Game Ads Are Still Terrible

Danny Gonzalez
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


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Wowzer Cowzer AM
Wowzer Cowzer AM Hace un año
"If you can figure out what grandma did then you legally skilled"
Department of Energy™
MatPat: and I took that personally
sokmonster Hace 3 meses
I know and I swear this isn’t a troll - grandma stuffs dead bodies into pies
Stern X
Stern X Hace 3 meses
Grandma committed arson
ARandomWhitePikmin Hace 3 meses
@Dunno Studios hunt witches?
Dunno Studios
Dunno Studios Hace 9 meses
only kids from 1588 can figure out what grandma did
Toby Mush :/
Toby Mush :/ Hace un año
The only 2 reasons of why the granny is in a cop car 1. She burned down the house 2. She burned down the fiancé
yesyas Hace 2 días
Her grand daughter is next
Vanderstar Kids
Vanderstar Kids Hace 4 días
Or 3, She is the fiance
Neil DuLake
Neil DuLake Hace 10 días
@FredFred52 Media :O
Notme Hace 20 días
@Senku Yep
BASIL Hace un mes
marie Hace 10 meses
Now they’ve got actual actors. I honestly don’t know how they have so much money to spend on those ads. They’re like…high quality
DocMario Hace 20 días
@Notme but yes mobile games generally suck
DocMario Hace 20 días
@Notme no, there a ton of people on this planet that do not have access to consoles or even real infrastructure
Notme Hace 20 días
@Lalita J LO Fan? also not everything is about your (possibly) favorite celebrity
Notme Hace 20 días
@DocMario Yeah it is, close to 3 billion people are on their phones (possibly everyday) and mobile gaming is a pretty good way for companies to cut corners and get money fast. I suppose we live in a society
marie Hace un mes
@DocMario Oh I know it’s just surprising because the last time I downloaded it I ended up deleting it because the visuals paled in comparison to the others I tried. I didn’t think they had to budget to put into their game let alone these insanely well-made ads.
Riley The Gregg
Riley The Gregg Hace un año
"there is no explanation" -Danny and i took that personally - Matpat
Kaito is here ig🕶️🤏
And then there's going to be a new episode in Matpat's channel analysing why Danny sayid that there's no explanation
Rowan Jalso
Rowan Jalso Hace 10 meses
“Is this the backstory… for how she got stranded on stripper-pole island?” A better sentence has never been uttered. 🤣
The Lexicon
The Lexicon Hace un año
Who's gonna break Danny's heart by informing him that Lily's Garden is just an exact replica of Gardenscapes? This hole is bottomless.
Ber's spon
Ber's spon Hace un año
@Matt20264 And candy crush is a clone, funny how it goes
PurpleHairedKid Hace un año
I shall
Livy with an E
Livy with an E Hace un año
Yeah but Gardenscapes has the locked ring chain thing now...
shayla Hace un año
@DeathnoteBB i miss the early 2010s
DeathnoteBB Hace un año
@shayla Back when apps didn’t have any ads
Kim Hace 5 meses
I’m so glad I’m not the only one with these ads. They are so bizarre!
Lightning Cornflower
I COULD NOT make my face straight while making his jokes
Evie M
Evie M Hace 11 meses
I saw two merge mansion TV ads the other day. They hired actors to play these people. In both of the ads, they were seriously leaning into the "Granny's a murderer" plot line.
Dominic Shiells
Dominic Shiells Hace 5 meses
There should be a whole channel dedicated to bad mobile game ads In the future children will be trying to merge things together to try and build things
vm1zzy Hace un año
The grandma: *commits manslaughter* Danny: she's just in a silly goofy mood 🤪😜
Harry Balzac
Harry Balzac Hace un año
@Izukurocks it’s a very annoying Tik tok meme
Man 1
Man 1 Hace un año
Dh 123
Dh 123 Hace un año
@HonuKane yee
leticia Hace un año
Izukurocks Hace un año
@CactusGaming YT i am chill, just telling him that it was a meme on tiktok bru. He typed 3 dots so i assumed that he didn’t get the joke and explained it 😕
weston Hace un año
hi danny, just wanted to say that i had a horrible day and this was the first thing to make me genuinley make me laugh. sending lots of love :) thanks
Sugar plum356
Sugar plum356 Hace 11 meses
1:32 if anyone cares about the picture, it was originally a picture of the woman and her fiance, but she tore it in half and is now holding the half without her fiance on it.
