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Maphutha Antonia
Maphutha Antonia Hace 9 horas
Cody Fuller
Cody Fuller Hace 16 horas
The girl who draws
The girl who draws Hace un día
Is the first kid a comedian or a roaster?😆
Hunter 100killer
Hunter 100killer Hace 2 días
The 6 year old kid needs to have a chat with Steve Harvey
Momolologaming01 -Gaming,vlogs et plus!
That mans not 12
Damarys Rivera
Damarys Rivera Hace 2 días
This teen said he's a mutant Half adult Half child. Funny. But the Harry Potter joke!! 😂😂Dead😂😂
Dixie McKenzie
Dixie McKenzie Hace 2 días
Heidi with bangs 😂🤣😨😱
Homer Simpson Is A Baller
I would like to know which ones actually came up with their own jokes
Claire Mcneill
Claire Mcneill Hace 5 días
Anyone remember Cameron Boyce on Disney channel saying “hey I’m Cameron Boyce and your watching Disney channel”loved that angle so much💘😭😇
A sires of unfortunate events fan
Well done
A_Benway_44 Hace 5 días
10:15 I thought he said “turned me on”
Sean Ball
Sean Ball Hace 6 días
7:20 RIP headphone users
Derpy Boy
Derpy Boy Hace 6 días
He took the kids
Strong Girl Roblox
Strong Girl Roblox Hace 6 días
6:52 I used to be a baby I liked that part
Daood Mughal
Daood Mughal Hace 6 días
Can someone please explain the first joke about Amanda, I didnt really get it.
Thenameis Josef
Thenameis Josef Hace 7 días
“Wow this was so much longer than I expected it to be” Me:DaTS Wat SHe SAiD
The Creator
The Creator Hace 7 días
*He does not look 12-* _Holy shit_
Isaura Garcia
Isaura Garcia Hace 7 días
Isn't one girl from No Good Nick? 😯
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Hace 8 días
Millie Carroll
Millie Carroll Hace 8 días
Boy:I might be 6 but I know alot about girls!!! Me:What girls?? Boy:Princess Ariel!!!!!
karam faiz
karam faiz Hace 8 días
The fourth guy....not funny ...dumbass
Connor Hace 10 días
Didn’t even get the 13-year-old girls jokes until I thought about Donald Trump
cat girl
cat girl Hace 10 días
Wow 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Cole Sullivan
Cole Sullivan Hace 11 días
No joke I saw a van that said FREE FIDGET SPINNERS
orlaith kiely
orlaith kiely Hace 12 días
Some of these kids aren’t even funny it’s just sad
lala colon
lala colon Hace 13 días
HONESTLY, none of them were funny
Giezi Sayes
Giezi Sayes Hace 13 días
First kid Amanda HOE didn't spend on it for years
Shannon Burky
Shannon Burky Hace 13 días
That’s so funny!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣
LAMSgames Hace 14 días
I’m have something people want my agent is Jewish writer and my manager is a girl i used to sleep with,
Bella Lax
Bella Lax Hace 14 días
The one girl with the glasses looks like and sounds like the girl version of Joey from liv and Maddie
I Gacha Sasha I
I Gacha Sasha I Hace 14 días
Josh doesn’t look 12 😂
Gaming With Dania
Gaming With Dania Hace 15 días
1:57 Boy:i dont have a car Me :my dad made me drive when I was 13
Abigail Zito
Abigail Zito Hace 15 días
I didn’t laugh cuz I’ve watched these acts to many times 😅
Intense 1
Intense 1 Hace 15 días
The 1st kid *with all that garbage going in your mouth like* (everyone) *bfff you talk more garbage* or is it just me 🤕
Bethany Emma
Bethany Emma Hace 16 días
Alyssa laughing? Alyssa not dancing.
Eli KentfromYT
Eli KentfromYT Hace 16 días
kenlynn basinger
kenlynn basinger Hace 16 días
kenlynn basinger
kenlynn basinger Hace 16 días
That first kid lol
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace 17 días
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace 17 días
1st Kid *S* *SA* *SAV* *SAVA* *SAVAG* *SAVAGE* *SAVAG* *SAVA* *SAV* *SA* *S*
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Hace 17 días
WAIT! (Bickering with myself for 5 hours going through disney) WAIT WHA... I FOUND HER ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!! WTH!
