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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9


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8 jun 2015






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J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez Hace 3 horas
I loved this scene, and I HATED this scene. LOVE: Drogon coming to save his mom! HATE: The unsullied looked and fought like amateurs. Drogon himself looked semi-weak too. So Daenerys flies off and EFF everyone else? LOL Total Deus ex machina to the max...
Emmaly Hace 5 horas
The first time I saw this it broke my heart a bit cause the girls grab each other’s hands like “this is it” but they also didn’t seem scared to die
Raemel V
Raemel V Hace 6 horas
I wish Daenerys can fight with a weapon of some sort.
Mark Aranico
Mark Aranico Hace 8 horas
7:02 whoops friendly fire lol
Efe Omar
Efe Omar Hace 8 horas
7:10 da kaçın diyor amk
Dr. Pepper Man
Dr. Pepper Man Hace 10 horas
1:59 my dude be playing dark souls
Cookie cracker2
Cookie cracker2 Hace 11 horas
Why does the queen never speak and always be like a dear looking into headlights? She looks so dumb sometimes....
Chill Will
Chill Will Hace 12 horas
They lucky he wasnt fully grown.. He would of burned that whole place down..!!
Xakoro candy
Xakoro candy Hace 13 horas
i am alone af only this show makes me feel bettet
anakin924 Hace 13 horas
dragon up!! save the queen!!
VIKRAM SHARMA Hace 14 horas
game of thrones for mughal should be made
aman Hace 15 horas
Dany's like - " my uber is here. M getting the fuck out"
Sankha Gamage
Sankha Gamage Hace 15 horas
Battle of Geonosis Vibes?
Eliud Gachunga
Eliud Gachunga Hace 15 horas
watch seasoesvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3DRLyjY5BWAn.html 8 episode 1 here
mz40oz Hace 15 horas
Please tell me she's gonna find more eggs and raise them
panda lover
panda lover Hace 16 horas
Drogon: "You fucking bitches. Get the fuck away from my mommy"
Deep Trip
Deep Trip Hace 16 horas
сцена пиздец но дейнерис всех кинула и улетела )))
NGLApexIx Hace 17 horas
Jon Snow is our true king!! ALL HAIL AEGON TARGARYEN
B-244 ProDuctions
B-244 ProDuctions Hace 17 horas
Drogon cooked multiple unsullied in this scene
E M Hace 19 horas
goosebumps forever
kayden alonalon
kayden alonalon Hace 19 horas
what drogon
DSRReacts Hace 19 horas
High Hrothgar calls you DragonBorn
Egemen İşbilir
Egemen İşbilir Hace 19 horas
7:09 kaçın diye bir ses geliyor :)
Θεοδωρος Θανος
The title is wrong. It should be Dainerys leaving her friends and allies to certain death while she escapes with drogon.
RosieJonesRules Hace 20 horas
Was the first guy a water dancer, like Arya and Syrio?
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts Hace 21 un hora
2:01 ya that's it just roll .........smh I always thought that was the corniest move......in real life if that happened the other person with the spear would spear that sucker right off the bat and stab the shit outta him lol
Sinan savas
Sinan savas Hace 22 horas
Best of the World Serie
luke ketchum
luke ketchum Hace un día
Season 5 maybe the saddest, but this is the best fight of the series. And after a hundred years, a Targaryen is flying through the sky on a dragon again. Tyrion is so glad he came!
Orphan Crippler
Orphan Crippler Hace un día
I see he plays dark souls because of that roll attack
luke ketchum
luke ketchum Hace un día
7:07 That is an iconic shot!
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Hace un día
That was one of the best scenes 💞
Freezin Hot
Freezin Hot Hace un día
Glow up..
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Hace un día
Who else rewatching during season 8??
