[FULL ALBUM] Jus2 (저스투) - FOCUS (Mini Album)

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[EP] 저스투 (Jus2) - FOCUS
Release Date: 2019.03.05
Genre: R&B / Soul, Dance
Language: Korean
Track List:
01. Focus on me
02. Drunk on you
03. Touch
04. Senses
05. Love talk
06. Long black
#저스투 #Jus2 #FOCUS #JB #Yugyeom #GOT7 #갓세븐 #미니앨범
#Focusonme #Drunkonyou #Touch #Senses #Lovetalk #Longblack

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0:00 Focus on me 3:37 Drunk on you 7:24 Touch 10:43 Senses 13:58 Love talk 17:51 Long black
busadee bombom
busadee bombom Hace 16 días
GOT7 Forever7
GOT7 Forever7 Hace un mes
Lullaby GOT7 TH, I appreciate u🙏🏼🙏🏼
Afro Atheist
Afro Atheist Hace 2 meses
Noane Cunha
Noane Cunha Hace 2 meses
thank you so much
CatDNeko Hace 2 meses
thank you so much
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace un día
I still can’t stop listening to this album 😍😍😍
Juju Hace 3 días
Focus on me gives me major neon demon vibes....
Leni Puspita
Leni Puspita Hace 4 días
Yugyeom's voice make me crazy , omg love u so much my giant baby ❤❤❤❤
Stef M
Stef M Hace 6 días
This is so classy, love it
Rafa Rodhes
Rafa Rodhes Hace 7 días
I don’t why I started thinking this but hear me out. Imagine if they’re actually a gay power couple and they’re actually singing to each other. And this is the way they’re telling the world. That’d be so cool. But yeah, I know.
daily kook
daily kook Hace 7 días
Thanh Cao
Thanh Cao Hace 7 días
Touch !!OMG !!!!😭😭😭🙊🙊🙊💚💚💚
flo jo
flo jo Hace 12 días
Ok I'm not being dramatic- but if JB sings touch in concert when I see them in October I will legit die
kandace taylor
kandace taylor Hace 14 días
Why is this so good??? I'm only three songs in and I'm blown away. This mini album is just 20 minutes of straight VIBES
Alice Sultan
Alice Sultan Hace 16 días
What is this genre called?
ggs twice
ggs twice Hace 2 días
there are different genres, mostly electronic r&b, house, dance and even vogue
ahgase 7
ahgase 7 Hace 15 días
Maybe electro Rnb ?
สอาด วิเศษสินธ์
ไม่รู้ภาษาเกาหลี อังกฤษ แต่ชอบ ย้อนหลังค่ะ
สอาด วิเศษสินธ์
อลบั้มนี้เพราะมาก อนุญาตินะ ฟังไพเราะดี รักแอด ขอบคุณ🐜🌴
Vitória Soares
Vitória Soares Hace 20 días
whip kookkik
whip kookkik Hace 21 un día
Yug 😚
colours to life
colours to life Hace 22 días
i didn't know how much i needed this subunit ??????????????
Tiffany Hunt
Tiffany Hunt Hace 22 días
this is such a calming album bruh
Anousheh Siddiky
Anousheh Siddiky Hace 23 días
bet they were needy asf while writing these songs- i am soo sry dont sue me..... yet---
MrRobotOwl X
MrRobotOwl X Hace 8 días
JB & Yugyeom are the most sensual members of GOT7 so its no surprise they wrote this, Jinyoung also writes songs like those but for their Japanese discographies lol But I love it!
บีเนียร์ _จงเจริญ
I like touch and drunk on you
makk Hace 23 días
There's some sexy baby makin songs in here... I like it!!
