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Each week, the ACC Digital Network brings you the Game of the Week, cut down to the most important moments in the game. This week, #5 Florida State made a statement with a dominant 51-14 win over #3 Clemson. Yet again, Jameis Winston led the way for the Seminoles, going 22 of 34 for 444 yards and 3 touchdowns. The freshman ran for a touchdown as well. Nick O'Leary caught 5 passes for 161 yards, while Rashad Greene added 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. As always, our Game of the Week features Twitter reaction throughout the game.
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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is a collegiate athletic league in the United States. Founded in 1953 in Greensboro, North Carolina, the ACC sanctions competition in twenty-five sports in Division I of the NCAA for its twelve member universities: Boston College Eagles, Clemson Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami Hurricanes, North Carolina Tar Heels, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, and Wake Forest Demon Deacons. In 2011, the conference announced it was adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh to expand to fourteen members beginning in the 2013 academic year. In 2012, the ACC announced it would add Notre Dame in all sports but football and hockey.
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Game of the Week | Florida State vs Clemson | ACCDigitalNetwork


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20 oct 2013






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Mixedbabyjayda Hace 20 días
College football not fun to watch like how it used
O'leary trucked that defender! He also did it to a BUS, on a scooter! Lol
This is one of if not the greatest football teams in college football history
Landon Walters
Landon Walters Hace 2 meses
Just so we know this Clemson team did not deserve to be #3 and can we just talk about how South Carolina didn’t even get into a BCS Bowl but an 8-4 Texas A&M team did?
RassRevenger Hace 3 meses
'member when we used to go to places like Clemson and embarrass them. Feels like a long time ago nowadays
DjCrsroli Hace 3 meses
JJ24 James
JJ24 James Hace 3 meses
Clemson returned the favor 😐
i will
i will Hace un mes
Clemson will never steam roll a top 3 FSU. FSU in tip top shape with all that south Florida talent is a scary team.
Riley Clements
Riley Clements Hace 3 meses
I need JAMEIS WINSTON to speak to me before a test at school
The OZ if wizards
The OZ if wizards Hace 4 meses
Ahhhhh the good ol days
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
2013 FSU vs 2019 LSU. Think about it.
@XD Gaming stick to youre gaming! Silly boy!
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace un mes
Sam Kroll LSU has the better schedule. FSU only had Clemson (great), Duke (lmao) and Auburn.
Sam Kroll
Sam Kroll Hace un mes
@XD Gaming fsu had way more weapons on offense and defense. they might be the greatest team ever. every single one of fsu's starters made it to the nfl
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace un mes
Sam Kroll No.
Sam Kroll
Sam Kroll Hace un mes
FSU destroys LSU
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Hace 6 meses
Florida State was the best team in 2013!!!
JJ24 James
JJ24 James Hace 6 meses
All my FSU fans we will be back soon 😞😔
Caleb Massey
Caleb Massey Hace 8 días
No y’all won’t
Lil Yt
Lil Yt Hace 6 meses
I remember when we could whoop teams asses like Clemson Pittsburgh Miami Maryland basically nobody would stop us... We need this FSU team again
RubTheRock64 Hace 28 días
It ain’t happening any time soon
Judah Israel
Judah Israel Hace 7 meses
If only auburn didnt get lucky on that kick 6 against Alabama in 2013. Would have been an amazing thing to watch this team vs that 2013 Alabama team in the title game.
Judah Israel
Judah Israel Hace 5 meses
XD Gaming Nah
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
What about OSU?
Graham Turnbull
Graham Turnbull Hace 8 meses
I’m here in 2019. The Nole’s are 6-6. Last season they were 5-7. They suck and I love it. Clemson beat them 45-14. BOOOOO NOLE’S! GO TIGERS and GATORS 🐅🐅🐅🐅🐊🐊🐊🐊!!!
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
Tigers and Gators? That’s interesting.
Sean G
Sean G Hace 9 meses
The Good ole days. One day we'll be back
HOTROD Parrish
HOTROD Parrish Hace 9 meses
Sum goodd ole bullshit here now lol them sec rejects been getting thier asses handed to ever since tho ! That'll be the last win they ever have over Clemson !
