Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (1993 Remix Remastered)

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Freddie Mercury was a man of many talents and many different sides. The songs he wrote for and with Queen filled stadiums around the globe and have rightly gone down in history, but he also embarked on a solo career that took him from the clubs of Munich and New York to the great opera houses of the world.

He was the ultimate showman, but he kept his private life away from the prying eyes of the media; a larger than life rock star who loved disco, classical music and ballet. He was a restless spirit, a true chameleon who revelled in his own contradictions.

All the different sides of this iconic musician can be found on Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles. All formats released September 2nd 2016.
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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.
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Freddie Mercury - Living On My Own (1993 Remix Remastered)


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23 nov 2012






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Comentarios 5 047
Alen Paz
Alen Paz Hace 7 horas
Yo tengo dos preguntas En qué año salió originalmente está canción? Esta canción es de Queen o de Freddie Mercury solista?
Z.R Uchiha
Z.R Uchiha Hace 8 horas
Essa é minha música favorita Freddie Mercury é o MELHOR
Hortensia Schumacher
Hortensia Schumacher Hace 15 horas
Yo no se si fue a mi casa a tomar café en casa de tu hermana o que me ibas a decir que no te veo los martes.
Александр Буковец
Он меня прямо БЕСИТ... Полностью. Начиная от внешности, манеры поведения, подачи, заканчивая голосом и песнями. Ну прямо БЕСИТ БЛЯДЬ!!!!
Любовь Исмаилова
,, Мой,, Фредди!!!! Обожаю тебя!!! Только тебе под силу дарить такой огонь через экран!!!! Какая мощь и харизма от Бога!!!! Спи спокойно!!!! Ты- талант, которых больше не будет!!!! Ты- АРТИСТ!!!!
wafen tex
wafen tex Hace un día
The best singer in the world love you freddie
Claudia Mariola
Claudia Mariola Hace 2 días
Sempre nel mio cuore, Freddie! ❤
Батый Петрович
Красиво сделано и исполнено 👍👍👍
daniele do vagner
daniele do vagner Hace 3 días
E so gringo que curti música de verdade?? Kd os BR?
Anja chan
Anja chan Hace 3 días
I really prefer this remix over the original ^^
stefan winkelmolen
stefan winkelmolen Hace 4 días
the best singer of all time
Нелли Халитова
Олды тут?
Federico Mandotti
Federico Mandotti Hace 5 días
Che ricordi all 'ok di bagnolo cremasco....
Moonlightgirl1986 Hace 5 días
Qué bacán!
Владимир Васильев
Английский бы выучил только за то, что им разговаривал Фредди ( перефразировал Маяковского, извините)
George Hace 5 días
Increíble que después de tanto tiempo este tema este tan lleno de energía y sonando también como antaño !!! Gracias Freddie donde quiera que estés ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ,
Los Illuminados
Los Illuminados Hace 5 días
Rare instances where a Remix is better than the original.
Гульмира Жусупбекова
Кстати терпеть не могу Фреди М только эта одна песня как напоминание о молодости. М Джексон это все и молодость и все что продлевает жизнь н
Michelle :v
Michelle :v Hace 7 días
Queen por siempre ❤️
ЮЛИЯ Богданова
Είσαι η καρδιά μου!
Simone Fada
Simone Fada Hace 8 días
Troppo avanti. Altro che festival di Sanremo 2020. È ancora incredibilmente fantastica
loraschnieder Hace 8 días
I love you Freddie Mercury from all my heart
Oleg Ten
Oleg Ten Hace 8 días
paulo andre
paulo andre Hace 9 días
Sel Jz
Sel Jz Hace 9 días
Jean Carlos
Jean Carlos Hace 9 días
The best!✈
Mari Flores
Mari Flores Hace 9 días
Eso si es música no la porquería q tenemos hoy del regueton
Максим Андреевич
Просто шикарно и невероятно 👌
Z Nation 83
Z Nation 83 Hace 9 días
Good Morning The Best Band and Number One The World.
Matthew Mullins
Matthew Mullins Hace 10 días
Love this
Jonathan Rios Abarzua
Jonathan Rios Abarzua Hace 10 días
Wena wena..donde estan los jaraneros
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Hace 10 días
