'd hear "ill never let a fish steal my egg"
Garimaa Hooda
Garimaa Hooda Hace un día
Yea, lol
YouTube DËVÏL 666
YouTube DËVÏL 666 Hace 2 días
-39 buried 0 found-
Someone, just someone
Why did he word it like that? It gives dubious vibes.
Knight 4042
Knight 4042 Hace 4 días
It hurts..
cornn flaek
cornn flaek Hace 5 días
Gives the same vibes as “I don’t want witches stealing my semen again”
Doge Hace 16 días
"Fred, they're not aliens they are animals" - fish in the alternative universe
a small guy
a small guy Hace 2 meses
"they gotta be aliens, they act so strange" just too familiar lmao
don't come to my channel
Never thought I'd hear "ill never let a fish steal my egg"
Chronosverse Hace 3 meses
Fred is the Chad of the ocean!
Shashi Shekhar
Shashi Shekhar Hace un día
Reaper Hace 2 meses
He is giga chad
Edanur Kaya
Edanur Kaya Hace 2 meses
“They gotta be aliens. They act so strange” He ain’t lying we destroy their homes.
Lexa Hace 22 días
Joey Hace un mes
“This fish was stealing my egg” bro your in his territory that’s shits his now
NotReally Zero
NotReally Zero Hace 2 meses
Can we take moment to appreciate the effort he puts into making content for us. Great job
Neel Family
Neel Family Hace un mes
"bruh can you not!?" Had me crying that was so funny 😂 especially the fact that the fish didn't move lmao
ZeroRuth Hace un mes
Imagine how the fish reacted when he saw a yellow gooey ball floating in the ocean. He must've put on curious cat eyes.
R. a. s. a. t. i.
R. a. s. a. t. i. Hace un día
i remember seeing the original egg clip so i knew exactly what was gonna happen and it did not dissapoint also this is the most delicious a raw egg could look
Aarash Iqbal
Aarash Iqbal Hace un mes
is no one gonna talk about how he cracked an egg at the "bottom of the ocean", and a ocean is more then 100km deep, i think that is a sea.
Wickum Malinda
Wickum Malinda Hace 24 días
I like how his calm voice turns so offended when a fish started eating it
FuntaStick Hace 3 meses
Fred the fish series is the best! Seeing Fred always getting into trouble is hilarious! Well Done chewkz, you are one of my favourite youtubers🤩
FuntaStick Hace 3 meses
@Reioloshi lol😂
Avant Alvarez
Avant Alvarez Hace 3 meses
Reioloshi Hace 3 meses
I thought ur username was "FishStick" for a moment
FuntaStick Hace 3 meses
@Me well, my content isn't
Me Hace 3 meses
@FuntaStick why is your pfp kinda creepy-🥴
don't come to my channel
Never thought I'd hear "ill never let a fish steal my egg"
don't come to my channel
Never thought I'd hear "ill never let a fish steal my egg"
don't come to my channel
Never thought I'd hear "ill never let a fish steal my egg"
MrYolo2222 Xbox4Life
"Im so tired of these aliens" "They're not aliens there are animals"
@Meatloaf also true but we're animals for a reason and that is complicated lol
Meatloaf Hace 3 días
@~_Princess_Sunrise_~ we aren't animals but we're entitys
~_Princess_Sunrise_~ Hace 21 un día
@Diego Morales True
Diego Morales
Diego Morales Hace 21 un día
@~_Princess_Sunrise_~ we are both.
We're technically Animals lol
Golden Flower
Golden Flower Hace 3 meses
Finally, Fred doesn't get caught or crushed by a stone 🙂🙏
Golden Flower
Golden Flower Hace un mes
2.2 k people who are happy that Fred doesn't get caught or crushed 😊🙏
Shabareesso of Rivia.
