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"Game of Throne" super fans (Aidy Bryant, Taran Killam) compete on a "Game of Thrones" trivia show, but one fan (Zach Galifianakis) is stumped when he receives current event questions. With Bill Hader as the host and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. [Season 38, 2013]
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25 sep 2013






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Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Hace 16 horas
"Oh my god I'd tell you anything you long haired angel" -why is that so me in that situation
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Hace 16 horas
When Nikolaj walked in I gasped so hard and it was probably so loud that the neighbors heard me lol.
David Medina
David Medina Hace un día
An instant classic, this one goes up with the greatest . . .
Israel Kelley
Israel Kelley Hace un día
Duncan tgat woman is a baby killer supreme court communust
Toddy 2111
Toddy 2111 Hace un día
I forgot who killed Qorin if I’m being honest
Joseph Read
Joseph Read Hace 2 días
Is anyone scared if they don't know the answers to the questions asked?
Jamie Polson
Jamie Polson Hace 2 días
Oof that was hard to watch!! Hilarious though!!
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter Hace 2 días
Some old pilgrim is actually very close.
Rosie M
Rosie M Hace 5 días
I liked when Nikolaj walked in 😂👍
frere jacques
frere jacques Hace 5 días
E V Hace 10 días
We're in the 2000s.... somewhere. What more do you need to know?? 😂
Valentina Buci Battorti
voteZDLR Hace 11 días
To think that Bill Hader's own HBO show would be airing alongside the finale season of Game of Thrones. How far he's come. He probably hadn't even had the genius idea to do a show like Barry yet at the time.
Brabus 76
Brabus 76 Hace 11 días
This is the only available vid in my effen country!
Gregor Baby
Gregor Baby Hace 12 días
What's the capital of Wisconsin?... Cheese curd? 🤣
elena 240
elena 240 Hace 13 días
I dont know what TGOT is
Frances Lopez
Frances Lopez Hace 15 días
Pass 🤣🤣.
Amigo500 Hace 16 días
it was RBG
Judge Culpepper
Judge Culpepper Hace 17 días
OJ Sampson> Alex Trebeck
Wendy DiBenedetto
Wendy DiBenedetto Hace 17 días
David Ellgen
David Ellgen Hace 18 días
OMG that was hilarious!!!
leon caslavsky
leon caslavsky Hace 18 días
eddards bastard sun heh if only they knew
Julie Porter
Julie Porter Hace 19 días
What is it, a package deal? You get one Game of Thrones actor, you get them all? They're the Studio C of Fantasy shows?
yumna amjad
yumna amjad Hace 19 días
Plz invite nik to be the host😬
mark lee
mark lee Hace 19 días
@ 1:38 I was pissin
Smitten Kitten
Smitten Kitten Hace 19 días
" that showers sounds like a lot of fun"
ARGENT 191 Hace 19 días
Bill Hader is fucking hilarious 😂
Shahani Braga
Shahani Braga Hace 20 días
Nikolai looks like a fucking cartoon Prince Charming I swear.
ProjectFlashlight612 Hace 21 un día
I have no opinion on GoT at all, bad or good, but one thing I know...I will be very glad when the endless adverts for the final season on SKY Digital stop.
THE STONERS LOG Hace 21 un día
Kudos to the SNL writers for leaving that "elephant in the room of a jewel" for the dum dums who didn't catch the irony.... Notice today due to technology and the effects of it causing us not to remember the simple of shits information but without realizing you've been watching GAME OF THRONES for years and know EVERYTHING about a world you don't really live in. People do this with most shows or new tech age hobbies where to when it's time to come back to reality and remember the simple. It's a mind fuck to them. This was dangerously hilarious lmao I HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPEN MANY TIMES. Everyone toss your phone away and tell me how many phone numbers you think you can remember on your own will. Poor new age dependant saps can barely remember there log in info without Google remembering it for them. lol sad but true smh. No more crucial time than now to train ur brain and back up the last truth's stored on the internet before mofos really do end up believing the capital of Wisconsin is Alaska due to altered/fix "facts" hahaha
Username 1
Username 1 Hace 21 un día
Ha i get it he’s like autistic. That’s a hilarious joke love that so much. And oh they read books, fucking speds. Let’s kick their asses
Whipcream With a Cherry on top
What? No. There is no autism joke in this.