Your local McDonald's wifi
Nobody Not even a single soul Game theorist: *LORE*
Shmupinautical Hace 7 meses
He covers up the fact that his wife died the day before this so well. You can’t even tell how sad he is.
Kathleen Boutilier
Kathleen Boutilier Hace un año
What if grandma is actually Lily, putting her granddaughter through the same trials and tribulations.
mango Hace 2 días
Its a game theory
Neil DuLake
Neil DuLake Hace 10 días
@Yes • 5 years ago y o s
The grandma's name is Ursula, not ironic at all.
Clowny Brownie
Clowny Brownie Hace 15 días
Too far man. Too far.
XDcoolkid Hace 29 días
Lol I like ur theory also THE GLASSES😂😂😂😂
speckled egg
speckled egg Hace 2 meses
i've been playing this game since it was released before all these ads were released.. the actual story line and lore is really good.. matpat has a great video which helps explain everything you can't understand
Matthew Gray Gubler
Matthew Gray Gubler Hace 9 meses
If watched the merge mansion ads so many times I think I’ve cracked the code. Lady gets stood up by husband then her house burns down, so grandma gets her a ‘new’ house which I’m pretty sure Is an old one she used to own or something so you have to renovate it that’s the simple bit. The “he is alive” refers to the grandad they think that grandma killed her husband and hid the body but he’s actually in the house somewhere alive and he have to renovate and find him but yeah that’s what I’ve figured out form the million merge mansion ads I get.
fettuccine Hace 4 meses
pissed because the animation for merge mansion is actually really good. the character designs are great, the lighting is beautiful, and the movement is super expressive with really great attention to detail.
venti! Hace 8 meses
There's another game who has the same type of dumb ads but it's actually good. One of the ads is those dress up fix the girl to get the guy back but failure things. Its a game about collecting cats and decorating a house, there is a story to go along with it and it's actually really good, and it's interactive. The art is also really cute for it too. (Purrfect tale btw)
Pen Hace 11 meses
Danny at 7:50 when the guy gets pulled back in he looks surprised cuz he didn’t know someone else was in there. And then look at the sleeve that’s pulls him into the bushes (it’s the grandmas sleeve if u look back on the cop car scene) so basically I think she’s gonna kill that guy.
Gacha Logic
Gacha Logic Hace 7 meses
There are only 2 words to describe these adds, Strange and Peculiar
Marya Stutzman
Marya Stutzman Hace un mes
This is my favorite segment you do!! I wish they were longer!!🤍🤍🥹🥹
Planefan 08
Planefan 08 Hace 11 meses
You know it's gonna be good when you're already rolling 10 seconds in
Jasmine M
Jasmine M Hace un año
The grandma: kills a man Danny: “she did something a little wild and wacky”
ThatFunkyChicken Hace un año
it was just a practical joke, let the grandma live a little 😔
Jasmine M
Jasmine M Hace un año
@joe mama this one was gold 😭☝️
Bree Hace un año
Granny's just being a silly goose 🤪
sammy :)
sammy :) Hace un año
She was in a silly goofy mood
bebop Hace un año
She didn’t kill him tho, remember “he is alive”
Emu Hace 10 meses
At 9:51 after the entire ad played out in it's entirety I genuinely sat there in disbelief, before bursting into laughter and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. That is the funniest thing I've ever seen I'm showing everybody
Jelly Nitro
Jelly Nitro Hace 10 meses
You should make a sequel! There's been alot more ads with more lore there's even a live action ad!
cathlien spangle
cathlien spangle Hace 8 meses
Once your playing the game it makes more sense and the back story is important. The grandma is very sus!
WTF what de pengu doin
Danny never fails to make me laugh in any vid XD
Youtubedoescoolstf Hace un año
This is the 3rd time Danny has pretended to spank himself I’m concerned
Yeetus the Almighty, Slaughterer of Gods.
