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Hey Larlees, todays video is a full face of my favorite affordable and drugstore makeup! I used some Hipddot which is a new favorite of mine plus a ton of drugstore products! Thanks for watching my love bugs xo - Laura

Shop the products used in this video at: bit.ly/LLxhipdot with code LAURALEE for 10% off EVERYTHING!
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Elf Poreless putty primer bit.ly/2RBLa1l
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Revlon So Fierce Mascara: bit.ly/2Xq7Zc9
NYX Vinyl liner: bit.ly/2J2xx9t
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray: bit.ly/2IGFvG7
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray: bit.ly/2IGFvG7
Morphe Setting Spray: bit.ly/2Y7Wlmb
my top: mcys.co/2xdjpVa

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Disclaimer: I do earn a small commission when my code and links are used. Thank you guys!

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FTC: Thank you Hipdot for sponsoring todays video!
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25 jun 2019

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Comentarios 1 179
Laura Lee
Laura Lee Hace 20 días
should I try the NEW Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation?
ItsAdamGamingDude Hace 12 días
Laura Lee nooo it’s terrible it’s NOTHING compared to the IT CC 50 spf
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. Hace 14 días
you should do a full face of homemade makeup on etsy!
Bachira Agy
Bachira Agy Hace 15 días
Your typical loli
Your typical loli Hace 16 días
get a haircut, hippie
Eesoo Adil
Eesoo Adil Hace 17 días
Laura Lee yesss
Timothy Farrand
Timothy Farrand Hace 2 días
Make up is for whores
Carmella Phoebe Galarde
Eyeliner are amy winehouse vibes
Maritza Delgado
Maritza Delgado Hace 5 días
I absolutely LOVE the look 💙💛❤
Angelica  Cavataio
Angelica Cavataio Hace 6 días
Sadie Kerrick
Sadie Kerrick Hace 6 días
Looking good girl as usual & your always making me laugh so that makes me love your videos even more! 😂❤️ but would love to see more make up tutorials like this with drugstore or high end thank you boo 😘
Kaitlyn Wood
Kaitlyn Wood Hace 7 días
you are so freaking gorgeous i can’t 💗💗💗💗
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis Hace 8 días
Wish I could see you in person ❤️
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson Hace 10 días
Not being rude but it’s crisscross applesauce not Indian style, just wanted to say
PreggiePeople Hace 10 días
OMG the eyelash skills!!!! I just love your vids!
Barča xxx
Barča xxx Hace 10 días
You are crazy
tasha gulia
tasha gulia Hace 11 días
So funny😅 love you
William Estrada
William Estrada Hace 12 días
Evvie Hammerstrom
Evvie Hammerstrom Hace 12 días
Love the blush🌺!! I need some new makeup because I only have like 2 products😭
Andrea Santiago
Andrea Santiago Hace 12 días
What is a good primer that it will smooth all of your lines out on your skin? My foundation always goes in the cracks and you can see all of them
Rachel Stahlke
Rachel Stahlke Hace 13 días
Did anyone else keep they’re phone super still when she did the winged liner because you didn’t want her to mess up... no? Just me? Oh ok 😂
Jenna Mann
Jenna Mann Hace 13 días
Such a fun eye look! Love the affordable product videos. Thanks Laura! 💖
Kate Christines.
Kate Christines. Hace 13 días
Hey Laura. I have suggested this idea to SOOOO many beauty gurus and NOBODY has done it. You should do a full face of makeup using the darkest shade of your normal products. Please do this Laura. Btw I love u and your videos. Xx
Carolina Salinas
Carolina Salinas Hace 13 días
i love laura but her eye look looks like something a clown would do for a kids party