Anna Copeland
Anna Copeland Hace 21 un día
Taran is so cute
She's dead.
Stan Naspinski
Stan Naspinski Hace 22 días
Where do I get that dragon costume?!
J Don
J Don Hace 22 días
I bet you smell like Drakkar
Matthew Degroot
Matthew Degroot Hace 23 días
What date is it? "I know it's the two thousands..." "He doesn't know." Best fucking sketch
Cary Pohlhammer
Cary Pohlhammer Hace 23 días
I live in Chicago, and even I don't know the capital of Wisconsin. Needless to say, I actually feel like an idiot.
shymickey6 Hace 24 días
I actually feel bad for the poor bastard and people like him. Aww.
ADCD 0405
ADCD 0405 Hace 25 días
The Wisconsin one sounded like “What is the capital of Assyria?”
Alice Stockli Stockli
Alice Stockli Stockli Hace 25 días
I'm proud to say I knew the got questions and the real ones
stone1andonly Hace 25 días
Can we get a law passed that declares that all game shows (save for Jeopardy, because Alex Trebek is and always will be THE ultimate quiz master) must be hosted by O.J. Sampson? Also, can we get an O.J. Sampson biopic? I get the feeling there is some major backstory going on with that guy!
WF4L Hace 26 días
No one knows a “living” painter 😂
Fashionista B
Fashionista B Hace 26 días
Bill Hader grabbing Zach’s wings as he was standing there! 😂🤣😂
Kelvin Adcock
Kelvin Adcock Hace 28 días
I laughed so hard I cried
Noah Nesbit
Noah Nesbit Hace 28 días
How I feel in every test
Tom Macari
Tom Macari Hace 29 días
Haha love it!!!
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy Hace 29 días
"Who betrayed winterfell" Me: "everyone. Just about..everyone".
tom black
tom black Hace 29 días
Snl is shit
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Hace un mes
Why Americans are so obsessed with dragons?
Gabe Gustin
Gabe Gustin Hace un mes
As a citizen of Wisconsin I am disappointed
TheFinemocha Hace un mes
that was priceless
Lucian David
Lucian David Hace un mes
That shower thing does sound good!
David Hace un mes
See this shit? This is called, not funny.
Whipcream With a Cherry on top
Try watching Lele Pons
moody owl production's
The shower sound like fun...it tender...
th jame
th jame Hace un mes
SNL gold
Marco Wielemaker
Marco Wielemaker Hace un mes
Bill Haders face during the hole sketch is golden!
UltimateMcNasty Hace un mes
I'm getting major Tom Segura vibes from Zach's character.
Tarkeema Lewis
Tarkeema Lewis Hace un mes
i wanna buy stock in stark
Mar-Key WholeBrook
Mar-Key WholeBrook Hace un mes
Great, tis exactly how clueless most Americans truly are to such basics that should be simple yet know everything about aw TV shows drama and lore, they are not plugged into reality. People have become lost to nature and themselves
Devin Baird
Devin Baird Hace un mes
I'm fucked. No idea what a Roth IRA is and that's definitely an old pilgrim.
newageoutlaw Hace un mes
A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account you can open up through a private bank or financial company. They invest the money and you receive interest with the caveat you cannot fully withdraw the money until you retire form work. A Roth IRA differs from a traditional IRA in two key ways. The Roth IRA's money in considered post-payroll taxes so when you receive the money it's yours free and clear. With a traditional IRA you would have to report the income as taxable and pay standard income tax on it. Second, the funds in a Roth IRA may be withdrawn early without penalty for a few key reasons, such as medical expenses.
Ceo founder
Ceo founder Hace un mes
Bill Hader is absolutely hilarious as a devious game show host! SNL comedy sketch awesomeness!
s staners
s staners Hace un mes
“What is the capital of Wisconsin?” ‘Alaska?’
Aniket Maurya
Aniket Maurya Hace un mes
Man I feel so dumb.
Gamer Lexie
Gamer Lexie Hace un mes
When he asked what the date was and when he said “were in the 2000ths” Me: *Looks at description* Me: Wait THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steve Libby
Steve Libby Hace un mes
In his defense, knowing the capital of Wisconsin not all that important..
