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Full Battle of Coruscant - Star Wars

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Star Wars' Battle of Coruscant as depicted in the animated mini-series, Star Wars: Clone Wars & live-action movie, Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
Behold Yoda & Mace Windu defend the city proper, displaying power never shown on screen before or since. Marvel at Master Saesee Tiin commanding the forces on orbit in his intrepid style. Watch Masters, Shaak Ti, Roron Corobb & Foul Moudama lead Coruscant & Blue Guard Troopers in trying to prevent the epic "kidnapping" of Palpatine. Witness most the epic CQB combat in the franchise as Captain Fordo finds his Troopers pinned down & facing retreat. Learn how Grievous got his chronic cough. Appreciate the end of the miniseries flowing almost seamlessly into the opening of Episode III, with Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi being called into & joining the fight.
Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars mini-series fills in the gaps between Episodes II & III while leading directly to the opening scene of III. The miniseries was canon (until officially overwritten by Star Wars: THE Clone Wars full series/movie), with storyboard approval from George Lucas himself.
FAQ answered -
Q: What's Yoda riding? A: A kybuck. Typically too small for riding, this kybuck was a gift from a princess. As Jedi are discouraged from keeping possessions, Yoda considers this kybuck his friend rather than pet. He has never named it, calling it with the Force from the garden beneath the Temple.
Q: How many ships are in orbit? A: LOTS. Various sources give different estimates & there is no canon number. All credible sources taken into account I think it's safe to say that the space battle involved no less than 2000 capital ships & well over 2,000,000 starfighters. While the number of capital ships on either side were initially about equal, half of the defending star destroyers were immediately destroyed in the surprise attack. The defending starfighters were outnumbered approximately 11:1.
Q: How did the CIS fleet sneak in undetected? A: Darth Sidious gave the CIS the location of a secret hyperspace lane through the galactic core unknown to The Republic. This allowed the CIS fleet to enter orbit directly from hyperspace, destroying hundreds of Venator Class star destroyers before they were able to raise shields & jamming all communications to prevent reinforcement (which Republic forces eventually overcame).
Q: This seems foolish, why did they make this attack? A: They were never meant to win! General Grievous had no idea that his master was the very Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine he had been sent to kidnap. On paper, at the time, this would have seemed like a bold but potentially devastating move. The vast majority of the multi-million star destroyer Republican fleet & nearly the entire Jedi Order had been goaded into thousands of fights spread thin across the galaxy. The attack was timed to take place shortly after a State of the Republic address, guaranteeing that most, if not all of the government would be in town. Republic propaganda said the war was all but won. Ostensibly Sidious claimed the assault & kidnapping was intended as a terror attack that would sow fear & chaos in the capital while shaking the public's faith in the Republic. In actuality the operation served four purposes - First, it decimated the heart of the CIS fleet. They'd never recover from the loss of so many important ships, making rebellion after Order 66 more difficult. Second, an investigation was about to reveal Sheev as Sidious; the attack served as a distraction to allow the investigators to be assassinated & evidence burred. Third, it gave Sheev the appearance of being an unflappably brave leader, boosting his popularity while assuaging Jedi suspicion of him. Forth, and possibly most importantly, it provided an opportunity for Anakin to murder an... unarmed... foe, sending him further toward the dark side.
I've edited out the scenes from an offworld subplot with Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi until they get the call for support from Mace Windu. I then edit in the opening dogfights over the city from Episode III up until Anakin, Obi-Wan and R2-D2 board General Grievous' Providence-class dreadnought, Invisible Hand. This is effectively the entire Battle, short of a fight with Dooku and the emergency landing back in the city which I removed at the request of Disney.
The live action sequences are from fellow ESvidr, Kyro91's "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Battle over Coruscant Remastered" in which Kyro91 has edited several cuts, changed the color of certain objects, increased the rate of weapons fire and added sound effects among other things. A great improvement over the studio release imo and far more in line with the feel of the animation.
I've also made this video available on my Facebook Page
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Duolingo Bird
Duolingo Bird Hace 2 horas
What happend to the cooler general Grevious?
