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French Montana - No Stylist ft. Drake

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"No Stylist" available at smarturl.it/NoStylist
Directors: Glenn Michael & Christo
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Producers: Ryan Hahn & Vince Tran
Production Company: HPLA
Post-Producer: Julien Nieva
French Montana online:
(C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


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9 oct 2018

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xgames Hace un hora
Kayla ta paidia
trap y reggaeton
trap y reggaeton Hace 2 horas
Angela Fisher
Angela Fisher Hace 2 horas
Your a star to me
21 THALEGEND Hace 2 horas
yess Hace 2 horas
Frenchie's back, drake still doing it
Luke Gibbons
Luke Gibbons Hace 2 horas
I farted when i first heard this song
Just Me
Just Me Hace 2 horas
Shit wack French Montana fall off bad
Lauraine Loubendia
Lauraine Loubendia Hace 2 horas
I love French Montana and Drake is favorite rapper : louben queen 👸
MOH-MOH TECH Hace 3 horas
Morocco not arabic
Khalid Hdidou
Khalid Hdidou Hace 3 horas
her in switzerland stardet killing until d send him there
Khalid Hdidou
Khalid Hdidou Hace 3 horas
her killing evry where bitch emley and Duppenthaler and Bücher and jaklin and Belinda
Abdoul gang
Abdoul gang Hace 4 horas
Drake part was the best 🔥
Lala Symone
Lala Symone Hace 4 horas
so did anyone else notice Luka from grownish 2?
Noah Graves
Noah Graves Hace 5 horas
0:46 when your teacher says what’s 20-68?
Chris Hoskins
Chris Hoskins Hace 5 horas
Just realised how similar they look to each other in the thumbnail, could pass them off as brothers.
Dienis Rodrigues
Dienis Rodrigues Hace 5 horas
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson Hace 6 horas
Mr. Huh
Mohamed Elmasqi
Mohamed Elmasqi Hace 6 horas
2 months 🇲🇦 No stylist 🔥
Kenoxx 78
Kenoxx 78 Hace 7 horas
_ civokruT
_ civokruT Hace 8 horas
Hai style. Ndo sta Luis? 😂😂
Annissa Thapendran
Annissa Thapendran Hace 9 horas
let be honest drake looks hot af
lil 5
lil 5 Hace 10 horas
drake sounds like a midget
UTUBE POWER Hace 10 horas
ESvid needs to improve my recommendations.
Georgiooxx Hace 10 horas
amos ct
amos ct Hace 10 horas
Am i only heard future rap at begin?
Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema Hace 11 horas
Maroc drake du lourd
Ethian Alexander S. Pino
WiteNoize Hace 13 horas
This shit 3 Hard!
zakattack savage
zakattack savage Hace 13 horas
French looks like drake tbh
Drunk 40 year old Dolphin Sponge
thought montana was travis scott for a sec
Jessica Scoggins
Jessica Scoggins Hace 15 horas
6 dogs frozen tears on my neck ...
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Hace 15 horas
jaja yo igual vine por oridemierda
Loulou Cambridge
Loulou Cambridge Hace 16 horas
1:30 When one of my friends mentions that they wanna be tracer but I already am ;) Or when one on my friends mentions memes ;)))))))))))
das nick
das nick Hace 18 horas
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Tahür Hace 19 horas
NOOB TV Hace 20 horas
Love from MORROCO❤
aixa Hace 21 un hora
Love this
Tabatha Rogers
Tabatha Rogers Hace 22 horas
It's been 2 months.... Will someone please lend French Montana a stylist?
chevy 1of1
chevy 1of1 Hace 22 horas
Dina Lopes
Dina Lopes Hace 23 horas
I'm porchagees and I hate it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
Djapatox Hace un día
tf wrong with that vibrato in drakes voice lmao
Ra Square
Ra Square Hace un día
No disrespect to their friendship but French out flowed homeboy on this one. Unless Drake wrote it. 1💜Minnesota
ruben iyc
ruben iyc Hace un día
THINGS WE DO !!!........
Cynthia Lee
Cynthia Lee Hace un día
Alvaro Flores
Alvaro Flores Hace un día
I showed this to my nuts, now they hang!!!!
Achraf Nazid
Achraf Nazid Hace un día
French montana 🎤
GG GAMING Hace un día
Hey you I want likes no comments
Chleuha de Paname
Chleuha de Paname Hace un día
Les marocains vous êtes là ? 🇲🇦 🇲🇦
PeppaBoyFilms Hace un día
Erykah Badu - Wont Let Go (from Soul Train 2018 performance) esvid.net/video/vídeo-Ta6SrB1Kqb4.html