Raphael Machado
Raphael Machado Hace un día
Fed AP Shyvana
Willian Fox
Willian Fox Hace un día
2:39 Fear/Epic
Ezekiel P
Ezekiel P Hace un día
This scene when Danny first rides Drogon was so awesome. We really see the connection Danny and Drogon have at this point. That's why Jon hopping on Rhaegal so casually last week in S8E1 left me underwhelmed -- it had none of the "wow factor" of this scene. They could have had added some (even minimal) drama to it.
Michi Duque
Michi Duque Hace un día
Buenas noches gracias por tu aporte, me gustaria saber si puedes encontrar la pelicula las palmas magicas de shaolin es ser viejita
TheKro16 Hace un día
She's like, "Fuck all of you guys, I'm out." What a nice queen.
Ricon Vih
Ricon Vih Hace un día
Why is there 7k dislikes???
Chekib Skhiri
Chekib Skhiri Hace un día
The best of the best
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn Hace un día
Better in the book, drogon is there trying to kill her
Aditya Tatineni
Aditya Tatineni Hace un día
This reminds me of the time super man attacks zod yelling "you dare threaten my mother".
Gentlemen above
Gentlemen above Hace un día
I just found out that Ed sheeran was in this movie 😂😂😂😂🤣
Devin Martin
Devin Martin Hace un día
Where boba fett
benjipoo chungbyo
benjipoo chungbyo Hace un día
U can actually see drogon setting some of the unsullied on fire as well
F N Hace un día
To see drogon then and to see him now lmao jeez
Young Lotus
Young Lotus Hace un día
Small man is like What about us?
That guy who doesn’t like sharks
I can’t watch this scene the same way after finding out what happens in the books Lol
Denise Bartley
Denise Bartley Hace un día
I still get goosebumps at that part.
addmoremilk Hace un día
Anyone noticed drogon burned the unsullied too? Poor dudes
Big Gunna886
Big Gunna886 Hace un día
6:08 that guy heard drogon n str8 up booked it out that place 😂😂😂
Big Gunna886
Big Gunna886 Hace un día
4:50 that’s one big ass fella. But he’s no clegane 😂
cinnamonstar808 Hace un día
hate to be on a sinking boat with her.
BondJamesBond224 Hace un día
7:45 when my girl's real close and starts talking to me in the morning
Killmaster Mathias Targaryen
One of my faves Dany's scenes. The first time she rides a dragon \m/ such metal \m/
Ahriey -
Ahriey - Hace un día
Pathetic she is completly useless without her dragons or her bodyguards...Still dont understand people Who fangirl her? Her character development is shit as her storyline
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn Hace un día
Totally agree
PooP BooB
PooP BooB Hace 2 días
Like for hot pie
Pavasaris  Salna
Pavasaris Salna Hace 2 días
damn! it's the same queen I fucked last night
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Hace 2 días
At 6:21: "What in Oblivion is THAT!?"
Sophia LeclerqMikaelson
I love how she take Missandei hand
Martín Poot May
Martín Poot May Hace 2 días
fatroll wins
Sohan Dsouza
Sohan Dsouza Hace 2 días
7:05 Friendly fire (so to speak) for that one unfortunate Unsullied.
Knowledge Daily
Knowledge Daily Hace un día
I just noticed it
Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon
Drogon is such a momma’s boy😊💕!
Nadia Begum
Nadia Begum Hace 2 días
Why am I watching this at 2:55 am?
Jay que
Jay que Hace 2 días
Never watched a single episode
TheJoker1886 Hace 2 días
For me this is hands down top 5 best scene of GOT history
TheJoker1886 Hace 17 horas
+RosieJonesRules you must be new to the show
RosieJonesRules Hace 20 horas
Not even close
John Doe
John Doe Hace 2 días
Drogon is a good name for a Dragon. All babies should be named "Homan".
orcite Hace 2 días
This episode with jorah mormont devotion and the dragons return made my cry my balls out of my mouth. Im still crying
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez Hace 2 días
Getting goosebumps here🙌🏼🙌🏼
A K Hace 2 días
Fuck em up Drogon!