T0MG7 Hace 24 días
I love this Album 👏🏼❤️
T0MG7 Hace 24 días
Hydra Bangtan
Hydra Bangtan Hace 25 días
This is a Supernova inside a Black hole.....makes me want to drowned in their voices
JB forever xciv
JB forever xciv Hace 28 días
Drunk on you~😳💗
Sasu Lein
Sasu Lein Hace 29 días
Really nice album 😊💚
Tiffany Hunt
Tiffany Hunt Hace un mes
i love this album
Janine Angelisa
Janine Angelisa Hace un mes
SHOW OUR BOYS' SOUNDCLOUD SUM LUVVV soundcloud.com/yugyeom17 soundcloud.com/off_def soundcloud.com/offshore_82
김운다 Hace un mes
내가 너클죠게임 사랑하잖아 ..제팬포르쉐스포츠카나...드림카경주...너무 사랑한다 내영상에 저장돼어있는...그리고 뿅카경주...너무사랑한다
김운다 Hace un mes
김운다 Hace un mes
신디게이트 워즈 도스게임 은 나에의해서 코드로 만들어진 작품이다 알지 내가 좋아하는 느낌 스타일 코드 너무 좋다
김운다 Hace un mes
너희공학악마들은 ...컴퓨터공학을 잘알겟구나...웅..그럴듯해 코드에 상당히 매력을 느끼겟구나 나도 코드 무지좋아한다 ㅋㅋㅋ 내가 니들을 잘알지 아무튼 노래좋다...모든이미지는 코드가 들어있지...알지..아케이드게임다 코드로 만들어진것들이지 그정도는 알고있지
김운다 Hace un mes
저스투 역시 공학악마들이라 음악만드는게 역시 내가좋아하느것들이네 역시 절대신김성철이 니네들을 좋아해 고전악마 선미나 공학미학을 너무좋아하잖아 환상미학을 너무좋아하고 으헤헤헤헤 신들이나 악마들은 영생하고 연예인들이라고해서 다 신들과 악마들만있는거아니잖니 귀신이나 인간들은 영생을 못해 알지 악마가 뱀파이어를 만들었다는것 블레이드3가 영생을 얻을라고 그 생쇼를 하잖아 뱀파이어가 귀신을 만들고 귀신이 인간을 만들었으니 물론 인간을 만든목적은 악마 신들이나 영들이 인간몸을 입고 활동하기위해서이지 우엉 알지
Paula R
Paula R Hace un mes
the Touch song needs a MV, its absolutly dope
hyung u look ugly tho
i am not a got7 fan but this is lit
Vitória Soares
Vitória Soares Hace 20 días
thank u for appreciate our boys
grdn rs
grdn rs Hace un mes
I love Love Talk and Senses these club bops need to be played at every festival tbh
murugicaro1 Hace un mes
PEACHYARI Hace un mes
Long Black makes me feel some type of way yo 😍
Abeedah Farjan
Abeedah Farjan Hace un mes
wanna marry this album tbh
multibebe lol
multibebe lol Hace un mes
Love Talk is really good💜
KODE Hace un mes
the wandering spirit of k-pop
Tf.. How and why the whole album is sexy.. Esp. Yugi's vocals.. Waee.>3
Prontiwa Promma
Prontiwa Promma Hace un mes
Focus on me☺️😊😘
Afro Atheist
Afro Atheist Hace un mes
The first one is the best. I hear the R&B inspiration with Korean Pop. And, Techno/Electronica.
TheSlotty91 Hace un mes
9:56 this... I can't explain
Phinedol Hace un mes
if I don't hear these songs in an H&M then whats the point
Ariza Summer Reyes
Ariza Summer Reyes Hace un mes
Only GOT7 can make me like songs that are bops like this, and stop sleeping on GOT7 and everything about talent!
Lips Xo
Lips Xo Hace un mes
This whole album screams defsoulll
fun lovelove
fun lovelove Hace un mes
S W Broca
S W Broca Hace un mes
AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWOWAH❣️... this is a very very 🔥album❣️I luv it! Nice it’s got sm deephouse tones... I luv housemuzic - it’s rhythmic dance music! Dang they banged this OUT❣️I gotta gv mad♥️nrespectsupportJUS2 💕💕🔥🔥💕🔥💕🔥💕🔥💕🔥💕
Nayeli Torres
Nayeli Torres Hace un mes
Quien tuvo la idea de juntar a estos dos?👀 Denle un premio inmediatamente 🎉
Shingala :D
Shingala :D Hace un mes
YugYeom oppa! is the beautiful man! JB voice art! Both so talented Oppa YugYeom marry me!
RIA Hace un mes
Невероятный мини-альбом. Молодцы ребята, что создали такой юнит💚 Безумно талантливые.
hobi sun
hobi sun Hace un mes
ai q delícia
Sandra Sosa
Sandra Sosa Hace un mes
When your two bias make a mini album..... me: *screaming and crying*
Karlita TV
Karlita TV Hace un mes
Omg Touch 😍 they didn't have to snap like that... what an awesome song akdjsksk💜💜💜
Lissa KatM
Lissa KatM Hace un mes
All are nice songs with a chill vibe....My 3 tops are Focus on me, Love talk, and Long black 😭🤧💚 Help Me Somebody 🤧🤧🤧
curls_n_ kimchi
curls_n_ kimchi Hace un mes
This album is a literal blessing. Everything about it is perfect, I’m so glad I’m not sleeping on this.
알렉산드라 Hace un mes
B B Hace un mes
IMAGINE.. JB, BI, Bobby, Junhoe, RM, Suga nd chanyeol.. all chilling together.... Just them.. K music will explode.
Kama S
Kama S Hace un mes
So pleasure to listening. ...masterpiece 💗💗
Nova M. Williams
Nova M. Williams Hace un mes
This album is a masterpiece. It's one of the only albums where I love every single track, though my faves are "Touch" and "Love Talk".