Glotch Hace 7 horas
Anyone else love this version of Shaak Ti?
Night Raven
Night Raven Hace 12 horas
7:20 props to this one badass of a clone
Old Man Rom
Old Man Rom Hace 22 horas
12:16 Clone-"We're on our own!" Jedi-"You mean you're on your own" Clone-"Wha.. OH"
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark Hace un día
8:57 I love how Grievous head pops down like "Sup dudes." 😂😂😂
Steiner Eichmann
Steiner Eichmann Hace un día
11:19 ah shit Here we go again boi
Josep Hace un día
This is so incredible.
Stiz anley
Stiz anley Hace 2 días
The cartoon leads directly into the film, i never realized that
SpeedyShibe Hace 2 días
Yoda looks soo pissed off all the time
Third Selah
Third Selah Hace 2 días
What the heck! What have I come across??? This is like amazing and hilarious!!! The cartoon that is.
Ricardo Fernández
Ricardo Fernández Hace 2 días
Why the hell are the live action movies NOT as epic as this?
Jonn Hace 2 días
8:19 ik palpatine is the mastermind behind everything, but something about him sipping tea why the city below him descends into chaos is absolutely amazing, the idc enough to move attitude is the best mood tbh
just trash
just trash Hace 3 días
lol yoda's got a kirin ton ton
Crypto Hace 3 días
Battle of croissant
Z AH Hace 3 días
Yoda should’ve rode a taun taun
Rosario Crimson
Rosario Crimson Hace 3 días
I wonder if at any point Palpatine was thinking 'oh shoot, these Jedi are a bit too competent, I may need to 'help' Grevious a bit.' Obviously subtly through the Force, he wouldn't reveal himself as Sidious to Grevious.
Stefan Rijos
Stefan Rijos Hace 3 días
I think everybody was waaay too overpowered in this show...
Grandmaster Helbrecht The Sol
7:25 bad ass mode
Mr. Bullseye II
Mr. Bullseye II Hace 3 días
I just love how throughout the entire cartoon, Mace Windu just looks so pissed off. He must have had enough with the clone wars lol.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton Hace 4 días
They really should've examined the politico-economic shockwaves that this attack must've inflicted on the galaxy.
George Hamilton
George Hamilton Hace 4 días
Amazing how many civilians died in the attack.
Thomas Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery Hace 4 días
At 19:00 why the hell does it seem like that staff is much better than a lightsaber?
Epic Gunner
Epic Gunner Hace 4 días
This shit was so beautifully animated.
Ryan Aegis
Ryan Aegis Hace 4 días
So, when did the Jedi switch starfighters?
Mister C
Mister C Hace 4 días
I thought this was gonna be some sarcastic cartoon but then it struck me...a real Cartoon, this is
Titans Hace 4 días
4:50 and they said tlj was the first time anyones every hyper speed rammed a ship smh
The Mexican gamer
The Mexican gamer Hace 4 días
Did anyone anyone here a guy' screaming here they come
Kyle Rowe
Kyle Rowe Hace 4 días
I like how the Magnaguard can hold there own against Jedi. Edit: Isn't it weird how in movies, TV etc; they'll always have an enemy be able to hold there own against the main character by themself. But the second there's a group of sed enemy they're immediately massacred.
Gigagladiator Hace 5 días
8:15 Palpatine: This is fine
Jeru _JJ
Jeru _JJ Hace 5 días
You mothafukers are saying Anakin was best pilot out there?
Etunimi Sukunimi
Etunimi Sukunimi Hace 5 días
Yoo how tf is this all so badass
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow Hace 5 días
colban johnson
colban johnson Hace 5 días
Damn, windu doesn’t even need a lightsaber to kick ass. Just the force.
Nick Hace 5 días
Windu the ninja master
Konner Dent
Konner Dent Hace 5 días
15:47 everybody all together; NO CAPES!
Jeremye Tremblay
Jeremye Tremblay Hace 5 días
11:16 yo what's down guys
ijd64 Hace 5 días
Love how we get to see Yoda kick ass without yielding a lightsaber
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Hace 5 días
10:12 Did General Grievous whip out a fuckin chain saw??????
