[FULL] Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 3/10/2019

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver March 10, 2019


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11 mar 2019






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Bonnie Hace 8 días
"full" this goes for 4 minutes
Bonnie Hace 2 días
+Niranjan Prakash you can't label a video as "Full" and not deliver that.
Niranjan Prakash
Niranjan Prakash Hace 2 días
Watch the rest on their channel
Elias Santos
Elias Santos Hace 9 días
About Bolsonaro: So much fake news I don't even know where to begin. First his approval ratings are 69% since only 20% said they consider it bad or awful... 40% excellent, 29% regular, 20% bad or awful and 11% didn't comment. The president became famous on social media, abandoning the platform just because he became president would be wrong. People who voted for him like myself expect him to talk directly to the voters rather than through the biased mainstream leftist media such as HBO's John Oliver... and we continue expecting him to denounce all the promiscuity promoted by the left wing that goes on in the country financed with public money. You talk about bad presidents? Our last 2 lefty presidents were the worst by far.. One was a corrupt drunk illiterate and the other was a dumb fat woman who couldn't finish a sentence that made sense.
David Miller
David Miller Hace 9 días
U.S. immigration authorities say over 2,200 people exposed to a mumps outbreak in at least two detention facilities have been quarantined. AP
jojo Hace 9 días
cut off in the middle - bad poster!
I'm_OK Hace 10 días
[FULL] 4 minutes? Congrats "The Hannity" you've made the Blocked List!
Benjamin W Ben
Benjamin W Ben Hace 10 días
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Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda
Hey John, Sorry fella but Bolsonaro approval ratings are over 65%! Just stop the bullshit right now!
arianavice Hace 10 días
Wait.... this is illegal!
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace 11 días
Enjoyed your episode. And feel related some how to the issues. I still retain sanity in that I live a simple life and like what I am doing and asked for help and still do not believe in conspiracies. I believe in truth and have nothing to hide. People are all kind and loving and I maintain that stance because otherwise, I will go insane like the rest of the world. Until such time that I hear the phone ring, I will pick it up whenever I feel like it and I have voicemail and texting ability and nothing else has ever worked better than that. When I send mail to people, I do not get answers which gets totally frustrating and fucks with my brain. I can understand and believe in your content, plus I am thoroughly entertained. Can you help? #I am not a dick. I am a very funny person, if you ever got to know me. I crack myself up.
Trish Swain
Trish Swain Hace 11 días
What an embarrasing show. John Oliver you are better than this. The constant filthy asides becme sickening when overdone. Please just be smart and witty without all that.
lrooney89 Hace 10 días
People who don't know how to just skip videos they dont like are embarrassing
LittleMilkJug Hace 10 días
You are all over his yt account saying how embarrassing he is. Why don't you look at your account and how embarrassing it is
Jarrad Saitaer
Jarrad Saitaer Hace 11 días
This is not full ....
Clive T
Clive T Hace 11 días
Funny how Trump hasn't taken on JO as he has done with SNL. That's another fight he'd lose.
Fred Farnum
Fred Farnum Hace 11 días
Absolution pollution!
Jerzygirl Hace 11 días
Damn it ..now I want cheese
David John
David John Hace 11 días
Thanks for the upload
Silvia Captan
Silvia Captan Hace 11 días
Why is not "full" video as you said?
Michael Boland
Michael Boland Hace 9 días
Silvia Captan because clickbait
J. Mathews
J. Mathews Hace 10 días
He gives you the beginning of the show up until the main segment. The main segment you can watch for free in good quality on the Last Week Tonight ESvid channel. Less risk for his video being striked.
Nx Doyle
Nx Doyle Hace 11 días
Can't be full at 28 even.
marcus Aurelius
marcus Aurelius Hace 11 días
that is smart... using laughter.
pvtread Hace 11 días
wtf why is every video cutting off the last few minutes!!!! FLAGGED
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Hace 11 días
I thought spoofing was what kavanaugh did in high school with squee
David Guelette
David Guelette Hace 10 días
Right after a hot and heavy devil's triangle
jthornt01 Hace 11 días
Lol I believe the word was "boofing" but I could be wrong.
WhyEm YM
WhyEm YM Hace 11 días
Great! You got everything EXCEPT the last 5 mins. Dumbo!
lrooney89 Hace 4 días
+WhyEm YM lol whatever you say dude. I can only imagine how miserable one must be to complain about missing 5min of a show they stream for free 🤔😂. Have a great day there buddy lmao
WhyEm YM
WhyEm YM Hace 4 días
+lrooney89 HAHA. Struck a nerve, did I? Run along and play.
lrooney89 Hace 4 días
+WhyEm YM lmao triggered much? Cheap ass pay for HBO
WhyEm YM
WhyEm YM Hace 4 días
+lrooney89 : Because, you dumbo, the person streaming this content is getting ad revenue. I expect someone who is being paid for a task (even if it is illegal) should be doing this with some basic level of competence.
lrooney89 Hace 10 días
Lol pay for HBO then dumbo! Who complains about a stream that they would normally have to pay for?
Brad Kynoch
Brad Kynoch Hace 11 días
Did he make jokes about Jessie smollet ? Or is this show Too far left
Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen Hace 11 días
Why would he even need to. The guy lost his job, his income, his career, and will likely spend time in jail. There are not hordes of mindless, morons coming to his defense spewing ludicrous conspiracy theories of shadow governments and organizations trying to bring him down. We all accept that he his a greedy, self serving, narcissistic, stupid dumbass that broke the law while wrapping himself in ideology and victim hood for his own selfish needs. Now if those on the far right could admit that about their own, the country and the world could become a better place for us all.
Stay classy
Stay classy Hace 11 días
+lololee24 wow...you just recap what every normal people tought when they read those stupid troll comments.... 👍
Iggsy81 Hace 11 días
It's definitely not far left, he bashed Jill Stein while endorsing Hillary so centrist at the most. It's just that most politicians are right of centre (take Hillary for example) so anything centrist "appears" left wing to you bunch of man-children.
Hope Springs
Hope Springs Hace 11 días
lololee24. Damn! That was impressive!
Brad Kynoch
Brad Kynoch Hace 11 días
lololee24 u democrats supporters are a spiteful lot . Lol chill out
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