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
L. FSU beat Clemson the next year with a backup QB. Ignorant tater.
FSUFootballDude Hace 10 meses
Great video
C E Bradham
C E Bradham Hace 11 meses
I am so glad Bent Musburger doesn't call too many games anymore. He sucked at calling the National Championship game that year as well. So bland and drab
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
He retired already.
Steven Vicijan
Steven Vicijan Hace 11 meses
Hard to believe this happened
Andrew Retherford
Andrew Retherford Hace 11 meses
god damn when wilder walked out like that u knew they were bringing it
Bear C
Bear C Hace un año
Anyone else notice that they were still playing when Jimbo Fisher and Winston were hugging?
Derrick Hutchins
Derrick Hutchins Hace un año
This is the fsu I no what happened
Eyan Washington
Eyan Washington Hace un año
Yo Gabba Gabba
thastinger345 Hace un año
Just looking to relive when we didn't suck. We beat hese MFs worse than they beat Bama in the NC game this year...will be many years before this happens again though due to our AA hire
Golden Child
Golden Child Hace 11 meses
racist fuck stay mad find another team
Gatortide 4
Gatortide 4 Hace un año
wow FSU had more points in this game than their entire 2018 season
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 5 meses
J D Sounds like 2015 here in Columbia. I’m still salty. I don’t hate FSU as much anymore.
James Crosby
James Crosby Hace 10 meses
Typical punk. I had gator last night. My ar10 ate it up
J D Hace un año
That’s what happens when you had a coach that was mad at the athletic department and broken from what his ex wife did, quit doing his job (as the 17 season showed) left the program in a mess...insert an entirely new coaching staff with a scheme completely opposite of what the players are used to...it was just a disaster! I think they’re getting back on track though
lemme change it damn
Jamis winston is a fuckin nerd. And pay back is a bitch... 2018 59-10!....
King Yah'Rushalum
King Yah'Rushalum Hace un año
*Memorable year. It all started with Pittsburgh.*
Leon- -
Leon- - Hace un año
This one of FSU best years
Hepl Hace un año
It would be good to have this rn
Lps Layla T
Lps Layla T Hace un año
It was all down hill after exiting the buses. Literally and metaphorically!
Lps Layla T
Lps Layla T Hace un año
Man what a great leader as a freshman! I really hope he stops fucking up and has a solid season this year for Bucs?
Lps Layla T
Lps Layla T Hace un año
This is the game I knew the Noles were for real and could beat anybody!
Fatalis EXE
Fatalis EXE Hace 2 años
God, this FSU trainwrecked people.
MooGant Lee
MooGant Lee Hace 2 años
"Game of the year"
Cecilio Martinez
Cecilio Martinez Hace 3 años
clemson is going to lose! !!!! GO ALABAMA Crimson tide !!!!!!!
Palmetto Paintball
Palmetto Paintball Hace 3 años
Austen Calhoun
Austen Calhoun Hace 3 años
Cecilio Martinez 35-31 Clemson
caustinmois Hace 3 años
Member 2013 FSU?
Mclovin v7
Mclovin v7 Hace 7 meses
Now they some bums
HourlongCoder30 Hace un año
Carter F feels bad
Carter F
Carter F Hace 3 años
I member. Most dominant team in a long time
Mia Marshall
Mia Marshall Hace 4 años
Ross Fryer
Ross Fryer Hace un año
It’s now 2019 ... ooooof to your Irish
Cool Man
Cool Man Hace 3 años
Still....ALWAYS Go Irish!!!
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Hace 4 años
+Mia Marshall Irish went down. To Clemson
Andrew Fricks
Andrew Fricks Hace 4 años
2013 was a great year.
whitney andrews
whitney andrews Hace 5 años
Sam Kroll
Sam Kroll Hace un mes
@Charles Welch not in 2013
IAmLegend Hace un año
@Charles Welch now they are...2013 we were unstoppable
whitney andrews
whitney andrews Hace 5 años
You Know Florida State Was Going To Win This Shit
Buddi Baba
Buddi Baba Hace 5 años
One thing this game showed me was Clemson even though they lost is not as bad as I thought and The Semi-Holes are no where as good as the national rankings show. They are Way Way overrated! Winston or no Winston. Bama, Oregon, Auburn, Texas A&M, Ole Miss all look better!