Freddie, I did a thing that upset them. Not new. I showed Christ is a Hanuman Shiva memory with Vayu Holy Spirit god of breath dad of Hanuman. Now Babylon is out. No question about it. I didn't know, I was watching a priest Christ and Krishna went into to teach me and talking about the Eucharist, I saw myself at mass going up for communion, then suddenly, this little one in me said, I'm hungry and moved people and made the host gold and ran to get it and I said, OH, it's Hanuman chasing the sun as a baby, gets hit by a demon or other god and falls to die, like Jesus and Lucifer but is revived with breath. Mohini is you, I have no time for NO monkey biz, gimme all the monkey biz. Very good work with Mother Mary at Medj. Jesus needs a mom not Mohini. She is lucky, why you know her so well. Queen. Lovely amazing find today. Baby Veronika is dancing wearing bhakti ware, Hanuman seal on the back, my wound is Donbass RU with Sting and Mario. Then she had a band of stars around her ribs for Fatima saints, worst story, frig you all, die, anyway, then a perfect swirl around the ankle, she is talking as me into me, as one, I wrote my ankle, and that is the cosmic womb, Mother Mary has the cosmos at her feet. She says, the Mother Mary showed up for Wayne's game and showed me how she designed this for me and the world and now she shows this about monkey Hanuman robes. She is most loved human and Veronika Lake deserves it. All her wounds, TB and abortion issue. What a beautiful child, what child did this Rasputin Cohen Seance for us to find our healings and salvation, Freddie? Your babies out of your sacrifice, Rasputin. Happy to resolve that for the Egyptians and Babylon about Jesus. Hanuman is the protector of Vishnu and who MJ Wayne and I are monkey yoni of. We protect you. Freddie. In the redo, we show, we tried. Now we do it again together with Elon. Love you. Thank you for your monkey biz only.
57 Year Old James Bond
Please stop this shit
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Hace 10 días
Shiva in Freddie. When all go down on me i go crazy, so it is a spell, writing on it on me and hiding it so he can trap you all lying about who I am and who you are and where I am and the He. That is a sign of killing a god, damned without a cure for it. See, he jumps into me, we are going on a journey, then we do our purification and he is leading them to hell and he knows in us it is pure, no monkey biz, and in them it flows as pure sin. Nothing Rasputin can exist except a curse. Phyllis Tsarina jumps into the fun, oh, we can do this song too, Love Me. MJ warned you, Krishna too, all you have to do is love me to conquer me. So all are set up and in private healings we are ok but in public realm, without God, there are hidden things to curse and damn and they got caught. Popes included. Jesuits. By touching our story. Be upset, sit and stew, but what did that ever do for you? Get up, move, take action to make it better, don't rely on me. You are crazy humans. Only if you do as I say are you a friend given mercy. I did all Queen, let alone Freddie said. I got out alive and saved. Trickery because of the Mary Ecuador prophecy flipped in Fatima light out. Freddie is called in prophecy too. Love you. Never ending. Hockey is boring.
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Hace 10 días
Then in 2009, I leave and have to live alone and I don't get TV or phone or internet. Sigh. What to do? Am I lonely? God answers. What does He say? Do you know? With my Tim Horton's coffee and my smokes, I sit and write a story about fairies and immoral sex turning pure with Freddie Queen. Sting. MJ. Many. Angels Uriel and Chamuel. I say, sigh, laying in pure darkness, shift work, where is the love, all I have are nightmares. So they teach me love, angels, and they bring me dreams of love, ahh and then my family calls, ANNA, are you ok? Because I'm not in hell anymore? I was worried, my family is worried when I'm happy, they can't sense me if I go into love. So she's always with Freddie? Rasputin Anastasia had a lot of work to do. No time for monkey biz, had to leave for me, left it all for me and restored his life. Mario left it all for me, just to bed me and will again. So then I have to fight for him because he is in pain. I love and am loved. When we are loved, we love. You wanna be bad, ooh, girls, so bad. Damned. Sorry mario wayne. You are living on your own. Amen.
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Hace 10 días
Spirits say well we see a consistent pattern at Pit Pens of murdering those who give to Mario. Mario says Anna does not complain about fans, only agents who don't mesh with me. Women he does not want vs fans he loves. You have to be loved by mario to fit in. What kind of people have to kill every day? So anyway, about this, no one knew RU till Lenin so then only we know the true RU, only we know the tsardom, only we have the memories. We live them. Not our fault they didn't care about russia back then. we remember so we have the most God in the story. we were there or angels show us, usually not any of the bad of it. Gathering around me is foolish of you all. Time you get a life. When all you do and post and focus on is how to kill, that is scary, Mario. They show playrooms for kids with sexual imagery or broken mental illness minds. For US army. To ruin the kids. They ruined their own kids. Right now, his son is in tantra with him and Wayne's wife. Sickening me. I leave. At least Freddie is pure immoral sexuality. When you make freddie good for a child doing this, something very wrong. Alexei says what? Don't rely on the sore ones. You can't be a nation or work on sin alone. Ok. Sleep peacefully Freddie. The deluded are out there but we never were. Humbling God loves us so. I pray they can be loved.