Sabrinas Hace un día
Khalid Hdidou
Khalid Hdidou Hace un día
there after Action Of span Of Germany switzerland Kriminalität beetwen themes 2 klg Of Gold Of and bags All Last larka ferst markas Of more 35 tawzents Euro more nothing against themes then Rest ist in London was saying themes i can't anymore . i Get Out to give a Hand
Anamaria Totu
Anamaria Totu Hace un día
0:25 mi te imaginam pe tn Ema
Jamie Chappell
Jamie Chappell Hace un día
Bee gees innerrky
Jamie Chappell
Jamie Chappell Hace un día
Crenshaw hitlist top corddee
abdo FT
abdo FT Hace un día
ولد بلادي ❤❤❤
T W I N S Hace un día
0.23 ybn nahmir ?
Yinka Are
Yinka Are Hace un día
He sounds like future
sherlana fisher
sherlana fisher Hace un día
Camaralay Traore
Camaralay Traore Hace un día
🏆💯 #NoStylist
RICH TV LIVE Hace un día
This is epic
Gareth Roberts
Gareth Roberts Hace un día
His mouth never moved
Emery Beats
Emery Beats Hace un día
I swear to god I’ll like this comment
Red Face
Red Face Hace un día
mega mike
mega mike Hace un día
Nobody really needs design brands if it fits and is cleaned there is no problem plus design brands coast way toooooooooo much.
bape god
bape god Hace un día
0:59 Young thug is gay
Justin Belknap
Justin Belknap Hace un día
damn no ones gonna notice slick rick lol
rube718 Hace un día
Can anybody please answer this for me... My boy think that's Camron in the video, and I'm telling him that's juicy j... Please respond
beatriz figueroa
beatriz figueroa Hace un día
Lil xxx xD NYC
Rhemy Tyler
Rhemy Tyler Hace un día
When you ain't got style
aWu produkcja
aWu produkcja Hace un día
1. No shopping 2. No stylist What will be next ? 🤗🔥
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Dacia Silva
Dacia Silva Hace un día
Alguien aquí por ORI DE MIERDA??
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Young thug still wearing them dresses... crazy, all for the money, huh?!.... no shame.
Prince Terry
Prince Terry Hace un día
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Courtney kardashian's young boyfriend with the dreads. He's a cutie 2.
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
They constantly throw up the "Illuminati" hand signs (y'all just not familiar or realizing it at all).
Aisha Abdullah
Aisha Abdullah Hace un día
Amy Cole
Amy Cole Hace un día
Diamonds on my neck frozen queers
Taiyaba Sabir
Taiyaba Sabir Hace un día
I stalis no stalis
Adam Tynan
Adam Tynan Hace un día
I luv this song
Kylon Kane
Kylon Kane Hace un día
I got the game in a squeeze Who disagree? I wanna see one of y'all run up a fee Yea, 2 open seats, we fly in at 7 and packed for the beach Yea, keeping it G I told her dont wear no 350s round me!
Cris Cris
Cris Cris Hace un día
Why French and drake looking like brothers in the thumbnail. They look alike at that moment.
ComeBack 86cen
ComeBack 86cen Hace un día
2:02 drake did this 👌
NorthTowNer Hace un día
Is that slick rick??
laut jdu
laut jdu Hace un día
1:58 he say back "back" 5 times, good xD
najim Agrî
najim Agrî Hace un día
Scottish Gamer
Scottish Gamer Hace un día
When you’re rich but still have to use a green screen to pretend you’re driving Hahahah
Emir Erdogan
Emir Erdogan Hace un día
Pls someone write this song's all lyrics thnk u
Yas Lai
Yas Lai Hace un día
the real meaning od R.A.P
supreme ovo
supreme ovo Hace un día
#drake squad
Sinead Fleming
Sinead Fleming Hace un día
This is my sister's fav song she absolutely loves it
Tyesha Kharbouch
Tyesha Kharbouch Hace 2 días
Baby, very cute video!
ADISON Hace 2 días
There's something wrong with their voices, like too much vocal correction
Ma liberté financière
Drake always manage to mess up good song ...
Beer Bryan
Beer Bryan Hace 2 días
The fuck is this. 2 short ass verses and the rest is a weakass chorus. Fuck French Montana sucks
Matthew Bowler
Matthew Bowler Hace 2 días
Steady improving on his style, If there was a Most Improved award in Hip Hop it would go to French! Don't @ me, or @ me if you'd like I'm flexible
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