Yoseli Arredondo
Yoseli Arredondo Hace 13 días
Laura lee you are the best! Your products are great and your videos are always teaching us something new,you never fail to upload good videos.
Emily Sargeant
Emily Sargeant Hace 13 días
I know Laura wanted to say NYC liner, but it's not in America anymore
Dixie Sauer
Dixie Sauer Hace 13 días
Laura Lee, check out Kay & Kelly.... Its a makeup website....
Miranda Braaten
Miranda Braaten Hace 13 días
Great video❣❣❣❣
alicia hernandez
alicia hernandez Hace 14 días
What brand is the perfect face palette?
Nano_d _nano
Nano_d _nano Hace 14 días
L’ oreal says: let’s make foundation great again!
Stephs Beautyy
Stephs Beautyy Hace 14 días
I needed to buy affordable makeup to teach people how to do makeup. I was like what foundation works best? I knew you always come in clutch when it comes to reviewing drugstore products which helps so much THANK YOU🤩
Haider Zaman
Haider Zaman Hace 14 días
At 4:22 that meme is seriously me 😂😂😂 And you know you have the perfect foundation when it smell good!!! 😂👍👍👍😂
Marianne Petersen
Marianne Petersen Hace 14 días
Your skin is so flawless! Everything looks so pretty on you...
Afnan Bestie
Afnan Bestie Hace 14 días
Best intro 😂😂😂🔥😂🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️
Karyna Rodriguez
Karyna Rodriguez Hace 14 días
Wow i love the look you created!!
beheshta ismat
beheshta ismat Hace 14 días
I love these types of videos 😍😍
Leisha Harinarain
Leisha Harinarain Hace 15 días
R King
R King Hace 15 días
Your greatness!!!!
Stephanie Paradine
Stephanie Paradine Hace 15 días
I've always wondered if you were full white or were mixed with something.
Kayla Moore
Kayla Moore Hace 15 días
the final look is so beautiful! this is a really great tutorial, i watched it all the way to the end. drugstore makeup tutorials are my favorite 💗 I also love when beauty youtubers actually do their eyebrows on camera! so glad you did that. I love the editing style of this video as well. keep doing your thing girl! 😘
Heather Hernandez
Heather Hernandez Hace 15 días
Bright yellow eye looks good
Brooklyn kerr
Brooklyn kerr Hace 15 días
Her hair kills me😂
SheriBella Hastings
SheriBella Hastings Hace 15 días
#HugeSummerSaleLauraLeeLA #SoGrateful #ThankYouLaura I have been wantin to get ur eyeshadow palette "Nudie Patootie" for awhile now but jus couldn't afford it, but the sale is awesome n now able to finally get it order placed n paid for got the eyeshadow n also a liquid lippie so excited can't wait to get em 💄😁🤞💋💌 and ur makeup always looks great n beautiful #KeepSlayinLaura #ThanxAgainForTheSale
cristal Espiritu
cristal Espiritu Hace 15 días
Your so dam beautiful Laura 😍😍
Zoe Bumbarger
Zoe Bumbarger Hace 15 días
I think she fits in the $1 isle in the Dollar tree.
Thompson 5
Thompson 5 Hace 15 días
i love the yellow eyeshadow with the bold black eyeliner, it looks amazing x
Jake Mcdonald-Erdman
Jake Mcdonald-Erdman Hace 15 días
I love u so much when will the giveaway be announced
Cael Bixler
Cael Bixler Hace 16 días
Florentius Chana
Florentius Chana Hace 16 días
Your look today reminds me slightly of the late Amy Winehouse 💓
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 16 días
‘Real teksniks brush’- she’s so cute love her😭❤️
Kaylee Kendall
Kaylee Kendall Hace 16 días
love videos like this to see new products i need to try!
Ruslana Sidaruk
Ruslana Sidaruk Hace 16 días
Hehe in the description u put coniller not concealer
Joann Garcia
Joann Garcia Hace 16 días
Instagram @_joann210
Puppet lover
Puppet lover Hace 16 días
How do you manage to stay fit ????
Christina Reyes
Christina Reyes Hace 16 días
That pallet cost thirty fucking dollars? How the eff is that drug store??? Really toned def
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