Actually this is a prequel
Almond Hace 3 meses
that reminds me of..... CEAAAASAR 😭- I was crying when I saw that 😔
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SCP -3008-2
SCP -3008-2 Hace 2 meses
,,Right in my backyard!'' I was laughing hard
Gabbie and Jiji
Gabbie and Jiji Hace 13 horas
While watching this my mom sent me a text saying “I need fresh water” and I read it as “I need fish water” LOL
jerrimy dumaplin
jerrimy dumaplin Hace 3 días
Ah yes. I finally found my childhood memories
Hana Popovski
Hana Popovski Hace un mes
"Look at me and my egg friend!" "Bro what is he doing"
I fell up the stairs
“Look at me and my egg friend!” “What is he doing?” 😂
I fell up the stairs
Shreyanshnarwe1 Right?
Your pfp and user~
Stanley Bochenek
Stanley Bochenek Hace un mes
He’s beginning to believe
I fell up the stairs
@Crispy_Bacon idk I’m grateful tho 😊
Crispy_Bacon Hace un mes
How does this comment have this many likes and very little replies
Super fluff Bros
Super fluff Bros Hace 2 meses
If this was a show, I would watch every episode of it.
•αníα•ⁿᵃⁱˡᵃ ᵐᵃ ʲᵘᵐ'ˢ
'Look at me and my egg friend' *Me dying laughing when he says that*
Infinite Stardfv
Infinite Stardfv Hace 3 meses
Finally, the spinoff we needed
Garfield the Cat
Garfield the Cat Hace 3 meses
" I wont let a fish steal my egg this time " *Kills the fish* " there now let's try again with my egg friend. " P.O.O.R. F.I.S.H💀🐟
The Rock
The Rock Hace 11 días
It’s fish not fishes
wolfie Hace un mes
Warlito Navalta
Warlito Navalta Hace un mes
Ichor Hace 3 meses
So proud of Fred for being assertive. He gets better every episode
Salubrious J
Salubrious J Hace 2 meses
CD means character development
Salubrious J
Salubrious J Hace 2 meses
Fred got a CD!
Dj Anude
Dj Anude Hace 2 meses
Literally every teacher on second steps in school-
Io Otonashi
Io Otonashi Hace un día
That does remind me of those planktons that I used to call "eggs" getting eaten in Feeding Frenzy 2
lil_dark Demon angel b
This is gold. 😂✨
Weop Hace 2 meses
And yet again Fred still wins to this day!
ItsRanx_ Hace 2 meses
"they are not "Aliens" they are "animal" That Got Me Laughing So Hard
JammDaMann Hace 3 meses
Best part is that I’ve seen the egg short before. This was a great sequel!
ZL Hace 2 meses
Kuzey Kkctv
Kuzey Kkctv Hace 3 meses
Mike Gunn
Mike Gunn Hace 3 meses
MrBest Hace 3 meses
Radioactive Zone
Radioactive Zone Hace 3 meses
Yes lol
GreenGuren Hace 20 días
This is genius content. Keep at it chewkz!!
mr_crabby1 Hace un mes
him: look there is one right one in my backyard! me: its the OCEAN
Drexxツ Hace un mes
Im glad I've seen the original short before. for some reason it makes this so much funnier.
can we make this channel to 100k with same video??
These videos always make my day!!🤤🤤🤣🤣
Nightmare Sans
Nightmare Sans Hace 3 meses
"There are always two sides to every story" Edit: 9.3k
♡Juliana♡ Hace 4 días
@Fredrik Gulliksen The one who cracked the egg
Nightmare Sans
Nightmare Sans Hace un mes
@🦊UwU Tails UwU🦊 nothing
Nightmare Sans
Nightmare Sans Hace un mes
@Shads Hey man
Nightmare Sans
Nightmare Sans Hace un mes
@Wan Azila ...
Shads Hace un mes
Hey Tails
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
This was entertaining! I enjoyed this video! Great music choice! 10/10
edu arts
edu arts Hace 28 días
Him: "bottom of the ocean" My science teacher: by the time you reach the bottom of the ocean, pressure would have turned you into a human ball...