Anthony Jentzer
Anthony Jentzer Hace un año
Stupid comment
Anthony Jentzer
Anthony Jentzer Hace un año
Wow man you know your college football don’t you.... you really called this one
encycl07pedia Hace un año
Jesus Doodle Anyone with a lick of common sense knows Jimbo doesn't run it up on people. This might be the only game that year he didn't pull the starters out before the 4th outside of the Auburn game. 2013 Michigan State sucks ass and lost to Notre Dame.
fearthespear20 Hace 2 años
Jesus Doodle OSU got beat by Clemson this same year in the bowl game. Bama got beat by Auburn who FSU beat. FSU scored over 30 every game that year... MSU scored less than 30 8 times and less than 20 3 times lol. No chance lol
Everlasting/Jackson Hace 2 años
Well they won the national championship so...
Charley McLeod
Charley McLeod Hace 5 años
Now THAT'S what I call CLEMSONING!!!!
Corey King
Corey King Hace 2 años
A top 5 team lmao ur noles are fucking trash and will be for years to come
ndfaithful's_son Hace 4 años
@TGMTEL huh?
Bracker Hace 4 años
+ndfaithful's_son nah
Charley McLeod
Charley McLeod Hace 4 años
Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame, Wake up the echoes cheering her name, Send a volley cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky. What though the odds be great or small Old Notre Dame will win over all, While her loyal sons are marching Onward to victory."
ndfaithful's_son Hace 4 años
+Charley McLeod They are about to Clemson again this Saturday
encycl07pedia Hace 6 años
@Me Seminole Dude, you do realize Nick Miller was mocking Miami fans, right? Just shut up man. I'm pretty sure you're a bandwagoner because I haven't seen you before 2013 and you can't even spell the names of our star players like Rashad Greene.
Tim Reger
Tim Reger Hace 6 años
the Seminoles are so awesome
C Torres
C Torres Hace 6 años
Lol read nick millers comment below he is still living in 1988 with the U lmao
andrea Hopkins
andrea Hopkins Hace 6 años
It's alston aj little brother I just. Wanted to tell you are good at throwing so am I
andrea Hopkins
andrea Hopkins Hace 6 años
fdapocalypse Hace 6 años
@01canesrdGOAT, im guessing you copied and pasted tbe hurricanes starting line up when you said play makers lol. I will agree about D Johnson though.
Crysthian Zelaya
Crysthian Zelaya Hace 6 años
Yea , I watched the game .
Crysthian Zelaya
Crysthian Zelaya Hace 6 años
Mistake , nick miller
Crysthian Zelaya
Crysthian Zelaya Hace 6 años
Mack miller , shut the fuck up . You the one who suck , these are fans who are talking . if you dont want to be here , then get your ass out !!!!
Phil _
Phil _ Hace 6 años
A stout defense and a lack of turnovers is a pretty big aspect of football, my friend. It's like a Dukie saying, "the only thing holding us back from a National championship is talent."
Phil _
Phil _ Hace 6 años
The Canes played a full-strength FU team. I'm glad Miami's top 10 (maybe top 5 after this weekend); it's good for the state, the conference, and the rivalry. Unlike the pure, unadulterated hatred I have for the gates, there is a fundamental respect I, and many, Noles have for UM and this game on 11/2 will be fucking awesome, but if Miami thinks they can show up like they did against UNC and pull out a victory, I don't think so. Cuz at Florida State, if we gonna do it then, we do it big!
Zach Schaeffer
Zach Schaeffer Hace 6 años
I feel like FSU could woop Alabama's ASS!!!
