FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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An exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling of the Fyre music festival. Launching globally on Netflix on January 18, 2019.
Created by Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, Fyre Festival was promoted as a luxury music festival on a private island in the Bahamas featuring bikini-clad supermodels, A-List musical performances and posh amenities. Guests arrived to discover the reality was far from the promises.
Chris Smith, the director behind the Emmy Award Nominated documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, gives a first-hand look into disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.
Watch FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix: www.netflix.com/in/title/81035279
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FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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10 ene 2019

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Batman Hace 31 un minuto
So glad those stuck up entitled pricks got what they deserved. Great documentary.
Michael Simons
Michael Simons Hace 42 minutos
Just shows how much ADHD people have that they would rather watch a summery than an in depth documentary about this crazy fucked up event
initiativeX Hace 57 minutos
Even though Internet Historian made a brilliant cut to the chase documentary, Netflix documentary is actually very elaborate on the lead up, behind the scenes fiasco and the aftermath especially the interviews with the Bahamians. Will be watching the Hulu version next.
Adrian Yuly
Adrian Yuly Hace un hora
There was om telolet om 😂
Lanebingo Shep
Lanebingo Shep Hace un hora
This is better than the internet historians video... it was funny too
MsMilano Hace un hora
Kendall Jenner getting 250k for posting a photo, whilst the people who actually worked for weeks, with little to no sleep, got nothing was the most sickening thing about this shitshow.
Batman Hace 29 minutos
Yep agreed.
alejandro casalegno
alejandro casalegno Hace 2 horas
Somebody knows how many tickets sold the "Festival"????????
Jeremiah Bayles
Jeremiah Bayles Hace 3 horas
I really wonder how he would've played it had the marketing company's' ad not offended the current proprietor. I mean, sure he's definitely a con artist and I think most of these people have confused "vision" with "confidence", especially here. I guess he would've found it harder to get the housing, maybe having to get a cruise ship, or would the proprietor have help back renovations given the "5 year plan? Idk, Still when you corroborate sources the people paid much much less then the claims show, most only paid anywhere from 500-1500 give or take and for just a venue in the Bahamas, let alone accommodations, that's a pretty decent deal so they shouldn't be shocked because if they added up all the information before purchasing a ticket they would've been like the people interviewed in the documentary, shocked. Curious if anyone thinks that this guy could pull this off? This would've been his third "venture" or what I would call "con-job" and lots of seemingly decent and wise people bought his facade... interesting. I think we're all glad to see this version fail.
Katelin Brown
Katelin Brown Hace 3 horas
it's not a netflix original if there's no drone shot
Sinestro Corp Reborn
Everyone involved with this festival all seem like idiots.
Jay Martins
Jay Martins Hace 5 horas
Internet Historian's video is a good summary of the whole story, but this documentary has much more content from behind the scenes, including testimony from people who worked at the festival, the aftermath of it and what Billy was up to since he bailed out of jail. I think anyone who's seen IH's video will like this documentary.
Marty ES
Marty ES Hace 5 horas
I've literally watched 20-30 minutes of it and I haven't seen Ja Rule or Billy without an alcoholic beverage in their hand. No wonder this thing was such a joke. They're both complete morons.
Christopher Ingrassia
Just watched this today. I'm 34, had never even heard of this before today. I'm not a socialite though not do I use social media. All I can say is...."a fool and his money soon shall part"....
Ver Coda
Ver Coda Hace 7 horas
On the plus side, it’s still highly entertaining that so many Entitled people had a terrible time. So, there’s that. Thank you, Fyre.
Kuziai Hace 8 horas
So listen he got 6 years jail time for 28mil he will be out in 3. Fuck yeah I would do it too
Create Channel
Create Channel Hace 9 horas
I watched this last night and can't stop thinking about it, it's actually such a fuckin nightmare of a situation
MGSfan Hace 9 horas
"internet Hystorian: fyre festival" look it up.
share bear
share bear Hace 9 horas
Hulu did a Fyre documentary too... why?
Erik Andersen
Erik Andersen Hace 10 horas
whats that tune in thje background that starts at 1.00 minutt? :D
Neha D
Neha D Hace 11 horas
I need Shane Dawson now
gn lilu
gn lilu Hace 12 horas
Good, Idiots!
maheenali94 Hace 16 horas
For all those fools going "the internet historian did it already" You're aware that the same topic can be covered by multiple outlets? And for those going "Internet Historian should sue Netflix for this" .... do the world a favour and don't reproduce.... PLEASE
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 16 horas
Just saw the documentary last night all I gotta say is what w scumbag, he not only scammed a bunch of people but he also put those people in danger, tried to make his gay coworker suck a guy off for some water, treated the people on the island like scum, outright disobeyed the orders of the owner of the original island they were going to use and then has the balls to try and scam the exact same people all over again with his NYC VIP Access scam. Billy deserves some hardcore jail time for what he did not just to the people he scammed but to the people he hurt in that island seriously billy fuck you
Naire K
Naire K Hace 16 horas
I don't feel bad for these people lmfao. They never suffered a day in their lives. Them losing money to fyre was like losing a 1$ to them. Only time was wasted Gullible spoiled brats got what was eventually coming.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 16 horas
That’s a common misconception the $25,000 tickets were the most expensive tickets but not many of those were sold the cheaper ones that were $500 were the most paid so no they weren’t spoiled rich kids they were people who saw cheap tickets to see popular bands on a Caribbean island at a weekend long party
TigerVlad84 Hace 16 horas
That guy's so delusional he's probably thinking in his cell: none of this would have happened if i would've spelt fire correctly...