7thHokageNaruto Hace 5 días
thank you for this i never got around to watching the animated series of Star Wars and this helped fill in some of the blank between eps 2-3
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Hace 5 días
accurate power scaling
Tumble Trash
Tumble Trash Hace 5 días
18:23 Scrolling to find a comment that doesn't have a time stamp
Tumble Trash
Tumble Trash Hace 5 días
is this from an actual show, or is this really good dedication to making some animation?
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 5 días
Its from an actual show from 2003. This was made and a build up tie in miniseries for the release of revenge of the sith
Dan Sewart
Dan Sewart Hace 5 días
1:32 defend the city we must. No you don’t say
Deoix9877 Hace 6 días
my fat ass thought the tittle said "full battle of croissant"
Imidasui Xerodam
Imidasui Xerodam Hace 6 días
they needed reinforcements and now there is a ton of them
Imidasui Xerodam
Imidasui Xerodam Hace 6 días
that guy in 7-26 to 7:36 is a rambo
Imidasui Xerodam
Imidasui Xerodam Hace 6 días
firstly i thought it was all mess in space but they were ships
Night of fun times
Night of fun times Hace 6 días
Hope The Clone Wars will fit in as perfectly as this Maybe make the droids a bigger threat now that would be awesome
DuwangChew Hace 6 días
So even if the Clone Wars animated series largely replaces the events of this series this battle is still totally canon right? It just blends into the start of Revenge of the Sith so well I can't see how it couldn't be.
Vishnu Gudivada
Vishnu Gudivada Hace 6 días
if only mace windu and general grievous could have a 1v1
Franko Fichtenstein
Franko Fichtenstein Hace 6 días
15:56 this is why Edna doesn't design outfits with capes
XSpyro GamingX
XSpyro GamingX Hace 6 días
Yoda is op
XSpyro GamingX
XSpyro GamingX Hace 6 días
that is a *LOT* of venators!
Spade/Fury Hace 6 días
nice stuff man, just a little sad you didnt include the duel between the invisible hand and the venator along with the crash landing
Dillon Ellis
Dillon Ellis Hace 7 días
Surely this space viking isn’t the same Iktotchi that went to fight the Senate.
I love how the Jedi straight up ditched the clones against the magnagaurds and grevious.
beat040 Hace 7 días
Why is anikans ship white in this? When I watched this movie it was always yellow
tainui 07
tainui 07 Hace 7 días
This madest cartoon up there with dbz
DarkZero Hace 7 días
When Grievous was hella badass.
sack arsch
sack arsch Hace 7 días
The dialogues are so bad that it seems like they are mocking the movies. The animation isa deccent though.
xxBombcreeper !
xxBombcreeper ! Hace 7 días
What’s the music at 11:43 - 12:32 ? I’ve been searching for it for awhile, I’m not sure if it even exists
Эта Сторона Интернета
21:02 Don't make a hentai joke, don't make a hentai joke, don't make a hentai joke, don't make a hentai joke, don't make a hentai joke, don't make a hentai joke. I'm good.
AJ the 13th and a Half
this is actually sick
JJ CP Hace 7 días
12:19 a single force grab/push could´ve saved those clones :(
TheFlox1122 Hace 5 días
That would mean no Wilhelm scream for us
Oscar Vera
Oscar Vera Hace 7 días
9:36 "Take care of him" Ok, first off, not even you alongside 5 jedis could against him and you want some clone boys to do it?
Seer Mayton-El
Seer Mayton-El Hace 7 días
9:35 "Take him" aka "You're expendable"
Jj Lim
Jj Lim Hace 7 días
7:55 Mace windo suddenly knows Win Chung
Dauda András
Dauda András Hace 7 días
-Disney: Lets make Star Wars great again! -Clone Wars show: Hold my beer!
green house
green house Hace 7 días
very big loophole in the first scene. how could yoda not felt their presence? he should be ready for the attack.
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 5 días
Blitzkrieg tactics. They attacked as soon as they jumped in from hyperspace
chiffmonkey Hace 7 días
"No longer safe for you it is." Shouldn't that be "Safe for you, no longer it is."
