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Star Wars' Battle of Coruscant as depicted in the animated mini-series, Star Wars: Clone Wars & live-action movie, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
Behold Yoda & Mace Windu defend the city proper, displaying power never shown on screen before or since. Marvel at Master Saesee Tiin commanding the forces on orbit in his intrepid style. Watch Masters, Shaak Ti, Roron Corobb & Foul Moudama lead Coruscant & Blue Guard Troopers in trying to prevent the epic "kidnapping" of Palpatine. Witness most the epic CQB combat in the franchise as Captain Fordo finds his Troopers pinned down & facing retreat. Learn how Grievous got his chronic cough. Appreciate the end of the miniseries flowing almost seamlessly into the opening of Episode III, with Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi being called into & joining the fight.
Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars mini-series fills in the gaps between Episodes II & III while leading directly to the opening scene of III. The miniseries was canon (until officially overwritten by Star Wars: THE Clone Wars full series/movie), with storyboard approval from George Lucas himself.
FAQ answered -
Q: What's Yoda riding? A: A kybuck. Typically too small for riding, this kybuck was a gift from a princess. As Jedi are discouraged from keeping possessions, Yoda considers this kybuck his friend rather than pet. He has never named it, calling it with the Force from the garden beneath the Temple.
Q: How many ships are in orbit? A: LOTS. Various sources give different estimates & there is no canon number. All credible sources taken into account I think it's safe to say that the space battle involved no less than 2000 capital ships & well over 2,000,000 starfighters. While the number of capital ships on either side were initially about equal, half of the defending star destroyers were immediately destroyed in the surprise attack. The defending starfighters were outnumbered approximately 11:1.
Q: How did the CIS fleet sneak in undetected? A: Darth Sidious gave the CIS the location of a secret hyperspace lane through the galactic core unknown to The Republic. This allowed the CIS fleet to enter orbit directly from hyperspace, destroying hundreds of Venator Class star destroyers before they were able to raise shields & jamming all communications to prevent reinforcement (which Republic forces eventually overcame).
Q: This seems foolish, why did they make this attack? A: They were never meant to win! General Grievous had no idea that his master was the very Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine he had been sent to kidnap. On paper, at the time, this would have seemed like a bold but potentially devastating move. The vast majority of the multi-million star destroyer Republican fleet & nearly the entire Jedi Order had been goaded into thousands of fights spread thin across the galaxy. The attack was timed to take place shortly after a State of the Republic address, guaranteeing that most, if not all of the government would be in town. Republic propaganda said the war was all but won. Ostensibly Sidious claimed the assault & kidnapping was intended as a terror attack that would sow fear & chaos in the capital while shaking the public's faith in the Republic. In actuality the operation served four purposes - First, it decimated the heart of the CIS fleet. They'd never recover from the loss of so many important ships, making rebellion after Order 66 more difficult. Second, an investigation was about to reveal Sheev as Sidious; the attack served as a distraction to allow the investigators to be assassinated & evidence burred. Third, it gave Sheev the appearance of being an unflappably brave leader, boosting his popularity while assuaging Jedi suspicion of him. Forth, and possibly most importantly, it provided an opportunity for Anakin to murder an... unarmed... foe, sending him further toward the dark side.
I've edited out the scenes from an offworld subplot with Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi until they get the call for support from Mace Windu. I then edit in the opening dogfights over the city from Episode III up until Anakin, Obi-Wan and R2-D2 board General Grievous' Providence-class dreadnought, Invisible Hand. This is effectively the entire Battle, short of a fight with Dooku and the emergency landing back in the city which I removed at the request of Disney.
The live action sequences are from fellow ESvidr, Kyro91's "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Battle over Coruscant Remastered" in which Kyro91 has edited several cuts, changed the color of certain objects, increased the rate of weapons fire and added sound effects among other things. A great improvement over the studio release imo and far more in line with the feel of the animation.
I've also made this video available on my Facebook Page
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chris bryant
chris bryant Hace 4 horas
Windu has balls the size of starships for not only destroying droids bare handed but doing it while in the middle of massive crossfire and the droid army itself. . The only Jedi equal to Yoda in badassery.
Jacob Boyd
Jacob Boyd Hace 9 horas
Also on a freaking planet city you'd think they would have better elevators
crazy fire
crazy fire Hace 3 horas
On a capital planet no less.
Jacob Boyd
Jacob Boyd Hace 9 horas
Love how Yoda just perfectly jumps over rubble and lands on that random horse thing perfect placement
Kendall Smallwood
Kendall Smallwood Hace 9 horas
16:56 Windu same thing against Sidious
Russian Bias
Russian Bias Hace 12 horas
My man yoda looking like me after extra large taco from Taco Bell
Me and the bois
Me and the bois Hace 13 horas
Yoda riding an antelope now I’ve seen everything
Low Standards
Low Standards Hace 13 horas
wingzero7X Hace 14 horas
I feel like this is why people didn’t care for episode 3 much, standards were raised
clove546789 Hace 15 horas
8:11 holy shit, never saw that when I was a kid
Jake 2204
Jake 2204 Hace 22 horas
20:24 poor lad doin his best
count_the_jams there's never enough
count_the_jams there's never enough
palpatine is hilarious and Grevious is awesome , he's a fucking intimidating robot i tell you that
Lasse Kock
Lasse Kock Hace un día
7:50 Mace Windu being the IP man for a couple of secs, killing droids without even touching his saber lol.