Tomas Noble
Tomas Noble Hace 2 días
6:48 my nigga got chomped
Mathilde Jonassen
Mathilde Jonassen Hace 2 días
How to train your dragon in game of thrones version
Craig Adams
Craig Adams Hace un día
What an original comment.
dandang geulis
dandang geulis Hace 2 días
watch to my collection movies please copy link here 'site:filmzsae,com'
Laetitia Jugernauth
Laetitia Jugernauth Hace 2 días
Daenerys should learn how to fight in close combat
Ali A.Alnawab
Ali A.Alnawab Hace un día
Too small to do that
Leighton Sheldrake
Leighton Sheldrake Hace 2 días
Anyone noticed that one of the Unsullied got caught up in the fire 7:04
Twentyfoh Hace 2 días
Never seen game of thrones and this scene just made me want to watch it lmao
Untainted Indigo
Untainted Indigo Hace 2 días
Dragons are the rescuers? 😂
Mahendra k mali
Mahendra k mali Hace 2 días
SiDHU Hace 2 días
SPOILER ALERT: Drogon rescues Daenerys
Man Of Man day
Man Of Man day Hace 2 días
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar Hace 2 días
This is one of the best scene in got
Maria N
Maria N Hace 3 días
aww, what a cute little baby 🥰
John Carter
John Carter Hace 3 días
Game of thrones is wack
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon Hace 2 días
I’m guessing you’ve watched it when you say that. If so I respect your opinion. If not , then shut your trap
Utony Nguyen
Utony Nguyen Hace 3 días
9:24 RIP the solider fighting for Dany who got burned, too
I is no one no one at all
Yoooo he had a version like aryas sword. Lit
ricardo ramirez
ricardo ramirez Hace 11 horas
I is no one no one at all Bravossi Water dancers are all greasy haired cunts
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore Hace 3 días
4:53 so... This Isnt Karl drogo resurected? I thought it was
Conrad Kuklinsky
Conrad Kuklinsky Hace 3 días
6:08 that one guy in the background is like "I'm outta here"
Big Gunna886
Big Gunna886 Hace un día
Conrad Kuklinsky lmao I said the same thing
James Allen
James Allen Hace 3 días
3:49. Grayscale?
San Clippy
San Clippy Hace 3 días
2:01 dark souls tactics
Jay Price
Jay Price Hace 3 días
Damn look at Drogon now, nowadays he would even fit in that arena
allie busz
allie busz Hace 3 días
what score? can i get a timestamp?
Caleb Deakin
Caleb Deakin Hace 3 días
Shahnawaz Hace 3 días
Today watched episode 1 season 8
Rob helsing
Rob helsing Hace 3 días
Oh my god this is the worst scene... look at how Jora moves, not natural at all! Looks shitty to be honest
cynthia Erickson
cynthia Erickson Hace 3 días
I love the characters but when THE dragons enter the scene i become a child,in awe and amazement as i look on them
I’m A Cow
I’m A Cow Hace 3 días
So like I’ve never seen got but like it seem boring
PrachoenllX PT
PrachoenllX PT Hace 3 días
alex matthews
alex matthews Hace 3 días
That spin move was so weak
SAJL Zeijlemaker
SAJL Zeijlemaker Hace 3 días
Anyone else getting Attack of the Clones vibes from this scene? You know what scene I mean XD
Prequel Hace un hora
+Armir Gashi Never heard of Star Wars? You probably wouldn't of, quite a small movie.
Armir Gashi
Armir Gashi Hace 13 horas
what is attack of the clones
greyztone Hace un día
Yeah, that sand they're standing on looks coarse and rough and irritating...
Killmaster Mathias Targaryen
Imagine Yoda saying "Around the khaleesi a perimeter create!" ;)
Jaguar King
Jaguar King Hace 2 días
I kinda like this scene more. But both ASOIAF and SW universes have given us this incredible unusual atmosphere that only fantasy with great conception and world building can bring.
SneakyPiggy Hace 3 días
drogon just burned an unsullied at 7:02 duuuude
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