@bonbon ✿ thx
bonbon ✿
bonbon ✿ Hace 10 meses
@Yeetus the Almighty, Slaughterer of Gods. 2 phut hon remix i believe
Maryy Hace un año
@Sieglinde Ochs when he make his own badads, I don’t remember the other one
BIG DON Hace un año
3rd time *that we know of*
Sieglinde Ochs
Sieglinde Ochs Hace un año
When were the other 2 times if I may ask??😂
Hollow Ghost
Hollow Ghost Hace 9 meses
There’s also an ending where as their driving away the police gives the grandma the handcuff key and they legit planned it and also the game has nothing to do with the ads it gets way to boring also I downloaded it and for a full year I still haven’t gotten finished so I deleted it
Malachi Park
Malachi Park Hace 3 meses
The King's choice ones are so wild, there's that one where you're a girl trying to impress a lord and you dance into a cake and piss him off and then dress up with flowers but end up throwing leaves on him and he throws you into a dungeon. The actual game is just running a kingdom and gaining power, what is going on
Alexandra P
Alexandra P Hace 6 meses
I actually played Merge Mansion and grandma being a shifty little asshole and the poor woman being completely out of her depth and kinda dumb is on brand for it. Grandma basically pushes her into renovating this giant mansion's yard and fails to answer any questions.
Keilan Hace 3 meses
Fun fact: the narrative director of Batman Arkham Asylum has stated in interviews that he took direct inspiration from merge mansionto create the three alternate post credits scenes at the end of the game.
elliot jude
elliot jude Hace un año
i would love to see a game's ads do this, and the game appear at first to be just a gardening or puzzle game, but if you actually keep up playing it, it slowly gets darker and turns into a complicated murder mystery or smth.
Lathryx Hace 2 meses
No legit that would be so cool. Great idea!!
MrCactusKing Hace 3 meses
ridakdid Hace 3 meses
then I highly suggest you get kleptocats! casual play, doesn’t bombard you with ads, you gradually find out who is being held hostage over a few weeks of gameplay, secret lore when you click settings and insert the code “help”…
just another teenagerz
andys apple farm sounds just like that. really cool game, actually :)
Nathan SOS
Nathan SOS Hace 4 meses
Steve M
Steve M Hace 8 meses
I was laughing so hard at the dragon ad my wife thought I was having a medical emergency
Jimmy 3d
Jimmy 3d Hace 10 meses
For the merge mansion games I thought of some short lore. The old lady faked the fiancee's death in order to get the lady to head home. But, the old lady set a fire in the home in order to try and kill the lady, but it didnt work. The fire burned too fast causing her house to burn down without her in it. Lastly the grandma gets her this trash house in order to distract her with all this cleaning and fixing it up. The police caught up with the grandma before she could plan her next move so she left 3 messages in alternate universe s in order to make it harder for the lady to figure out what's going on and keep her busy searching while the grandma finds a way to make it out of prison and eventually kill her.
Shydragon Hace un año
Ok so I've seen a lot of ads for a game called Family Island. From what I've seen of the actual gameplay, it's basically a sort of survival/settlement building game where you have a family on an island and you have to gather resources and build structures. Most of the ads are pretty normal and give the backstory to the premise, like with the family fleeing from their original island because of a volcano erupting, or an interactive ad with the dad being on a raft and you have to save the other family members in the water by clicking and dragging them onto the raft. Aaaand then there's the one with the pregnancy test.
LadyAndromeda Hace un año
"That looks pretty cringe, who would download this game?" I would. That looks fucking hilarious- I'm positive that isn't its actual gameplay, but these random men in underwear striking poses to take down an enemy army? Amazing. 10/10
DamianIsADude Hace un año
“Stranded On Stripper Pole Island” sounds like an epic adventure novel
TheMardBard Hace un año
@Shayne T Someone should let him know tbh
Tasoq Hace un año
I'd read it
Jonathan Andersson
Jonathan Andersson Hace un año
ADventure novel
Trinity W
Trinity W Hace un año
That’s an esakai anime if I’ve ever heard one
Your Local Sleep Paralysis Demon
@Abigail Duerksen lmao
Anna Bogenschutz
Anna Bogenschutz Hace 5 meses
Guys guys guys- There's a sequel! It just popped up on my phone. The guy driving the police car slipped Granny a key and she unlocked her handcuffs. Seems like there's a real conspiracy going on here... I think we need Danny to investigate.
