G.C.F in Saipan

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G.C.F in Saipan with BTS
Director JK
Director Of Photography JK
Editor JK
Actor BTS
(BGM : JOHN.k - Best of Me)
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25 jul 2018







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Beena Menon
Beena Menon Hace 8 minutos
IRENE SALUMU Hace 50 minutos
This song is like a dedication to someone. I'm sorry to say this but" I get that feelings "(1). Was it for Jimin??
Ilene Grace
Ilene Grace Hace un hora
i swear from the very first g.c.f jungkook's main highlight has always been. JIMIN. HAHAHAHA
Nuraida Nazeri
Nuraida Nazeri Hace un hora
It feels like i'm watching mv omg jungkook is so talented
Thư Minh
Thư Minh Hace un hora
Thonh Le
Thonh Le Hace 2 horas
What the name song is in the video ? That song so good
Iu Aris
Iu Aris Hace 3 horas
Please someday come to Bali guys... 😍😍😍😇😇
Hobi has such a sweet smile
Lemon Crumb
Lemon Crumb Hace 3 horas
*I just want to know what camera he uses :”)*
Akan Diyan
Akan Diyan Hace 4 horas
Jungkook8JiminsJams Hace 4 horas
0:45 Me: *dies*
Jungkook8JiminsJams Hace 4 horas
Jungkook could shoot BTS movies
Shameela Fairooz
Shameela Fairooz Hace 6 horas
Idk exactly what it is, but the music is a huge contributing factor. Maybe he increases the saturation and decreases the brightness? I don't know, but whatever he's doing, alongside these perfectly captured shots, creates an other-wordly effect. It's just...beautiful and ineffable.
Tiffany Fan
Tiffany Fan Hace 6 horas
Jk let jimin live!!
moderncupid Hace 7 horas
I want a SPINE BREAKER MV remake under Golden Closet Film-but I want Bangtan more to rest so I will just keep it myself.
아니야응 Hace 9 horas
Jin♡♡진 사랑해♡♡
Sofi Potoyan
Sofi Potoyan Hace 10 horas
One and only ❤️❤️
Kathi Vayls
Kathi Vayls Hace 11 horas
This made my day
Yazzy_Cat Smiles
Yazzy_Cat Smiles Hace 13 horas
Jimin looking like perfect boyfriend 💘💘 V like Japanese aesthetic 😍😍 Jhope like our crush🙈🙈
Ariane Teysse
Ariane Teysse Hace 13 horas
Big Hit já pode contratar o Jungkook como produtor
Alix Monkastick
Alix Monkastick Hace 15 horas
Chingón el Jungkook
A Asmaa
A Asmaa Hace 15 horas
Lyrics: We were only 16 You were on my arm Then you moved to city And we drifted apart Never thought I would see you Now we're sitting in the dark I won't fight this feeling I don't wanna lie no more I don't wanna hide no more What I found in you is so real I don't wanna hide no more I don't wanna lie no more Now that I found you Imma let you get the best of me Imma let you get the best of me Waking up next to you Got you back in my arms Don't it feel like it use to Like we were never apart Never thought I would see you Now we're loving in the dark We can't fight this feeling I don't wanna lie no more I don't wanna hide no more What I found in you is so real I don't wanna hide no more I don't wanna lie no more Now that I found you Imma let you get the best of me Imma let you get the best of me
•ANY ELI• Hace 15 horas
I feel like Jungkook should start vlogging!
Kayla e Vanessa
Kayla e Vanessa Hace 15 horas
Anastasia Dyk
Anastasia Dyk Hace 15 horas
Как и ожидалось, просто прекрасно))))
jINFIRES 101 Hace 15 horas
blond taehyung is a mood
jINFIRES 101 Hace 15 horas
this video should be a piece of cake when you have such bootyful visuals volunteering to be actors
Jeon Shin
Jeon Shin Hace 15 horas
Miss JK and then watch this
Hải Hoàng
Hải Hoàng Hace 16 horas
Bài này tên j vậy Ai ns tui vs
Chi Vi
Chi Vi Hace 6 minutos
Best of me nhé
24 7
24 7 Hace 16 horas
My love 💖
SARA Hace 16 horas
V's voice is heavenly 😍😍😘💗
intan febriana
intan febriana Hace 17 horas
song ??