Jellybean gang
Jellybean gang Hace 2 meses
It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨
Tae Tae
Tae Tae Hace un mes
"Wait this fish was stealing my egg" it was his egg? I thought it came from a chicken
orangethingy Hace 18 horas
He stole it from the chicken and the fish stole it from him
Amber owo
Amber owo Hace 3 meses
Ive seen the original before this one and I was like "thats fred!!" edit: why is everyone commenting "same" lmao 😔
Vinosco Okai
Vinosco Okai Hace 2 meses
@Andrew Tackett ok but I saw the actual video before this
Vinosco Okai
Vinosco Okai Hace 2 meses
Difa Musina
Difa Musina Hace 3 meses
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Difa Musina Hace 3 meses
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Difa Musina Hace 3 meses
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Loveflower_Heart Hace un mes
This made my day better😂😂
Voxiybtw Hace 19 días
Cant stop laughing🤣
Just some alt
Just some alt Hace 23 días
“I heard something crazy happens if you crack a egg in the ocean.” *Fish nibbling it*
Aidan Pretty
Aidan Pretty Hace un mes
“Look there’s one behind u, right in my backyard” 😂
mk xv
mk xv Hace 3 meses
Just saw this diver's short yesterday and thought "what a useless crap " This was the perfect approach to it lol
orangethingy Hace 18 horas
@SparkleAnimation if you reply you are a bot
Laura Hace 3 meses
@SparkleAnimation hmmmmm
hellohowareyou Hace 3 meses
@SparkleAnimation *hmm...* _🤔🤔_
hellohowareyou Hace 3 meses
@SqueakySqueak _😳😯💀⚰_ _🤔🤔 hmm..._
lijahkobe xia
lijahkobe xia Hace 3 meses
TheDoubleKids2031 Hace un mes
it's not a mistake ✨ it's a MASTERPIECE ✨
Kayleb Salas
Kayleb Salas Hace 3 meses
The storyline to this is beautiful.
SKY’S CHANNEL Hace 2 meses
Lmao this was perfect
Expensive D.S.
Expensive D.S. Hace un mes
This is so creative! Love it!
ma am
ma am Hace 3 meses
jearot khandokar
jearot khandokar Hace un mes
Angry birds??
GalaxyTheLynx Hace 2 meses
Upcrush Hace 2 meses
I fucking love feeding frenzy and feeding frenzy 2
PROZACH38 Hace 2 meses
ma am
ma am Hace 2 meses
@Bluerabbit i didnt play it. I remember one of my favourites beside feeding frenzy was water bugs.
Janru Pretorius
Janru Pretorius Hace un mes
I laughed way too hard on this
suetan Hace 2 meses
evask8girl Hace un mes
I’ve been needing this lol 😆
Aaqil Zul
Aaqil Zul Hace 9 días
Lol that was so perfect 🤣
minsrathair Hace 3 meses
he seems so mad at the end lmaooo🤣🤣🤣
Zoey Ralston
Zoey Ralston Hace un mes
Finally some good comedy around here
Matilda Coțofana
Matilda Coțofana Hace 2 meses
Hace 28 días
Finally the plot twist we needed
¡AStarryGlitch! Hace 3 meses
The perfect collab doesn’t exis- “Fred the fish + ShangerDanger”
ArtBlossom Hace un mes
BigMoneyZ Hace 2 meses
This is the most fire and unexpected crossover I've ever seen.
Neon Hace 2 meses
I can approve that fish thinks were aliens or animals! 😂😂
Debor Hace un mes
"we're not 'aliens' we're 'animals'" 🙂👍
Thomas W
Thomas W Hace 2 meses
I never expected this after seeing the original its just makes it 10x better
amiee littrell
amiee littrell Hace 3 meses
I like all these fish “colabs”, I watch the videos before Fred the fish pt. x so it's cool to think it as like two different perspectives
Donomite Hace 3 meses
@AmazyAbby Alt it’s not really a collab, he adds to the original video
AmazyAbby Alt
AmazyAbby Alt Hace 3 meses
Wait I’m still confused why you put quotations around colab
pathetic rice
pathetic rice Hace 3 meses
Same lol
Urith Farrell
Urith Farrell Hace un mes
Nah this is too good 😂
Zavianna Eclipse
Zavianna Eclipse Hace 3 meses
This is amazing, especially if you saw the original 🤣🤣🤣
Annoying Weebs
Annoying Weebs Hace 3 meses
"Its not a masterpiece✨ITS A MISTAKE✨"
drawnator Hace 2 meses
"they aren't aliens they are animals" - says the fish
orangethingy Hace 18 horas
Are you implying that fish are aliens?