Shirley Hace un mes
There’s probably an another ad where the grandmother’s hand says “hes my fiancé now bitch”
Yourdaddyluvsme Hace 5 meses
“Her grandma comes over to comfort her” COMES OVER WHERE? HER BURNED DOWN HOUSE? 💀💀
FantasticFreya2190 Hace 11 meses
I actually play this game constantly. This is the first time I see these ads. I really like the game, its good but idk why they felt the need to do these ads...
coolkal Hace un año
"You are not the father!" The guy: **throws baby happily**
coolkal Hace un año
@KiraRuby yes
KiraRuby Hace un año
Cookie run pfp!
coolkal Hace un año
@Priyanka Khurana thanks for the information :D
Priyanka Khurana
Priyanka Khurana Hace un año
That video is an allusion to the maury show which is a reality show which did this you are not the father segment. And everytime its not the dad, the mom runs away and the dad break dances😭 look up courtreezy she did a video on it
G Hace un año
*The Mom: She a runner she a track star*
Wobbles74 Hace 3 meses
Dang this game’s ads were so insane they even got their own matpat game theory
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Hace 4 meses
I still see these ads and I'm like 'Grandma, why do you hate your grand daughter?'
Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose Hace un año
Fun fact lily's garden was actually pretty good. The story was interesting and the characters were funny and I got really invested in them.
-S4LTY_W0RMS- Hace 5 meses
My humor is beyond fixable, in the weird dragon fart ad or whatever the cough combined with the music made me die laughing. Am I OKAY?
Michelle Merriman
Michelle Merriman Hace un año
I don't know why but the line, "a second burnt down house!!" made me laugh so fucking hard.
Shukukan Kun
Shukukan Kun Hace un año
@Michelle Merriman absolutely seething lmao
MrMeteor2604 Hace un año
@Jeongyeon yeah, i couldn't find it, do you know where that song appears
Michelle Merriman
Michelle Merriman Hace un año
@Shukukan Kun wow. good job. what a solid slam against a stranger's comment on a YT video, you goddamn pro. you must get so much ass; the way you used your right to freedom of speech to just ROAST me for no real reason.... it's fucking legendary. stories will be told of you for years to come, my friend. we've made history here.
annoying ann
annoying ann Hace un año
@Hot WheeIs virgin normal person Vs Chad erect arsonist
annoying ann
annoying ann Hace un año
@gg gg didn't need to know that that exits and yet here I am
Multistan Hace 10 meses
They really took the “all PR is good PR” too heart
HolandaChiquita Hace 6 meses
I recently have been seeing a lot of these weird ''undress the women'' adds, or ''cave men hit woman'' add. It's really weird because they only seem to come up when I play this innocent Cat Soup game where cats make soup and drinks and you can expend their outdoor factory. Although, they do seem to work day and night. So maybe it's not as innocent as I presumed...
Stinky’s Diner
Stinky’s Diner Hace 2 días
Danny’s nutcracker dumpster cameo in Lily’s whatever is so legendary
Brighton Hibler
Brighton Hibler Hace 26 días
Strangest thing is, in the actual game, there’s hidden lore. GRANDMA, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING
Sara F
Sara F Hace un año
“I can’t wrap my mind around why they made these alternate endings.” As someone who works in advertising, I can tell you this is simple A/B testing and seeing which version of the same ad drives the most engagement.
Shane Hace un año
Kate Objectively wrong, but okay. Have a good one 😁
Shane Hace un año
Naterbug3000 I actually don’t know what you’re referring to lol. I’m familiar with him but what I commented was what I thought, not a reference haha
Heather Ophelia
Heather Ophelia Hace un año
@Hey There who gave you the authority to assign them a gender! Smh, let them speak up for themself 🤡
fart barrels
fart barrels Hace un año
Some places consider it as a compliment so sorry for not understanding
keith Hace un año
the replies to this are filled with ppl making fun of somebody's horrible grammar while simultaneously using horrible grammar this is gold
This guy is pretty cool, he woulda been great on vine
aLonelyLilArtist Hace un año
I dont know what Danny does, but this is one of the rare channels i watch that can make me laugh out loud
𝙠𝙚𝙫.♡ Hace 22 días
i love how this series as become danny going over games to actually playing them
Milo𖨆 Hace un mes
I’d like to think everyone who made these kinds of ads were just so high at the time of making them
ahard-daysnight Hace un año
I love how some ads are like “i found a game for baddies 💅🏻💅🏻” and others have lore and a storyline behind it like a whole dsmn movie
random kid
random kid Hace 10 horas
Atomic yeeter
Atomic yeeter Hace 4 días
Do you slay this game that 99.99999999999% cant pass? 💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💪💪💪💪💪💪💔💔💘
Kolton Hace 23 días
· hijabihxba ·
· hijabihxba · Hace un mes
What's the name of the game?
