Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Preview (HBO)

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The Dead are already here.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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22 abr 2019






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shai miara
shai miara Hace un hora
im afraid of episode 3... 😨😱😢😭
Cici Kuş Cici Kuş
Cici Kuş Cici Kuş Hace un hora
Ananızı sikecek ölüler haberiniz yok. Hala taht kavgası... Yazık amına koyayım, sizi yetiştirene yazık. Toprak oldu ananız babanız hala taht kavgası. Demirinizi de tuncunuzu da alayınızı sikeyim...
Nine Oh Seven
Nine Oh Seven Hace un hora
Jon: I love you Auny Danny but the thrown was Always mine. 👑 Danny: (half smile) DRACARYS.
Purdue the turtle
Purdue the turtle Hace un hora
Hate this show.
Bia Guedes
Bia Guedes Hace un hora
Tem que respeitar muito essa série mano, porque pqp vei série foda do caralho♥️
Lexus l
Lexus l Hace un hora
I ain't ready girl
The Crusader
The Crusader Hace un hora
Valar Morghulis...
ToxicityHazard-Lvl1 Hace un hora
"Stand your ground1!" To what? I can't fucking see anything!
Hehe1 ,
Hehe1 , Hace un hora
Imagine white walkers seeing Dohrakis riding on their horses without fear. It would be hilarious
Archon Lelith
Archon Lelith Hace un hora
Where Is the dothraki Army? I havent See that
Lurdes André
Lurdes André Hace un hora
Kingslayer Hace un hora
Could someone tell me what Brienne is shouting??
Cookieforevah Hace un hora
Stand your ground
I'm just gonna hurt you Really really bad
jonathan hunt
jonathan hunt Hace un hora
have they burnt the dead in the crypts?
colleenb777 Hace un hora
does she shout "START YOUR CAR" at the end? I can't quite make it out.
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg Hace un hora
Stand your ground she shouts
La CoCo
La CoCo Hace un hora
Melisandre will save them all.... with fckn ELEPHANTS ... trust me guys
George Hamilton
George Hamilton Hace un hora
This should've been episode 2.
Spencer Karpin
Spencer Karpin Hace un hora
They’re setting her up in bad situations right now only for her to triumph in the end. That’s how this goes! If she was having tons of success right now I’d be very confident she’d be dead soon enough
krs13 448
krs13 448 Hace un hora
Lol jus started watching and it’s already finishing. Idec I’m binging😂
moiraine_damodred Hace un hora
*tries to turn up brightness on computer 40x in 42 secs*
Reonicle Hace un hora
If this grey you’re gay 👇
African Safaris with a Chocolate Lab Named Aspen
This is going to be one slow week waiting for this episode 😂
Roohi Gill
Roohi Gill Hace un hora
I haven't even watched the first season so...why am I here?
Jano Rivguz
Jano Rivguz Hace un hora
Such a dark episode.... My TV will totally fuck me sideways :'( brightness 100%
AS Hace un hora
Ikr can't see a thing lol
Neemat M
Neemat M Hace un hora
Shinx990 Hace un hora
Everyone's fucked. The end.
Abigail Hace un hora
Prediction: They'll kill most of the secondary characters in this episode. I think Jorah, Grey Worm, and Podrick are gone for sure and maybe Brienne 😭, Tormund, Bearic, Theon, and Gendry.
naijahijabi Hace un hora
Why would you “hide” your people in the crypts, full of dead people, when the Night King can LITERALLY raise the dead!?!?!?!?
Fiona Cathleen
Fiona Cathleen Hace un hora
Lil peeps on the soundtrack🕊😪
Duchess of Phelan
Duchess of Phelan Hace un hora
I’m going to have to take Monday off to recover, and mourn. I wonder if I can use some bereavement hours.
Ceduria Hace un hora
It's the crypts, isn't it.
Cookieforevah Hace un hora
Season 8 in a nutshell: Jaime is not Jaime anymore, Brann is not Brann anymore, Jon is not Jon anymore.
Brandon Howard
Brandon Howard Hace un hora
This season was supposed to be “bigger” yet last episode was 100% talking.