Yhaya Alam
Yhaya Alam Hace un mes
I know it was a skit but I felt bad for him
DJ CUMULUS Hace un mes
Does anyone know what the capital of Wisconsin is?
Noah Panoncillo
Noah Panoncillo Hace un mes
I love geo-graphy
Lavar_Ball Hace 2 meses
"I feel like you know that's wrong..." "I do"
Emily Sherow
Emily Sherow Hace 2 meses
Why is nobody mentioning Zach's fucking reaction to Nikolaj? hahah "we could share jeans, we could shower, I wouldn't look down but I would want to" lmao
Teddy Mueller
Teddy Mueller Hace 2 meses
Aidy Bryant Is the cutest celebrity ever.
Spume euw
Spume euw Hace 2 meses
I am actually home with the flu.
Michael John G
Michael John G Hace 2 meses
Dunkan 😂🤣
Sabrina Bouri
Sabrina Bouri Hace 2 meses
The best snl show ever😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mike Penn
Mike Penn Hace 2 meses
isnt a rawth IRA, a faction if the Irish Republican Army? :)
Silver_Buddy Hace 2 meses
I wonder if Leslie took a picture with him.
Troy Alan
Troy Alan Hace 2 meses
OJ Sampson lmao
Patricia Loaiza
Patricia Loaiza Hace 2 meses
Loaiza Lannister
Charlie O
Charlie O Hace 2 meses
When he pulled out that picture of RBG in the back of my mind I heard an angelic choir say in unison "notorious!"
Connor Hennen
Connor Hennen Hace 2 meses
"name on living painter" hahaha
The Rayvolution
The Rayvolution Hace 2 meses
Best subversive skit.
Noel Spyro
Noel Spyro Hace 2 meses
1:29 it is???? best part of the sketch.
Gerald L
Gerald L Hace 2 meses
I'm Canadian and even I know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is.
Danny Young jr
Danny Young jr Hace 2 meses
"It's a child's extra large"....lol..hahahaha
Prabh-Ryan Randhawa
Prabh-Ryan Randhawa Hace 3 meses
I DUBZH Hace 3 meses
Madison !
Moose Dog
Moose Dog Hace 3 meses
We could share jeeeaaannsss
Jamie Otey
Jamie Otey Hace 3 meses
ay any Wisconsinites looking in the comments
Patrick S.
Patrick S. Hace 3 meses
I always think its funny when people not from Wisconsin say Wisconsin. They say "wis-CON-SON" but most people ik from here call it "wis-CAN-sin"
Bret Bishop
Bret Bishop Hace 3 meses
... PASS
jack mayhoffer
jack mayhoffer Hace 3 meses
4:53 if he would have said skeletor he would have been correct too.
neoperseus Hace 3 meses
Americans need to wake the fuck up. The rest of the world (not the crazy parts) is not as insulated from reality as we are. Our youth are , for the most part, a clueless bunch of sheep.
Emma Chase
Emma Chase Hace 3 meses
Ugugugug the leader of the brotherhood without banners is Lady Stoneheart Obv!!
Hilo Hace 3 meses
The fuck is a Wisconsin?
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj Hace 3 meses
The hangover alan... Exactly like him Hehehe
Taps Taps
Taps Taps Hace 3 meses
So Fake !
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds Hace 3 meses
i knew literally every GoT answer, and maybe woulda gotten ... Madison, Wisonsin? also --- who the fuck can answer "what's a Roth IRA" in trivia show format, even if you DO know what one is? that aint exactly a thing you can sum up in 3 words. (and that's speaking as someone who could generally explain the concept). just whining that it's basically the worst trivia question ever. also how the fuck do you answer "where is iraq" without a map or some kind of multiple choice options? just sayin, Duncan woulda been 100% screwed even if he was Ken fuckin Jennings.
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds Hace 3 meses
okay there's like an 80% chance i'd know the date too. BUT THE FIRST TWO QUESTIONS HE GOT WERE TOTAL BS.
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds Hace 3 meses
and obviously i know who RBG is but whatever.
Talsong Kingslayer
Talsong Kingslayer Hace 3 meses
Nikolaj is gorgeous *drools*
Mister X
Mister X Hace 3 meses
Bran stark
Bran stark Hace 3 meses
1:11 he said "behind the wall" 🙄 should have said BEYOND the wall
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