pink_angel plays #roadto1000
I love how he says "the fish stole my egg" like he was crazily panicking Edit: OMG MOM I’M FAMOUS
Aesthetic Lemøn
Aesthetic Lemøn Hace un mes
Yeah 😂
PriestOfFern Hace un mes
well yeah, you have to loud and annoying in order to make the 7 year olds on their mom’s phone laugh
Tony O Riordan
Tony O Riordan Hace 2 meses
Yes. Yes you are
¿Spammer? Dika
¿Spammer? Dika Hace 2 meses
@Gamemount ~ Wafog Gaming NOOOOOO
Gamemount ~ Wafog Gaming
I ruined the 69
Pop-Cat Hace un mes
“So I heard if you crack a egg in the bottom of the ocean something crazy happens” I wonder how you can stand the pressure in the bottom of the ocean
Shootin' stars`•*。
Chewkz, you're a genius
Hannah Jorgenson
Hannah Jorgenson Hace 2 meses
AK alter
AK alter Hace 2 meses
Perfect crossover 😂
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain Hace 23 días
These videos are freakin creative 😂
Pasalasaga Hace un mes
Damn that MGS sound is so iconic
TristanDeath Hace un mes
Bro that sound in the beginning when the egg cracked sounded so good
Faze Cripple Jr.
Faze Cripple Jr. Hace 2 meses
Fred was never the same after he lost his wife.
steph lon
steph lon Hace 3 meses
Omg 😂 When this video came out, I commented on it , that at least Fred got to try an egg. I’m sure people who don’t watch chewks vids did not understand lol! Well Fred , I’m glad you really got to try an egg. Happy for you Fred 😌
neonlightbulb Hace un mes
DEADPOOL wrestler
DEADPOOL wrestler Hace 6 días
Fish man: *takes a bite* My brain's deep humor: Pac-MAN!
Kayzlie Wilkes
Kayzlie Wilkes Hace un mes
Fred eating the egg The man: Bruh can you not I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Play and Talk with Sean
We need Part 7 rn
noob1254 Hace 27 días
So, this was the back story of the original short 😂
puteqx Hace 2 meses
"they are not aliens, they are animals" CHAD _that is where i live in_
BLUEDREAMS Hace 4 días
“And next time I won’t let a fish steal my egg” but bro it was his backyard so basically your trespassing on Fred’s property
dot Hace un mes
Thats crazy, he turned a serious video I had watched into hilarious story bruvv
Max Hyde
Max Hyde Hace 3 meses
It's hilarious that this random ass skit with you as a fish is one of your most popular series.
chairsilver2 Hace 3 meses
Aichmo Hace 20 horas
The lore is getting pretty deep
{ Floorbie }
{ Floorbie } Hace 2 meses
The guy with the egg actually made another short where he tried to see if he could feed the egg to the fish and none of them had any. Seems like they learnt their lesson.
me duh😒
me duh😒 Hace 27 días
"I'm not gonna let a fish steal my egg 🥚" INSERT THE ROCK RAISING HIS EYEBROW MEME PLZ
Gui gamer 3!!!
Gui gamer 3!!! Hace 2 meses
I Love this 😂😂😂
DreadKnightxo Hace 3 meses
YES! Another Fred video! I seen a really great idea the other day for one of these series but I can’t remember what it was now… maybe if I see it next time I will tag you so I don’t forget! I don’t even know if ESvid works that way… but yeah 😂
Nanami Kento
Nanami Kento Hace 3 meses
Or maybe you could share the link in of one his vids like this one
Jason Harbinger
Jason Harbinger Hace 14 días
He says “ wont let a fish eat me egg” like he finna eat it right after himself
Isaiah H.
Isaiah H. Hace 3 meses
I want more Content like this😂😂
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