Ashley4 eva
Ashley4 eva Hace 17 días
Evoo Lou
Evoo Lou Hace 17 días
I don’t get the circus sword swallowing thing! Can someone please explain?
KATHRINE ? Hace 17 días
its obvious that there parents made those jokes and told there kids to say them on a fake talent show
Evan Chen
Evan Chen Hace 17 días
Green Eyes Racy Fox
Green Eyes Racy Fox Hace 18 días
The one with the joke about his mother being a sword swallower.He DISHONORS HIS OWN MOTHER IN PUBLIC AND GETS A STANDING OVATION FROM PERVERTS.DUSGUSTING! What is this world coming to?
Charlotte Errico
Charlotte Errico Hace 20 días
The 6 year olds material was obviously wrote by his parents
Elizabeth Sings
Elizabeth Sings Hace 20 días
That girl😂😂😂😂
Mikey's Family Life
Mikey's Family Life Hace 21 un día
so cheeky lol x
ItsRaneXoxo :3
ItsRaneXoxo :3 Hace 21 un día
Alisha laughing atleast she's not dancing 😂😂😂 that got my😂😂😂
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor Hace 21 un día
That first kid was pure gold.
bianca frank
bianca frank Hace 23 días
I went to a hotel I lost my kiwi I looked in the cupbords then I looked under the table I saw my roommate eating my kiwi so I ate my room mate
Tia Taylor
Tia Taylor Hace 23 días
2019 anyone ???
Natalya V. D. Brock
Natalya V. D. Brock Hace 23 días
I only just realised that Ned called Amanda a talking dog in the first joke 😂😂😂 no wonder she buzzed him.
Jon Barker
Jon Barker Hace 23 días
john ward
john ward Hace 25 días
Kid: *yells very loud*HELLO IM NINE AND THATS WHY I SHOUT SO LOUD me:*turns down volume*
E.M. Tagarro
E.M. Tagarro Hace 25 días
I think that kid is my inner roaster(the first one)
Kyle Gassman
Kyle Gassman Hace 25 días
Isn’t girl in red in the show “no good nick”
Edmqnd Hace 25 días
Am I the only guy that found these things funny but just stay poker faced?
Nana Aba Hemans
Nana Aba Hemans Hace 26 días
Jack is a lengend🤣🤣🤣
OVALAO E.X.E Hace 26 días
Loyal Fox warrior
Loyal Fox warrior Hace 26 días
The first kid is a savage.who agrees with me?
eli Hace 27 días
bRuH that one kid telling adult jokes was AMAZING.
Andrew Burdiss
Andrew Burdiss Hace 27 días
The first one tho XDDDDDDD
Neel Conhyea
Neel Conhyea Hace 28 días
If an adult was roasting everyone like this kid four buzzer immediately
JustCalledMeGamer 240
JustCalledMeGamer 240 Hace 29 días
Liam Huxley
Liam Huxley Hace un mes
first boys accent is just big no
Fashoinlover101 YT
Fashoinlover101 YT Hace un mes
Aleshia:Awww he’s so cute! 2 s comes later:ned* aleshia laughing...Alshia not danceing Aleshia:😲
Anais Hace un mes
the first kid is making practically the same jokes as the adult man who roasted the judges, and he got kicked off.
Arvo Sperber
Arvo Sperber Hace un mes
Kid : it’s called ADHD Me : this’ll be good
Kimberly Sevastyanenko
That last kid slayed it. His delivery was spot on.
R4M3N_N00DL3S The noodle man
Apparently it’s only funny when kids say things. Smh
bigwoolypanic Hace un mes
6:00 my favorite
KSQUAD229 Hace un mes
Angie Potato
Angie Potato Hace un mes
That 12 year old Nu u to young
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan Hace un mes
3rd guy was so lame (6 year old)
Saudad -e
Saudad -e Hace un mes
*yea the first one was good but I bet his parents wrote all his jokes like eek*
Reilly Schimmel
Reilly Schimmel Hace un mes
Third one looks like he’s from big mouth
•Friedpancakes •
Vinnie Kulaszewski
Vinnie Kulaszewski Hace un mes
The 12 year old guy is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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