Gzm _bts
Gzm _bts Hace 17 horas
Jikook ...
Khoa Vlogs
Khoa Vlogs Hace 17 horas
I love you pặc pặc
Khoa Vlogs
Khoa Vlogs Hace 17 horas
So beautiful
Nubia Maciel
Nubia Maciel Hace 17 horas
Jeneva Daniella Lauw
Jeneva Daniella Lauw Hace 17 horas
good job cook
Anna Lovix
Anna Lovix Hace 17 horas
Am I the only one getting spring day/ run vibes?
MelonMelu Hace 18 horas
What song is this
Lunar Sashimi
Lunar Sashimi Hace 20 horas
Suga died :D 2:13 I criiiiii :'D
Kristene Clare Eso
Kristene Clare Eso Hace 20 horas
Im juustt wondering.. What does mean of G.C.F.?.. IN THIS VIDEO.
Kristene Clare Eso
Kristene Clare Eso Hace 16 horas
cheerysu oh,thanks :))
Kristene Clare Eso
Kristene Clare Eso Hace 16 horas
AlmatyKZ23 thanks :)
cheerysu Hace 18 horas
G.C.F. means Golden Closet Film. Golden Closet is Jungkook's Personal Studio Name.
AlmatyKZ23 Hace 19 horas
Kristene Clare Eso Golden Closet Film
Softie Tae
Softie Tae Hace 21 un hora
Catelyn Bulaong
Catelyn Bulaong Hace 22 horas
OMG it's so beautiful in Saipan thank you jungkook and bts for posting this video and I also watched the summer package 2018 I hope you guys already watched the summer package 2018😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Onan Lindt
Onan Lindt Hace 22 horas
Who's Here after Summer Package 2018 ?
DR MANOJ SINGH Hace 22 horas
Great job Kookie😘!!
Sophie Evens Howard
Sophie Evens Howard Hace 22 horas
BTS is the best, Jungkookie is the best😘😘😘
alyssum swt
alyssum swt Hace 22 horas
*CONGRATULATIONS* *love you* *sweet boy*
V Kookie
V Kookie Hace 22 horas
OMG JUNGKOOK!😍😍😭😭💘💘💖💖💓💓💜💜
Lutfi Hayday
Lutfi Hayday Hace 22 horas
Director JK so genius 😘😘
alyssum swt
alyssum swt Hace 22 horas
-i hate that you're GOOD at everything-
alyssum swt
alyssum swt Hace 22 horas
alyssum swt
alyssum swt Hace 22 horas
*gcf in busan*
Marwah Raja
Marwah Raja Hace un día
Jimin 🤣
Jungkook Jeon
Jungkook Jeon Hace un día
The chennal baangtan TV is too good.
Sugaakookies -
Sugaakookies - Hace un día
so the real question is when is someone gonna slip about jikook because this is all the evidence I need
Ipurple taehyung
Ipurple taehyung Hace un día
rai valman
rai valman Hace un día
Adorable Jungkook
수리수리옍뚕{상큼 보스}
I’m Trash
I’m Trash Hace un día
The zoom in on Jimin’s face😂
MJ Hace un día
징촤 미치게귀여움
Abiatar Filipi
Abiatar Filipi Hace un día
Jimin wah
U jinjo
U jinjo Hace un día
썸머패키지 보고 골클필 다시 보니까 더 재밌구 정국이 감각+재능 더 돋보인다....ㅠㅠㅠㅠ만날 봐도 재밌어
김BTS Hace un día
Yoongi? :v donde esta? :'v no lo vi en ninguna toma
The stars
The stars Hace un día
meiph 1802
meiph 1802 Hace un día
What’s the name of this song ? Plss :
연보림 Hace un día
솔직히 이거 거의 뮤비에요 ㅠㅜ
Bts 4life
Bts 4life Hace un día
bts G. c. f = 1m like 😂😂
Paola Itzel
Paola Itzel Hace un día
Is this what heaven looks like ?