preppylu Hace 25 días
I love how game ads and even some famous ESvidrs like troom troom always put something that’s like beef with Danny in there newer stuff. 💀
That Random Girl
That Random Girl Hace un año
I love how this series is the only time his “this of course is another episode of ______” will be relevant
morgan robinson
morgan robinson Hace 10 meses
they now have real people in the ads for the first game and the production is crazy and the grandma is like a murder or something you neeed to watch them
josierss Hace un mes
I can’t stop laughing my mom is concerned 😭
hihi Hace un año
If I had a nickle for everytime Danny pretended to spank himself, I would have three. Which is not a lot but it’s weird that it happened thrice.
-*Ava*- Hace 8 meses
@Mᴀɢɪ♡︎ Magi be honest with me… do you do meth?
Kweenie Bam
Kweenie Bam Hace 8 meses
Liv Hace 11 meses
@Raven if you’re going to speak a different language at least spell it right, du narr 😩
Brickbob Hace un año
I know the one from this and his Ad video, but where else did he spank himself?
That girl with a raccoon 🦝
@multiskype lols
Cupriferous Catalyst
Cupriferous Catalyst Hace 11 meses
What if someone actually made a game like this? I'm talking about an in-depth gardening simulator, but as you progress in the game you find out a whole bunch of dramatic backstory about family drama and murder. Maybe you clear a new plot of land and you dig up an actual skull or something like that. Real Pixar-style cutscenes (not Pixar quality, that'd be unreasonably expensive, just the style) introduce you to the plot and by the end of the game you're trying to manage a household just to not go bankrupt while simultaneously trying to solve multiple murder mysteries. If that hasn't been done already, someone please make it. You can take my idea, just let me know when I can try it!
Blue A
Blue A Hace un año
I will say that I've seen the Merge Mansion ad (the part where her house gets burned down) A LOT and there's a surprising amount of emotion of this cartoon characters face! I remember being shook at how devastated she looked, her half step back, it was a lot lol
Addy Hace un mes
"There is no context, There is no backstory" MatPat : *Hold my theory-*
Cool Bro
Cool Bro Hace 29 días
In general, commercials for games are great. Great at making me not want to buy the game.
One Topic At A Time
One Topic At A Time Hace un año
i love it when big house has room for little kids and little husband to run around
lvlygl Hace 2 meses
Same, I strive to live in one
Charlie Winchester
Charlie Winchester Hace 3 meses
HilmMars Hace 8 meses
Hey OT
Lauren LeLoup
Lauren LeLoup Hace 8 meses
Hailey Brennan
Hailey Brennan Hace 10 meses
Hey ot
samter Hace 10 meses
Badads? More like “These vids are rad!” Some of my all-time favorite Danny content…
Sue Lester
Sue Lester Hace un año
I cant stop laughing 😂
This_is_a_great_name _
I would laugh at this but I genuinely like this game and play it all the time😭😭
what? Hace un año
Fun Fact: The Merge Mansion ads got a Game Theory Video that *does* explain it. LETS GO THE BADADS ARE GETTING GAME THEORY EXPLANATIONS LILYS GARDEN GOT ONE TOO
Hultgren Hace un año
Theory: Granny attempted to kill the fiancé and burn the house along with the evidence if her attempt had been successful. He lived and told the police. But what was the motive of granny’s actions?
Archi Hace un año
holy shit
Amanda Blue
Amanda Blue Hace un año
this makes sense but i keep thinking about that alternate ending with the “you’re next” like what was the reason
moopaloop Hace un año
Ivan Giron
Ivan Giron Hace un año
i think he faked his own death and burned down the house to keep anyone from finding evidence. but granny knows that he is alive and probably tried looking for him or something and got arrested for it. idk just a theory.
Cool kid
Cool kid Hace un año
She try’s to burn her daughters house down to kill her thinking she was inside
SatanicMonke Hace 9 meses
Actually in one of the newer ads you can see grandma threatening him not to go to the wedding
iamafractal Hace 9 meses
Ok so find the game devs who have been doing false advertising and go to their office and demand an interview. Get all the footage of them evading you.
