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Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9


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8 jun 2015

game of thronesDaenerys Targaryen (Fictional Character)






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Ulysses Foss
Ulysses Foss Hace 43 minutos
When you don't defeat the boss before the challenge ends
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi Hace 2 horas
Дейнерис самая бестолковая дурочка в этой сцене блин.
cansu kan
cansu kan Hace 11 horas
Dragons are my favorite in GOT 😎
D-Weezy -
D-Weezy - Hace 23 horas
7:45 DAMN WOMAN! WHAT THE FU..... oh hey mom, didn't know that was you. Apologies for raising my voice.
just an INFIRED person
7:45 hey mom
Leonard Kenny
Leonard Kenny Hace un día
Man I so luv watching these with rock music as BGM.
missiontom Hace un día
I just watch this with delta parole hypocrites and it was lit b
Sweet Cherry Blossom Movies
Does anyone know where I can get this for free
Rady Cooking
Rady Cooking Hace un día
good dragon
Ty Nash
Ty Nash Hace un día
Wow......I've just now stumbled across this surfing on ESvid. I've never seen this before either........where's my marshmallows when I need them......
chris aberdeen
chris aberdeen Hace un día
shlobs422 Hace un día
Um for doing nothing but fighting all their life, the Unsullied are pretty useless. You would think they would do a lot better gets untrained peasants.
Sam Foy
Sam Foy Hace un día
I wish drogon flew in to save Ned Stark
София воттакая
крутой сериал! 10х
Stefan Massyn
Stefan Massyn Hace 2 días
Dracos Ex Machina
Mary Blackk
Mary Blackk Hace 2 días
if she dies fuck da show....who’s da next blondie?
Mary Blackk
Mary Blackk Hace 2 días
DDs Drogon and Daenrys my thing
Seven Hace 2 días
7:01 That's a TK! Ban the dragon
Tekk Hace 2 días
fuck my team , peace out boys
张科科 Hace 2 días
MrLjgsr Hace 2 días
TJ Park
TJ Park Hace 2 días
Abu Jounid
Abu Jounid Hace 3 días
This is the best TV show i have seen in my life
Mia Cross
Mia Cross Hace 3 días
Yesssss Drogon torch those mf’s!!!!!!!!!
mohammad A R Talha
mohammad A R Talha Hace 3 días
anyone tell me the season and the episode?
Jack Epley
Jack Epley Hace 3 días
Sal mo
Sal mo Hace 3 días
What kind of dragon is that he kill he’s own mates
Adam Hesham
Adam Hesham Hace 3 días
Who's here waiting for season 8
Gabrielė Mac
Gabrielė Mac Hace 3 días
I love how Dany didnt want to see Mormont ever again but also didnt want him to die
Lord Hoth_09
Lord Hoth_09 Hace 3 días
Attack of the Clones: GOT Edition
Dodo London
Dodo London Hace 3 días
Her eve bi Dragon lazım
Pitkusa Hace 3 días
That was amazing! I just watched
Brian Gallacher
Brian Gallacher Hace 3 días
Smart dragon not attacking her allies
Žebrák Jančík
Žebrák Jančík Hace 4 días
I love dragons they look so pretty omg
Christopher Fungus
Christopher Fungus Hace 4 días
The queen is the dragon’s Mum, sry I have never watch this show
Fury Snake
Fury Snake Hace 4 días
At 7:02 he burns an Unsullied. Anybody else noticed?
madx43 Hace 4 días
I only just noticed drogon kills an unsullied with his second breath of fire
Mewantsnax __
Mewantsnax __ Hace 4 días
Legends has it the audience are still running.
Blair Taylor
Blair Taylor Hace 4 días
Everytime i try to watch anything im reminded that i still haven't killed the cult of kosmos in AC:Odyssey
Callum Lewis
Callum Lewis Hace 4 días
Now see this where Ser Barristan Selmy should’ve gone out or been killed off. and it would’ve even better if the other two dragons came to help instead of been locked behind a wall.
Csaba Schmitthoffer
Csaba Schmitthoffer Hace 5 días
yeah...Every time you have problem...just use the dragons and its solved
ricter29 Hace 5 días
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson Hace 5 días
Daario is such a suck a**, i hate that dude. Cornball 🌽🤡
El_Presidente Paluinvest
My the best scen in Game of Thrones
Layar kaca21
Layar kaca21 Hace 5 días
austrorus Hace 5 días
i am for sure to old for that kind of thing.
Non_E Hace 5 días
Game of thrones is trash shit
Dan Whitaker
Dan Whitaker Hace 5 días
Goose pimples every time I hear Drogon's roar, first time I saw this scene I shrieked like a little girl
John Baek
John Baek Hace 6 días
There is just something so remarkably touching about seeing Daenerys mount a living, breathing, cooing Dragon without being killed... the bond between Targaryen and dragon is incredible.
Any thing to enjoy
Any thing to enjoy Hace 6 días
Thor Ragnarok trailer onesvid.net/video/vídeo-Q0G-a9QSUr8.html Please supscribe to our channel
nagaking07 Hace 6 días
It took nearly 200 years, but a Targaryen has returned to the sky...
Chris Hace 6 días
Who else wants to see her get fucked by the dragon just me? Oh
Chris Hace 5 días
PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR shhhh let me fantasize
That’s gross. She’s his mother