Alucard Hellsing
Alucard Hellsing Hace un hora
Man, is anyone else disappointed with cinematography of this season?It's too dark I barely can see shit!
dElla88 Hace un hora
Thanks HBO per ep 2. Pure art
Kered Hace un hora
I would not be in the front on that battle lol you’ll catch me right in the very back to run if need be
You mad Bro
You mad Bro Hace un hora
Finally end that shit show, books are better.
The Slayer of Moria
The Slayer of Moria Hace un hora
Isnt arya underage in this show? lol
super ninja
super ninja Hace un hora
I feel like Arya will kill the white dragon using that spear she had made
Crash Club Media
Crash Club Media Hace un hora
🔥🔥🔥 This is sooo inspiring, next level production. This is inspiring me to work much harder over on my channel. Thank you
SwP_1986 Hace un hora
Theory - Bran takes Dany back in time to Ned Stark beheading, and he confirms who Jon is for her. Watch it again he defo says something. Also Arya defo face changing to Jamie and wiping cersei out
SwP_1986 Hace un hora
Dj hotdawg cus your way is boring lol
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg Hace un hora
Why the beheading and not the wedding and birth he saw which confirmed it for him
James Velasquez
James Velasquez Hace un hora
Y'all ever heard of contrast? This shit is all black
Cookieforevah Hace un hora
Game of tones
Kered Hace un hora
Game of thrones season 8 is pretty great so far! If your scrolling through the comments I wish you happiness, wealth and you have a great week!
Marco Celotto
Marco Celotto Hace un hora
It's me or these episodes are bad and cringie?
Ond'a Sikora
Ond'a Sikora Hace un hora
Hol' tf up guys. Maisie once said ,,deaths of main characters in the *end* . Official end of the *show* , and so, this can be your hope.
Str8_ Culture
Str8_ Culture Hace un hora
Don’t Even Watch GOT But About To BenchWatch All The Season Lmao😂 Subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back and I’m Also doing A Giveaway soon
Dont Atme
Dont Atme Hace un hora
Who was riding that dragon?
Doritoz Team
Doritoz Team Hace un hora
F for Winterfell
TENeyeCMe W Hace un hora
Tormond ft.Draconis - BBW
TrapSoul Life
TrapSoul Life Hace un hora
I wanna see the dragon fight 🤯
TOPO42 Hace un hora
Great another dark ass episode where you can't see shit
Daphne Hace un hora
Please please please don't kill Jaime or Brienne.
pablo huergo
pablo huergo Hace un hora
Dios mio, va a ser muy intenso esto😁
Snap-off Hace un hora
Please no "killswitch" ending to the army of the dead. That old tripe is done used up 10,000 times over.
iEuphonix Hace un hora
Anyone see that person on the Dragon at 00:20? Maybe being rode or being overrun?
STAN LOONA Hace un hora
1000 subscriber without any video
Thanks for 1 sub
STAN LOONA Hace un hora
ASMR honey dip
ASMR honey dip Hace un hora
Placing all the women and children in the CRYPT is such a bad idea..
driedcarmex Hace un hora
Whoever watches this is white
possible english tae
Ha ha ha so interesting...
Activerici 23
Activerici 23 Hace un hora
I think dany meant that jon was dead to her
Oliver Sansum
Oliver Sansum Hace un hora
The night king is coming Everyone poops themselves
TOYIN FAJOBI Hace un hora
So Cersei is just chilling?? Lol
Blackout Bumps
Blackout Bumps Hace un hora
Muhammad Acc Two
Muhammad Acc Two Hace un hora
Me watching brave heart:Ok Wollis died, nothing can get worse than this. Game of thrones episode 3:hold my beer!
Few things: Why hide people in place where are dead buried if army who raises dead is agianst you? Why cant just send them south? Walkers (White) are slow as fuck. Why they put their army prepared in formations outside of the castle??? if they cant fit all of them in Winterfell (Which I doubt) why they could make some wooden wall around the castle not just the moat with sticks in it? example: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/kingdom-come-deliverance/images/d/d7/Castle_gate_of_Skalitz.jpeg/revision/latest?cb=20180215204654
Storm Wolf
Storm Wolf Hace un hora
Well. Kill them all why don’t you?
