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Each week, the ACC Digital Network brings you the Game of the Week, cut down to the most important moments in the game. This week, Clemson's epic 38-35 victory over SEC rival Georgia was the talk of college football fans across the country. Quarterback Tajh Boyd threw for 270 yards and 3 touchdowns and ran for 2 more. Sammy Watkins added 127 receiving yards and a touchdown.
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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is a collegiate athletic league in the United States. Founded in 1953 in Greensboro, North Carolina, the ACC sanctions competition in twenty-five sports in Division I of the NCAA for its twelve member universities: Boston College Eagles, Clemson Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami Hurricanes, North Carolina Tar Heels, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, and Wake Forest Demon Deacons. In 2011, the conference announced it was adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh to expand to fourteen members beginning in the 2013 academic year. In 2012, the ACC announced it would add Notre Dame in all sports but football and hockey.
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Game of the Week | Georgia vs Clemson | ACCDigitalNetwork


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1 sep 2013






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Kinsley Menees
Kinsley Menees Hace 5 meses
I've always told y'all Clemson has been better than Georgia for 10 years.
Kinsley Menees
Kinsley Menees Hace 5 meses
@James Waters thank you!!! That is true. everyone else just brags at how much "better Georgia is". Finally someone who didn't
James Waters
James Waters Hace 5 meses
@Kinsley Menees ok lol not saying it gunna be all.uga just saying they literally have played when one of them was good and one was bad and its always good games
Kinsley Menees
Kinsley Menees Hace 5 meses
talk to me in 2021
James Waters
James Waters Hace 5 meses
Then why does uga lead the series 48 to 18 lmfao
Rising Kidetx
Rising Kidetx Hace 7 meses
Only og fans remember
Chris Ancrum
Chris Ancrum Hace 8 meses
Go Tigers! That was one of the most exciting games I had been to. Gurley was a beast. I seen him play in his senior season high school championship game in Wake Forest football stadium.
Chris Ancrum
Chris Ancrum Hace 2 meses
@Raymond Myers ?
Raymond Myers
Raymond Myers Hace 3 meses
"I seen him play"???
William Pavichevich
William Pavichevich Hace 9 meses
CLASSIC, Electrifying game. The Right Team Won. Go TIGERS!
MetalSonicDude MSD
MetalSonicDude MSD Hace 3 años
Dante Kaus
Dante Kaus Hace 4 años
Terrible highlight wtf you show a 15yd completion but not 2 Georgia TDS?? dislike your a fucking dips shit
PHD Flopper
PHD Flopper Hace 3 años
No the highlights of the whole game
Chilliewilliee Hace 4 años
Its ACC network so they are going to show highlights of the ACC team...
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis Hace 6 años
Hasn't been a better game between two top ten teams all year...
Tim Ervin
Tim Ervin Hace 6 años
Won't stop buffering on full wifi. Hate the youtube iPhone app I have a iPhone 5 too. No excuse
Lila Cates
Lila Cates Hace 7 años
Poor Gamecocks!
Smile Dabengwa
Smile Dabengwa Hace 7 años
Fuck Georgia cuz!!! Fuck. Georgia!!!!
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia Hace 7 años
Fuck Clemson bulldogs a day
Pit Rat T.V
Pit Rat T.V Hace 7 años
Pit Rat T.V
Pit Rat T.V Hace 7 años
Georgia bulldogs could have won it if they play it out
Will Benham
Will Benham Hace 7 años
Great opener and a big win. Still A LOT of problems to get fixed before our Thursday night game with NC State. Gurley is a BEAST. Won't be surprised at all if he wins the Heisman.
Alex Merritt
Alex Merritt Hace 7 años
Gotta give Clemsons defense held Murray to no touchdowna
BigBoy Reactions and Gaming
that was a great game!!!
barrylworthy Hace 7 años
Go Clemson from a Canes fan. ACC vs EVERYBODY
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