Spyderº¹² Hace un día
Archer Astatine
Archer Astatine Hace un día
8:57 Grievous: Heard you were talkin shit.
Black Knight
Black Knight Hace un día
Imagine a 2008 version of this because if we were still going to get a season 8, we would have seen it
PsalmistBob Hace un día
From 6:29-7:10 Yoda ain't having it.
Crofinnts 2
Crofinnts 2 Hace un día
21:00 this is suspicious and interesting
Salty Bleach
Salty Bleach Hace un día
He looks like the chef from total drama island
Redlin Ranger Studio
Fush ro dah 10:43 - 11:45
Redlin Ranger Studio
it was at this moment that they knew they fuck up 19:46
I’m Felix
I’m Felix Hace 2 días
7:52 master windu punched the droids like their paper
xXFlying_CowsXx Hace 2 días
9:33 Wait, grievous has the force!?
Kilikus Hace 2 días
1:36. "Thank you, I will. Captain obvious, you are."
Cowboycomando54 Hace 2 días
17:51 "This selfless sacrifice will long be remembered in the archives of the Jedi order" Disney makes the series non cannon and tries to bury the show.
Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker Hace 2 días
Despite the age of Tartakovsky's Clone Wars the Animation is still damn good.
Jordi Mestre
Jordi Mestre Hace 2 días
This version of TCW is super cool, but tbf, if the Jedi could really fight at this level (particularly with powers such as Yoda’s use of the Force), the war would have lasted no more than a week
Patavinity Hace 2 días
*Yoda watches massive droid fleet descending outside huge window* Mace Windu: ThE cItY iS uNdEr AtTaCk!
crazy fire
crazy fire Hace 3 horas
Yoda: 🧐 say, you don’t
Austin Thorup 2.0
Austin Thorup 2.0 Hace 2 días
11:20 I’m just a dude with a rocket launcher
Barriath Hace 3 días
wow wtf xD some things in this animated series sure are exagerated :D
Citro gen
Citro gen Hace 3 días
6:33 me when i clean up my room :D
Brandon Leon
Brandon Leon Hace 3 días
Another reason out of many on why the EU is 10x better than this bullshit abomination called canon now.
STW LORD Hace 3 días
Is there going to be MORE?
xhag1x Hace 3 días
ITs easy to forget how powerful yoda is then you see him forcing ships to crash into each other
Hi There
Hi There Hace 3 días
1:36 WoW nO sHiT mAcE wInDu, YoU mUsT bE ShErLoCk HoLmEs
Euryphus _
Euryphus _ Hace 3 días
I think I wanna marry Shaak Ti after this
Aldun hokoron
Aldun hokoron Hace 3 días
I don't understand why the first two movies of the series look wayyyy better with all those CGIs and effects while the rest of the series were all old time movie effects that looks really really odd.......were they remade?
Asim Mushtaq
Asim Mushtaq Hace 3 días
Sir the ship is lost Jedi- don’t worry But sir Jedi-one sec Jedi-*goes to ship dealership* Jedi- got it
Colin Yusten
Colin Yusten Hace 3 días
I think in the original episode 3 movie Lucas should have added in random clone battle chatter during scenes with them. It would've made us care about the Grand Army of the Republic more. Not just in this battle but throughout the movie. And not just at moments to reveal plot info either but just to set the tone. I enjoyed episode 3 but adding that depth into it would've made it 10x better
Dr.Medic man of medicine
21:01 I've seen too much hentai to know where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TimelordRock Hace 4 días
4:06 “We got three on our tail...now four!” “Take them out.” Why didn’t you just do that in the first place??
HoneySulphur Hace 4 días
Mace walking down the hanger like a boss going “I have had it, with these motherfucking separatists on this motherfucking planet!”
Failegion Hace 4 días
Wait wait wait... after 11:22 when grevious lands... was that iri jedi using a version of Force Scream? General a Dark Side move?
EASball Hace 4 días
21:17 asthma sucks, doesn't it?
Andres Carrasco
Andres Carrasco Hace 4 días
Now watch this, now watch Disney star wars, try not to cry, cry
Mac Russell
Mac Russell Hace 4 días
I love how Mace just wales on on 'em. Why isn't there a jedi master who handicaps himself and just uses martial arts to just beat ths piss outta people.
Luc S
Luc S Hace 4 días
Shaggy could have defeated the droids using 5% of his power
Lordnateyolo dubstep
15:27 hello there
Максим Глушков
Niiiicee !!!
Kristopher Shafer
Kristopher Shafer Hace 4 días
Too bad out of ALL legends material, the clone wars miniseries is no longer officially canon. It is the ONE thing that should have remained canon since it ties in so well to the clone wars series as a “beginning” and ending transitioning from movie to movie. In fact, as for the ending to the clone wars show that is being released in the near future, hopefully it will focus solely in the clone wars characters like Ashoka, mail and captain Rex and whatever it does with the Episode III characters, it will not contradict this miniseries.
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