FULL MATCH - The Undertaker vs. Kane - Inferno Match: WWE Unforgiven: In Your House 1998

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The rivalry between The Undertaker and Kane heats up as the two do battle in the first-ever Inferno Match at WWE Unforgiven: In Your House: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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5 jun 2020






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lambomad1 Hace un hora
Match:sin cara vs Rey mysterio
TheSBleeder Hace 14 horas
Ironically, Kane is 1-3 in Inferno matches. And he lost the Ring of Fire match to a debuting Bray Wyatt. He's not too good in his "specialty match". (For those unaware, Kane lost an Inferno match on Raw in early 1999, and lost to Triple H in September that same year. His sole victory in this type of match was against MVP at Armageddon 2006.)
K R Hace un día
Man, to think there's kids growing up watching todays WWE. They will look back on... whoever the current wrestlers are... We're looking back on Undertaker in his prime. Kane, Stone Cold, Bret Hart and of course... Doink. Haha!
FlixCreEightR Hace un día
Why is certain parts of this pausing ?! Like the chair shot and the drum shot ?!
Mr. Burr Sir?
Mr. Burr Sir? Hace 2 días
Same I'm a 2006 baby and I can only dream of being born in those days.
Masqerader Hace 2 días
U knew kane was gonna lose, hes the only one with a full flame retardant sleeve
Djentleman Djones
Djentleman Djones Hace 3 días
who the hell is driving a Honda Civic past the camera at 9:32?
نبيل بورقرق
This is amazing
Ranaldo Thomas
Ranaldo Thomas Hace 4 días
Golden era..UNDERTAKER IS MY 🐐🐐 BUT KANE HAD ME SHOOK IN MIDDLE SCHOOL LOL I quit watching in like 04
shankleythebest Hace 4 días
"he is the greatest phenom in the history of this organisation" - Jim Ross Truer words were never spoken
Puceau-Furieux Hace 4 días
Why they have to censor everything ? Is it Disneyland or what the hell
Justine Paul
Justine Paul Hace 4 días
16:23 I'll never get tired repeating that scene all over again...
E Cradduck
E Cradduck Hace 4 días
Kane wearing a mask for almost 20 minutes in a wrestling match with a ring surrounded by fire: ... Karens wearing a mask while going in to get groceries: 🤬🤬🤬
Derek Miles
Derek Miles Hace 5 días
Kane was probably the strongest dude in the BUisness
Dougie YT
Dougie YT Hace 5 días
4:58 why is it that the WWE always buffers weapon shots in all of there videos😤🤦🏽‍♂️
Daniel Barnett Jr.
Daniel Barnett Jr. Hace 6 días
I love that match
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 6 días
Two Dark Demons Of Power Temples
Medina Campbell
Medina Campbell Hace 3 días
Mortal Taey, Vs. Brutal Moffdolloff
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 6 días
Red Violet & Magenta
Marty Schwartz Here
Marty Schwartz Here Hace 6 días
0:15 the stare.
Stuttering Cris
Stuttering Cris Hace 7 días
I wonder if their outfits were made fire-proof particularly for this match.
Mc Cc
Mc Cc Hace 7 días
So we are just going to act like we didn't see the nerd playing with the fire set like a DJ at 12:10 ?
Azure Richard
Azure Richard Hace 7 días
In fact Jr is a beast on commentary
1986 Ry
1986 Ry Hace 8 días
I used think they really were Bros
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 6 días
Light Tan Natural Skin
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Ancient Egypt
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
The Giant Monstrosity
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Red Skin + Magenta Makeup = Magenta Person
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 6 días
Light Beige Rose Skin
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Ancient Mexican
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
The Largest Monstrously
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Hace 8 días
Blue Skin + Red Violet Makeup = Red Violet Person
adrian bayu
adrian bayu Hace 9 días
Imagine having this on today's WWE. We will have someone like Corbin interfering, both competitors DQ-ed, and the GM of the show coming out booking a rematch for next week's Raw with no such stipulation.
Richard Alcocer
Richard Alcocer Hace 9 días
I miss the JR/King combo
King Sosa
King Sosa Hace 10 días
Real SUPERSTARS. Not like these chumps they pump out of nxt. Wwe needs to go back into focusing on making larger than life stars like in the 90s and less focus on these technical workrate strong style indy jobbers
King Sosa
King Sosa Hace 10 días
The dive was so epic.
Invincible Young Empire
Didn't know WWE was censoring the headshots in their videos. We know they are strong on the concussion protocol but didn't know about the editing of that in their videos. "HE IS THE GREATEST PHENOM IN THE HISTORY OF THIS ORGANIZATION!" LOVE YOU JR! And hearing Fink's voice hits so hard! The shot of taker doing hisDdeadman pose with the fire rising is an iconic shot!!!
Bruno Sousa
Bruno Sousa Hace 10 días
Ahhh these were the days, nice matches, in today matches you rarely get the attraction, WWE, has changed a lot
Robbie Hace 10 días
Never be anyone like him again. Though I hear they are trying
Schlitzer HZ
Schlitzer HZ Hace 10 días
Younger Undertaker looks like Roman Reigns :D
Internet Studios
Internet Studios Hace 10 días
And this was the first PPV to have the TV-14 rating! Fun fact!