bowser dantdm
bowser dantdm Hace un día
What is v doing in 0:17
Park Minnie
Park Minnie Hace un día
I'm sorry but when Jimin dance in the beach it's very fun i can't stop laughting 😂😂😂
Bianca Asdfghj
Bianca Asdfghj Hace un día
in what program i can do videos like this??:"))
Tanya Vert
Tanya Vert Hace un día
nice and relaxing 💕
lazyfox Hace un día
Does any one know where this is in Spain please
K-Pop Gomez
K-Pop Gomez Hace un día
Jungkook found the song on this video: esvid.net/video/vídeo-rJyFdT8r970.html
Michara Creencia
Michara Creencia Hace un día
lmao why he do jimin like that 😂😂
ninanaya Hace un día
army which gcf is your favorite ? i really can't choose
Fire-Eye Hace un día
Who's here after watching the summer package? ❣
ninanaya Hace un día
Amanda Vieira
Amanda Vieira Hace un día
Amanda Vieira
Amanda Vieira Hace un día
Ota -ku Girl
Ota -ku Girl Hace un día
나는 이제 클립 앤 클리어 #ARMYSWILLPROTECTJIMIN 을 말합니다. 우리는 당신의 모든 / 당신의 호빵맨이 아무도 믿지 말아야 할 죽음의 위협이 당신을 해치지 않는 한 지민을 보호 할 것입니다.
Gabrielle Harrod
Gabrielle Harrod Hace un día
The add to get tickets for the BTS world tour keeps showing up. And everytime I see it, it makes me cry. Cause I know I'm not going. And I live really close to Chicago.😔
uma k-poper iludida
uma k-poper iludida Hace un día
B Ba Ban Bang Bangt Bangta Bangtan Bangtan B Bangtan Boy Bangtan Boys ❤️ Bangtan Boy Bangtan Bo Bongtan B Bangtan Bangta Bangt Bang Ban Ba B Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongui Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyng Jeon Jungkook BTS!!!
Defi Risar
Defi Risar Hace un día
Its like a music video 😂😍❤️
reem btsV
reem btsV Hace un día
my summer is nothing without this beautiful video. thank you for making my summer jungkook. this is the ult summer vid❤️
Jungkook Army
Jungkook Army Hace un día
Jungkoooooooook sos perfecto neneeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 te ago todo menos la tarea va si querés te la ago. ahre te anooooooo😍
Ruth Teves
Ruth Teves Hace un día
spice it
spice it Hace un día
Nice move JIMIN😃
Hannele Kaimi Esguerra
1:54 aAaaaAaa jiminnnnnnn so soft ❤
Gouri Majhi
Gouri Majhi Hace un día
Lea Schmidt
Lea Schmidt Hace un día
You know what amazed me after watching the summer package 2018... JK had so many clips to choose from... group shots he made and nice captures from his hyungs. But again he decided to have Jimin as his main "model" with all those intimate and silly shots. My shipper-self is so moved
Linh Pham
Linh Pham Hace un día
Hoseok is so handsome awwwwww
Tinay Dechavez
Tinay Dechavez Hace un día
Uhhhh so hot and handsome. I wonder how they are good looking in personal. 😍😊
Reem Loli
Reem Loli Hace un día
Why did you enter my heart?😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Reem Loli
Reem Loli Hace un día
mou sobuj
mou sobuj Hace un día
I love u bts
Hương Trang
Hương Trang Hace un día
các bạn khi nào chiếu ko ạ???mà chiếu ở đâu ạ!!!???
Kpopismyhope 0_0
Kpopismyhope 0_0 Hace un día
Shriya Maharjan
Shriya Maharjan Hace un día
Can't get over this
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