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura Hace un hora
The first two episode were such a waste of time. They were nothing but filler...
James Parker
James Parker Hace un hora
Next week: The big throw down about to happen and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Then it switches POV and we spend all episode in Kings landing and they push the battle to next week.
charles OK
charles OK Hace un hora
Stand your ground!!!!! The dead are already here!!! Can't wait to see episode 3
C - Kek
C - Kek Hace un hora
Lady Mormont for the Iron Throne don't @ me. Cause only if you be on that bs you think otherwise.
James Knisely
James Knisely Hace un hora
Am I the only one here that doesn't give a fuck abt this show?😂😂
GreatJobTy Hace un hora
If people don’t start dying this next episode then I’m gonna start shootin
TOYIN FAJOBI Hace un hora
Leif Lambert
Leif Lambert Hace un hora
Algum br ansioso pelo ep 3?
Batınsu Ayaz
Batınsu Ayaz Hace un hora
HBO: How dark can you make the episode? Got Directors: Yes
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg Hace un hora
Don't even let them see it it should just be a black screen with audio in the backround
Hayden The Digger inajtes
How exactly does the night king resurrect the dead? I rewatched hardhome and it appears they just have to die and he raises his arms. Any other info would be nice
Jackson Vogel
Jackson Vogel Hace un hora
Anyone else never seen Game If Thrones?
Aiden C
Aiden C Hace un hora
what if the night king raises all the dead inside of the crypts and they kill everyone inside? oh god oh fuck. oh god oh fuck.
Neptune Hace un hora
0:20 she's gonna act on impulse and will blow it, a feeling
someGuy behindTheAndriod
Im going to give this show a chance
COBRA Hace un hora
bran- I don't feel any more but I can crack jokes for audience
Denis Hace un hora
I think jorah will lead the dorthraki in battle
Ond'a Sikora
Ond'a Sikora Hace un hora
Wasley Schultz
Wasley Schultz Hace un hora
Everyone in the crypts are dying. The night king can raise people from the dead with a wave of his hand. That is all.
Oom kin
Oom kin Hace un hora
Intense af
ilovebollywood12345 Hace un hora
what if no one dies? will you all be disappointed?
lurkzie Hace un hora
Damn this comment section is hilarious 😂🤣
Anton Perepelita
Anton Perepelita Hace un hora
Jaime and Brienne, you better not die
Haysam Gaber
Haysam Gaber Hace un hora
Am I the only one wondering where the hell is cersai?!! Hope she got her elephants...
gutz1981 Hace un hora
2019 will be the year the greatest tv series and comic book universe and Star Wars saga comes to an end. I feel this will be the year where no other epic entertainment will ever come by again.
Philipp Dittrich
Philipp Dittrich Hace un hora
OMG if dany kills bran and Sam, noone else knows the truth about aegon. Army of the dead is coming and only thing dany wants, is the fcking throne.
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Özkan günal
Özkan günal Hace un hora
Niket Bhagwath
Niket Bhagwath Hace un hora
Why can't the night king fly over his dragon out of nowhere ( as he did in season 7) over winterfell and burn it at once. All the Winterfell wud burn considering the dead don't have ethics to fight real. This way looks script 😉
Ifty Sarwar
Ifty Sarwar Hace un hora
I miss Dorne.
John H Baumgaertner
John H Baumgaertner Hace un hora
I'm missing something about Dany being mad at Jon for being a Targaryen. Weren't they going to end up together anyway? He doesn't want to sit the throne in either case. So, on the one hand she'd be the queen, and on the other hand she'd be the queen. I was not expecting her to be upset, but here we are.
nico olsen
nico olsen Hace un hora
okay. Gotta say: Know its suppose to be night, but man its dark. The episode better not be as dark as this preview.
Jannine Sterner
Jannine Sterner Hace un hora
Oh it's on like Donkey Kong next week!
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