Freestylers - Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix)

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● Listen to Flux Pavilion's brand new remix of Ookay - Thief: ukf.me/ThiefFPRemix
Flux Pavilion's remix of Cracks by The Freestylers, definitely a tune to watch out for in the summer as it's going to be HUGE! Forthcoming on Never Say Die, available to buy late July on Vinyl and Digital alongside the Ctrl Z Remix.
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27 abr 2010






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UKF Dubstep
UKF Dubstep Hace 2 años
Flux returns to his trademark sound with his brand new remix of Ookay - Thief! Listen now: ukf.me/ThiefFPRemix
Ace Strap
Ace Strap Hace 8 meses
Every time I hear this song now, it always smacks me in the face with the best memories. Thanks for all the good times!!
Emily Ugirl
Emily Ugirl Hace 11 meses
Bartek Achram
Bartek Achram Hace un año
UKF Dubstep okey
Ya To Sama
Ya To Sama Hace un año
It is not the same at all for me but tbh, a very good beginning to turn back to the old dubstep. Keep it up please! Miss the old dubstep...
TopNep dooD
TopNep dooD Hace 2 años
UKF Dubstep like jelly jam
DeXfiR Hace 9 horas
If you ask me, alot better than all these lils
Austin Stowe
Austin Stowe Hace un día
Listening to this at a college homecoming party.... was listening to this freshman year in 2011. A banger to this day!
Trevor Newman
Trevor Newman Hace un día
Geez it’s been nine years since I rode the bus to 8th grade listening to this.
English Leg
English Leg Hace un día
nice şarkı
Royal Oz
Royal Oz Hace 5 días
Cat: meow meow Dog: woof woof Idiots: 2019?! 2019?!
Daniel J. Flores
Daniel J. Flores Hace 8 días
¡dubstep del futuro! 💜
Jess Hace 9 días
Luiz Guilherme Carvalho
Duck crossfire
cracked fn
cracked fn Hace 13 días
Anyone from w2s or other fifa youtuber??
Daniel Bresach
Daniel Bresach Hace 14 días
September/Oct 2019....still here, and always busy out for the drops..200&-2012 “Dubs Golden Age”💯
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff Hace 15 días
w0w took me back to 2010 in a flash, like a time-warp through space I didn't even know song name but the sounds instantaneously took me through to the past 9 years ago 0.o
xStefann nn
xStefann nn Hace 15 días
Flux was so ahead of his time.
Ali Fardan
Ali Fardan Hace 11 días
I think it was actually his time, otherwise, we couldn't get the nostalgia hit hearing this back.
dyonysos 2325
dyonysos 2325 Hace 16 días
I finally found it xD omg legendary drop. No wonder its by flux
Bake Jull
Bake Jull Hace 16 días
takes me back to MW2 days
Edward Diz
Edward Diz Hace 17 días
2020 Anyone?
bryan istok
bryan istok Hace 18 días
Legends never die ♥
Tydon Scott
Tydon Scott Hace 18 días
bruh im mad af it took me this long to subscribe, i cant imagine what ive missed
RAXZO Hace 22 días
Stephan _
Stephan _ Hace 23 días
Anyone Oh Long Johnson?
victorn007 Nava
victorn007 Nava Hace 23 días
Here after 10 years
Faiz Hace 24 días
I first discovered this song because of Melanie Moore’s solo in SYTYCD
rest Сup
rest Сup Hace 25 días
I miss this kind of dubpteps
Vextare Hace 25 días
09/18/19 is when I returned to one of the best things that entered my ear hole.
victorn007 Nava
victorn007 Nava Hace 23 días
Vextare same
D3l1V3 Hace 29 días
This song still rocks
Семен Эткало
I'm started listening Dubstep with this song. Not listening it now, but I'll remember this track all my life.
Fatih Yavuz
Fatih Yavuz Hace un mes
UcanBoga :,(
DualStancer Hace un mes
9 years and still sounded better than new dubstep..good old times
David Najera
David Najera Hace un mes
2019 todavia :( ? lo mejor del dubstep hermosos recuerdos :(
assigamer 187 ツ
assigamer 187 ツ Hace un mes
Thanky you shazam
-υиιту Hace un mes
I can still imagine 10 year me dancing when this banger came out I miss old dubstep
Ermac Hace un mes
0:28 Thank me Later
Rush Bullet
Rush Bullet Hace un mes
2019 anyone ?
chidde Riotfield
chidde Riotfield Hace un mes
The old time sound of a broken vacuum cleaner still gets my heart
Viktor Kolekeski
Viktor Kolekeski Hace un mes
I swear that's a Portugal flag
Hell Play
Hell Play Hace un mes
Yo hacia ejercicios escuchando esto por allá en 2013... Que nostàlgia melancolía un montón de sensaciones depresivas me trae esta canción es como una Droga.
The Nice Guy
The Nice Guy Hace un mes
What's did that time go?😪
Daniel Junior
Daniel Junior Hace un mes
Nossa,essa música me deixa mt bem,mt feliz.
Garioss Hace un mes
i was 10 when i hear this song, now im 19 and still here
Hell Play
Hell Play Hace un mes
The Time go fast... Melancòlic song
İbi Hace un mes
Kayden O'Leary
Kayden O'Leary Hace un mes
Who's here from w2s
Tri Óculus
Tri Óculus Hace un mes
Sounds like Christmas Lights :3
Baxışoff Hace un mes
9 years ago... web is awesome
sickfuck irc
sickfuck irc Hace un mes
My first dubstep song :) , i miss 2010
TyEmUpp Hace un mes
2019 baybeeeee
ferfykins Hace un mes
9 years later, still one of my favorites :)
Teexy Hace 2 meses
Old Vibes 😭
Vypah Hace 2 meses
9 years later and I still get goosebumps everytime this songs comes on
Ariel Almeida
Ariel Almeida Hace 2 meses
2019? Agoust
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Hace 2 meses
Colton Wilkie
Colton Wilkie Hace 2 meses
Hopefully when we get into the 2020’s dubstep will have a rebirth and we’ll get golden music like this again 💜
Monsterlogia Hace 2 meses
and now i'm 14 years old again , playing cod thinking i can be pro player xD
Breno Oliveira dantas
TheVillmus Hace 2 meses
2019 im still back to this track.. 9 year's but still got power :) good memories
Frosty xDeerx
Frosty xDeerx Hace 2 meses
Nostalgia kicks in this song😭
Nicolas Meriles
Nicolas Meriles Hace 2 meses
ESvid algorithm being finally relevant and making us remember this masterpiece
Luan Souza
Luan Souza Hace 2 meses
good 2019
ςɧɾɩى ŘŁ
ςɧɾɩى ŘŁ Hace 2 meses
2019? 2020?
S M O C K Hace 2 meses
2019? 😏
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