Christophe Lota
Christophe Lota Hace 6 días
Bad ,realy bad .
Nsikan Ntuk
Nsikan Ntuk Hace 7 días
One of my favourite GoT scenes. The large scale under the nose of the rulers and they damn didn't get a hint till execution began.
I am never was & never will be
Why can't the woman save the guy once in a while
Jens Lyhne
Jens Lyhne Hace 7 días
What i find funny id that the Unsullied, one of the best trained armies out there, gets rekt by some simple stabby bois with knifes.
Vhs Vcr
Vhs Vcr Hace 7 días
Later Losers...
Katie Fluke
Katie Fluke Hace 7 días
Dang: Oh my baby! Everyone else: Holy Shit!
anony mous
anony mous Hace 7 días
So... how did everyone ELSE escape?
Luisa Nita Nainatun
Luisa Nita Nainatun Hace 8 días
Maybe I should starting watching this show?! 😔
federico sigillo
federico sigillo Hace 8 días
Simply incredible, I don't think there are any other words to describe it
Maria Kelly
Maria Kelly Hace 8 días
I love Iain Glenn.
Bengali Fish
Bengali Fish Hace 9 días
the Game
The Mighty Bolt
The Mighty Bolt Hace 9 días
S.W.A.T 1: Mask! S.W.A.T 2: Copy! Eddie: Mask! Venom: Copy! Dany: Vlahhhh! Drogon: Copy, Mami!
임춘성 Hace 9 días
Very good. Jo 3 : 16. 💖 Jo 14 : 6. 👍 👍 💖
Zeeshan Saifi
Zeeshan Saifi Hace 10 días
I love move 👌👌👌👌👌💖💖💖
Marische C
Marische C Hace 10 días
I always crack up at that bit where she flies off and leaves them to fight their way out of the pit.
Павел Бойков
пиночета нет на этих гарпий
mexighosthunter 86
mexighosthunter 86 Hace 10 días
What in the faaawk did i just watch?
Dianne Mercado
Dianne Mercado Hace 10 días
Mother pf Dragons!
John MacTavish
John MacTavish Hace 10 días
Drogon had 3 spears nailed on him before take off. Suddenly in the next scene no spears on him. But seems none noticed.
Serega Shahter
Serega Shahter Hace 11 días
Ищешь русский ком
Serega Shahter
Serega Shahter Hace 11 días
Ищешь русский ком
Beej Hace 11 días
How the fuck when in a confined space with a fire breathing dragon someone thinks “you know, I could run....but I’m going to javelins at it instead. I like my odds.”
Rajesh Nayak
Rajesh Nayak Hace 11 días
and they happily lived forever.
PapPeePow Hace 11 días
fuck that dragon, he fucking killed a fucking loyal unsullied man @7:05
Rain Stand
Rain Stand Hace 11 días
The unsullied fought with swords why wasn’t it ever shown in the series?
jch292 Hace 11 días
Find someone who looks at you the way Daenerys looks at Drogon.
Boreddy Manesh
Boreddy Manesh Hace 12 días
the power of women with purest heart of fulfilment to get and give anything from this universe in any way, we are all mediums
While the first man drogon killed during this fight he didn't just (bake him) 😁😁 because danaerys would be turned into ashe.s George RR Martin did got some brain
Dumebi Ezenagu
Dumebi Ezenagu Hace 12 días
That would probably hurt😫😫
MLM g Hace 11 días
Salman Mostafa
Salman Mostafa Hace 12 días
If only someone could teach them how to use bows or throw knifes
Lucky Underwood
Lucky Underwood Hace 12 días
6:46 You just do not mess with Drogon such a bad ass! Tear you apart or set you on fire LMAO!
Ksha Hace 12 días
That drogon look like a pokemon
Patrik Bring
Patrik Bring Hace 13 días
game of thornes
Renaud Lemieux
Renaud Lemieux Hace 13 días
Just watched the épisode damn that was good too good
manolo1918 Hace 13 días
I took all dramatic shots from season one and synced it to Craig Armstrong - Escape. Let me know what you think! esvid.net/video/vídeo-sNACfDkJfzs.html
Geek's Archive
Geek's Archive Hace 13 días
This is just like the arena scene in Attack of the Clones when the Jedi are rescued by the clones.
WestChi Hace 14 días
Nice how she just up and left her Captains and advisors to fend for themselves.
Jarlen Hace 14 días
Would have preferred if she screamed for Drogon.
Patrick Spiteri
Patrick Spiteri Hace 14 días
ali malik
ali malik Hace 14 días
Waiting for season 8😞😞
Tommy Tomato
Tommy Tomato Hace 14 días
Im glad GOT wasnt born in SJW era or were going to have an indian dany, a black jon snow and a gay lannisters
kamasa boi
kamasa boi Hace 14 días
Pinche media hora viendo al dragon y no se trapaba la culera
Quantum Hace 14 días
That moment when you realise her dragons aren't dragons haha
Elo el
Elo el Hace 14 días
7:03 - friendly fire on that poor Unsullied.
Astaire8 Hace 15 días
This moment made me completely fall in love with this show! Have a good day everyone!
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Hace 15 días
6:06 super hero entry 6:07 super hero entry 6:08 🙏
Carl W
Carl W Hace 15 días
Pretty shitty to leave her crew. The mongoloids could’ve ran back and fucked them up. Class scene though.
Surja Chetri
Surja Chetri Hace 15 días
Entry of dragon Will always be my favorite
Mira Mirao
Mira Mirao Hace 15 días
Cual escena es mejor la batalla con drondraki o esta del estadio?
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