Lil Yt
Lil Yt Hace 6 meses
They could then I perfered Alabama over Aurburn but idc it we would whoop ass anyway
nick miller
nick miller Hace 6 años
Im sorry, but the Canes played Florida. OHHHH Florida, we have a badass in the key west. Watch out Tallahasse. You guys will get merked at Bobby Bowden Field. Just accept defeat. You have NO playmakers. As we do on RB, QB, WR, TE, and DB. Good luck!
IAmLegend Hace un año
nick miller
nick miller Hace 6 años
Lol, the retards saying, watch out for Miami. We got you guys at home. And your Defense sucks. Winston will murder you. And Our Defense is stout (Thus far other then BC game) So watch out for them Noles >--->---;>
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 6 años
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 6 años
You're out of your damn mind, kid.
Zach Hace 6 años
LOL Miami is ass garbage
GaBestRapper Hace 6 años
November 2nd Miami will beat fsu at home watch
Beef Boss
Beef Boss Hace un año
encycl07pedia Hace un año
IDK Hace 6 años
Thanks and you're going to need some big time miracle to upset us at home. The play makers we have are unreal. You lost your best receiver for 4-6 weeks and we'll see how Duke recovers from that injury. Could be a long night for Miami.
Derek Oliver
Derek Oliver Hace 6 años
It wasn't a good job by clemson lol. Did you watch the game?
2001CanesGOAT Hace 6 años
My Canes are going to pull of the upset. I dont know how, but were going to do it. I have to give it to FSU though, this is the best FSU team Ive seen since 2000. Congrats on your big win. The ACC is finally living up to who we were supposed to be when UM & VT joined.
IAmLegend Hace un año
@L But who has a national championship since this game?
encycl07pedia Hace un año
Payton Reddy
Payton Reddy Hace 6 años
We number 2 and if we beat Miami we will be 1 because bama has no one to play and they will play Tennessee let's go noles
John Ocasio
John Ocasio Hace 6 años
Impressive game by the Noles. Now THAT'S what I call key quality to bring attention within the nation, when it comes to national title hopes!
luvravens Hace 6 años
I'm sorry, but that Clemson opening was a bit much. My friends and I were laughing, especially after like 8 seconds in the game fsu got a turnover. So happy for the Noles. GREAT to see the team firing on all sides of the ball. :)
Ross Fryer
Ross Fryer Hace un año
Lol, this comment didn’t age well
756Attitude Hace un año
That was then and this is now. Even before you get there, you have to project where you're going so while it seemed a bit much at the time, you see where it got us.
Crysthian Zelaya
Crysthian Zelaya Hace 6 años
And good job fsu !
Crysthian Zelaya
Crysthian Zelaya Hace 6 años
I mean they beat my favorite team the geogia and beat some other teams . I was very impress because they work hard to go to the finals . But fsu beat them . But..... I very proud for them anyways they had a great coach that lead to the way and some amazing players . So good job clemson
Lil Yt
Lil Yt Hace 6 meses
Thank you
encycl07pedia Hace 6 años
He looked like he was Tebow-crying before halftime.
2001CanesGOAT Hace 6 años
Poor Clemson, I felt terrible for Dabo he looked miserable. Clemson players limping to the locker room every few plays, FSU fans celebrating on Clemsons home field, Clemsons title hopes died in Death Valley. This was the worst loss Ive ever seen. Keep your head up though Clemson, you beat Georgia and LSU so you still have my respect. Go Canes!!
756Attitude Hace un año
Wait but we gave the Canes the worse lose they've ever had.....bahahahahaha
GhostMegatron Hace 6 años
Jameis Winston and the Noles are the REAL DEAL!
TheNolesfan10 Hace 6 años
Go Noles! Jameis "Famous" Winston is for real!! :D
KingVDT519 Hace 6 años
Wow, Clemson got blasted.
Brad62 Hace 6 años
4:45 that's righteous! Some display put on by FSU.
Dustin Knittel
Dustin Knittel Hace 6 años
Been a Noles fan since 92, I was 8 then, and this is the best Noles team I have ever seen. Ever. I hope we can keep Jimbo as long as we kept Bobby. Go Noles!!!
Razor Mixes
Razor Mixes Hace 4 meses
It go way worse for yall
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