Mihretab Berassa
Mihretab Berassa Hace 17 horas
i'm here after the documentary.....
Patrick D
Patrick D Hace 18 horas
Just watched the documentary and there’s one thing in here that Internet Historian’s video doesn’t: this video REALLY shows just how much Billy McFarland’s actions hurt a lot of people and how this affected the lives of everyone around him. His fraud runs deep, waaaay more deep than I could’ve possibly imagine. Yeah we all laugh at the attendees’ misfortune online thinking “oh poor dumb little rich kids got duped” but this guy REALLY hurt a lot of people with what he has done and I mean the people who worked on this festival legitimately and actually tried to bring this festival to life. Billy McFarland is a sinister, self centered, delusional, compulsively lying sociopath and an absolute bastard piece of shit who defrauded not just the attendees but EVERYONE around him. The real victims of this whole affair were his employees and the all the regular everyday working people involved.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 16 horas
He asked one of his most loyal employees to go down on a guy for crying out loud he’s scum
Jewelz Isabella
Jewelz Isabella Hace 19 horas
@tanacon lol
Me Like Raves
Me Like Raves Hace 20 horas
I just finished watching it, and yeah Internet Historian did this and that but this documentary really went in depth about the fest and it even has some footage that I haven’t seen before, I recommend it if you have Netflix and want to know how this festival really went down hill, and trust me y’all will be really surprised!
Dhvani Hace 21 un hora
Internet historian is Billy McFarland. ha!
Dhvani Hace 21 un hora
"Internet historians" is for little children.
Max Miesen
Max Miesen Hace 21 un hora
Victory Royale
Nick Hace 22 horas
Stupid people win stupid prizes 😂
SupaSillyMexi Hace 22 horas
Oh my gosh I finally saw it, all the bad stuff I've heard did not prepare me to finally see just how much of a nightmare this festival was for the people involved, wow I highly recommend people give this a watch who are just as curious as me about this.
jeff sunun
jeff sunun Hace 22 horas
bro anything with ja rule is going to fail lmao
dustin lee
dustin lee Hace 22 horas
actually hes a visionary and at the same time insane..
Alison Birmingham
Alison Birmingham Hace 23 horas
Recommend watching was pretty good and hilarious because I still can't get over the idiocy
piloctor15 Hace un día
Yall need to watch this, in frickin sane
frenchabortion Hace un día
Wow. Buncha dipshit kids "he was so charismatic..." ahhh number 1 don't fuckin take investment advice from a 40-something-year-old who plays with a hoverboard inside his "office"
James Kristoff
James Kristoff Hace un día
Where the hell is it..????
Rosemarie De la Melena
Y’all should watch Hulu’s first
Kara Becker
Kara Becker Hace un día
So Tanacon but a music festival
Singularity Hace un día
667th comment
Catherine Akemi
Catherine Akemi Hace un día
It's funny because they documented a lot of what was happening with the thought that it would make them look good in the end. But all they documented was how big of a shit show they are.
Where the guy went wrong was conning the wealthy. Big mistake. You can rip off the poor all day long with not a worry in the world. Scam the rich and you will pay dearly.
Anyone else here from asim chaudry/chabuddy g Instagram
Nathan Leblanc
Nathan Leblanc Hace un día
That's trully amazing documentary , but so dramatic
thisisamomentTV Hace un día
Tanacon island edition
Hans-Harald Horn
Hans-Harald Horn Hace un día
Yeah, great documentary. Couldn't even get the fact straight that it wasn't Pablo Escobars island but Carlos Lehders island. But Pablo draws more viewers, right?
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 16 horas
It wasn’t even Billy’s Island he had it basically on loan and was kicked off because the owner specifically told him to not mention Pablo Escobar but he did it anyway
cutieeven7 Hace un día
Hulu did it first
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Hace un día
I'm tired of how many people think McFarland is something special or even consider him a genius. Anyone can be a visionary, it's those that follow through on those visions that are genius.
Luiggii Love
Luiggii Love Hace un día
I never heard of this??? Wow where was I?
Eli bocio
Eli bocio Hace un día
SAw this on Hulu dope
LichenAndMoss Hace un día
Internet Historian lays claim to this story.
MrEvanDavidson Hace un día
Bahahaha morons
karissam96 Hace un día
Just watched it one hulu. No need to watch it on Netflix now lol
Camisha Vilme
Camisha Vilme Hace un día
Hulu did a great documentary already
FLdancer00 Hace un día
This one is better than the one on Hulu. Theirs just talks about millennia's and why they exist, production is a little cheesy. Netflix is well done and in depth. Billy seems like the guy who will either kill himself rather than go to prison, or he goes in and becomes the king of prison.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical Hace 16 horas
Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up like Kingpin in Daredevil season 2
Arnold Strong Numero Uno
Stranded on a desert island.