_deng.eunbit_ Hace un mes
wow! wow! wow!❤❤❤
MarkBamwj 4Forever
MarkBamwj 4Forever Hace un mes
I Love Touch😍😊❤❤
Gray Cole
Gray Cole Hace un mes
These are all so good, why hadn't I heard anything about this? I'm honestly shook at how beautiful every song is... idk man music doesn't always make me actually feel things but my heart moves to a majority of this album.
MrRobotOwl X
MrRobotOwl X Hace 8 días
+yejisu ftw so true, people only listen to their title songs & make an opinion when theres so many hidden gems in their albums ^^
yejisu ftw
yejisu ftw Hace un mes
That's what amazing about got7. People don't know got7's music is THAT amazing... people alwqys say got7 has bad music when they only listen to hard carry
A new era has begun
A new era has begun
+Katerina Tzanetatou thank youuu
Katerina Tzanetatou
Welcome to our family 💚🐦
Jasmine Hace un mes
This is overall such a chill R&B album. It’s so, so fucking good. Watch everyone sleep on this just like they slept on Verse 2 smh
Smol Mochi
Smol Mochi Hace un mes
Bias wrecked... yet again ;-;
caitlin katrina s.
caitlin katrina s. Hace un mes
aegyo kitty
aegyo kitty Hace un mes
This entire album is a masterpiece. We have been blessed with true art. Let's love and support these guys forever, they deserve the world. ~
Aiko K.
Aiko K. Hace 2 meses
what i hear in focus on me : "Now F*ck us only" "The Zombie only" "F*ck us only" ANYONE ELSE!?
Randy Butternubs
Randy Butternubs Hace 2 meses
I'm eating cereal while getting ready for work, and I can just hear them violently whispering "I'll poop on your senses" over the sound of my crunching. Yes please, JB
Zhao Yunlan
Zhao Yunlan Hace 2 meses
Long black and Drunk on you. My personal favorite💖💞 Good Job baby JB and Gyeom Gyeom💞
Shirley Matakibau
Shirley Matakibau Hace 2 meses
I love long black song !!!
coffe lopez
coffe lopez Hace 2 meses
Album artisismo👑💚🐦💚💛💚💙🖤❤🖤💚💙💛🖤💚
Yixing's Dimples
Yixing's Dimples Hace 2 meses
1:08 it sounds like Jackson singing in the background
honeyechan Hace 2 meses
damn this album is pure perfection
twobik 147
twobik 147 Hace 2 meses
My favourite is touch😍
aryia Wadekar
aryia Wadekar Hace 2 meses
These songs are the audio versions of those illusions ... Falling deeper and deeper
wannipa u-ma
wannipa u-ma Hace 2 meses
ฟังไปฟังมาหลับงั้น สบายมาก ฝนตกฟัง JUS2 ฟินไปอีก Love U Yugyeom&JB ปล.ไม่แกะแล้วบั้มฟังในนี้ละกัน
Angie Claros
Angie Claros Hace 2 meses
Why do i feel like i should dress fancy af while listening to this album. *Art.*
h. Hace 28 días
ikr and in a silk tux w killer makeup and stilettos w a glass of wine in my hand and my ex's body on the floor
Allyssa Early-McCullom
I'm getting majid jordan vibes from this album. Sexy deep house.
gj56 Hace 2 meses
europop/club meets kpop
Esther Delacruz
Esther Delacruz Hace 2 meses
Long black 👏💖
angelica Vaughn Harris
this is a dangerous combination
Shouto Hace 2 meses
I got actual chills from each song what sorcery is this
Baby Bird
Baby Bird Hace 2 meses
Drunk on you can't get out of my mind.. waaaaah! LLS
Labradoorr Hace 2 meses
This album fits my taste almost perfectly. I’m amazed.
esther .K
esther .K Hace 2 meses
Full of contents’ album
Jamie Hace 2 meses
This entire album..... art.
三橋レン Hace 2 meses
05.が好き JBとギョムたん珍しいね
kwanrude pinchaimoon
Long black💕🐜😘🌴
Igot 7
Igot 7 Hace 2 meses
SuperJunior elf
SuperJunior elf Hace 2 meses
Este álbum es lo más osea todas sus canciones tienen buenos ritmos y si a esto le agregamos las voces de ambos pues... 😍👏
Daiara Brownless
Daiara Brownless Hace 2 meses
Cess D
Cess D Hace 2 meses
Sexxy and soulful❤
I GOT THEM Hace 2 meses
Why do I feel like these music would fit perfectly for a fashion show
Aissaaa Hace 2 meses
I don't even stan Got7 but goooosh i love it
Diane Obeng
Diane Obeng Hace un mes
Aissaaa you should stan Got7 they are versatile
Markoppadamebola Hace 2 meses
No puedo creer todo lo que se pierde la gente
Markoppadamebola Hace 2 meses
Este álbum y ellos es arte puro
Ayşe Şeyda Gökçe
Drunk on you, i can'ttt😢😢😖
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