Jaywils10 Hace 5 meses
My condolences for your nutcracker being next to the dumpster.
jooooooy Hace un año
"aww, your fiance stood you up AND died at your wedding" "a little husband running around" "did she burn down the fiance" "he stood LIFE up" incredible.
MyVouge Hace un año
“I can’t wrap my mind around why they made these alternate endings.” As someone who works in advertising, I can tell you this is simple A/B testing and seeing which version of the same ad drives the most engagement.
Yato mcYato
Yato mcYato Hace 5 meses
So we’re simply their test subjects…
The Angry Little Alchemist
@DeathnoteBB it'll forever be my favorite series. I love it so much I got the ouroboros tattooed on my left thigh. It's been 2.5 years and no regrets.
DeathnoteBB Hace 8 meses
@The Angry Little Alchemist Thanks! I like your username too lol. Funny and cute. FMA is the best
The Angry Little Alchemist
@DeathnoteBB nice username, that's my favorite book.
Can_Is_Pog Hace 8 meses
@lima sierra SAME
Seargant_Spud Hace 9 meses
Danny should make a game so he can advertise it just to make the lore
Dande.liones Hace 8 meses
The game ad: "he is still alive" Danny's thumbnail: "I kill people"
Greenway Janus
Greenway Janus Hace 5 meses
I swear the amount of times I got that merge mansion and while playing Choices:Stories You Play pissed me off. Like,for real I was so confused man. All I could think was "what is this? why is it blowing up my ad choice?"
Aclib Hace 6 meses
The ones in the beginning were pretty funny, but that last one was just so hilariously bad
Drucilla DeVille
Drucilla DeVille Hace un año
They’re 100% manipulating Danny into free advertising
Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis Hace un año
He might have realised but just doesn't care bc views are views
Owly Fisher
Owly Fisher Hace 5 meses
im almost entirely certain Homescapes is the original of these 'match games/home fixing' games and all of them are copying each other.
Puppitsoplays Hace un mes
Theory: the granfdma burnt down the house with the husband inside Edit: and she bought the house to not be suspected
Tree Hace un año
Now I’m just terrified that the freaking grandma is going to show up in my house and murder me
Colin Hace 7 meses
I believe the most questionable game ad of all time was the ads for the original Destroy all Humans for the ps2/xbox.
GoldName630 Hace un año
“A little husband running around” that was funny
E F Hace 3 meses
Aida the "worst"
Aida the "worst" Hace 3 meses
Oliver Hace 3 meses
MNM TV Hace 4 meses
The "why not?" When the grandma gave the girl from merge mansion gifts
victor Hace 5 meses
Evelyn Island
Evelyn Island Hace un año
Wait till he hears about the officer giving her a key to get out of the handcuffs
Cyber Hace 7 meses
Would love it if Greg reacted to Matpats theories about these ads. Probably not going to happen though.
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso Hace 9 meses
11:10 this one made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe and idk why XD
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Hace 10 meses
PLEASE talk about the live action tv commercials… they haunt me.
storiesinthedust Hace un año
i love that she would write "i planned this" on her hand before being driven into a POLICE STATION
Beezy09 Hace un año
My mom is yelling Maverick on a call log
Beezy09 Hace un año
I thought you just suggesting that they should say that not that it actually happened
femboy lol
femboy lol Hace un año
"you're next" is not the best either
Isabel Salcedo
Isabel Salcedo Hace 6 meses
so let me get this straight, danny has had beef with Troom Troom and now a popular gardening app, i'm jealous
WALTUH Hace 3 meses
the guy in the father ad was just happy that he didn't have to pay the overpriced child support
carealoo744 Hace 4 meses
They were trying to get you emotionally invested for the Game; So that you can fill up the empty house so it isn't so empty anymore:)
dragon7493 Hace 10 meses
There are now live action Merge Mansion commercials. And they’re actually pretty well made.
Bogbpoy Hace un año
Petition for Danny to talk about the Nickelodeon movie "Swindle".
Jackson mahomes burner
I second that
matt whelan
matt whelan Hace 10 meses
@HOmega Rover i used to love it
Dork Vader
Dork Vader Hace 10 meses
Diamond World
Diamond World Hace 10 meses
What the heck is this
raeven avrila
raeven avrila Hace 10 meses
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