00predking00 Hace 7 días
OMG Grievous and Shaak ri reminds me of an Announcement of a Hentai XDDDD
Logan Medenica
Logan Medenica Hace 8 días
Ok all of Shaak Ti’s oh shit faces were priceless
Дмитрий Тарасов
Better then Disnay works. And less stupid
Porkchop Man
Porkchop Man Hace 8 días
7:24 that clone is fucking badass lmao
rashkavar Hace 8 días
A couple of huge WTF moments: Why does Anakin have a lightning tattoo in the animation where his scar is? Are scars too gruesome for a series that's about a galaxy spanning war that's largely a WWII reference? "Lock S-foils in attack position." (Oddball to his squadron, from the movie segment). You are currently deployed in one of the biggest battles in the entire Star Wars canon. Why are your fighters *not* in attack mode? There is literally no reason to not have your S-foils in attack position in a combat situation. And honestly, very little reason to not *always* have them in attack position while flying in space - they might get in the way of landing and screw with aerodynamics for atmospheric flying, but there is no drag in space. You can build spacecraft that are cubes studded with weapons emplacements and the only reason that's not a good idea is because of radar (though if you're firing lasers, you might be melting the guy looking at the radar scan about the same time it's pinging that you're there, so stealth might not be an issue.)
Richard Hitchcock
Richard Hitchcock Hace 8 días
Nerf yoda
rashkavar Hace 8 días
Regarding the description: You might want to refer to him as Palpatine instead of Sheev. His first name doesn't come up very often, while "Palpatine" is the longest standing name for the character, dating back almost as far as the original trilogy (Though I believe he's never actually referred to as "Emperor Palpatine" in the movies).
Nick Irmen
Nick Irmen Hace 8 días
13:55 Ea be like Please deposit 2 republic credits
Tetorin Hace 8 días
How did grievous use a force power???
The X3N0MORPH Hace 8 días
7:51 Woah, Mace Windu groovin’ with his Kung Fu moves.
Tirimor Greyshield
Tirimor Greyshield Hace 8 días
15:27 Talk about a sudden entrance.
Steir Qwe
Steir Qwe Hace 8 días
11:18 Everyone: OH SHIT OH SHIT ITS GENERAL GRIEVOUS!111 Clone rocketeer: Phew, one more filthy droid to blow up.
AzureRathalos 97
AzureRathalos 97 Hace 8 días
None of this makes sense but it makes for great viewing kek
한국어TCG Hace 8 días
Anyone else see the thumbnail and think of the Poop Wars??
Aaroneus Hace 8 días
This is fucking hilarious. LOVE IT!
Don't drink the water
19:19 When your animation budget is running short. (Get it?)
fruitsbar Hace 8 días
7:35 when your plane starts facing down
Jason Anthony
Jason Anthony Hace 9 días
That's why I wish we can talk on a mic in a squad at least, come in with Yoda. " hold your positions, hold your positions! "
MrJPlayz Hace 9 días
Yoda looks so sad at 1:36
TamaHAHA Hace 9 días
5:44 if he can do it so can Leia...
The legend 200475
The legend 200475 Hace 9 días
The Battle of Coruscante but it has 2 animators bu 90% of the battle is done by the first animator.
Thrawns Zahnarzt
Thrawns Zahnarzt Hace 9 días
And then Episode 3 begins
Sam Denham
Sam Denham Hace 9 días
@19:38 Palpatine looks like Trump.
Sir Doomsday
Sir Doomsday Hace 9 días
If only TLJ had tauntauns, or prong-horses like that thing Yoda rides around on.
Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers Hace 9 días
8:12 people while watching war movies
Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers Hace 9 días
2:55 I am tired of all these m*therf*cking droids on this m*therf*cking planet
Traylie Hace 9 días
Only 2 republic credits for a train ride? No wonder the public liked palpatine!
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 5 días
Gass prices and shit always go down during election year..
Danny Hace 9 días
Wow these Jedi didn’t care about their clones.
Under0athh Hace 9 días
who needs a saber when windus got machine guns for hands 7:50
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