Akirasan Akirasan
Akirasan Akirasan Hace un día
Rich kids more money than sense - serves them right
Bdazed daily
Bdazed daily Hace un día
Um Hulu actually has the Frye dude in an interview so I’m gonna watch it there
One Boy
One Boy Hace un día
America at it greatest suckers
janaynayification1 Hace un día
So basically it was like Catching Fire ,but with people with money.
BlakePerrine Hace un día
Milburgo Salinas
Milburgo Salinas Hace un día
Ja rule should have been the first red flag not to go, seriously the last thing i remember about him was getting destroyed by eminem back in 2004. blink 182 should have been the second. i didn't feel bad for any of these people only the workers that got screwed over
LuKasAV6 Hace 2 días
Vanity Fair published an article mentioning why the documentarians did not interview McFarland. Fyre's director Chris Smith told V.F.: “He said that he had an offer for $250,000 to film with someone else. It just felt ethically wrong for us . . . And then he asked us if we would do it for $125,000.” McFarland is a P.O.S. all day and all night long!
Mordyr's Video Dumpster
The movie isn't even out, and people are already jerking themselves off over Internet Historian. Darwinism at its finest.
sfighter00 Hace 2 días
I just heard of this incident sometime ago on a "Watchmojo" list. All I got to say is OUCH!!!
medrano chav
medrano chav Hace 2 días
the hulu one is so good guys!! plus they actually interview billy himself
Azeneth Gonzalez
Azeneth Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Derrick W.
Derrick W. Hace 2 días
HULU already has a documentary on this. Now.. Netflix?? NO THANK YOU
Albert L
Albert L Hace 2 días
Ja Rule, one of the smartest guys in the room? Not even in a kindergarten classroom.
Soleil de Leon
Soleil de Leon Hace 3 días
Tana con who??
Akash kharat
Akash kharat Hace 3 días
Darwinism at its finest
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson Hace 3 días
The documentary that nobody was asking for...
LFP Animations
LFP Animations Hace 3 días
Better hit up internet historian with those royalties. He beat you to the punch netflix
Melissa Apoka
Melissa Apoka Hace 3 días
Nathan Ramos
Nathan Ramos Hace 3 días
I just finished watching the documentary on Hulu and boy is McFarland one dumb son a bitch. I wanted to punch McDufus like 50 times watching his stupid face during the interviews they did with him during the documentary.
Dave Von Saunder
Dave Von Saunder Hace 3 días
Roy Hunsinger
Roy Hunsinger Hace 3 días
This will be good.
mgoode Hace 3 días
They need to do one for Tanacon
Its Up to me
Its Up to me Hace 3 días
Lol stupid kids that's what they get just wanted party and act like moronic douchebags
cashbagg Hace 3 días
Watching a bunch of entitled, rich millenial sheep getting ripped off and then forced to eat crappy food, and sleep in tents....sounds like my kinda documentary.
ulkotraqametfdaqqa Hace 3 días
Darwinism at its finest was pretty much the tagline for this festival
Leslie Aguilar
Leslie Aguilar Hace 3 días
This looks like a more expensive festival version of tana con
francisco darko
francisco darko Hace 3 días
Darwinism at its finest ! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
fish bloop
fish bloop Hace 3 días
The hulu doc was great. Im gonna check out both. The hulu doc totally threw shade at the Netflix one. I like how they did a surprise release hahaha
mike ahuja
mike ahuja Hace 4 días
the hulu doc trailer looks way better
Micah-David Saunders
The schadenfreude was strong when this happened, and it will be again when I watch this.
Andrea Valdez
Andrea Valdez Hace 4 días
Now make a Tanacon documentary
Mr. Majestic
Mr. Majestic Hace 4 días
Every single person who spent thousands, just to "belong" is a loser. A shallow, low self worth having, lame who seeks approval from others. You got what you deserved. Social media is your God and Celebs are your apostles. Wallow in the vapid mediocrity that is your life.
SLAV Hace 4 días
heroinhero69 Hace 4 días
Lol he just ripped off a bunch of rich NYU kids with their parents credit card, don’t see what the problem is
ashleylaurennnx3 Hace 4 días
do i live under a rock? when did this happen?? lol
Monica Salas
Monica Salas Hace 4 días
Didnt hulu just air theirs?...
JESS S Hace 4 días
why is hailey baldwin’s irrelevant ass on here
akat19 Hace 4 días
Fake as those models
Leon Degrelle ϟϟ
Leon Degrelle ϟϟ Hace 4 días
Pardon him! This young guy is innocent! He deceived the deceivers!
Kaitlyn Fenton
Kaitlyn Fenton Hace 4 días
Clearly none of those people thought about the Symbiosis Global Gathering / Oregon Eclipse Festival. Thaaat was the Woodstock of our generation, without all the phony media hype.
Jerky Murky
Jerky Murky Hace 4 días
Directed by Internet Historian.
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