Anna Tetro
Anna Tetro Hace 10 días
The skis, we have hills, Mario lives on one, trembling mountain, in QC. The skis are made by a proxy pairing, with a girl when we were young, who had a water skiing accident. For King Habs, that is attempted murder, a science study on his own coach, MS. They don't know what they are doing at Mario world. They have so much harm there. That is what you want, and why? Freddie curses are enough for us all. I don't need more than RU. I don't care about you. Then why do you spy and cry about cops killed or army losing or being caught? The sickness is thick. Murdering fans who pay you. How can I love Mario? I walk away, I have to go now, I need someone I can fall in love with. Pope says it has to be married priest answer. NO. Go away. She runs to the most immoral sex baal guy there is, ahh, my angel, Freddie. I know, that is Russia but you are not Russia. Be you. It works for us, not for you. Laughing, I love the RU tsardom wars, I do. Guys today are so not RU. We keep it alive and real as it is. Mario loses it all every day since he began. Notice? Me too. Wayne's fault, father satan out there. I can't do it with you. I actually am loved.
Ulises Hernández lopez
Lilia Selivanova
Lilia Selivanova Hace 11 días
Super Seba
Super Seba Hace 11 días
Anni 90 Parte 2, I Mitici - Colpo Gobbo A Milano
mr lonewolf groot wassink
I m a straight guy....but i love freddie till death....damn could this guy sing!!!
Dalila Rossetti
Dalila Rossetti Hace 11 días
Then there's me, Italian, that hear not deee do de de but tirolese tiro-le-se loll
Felixx Hace 8 días
And then me, roumanian, that hear "ioreeee i o reee"
Que hermosa cancion y voz unica sos grande Mercury
Matias Urquizo
Matias Urquizo Hace 12 días
Kawazaki sama
Kawazaki sama Hace 12 días
What do you prefer ? Queen : Like Freddie Solo : comment
linzi2720 Hace un día
Y not both?
Pluma Blanca
Pluma Blanca Hace 12 días
シEnemyBlAzE Hace 12 días
Dee do de de
KOR_color Hace 12 días
I love him. Dee do de
laidi saida
laidi saida Hace 13 días
une légende
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez Hace 14 días
Tiro rere 😎 para los compas xD 🤣
Paradox Hace 14 días
I only just re-discovered this tune of his which i had forgotten about, its a classic.
Andrey Zverev
Andrey Zverev Hace 14 días
Чего чего, а отрываться на вечеринках Фредди умел! И другим позволял! А пленка сохранилась таки, хотя говорили максимум лет 25 и сотрется все.
Fabio Torelli
Fabio Torelli Hace 14 días
Dalila Rossetti
Dalila Rossetti Hace 11 días
Ciao italiano hahahahah ma solo io non sento deee do de de ma tirolese 😂
Галымжан Сулейменов
Говорят он такие вечеринки устраивал по полной программе
Juaquin Marmol Martinez
No se puede morir esta musica. Y mucho menos mercury. Siempre estara con nosotros. Gracias. Fredy
Marijana Meic
Marijana Meic Hace 15 días
Esteban perez
Esteban perez Hace 15 días
Alguien habla español no ok 🎶🎤🎸🎸🥁👑🤴
The Yahir
The Yahir Hace 12 días
Si que buena musica😍🥢🎭
Olga Popovic
Olga Popovic Hace 15 días
Incredibly i am listening this in 2020 who is with me?
davide olgiati
davide olgiati Hace 15 días
Don't know why, don't ask me, but I feel like this track is could be classificate as an influence of pre-vaporwave
Daniel Amay
Daniel Amay Hace 15 días
Leyenda😎😎😎 por siempre 🙌👏👏
ey- cracks
ey- cracks Hace 16 días
La mejor banda del mundo 🇲🇽
Soy La comadreja
Soy La comadreja Hace 16 días
Febrero 2020 Fredy presente
Decorator RR
Decorator RR Hace 16 días
Да-а-а-а тот самый Фреди -дырявый! А ведь какой бы артист бы вышел попав предварительно к нам в лагеря!
Decorator RR
Decorator RR Hace 14 días
Оксана печально слышать подобные ответы, вообразите пожалуйста круг , все что входит внутрь этого круга есть КОН, а все что за пределами есть закон вот в этом правовом поле Вы и живете. .
Оксана Дубинина
@Decorator RR Мне нечего терять я не живу в России. И уж тем более не имею отношения к лагерям. Я живу по закону.
Decorator RR
Decorator RR Hace 14 días
То есть Вы Оксана не теряли бы надежду если бы Фреди был бы жив?
Оксана Дубинина
Артистами были бы вы в лагерях своих. Так как Меркьюри биссексал.
Moice Turner
Moice Turner Hace 16 días
Maldita sea esta música me transporta a otro tiempo otro mundo otra dimensión otro ambiente Amo la música de esa época 😍
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