Sanford Lanham
Sanford Lanham Hace 11 días
Paul Bearer Running 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robbie Hace 11 días
Russian leg sweep is a cool move, didn't remember Undertaker using that one!
MAGA cash money
MAGA cash money Hace 11 días
God bless us nineties peeps
MAGA cash money
MAGA cash money Hace 11 días
I remember these days
Vfcpatsnation Hace 11 días
9:32 cat commentating now?
Denver Aquino
Denver Aquino Hace 11 días
12:45 hilarious comment
kame kazi gaming
kame kazi gaming Hace 12 días
Under taker legend of wwe
Jordan Leathers
Jordan Leathers Hace 12 días
850617and Hace 12 días
16:32 😂😂😂😂
Ralph The turtle
Ralph The turtle Hace 12 días
I wasn’t born then but I love these guys
jeremy hunt
jeremy hunt Hace 12 días
13:44 - Something must’ve been really wrong with Kane around that time frame after the chair shots with him just laying there flat. You can hear Taker asking him if he’s ok? Could be the hot flames and heat getting to Kane with the mask on i wonder if there was someone under the ring helping him like giving him water or something during the time Taker was chasing down Paul
I'm The Absolute
I'm The Absolute Hace 5 días
Hé just sold it well
Leonardo Beltran
Leonardo Beltran Hace 12 días
No they were preparing his arm for the last spot, his arm on fire
RDG 22
RDG 22 Hace 12 días
Undertaker had the most badass entrance for this match with his music and the fire going off in the background so dope
Evelyn Andrade
Evelyn Andrade Hace 12 días
I love Undertaker
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
Classic! You never see matches like these anymore. BTW Anyone else hate how this video cuts out all the head shots?? WTF!
Reyo reno
Reyo reno Hace 12 días
Kane used to be a beast, but lately I feel like he isn't really trying. His strikes don't look powerful and he is really slow. Maybe he can't do it anymore or WWE tells him to not be fast and strong which I don't think is the case.
jonhyosbourne Hace 12 días
If you read this you had a great childhood! :D Great times
Master of puppets
Master of puppets Hace 13 días
The unforgiven .. Even Metallica rides here
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace 13 días
C.G D Hace 13 días
12:10 The pyro guy starts messin with taker lol
Decky Play By Play
Decky Play By Play Hace 14 días
I will never forget this and WM14. My childhood right here.
mertyıgıtkayra kürkçü
Mac-Mac 3000
Mac-Mac 3000 Hace 14 días
The ending tho
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout Hace 16 días
The first ever inferno match.
Bungau Mihai
Bungau Mihai Hace 16 días
Kane and undertaker..the most powerful brother combo in history
dead kittie
dead kittie Hace 17 días
Hell yeah
Nicolai Hace 17 días
is the LSD kicking in or did anyone else hear the coconut soundeffekt at 13:15
Lukáš Hrabovský
Lukáš Hrabovský Hace 17 días
Lukáš Hrabovský
Lukáš Hrabovský Hace 17 días
Wow Fire
Lukáš Hrabovský
Lukáš Hrabovský Hace 17 días
Bro Kane Undertaker
Lukáš Hrabovský
Lukáš Hrabovský Hace 17 días
Wow Kane Undertaker
Clare Pitts
Clare Pitts Hace 18 días
Loved it wat a match but under taker still proofed hes the legend luv u dead man ..
aj styles
aj styles Hace 18 días
One of my favourite matches kane is so underrated
Paul the WWE action figure collecter
Silver Sentinel15
Silver Sentinel15 Hace 19 días
Why do they have to censor the weapon shots to the head? It already happened so why keep them out of the match?
Bryan Bradley
Bryan Bradley Hace 19 días
Has anyone noticed that WWE freeses the videos with weapons shots to the head than skips the impact of the weapon shots to the head?
I'm The Absolute
I'm The Absolute Hace 5 días
They have been doing that for 2 years
Eric Dominguez
Eric Dominguez Hace 19 días
"JR You Feel The Heat Out Here"?-Jerry The King... "Hell Yeah! I Feel The Heat"-J. R. Lol. 😂
Falcon Black MGTOW
Falcon Black MGTOW Hace 19 días
haha while kane was under the ring they put on that fireproof sleeve
Cain Espade
Cain Espade Hace 20 días
This is so epic
YokoKakarot89 Hace 21 un día
This match is better than the garbage they have now long live the attitude era
Andrew Glaze
Andrew Glaze Hace 21 un día
I was a big fan of the ministry of darkness
Late Stoner
Late Stoner Hace 21 un día
Alejandro Adaro
Alejandro Adaro Hace 21 un día
this was a mistake?
Cory Edwards
Cory Edwards Hace 21 un día
You know what they say, hell hath no pizza so you don't wanna go there. 😂😂😂
Slatt Slatt
Slatt Slatt Hace 21 un día
The best wwf wwe days
Brandon Roque
Brandon Roque Hace 22 días
An unsung classic and one of my favorite Undertaker (and Kane) matches. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Undertaker Greatest of all time.
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