Freestylers - Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix)

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Flux Pavilion's remix of Cracks by The Freestylers, definitely a tune to watch out for in the summer as it's going to be HUGE! Forthcoming on Never Say Die, available to buy late July on Vinyl and Digital alongside the Ctrl Z Remix.
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27 abr 2010






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UKF Dubstep
UKF Dubstep Hace 2 años
Flux returns to his trademark sound with his brand new remix of Ookay - Thief! Listen now: ukf.me/ThiefFPRemix
Ace Strap
Ace Strap Hace un año
Every time I hear this song now, it always smacks me in the face with the best memories. Thanks for all the good times!!
Emily Ugirl
Emily Ugirl Hace un año
Bartek Achram
Bartek Achram Hace un año
UKF Dubstep okey
Ya To Sama
Ya To Sama Hace 2 años
It is not the same at all for me but tbh, a very good beginning to turn back to the old dubstep. Keep it up please! Miss the old dubstep...
TopNep dooD
TopNep dooD Hace 2 años
UKF Dubstep like jelly jam
Armaan Mahmood
Armaan Mahmood Hace 6 horas
Kakaowy Rzezimieszek
This one masterpiece the future blast from the past
Alonso Chapa
Alonso Chapa Hace 2 días
This dude produced this at age 21. That's very impressive.
lemon Hace 2 días
Leave the past behind, just walk away (my line)
AquaticPickle Hace 3 días
this song came to my head out of no where I had to come back and listen to it again
Dennis V
Dennis V Hace 4 días
Kavitt Hace 9 días
This drop was life-changing
Nathan B
Nathan B Hace 10 días
This song brings backs so many memories of bmxing with my homies smoking pot fuck good times wish i could go back being and adult kinda sucks right now hopefully it will get better.
dimitris dimitriou
dimitris dimitriou Hace 14 días
We got it to 2020!
Lena Schwalbe
Lena Schwalbe Hace 15 días
2020 & still love it❤
Santi TUBE
Santi TUBE Hace 16 días
Damn I was in middle school when I would jam this every day 😅 how time flies
Bean Hace 17 días
I feel so old.
Serbix09 :D
Serbix09 :D Hace 18 días
Old but gold 😔
Zia Hace 18 días
I remember this song playing when I turned 18. Finally able to enter clubs, drink, so much future, so much potential. Then the 2010s happened........
Fred W
Fred W Hace 18 días
If only I’d bought some bitcoin back then 😢
RYE OFFICIAL Hace 20 días
Still gold
ZEUS Hace 25 días
cult mami
cult mami Hace 25 días
an old friend of mine showed me this song before we parted ways. it was his favorite song~ i always wonder if i’ll meet him again through this comment section.
madison hardeman
madison hardeman Hace 26 días
Febrerary 8 2005
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes Hace 28 días
When times were simpler :')
prettylittlefaller Hace un mes
Connor Smiley
Connor Smiley Hace un mes
Honestly dubstep is the only genre nostalgic enough to comment the year I'm listening in
Enigma X
Enigma X Hace un mes
Nostalgia at its best
Danger Wild Man
Danger Wild Man Hace un mes
I remember I used to write everywhere "leave the past behind, just walk away" and so many years after the cracks still show
420.lululu Hace un mes
Haha old Mdma times
Amnezja Butla
Amnezja Butla Hace un mes
Jebac ulane Kurwy
xCrushax Hace un mes
Soon its a decade... shoutout to all legends who are still here...
Delbsinator Hace un mes
Shoutout to all the OG’s still coming back here in 2020
Rene Maier
Rene Maier Hace un día
lemon Hace 2 días
Here mate
Ege Ayvala
Ege Ayvala Hace 6 días
this is some og dubstep here
JustIconix Hace 12 días
Excers Hace 14 días
Goes even harder
dr death
dr death Hace un mes
What a decade, I'm crying, this is so much nostalgia, this is legendary, it stay cemented in time, forever legendary
Monica Oprea
Monica Oprea Hace 13 días
yea, tbh i m still not changed
Asahel xThundra
Asahel xThundra Hace 20 días
What a song it is
1Rex_StreaK Hace un mes
Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine Hace un mes
Hello fellow people who call the 2010s their home. Lets enjoy this tune for the rest of our time on earth
Yru Krit
Yru Krit Hace un mes
2020, i'm still here : > )
Ayden Kuyucu
Ayden Kuyucu Hace 8 días
NO 35 likes its not still
Seven of Nine
Seven of Nine Hace un mes
damn right
Juan Bolanos
Juan Bolanos Hace un mes
God the fkn nostalgia is hitting me as hard as the drop
Kyle Madgwick
Kyle Madgwick Hace un mes
P. Faust
P. Faust Hace un mes
2020 and still so fucking good
myJaguar Hace un mes
Still sick in 2020. Been 6 years since Ive first listen to this song.
lol poop
lol poop Hace un mes
Acolz Hace un mes
2020 almost here!
Tolunay Yildiz
Tolunay Yildiz Hace un mes
elotrix hier
Ifeelsane Hace un mes
wow nice nostalgia
Hotfilk Hace un mes
When i played cod4 deathruns...
Juan Carrillo
Juan Carrillo Hace un mes
UndeadBanana RB
UndeadBanana RB Hace un mes
i know someone will find my comment in the future like in 2040. Hello future kid
Michal Gálik
Michal Gálik Hace un mes
UndeadBanana RB is 10 hours enough in the future ?😂
suh dood
suh dood Hace un mes
god damn this shit takes me back to being 18-19 so hard
Nebula Hace 2 meses
Still here, drowning in nostalgia, reminiscing about simpler times, and discovering old and lost memories with this one. ♥
Just1OneFilms Hace 4 días
Damian Wyczałkowski
2019 and still listening to this
Ghost Hace 2 meses
Damian Wyczałkowski 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Patrykos 1993
Patrykos 1993 Hace 2 meses
Mirella Beatriz
Mirella Beatriz Hace 2 meses
Who discovered this song on Dirt Showdown give the like
Sage Gamer
Sage Gamer Hace 2 meses
Literally crying after so many years of not hearing it have flashbacks of how life was like back then when this first came out
lior levi
lior levi Hace 2 meses
my poor 6" sub can'r play the bass of the track. im surly going to invest in a new 10"+ sub
Afonso Ribeiro
Afonso Ribeiro Hace 2 meses
It ends too soon...
Miltos Lambrinidis
Miltos Lambrinidis Hace 2 meses
Still here mofos!!!
Sarafina Delirium
Sarafina Delirium Hace 2 meses
When it's over, and the heart breaks, And the cracks begin to show...
Odin Donnelly
Odin Donnelly Hace 2 meses
Dubstep while never die may u always rule ukf dubtsep I salute u!
Lailson Khalifa
Lailson Khalifa Hace 2 meses
Tinha que ter como reagir cm amei nessa msc
Sam Hardman
Sam Hardman Hace 2 meses
2019 almost 2020
サタン Hace 2 meses
Og rave chune
notjaredd Hace 2 meses
oh yeah
Dr Meme
Dr Meme Hace 2 meses
Man this song made me forget about the world for a few minutes ❤️🔥😻
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