GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Trailer First Look! ("Winterfell Is Yours")

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Game of Thrones Teaser! HBO 2019 Promo reveals scene from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 with Sansa Stark telling Danaerys Targaryen "Winterfell is yours, Your Grace" while Jon Snow looks on. What details did you miss in this sneak peek at Game of Thrones' final season? Erik Voss breaks down this brief clip and explains the hidden subtext among Dany, Jon, and Sansa as they greet each other in Winterfell, and the deeper clues among other characters present, Brienne of Tarth and Jorah Mormont. Is Sansa secretly plotting against Dany? How is this moment a callback to Game of Thrones' first episode? Is Dany hiding a pregnancy? Is Littlefinger's ghost haunting Sansa? Where is Tyrion Lannister?
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8 ene 2019

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Jose Luiz
Jose Luiz Hace 2 horas
I’m amazed we can get a 7 minute video out of a 25 second clip. I love it
Earl Huffington
Earl Huffington Hace 9 horas
You killed me at 2:45 good one haha.
Amruta Dey
Amruta Dey Hace 12 horas
Did u breath in this video? Voss?? Seriously I was left breathless just hearing u and not in a romantic way! More like asthma way.
Sandra Conklin
Sandra Conklin Hace 18 horas
Ty. Totally awesomeness. Love your clips aNd take on thrones.
A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name Hace 2 días
I have a theory that in the end, the White Walkers want women. There is a reason their are no women allowed at the Wall and it has to do with the Nights King I suspect. Both the Stark girls will be stabbed and turned into White Walkers. We NEVER see any White Walker women. The Dany will be turned along with Gilly (We KNOW Crastors blood is compatible. After all "All men must die" and we know how GRRM like to flip expectations. We keep hearing "All men must die" so we expect all the female characters to survive. Dany will die in battle and rise again as the Night Queen. Jon will rule Westeros after the White Walkers retreat once they get what they want. The Princess who was promised will bring the dawn. #WhiteWalkerProphecy #JustATheory
Sarah Hace 2 días
"Half sisters and incestuous girlfriends"...ahem *first cousins and incestuous girlfriends
gb11809 Hace 2 días
And Tyrion is Sansa’s husband!!
Alyssa Turnor
Alyssa Turnor Hace 3 días
I think Danny will get pregnant with jobs baby but he will die fighting the white walkers and the baby will be the one true air to Westeros
Jackie Campbell
Jackie Campbell Hace 3 días
How mess Up is that? Jon Snow Targaryen Grandfather kills his other Grandfather Stark, a Targaryen King kills the Lord Stark of North, two royalty..😐
Jackie Campbell
Jackie Campbell Hace 3 días
The Mad King is Aerys Targaryen 2nd, who is Jon Snow Grandfather, and Dany's Father.
shiinexyn Hace 3 días
daeny’s gonna die but the child is gonna live
Brandon Faun
Brandon Faun Hace 3 días
2:45 😂🤣
fadli dema
fadli dema Hace 3 días
u should make an episode at the end of every year about some theories in your previous 1 year videos, wich one of them is true and false, or close enough
Noelle Richard
Noelle Richard Hace 4 días
2:45 😂😂😂😂😂
baronvg Hace 4 días
Holy shit, Erik's Jon Snow impression is all kinds of win.
Colby S
Colby S Hace 4 días
Cover up some nephew nibbles 🤣😂
M H Hace 4 días
The nephew nibbles had me rollin lol
Tracey Thomas
Tracey Thomas Hace 4 días
Dany will die in childbirth like all mothers of the last Targaryen generation.. Joanna Lannister included.
Bradley Thorne
Bradley Thorne Hace 4 días
im only on season 3 i really want joffery to die
Bold Equine
Bold Equine Hace 4 días
Only death can pay for life
John James
John James Hace 4 días
nephew nibbles.........LMAO I laughed so hard.
The Night King
The Night King Hace 5 días
*Winterfell is yours, your Grace* *Not for long!*
the lost rose 12
the lost rose 12 Hace 5 días
How a person talks so much about a little clip 😆. I think its funny
celeste sparks
celeste sparks Hace 5 días
love ur vid u made me laugh
CJ Jankovics
CJ Jankovics Hace 5 días
They say it over and over in the books, 'only death can pay for life' Perhaps Vicerion' death was a magic price for Dany to be capable of carrying a child again.
TheBluearmy33 Hace 5 días
Why keep bringing up that Jon and Dany are aunt and nephew and had sex??! The difference is they don't know this. Cersei fucks Jaime and both know they are brother and sister yet no one says anything.
Frank Guarco
Frank Guarco Hace 5 días
Magneto takes the gauntlet FTW!
J Lord
J Lord Hace 5 días
Something else you have to understand in this world as in the real middle ages brother to sister is the only kind of incest that's taboo. Jon's grandpedants Lord Rickard And Lady Lyarra Stark were cousins.
Rafael Duron
Rafael Duron Hace 5 días
May 19,2019 last day you'll see GOT live, then, ligths go out forever
Kader Ari
Kader Ari Hace 5 días
Or... what if Tyrion isn't there because of what he saw on the boat? He doesn't accept the fact with Danny and Jon, remember the last scene on the last season
Chantelle J.
Chantelle J. Hace 5 días
LMAO Another awesome video 😁
Thea P.
Thea P. Hace 5 días
did he say " nephew nibbles'?
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Hace 5 días
nephew nibbles hahahaha!
Oblivion2808 Hace 5 días
where do you find this vid. cant find it anywhere
Moji Delano
Moji Delano Hace 5 días
Squiggly Kinkle
Squiggly Kinkle Hace 5 días
I thought dany couldn’t have kids
Lorelei Hace 5 días
Ectogenesis/Artificial Womb Technologies
Jenni ML
Jenni ML Hace 5 días
I’m screaming. It’s fine. Just screaming.
Lyon Morgan
Lyon Morgan Hace 5 días
Baby lives that's the Prince that was promised, who the Night King is looking for...The Deal that withdraws his forces
Stephanie Peacock
Stephanie Peacock Hace 4 días
Prince that was promised could be Jon Snow because he is of the 2 houses....
e./lucaS0577 evil39
e./lucaS0577 evil39 Hace 5 días
why do you talk too much ....haha
Anne Alford
Anne Alford Hace 6 días
Too funny! I love love love how you can make fun of the whole thing yet you find that balance (that many seem to have lost lol) of interesting twists in the story Thank you and keep going!🐺🦁🦌🐲
Justine W
Justine W Hace 6 días
that isnt the same jacket, it fits completely differently and there are veins of red peaking through the white fur while the one from season 6 is grey
J Lord
J Lord Hace 6 días
Not always for a long time from the Dance Of Dragons till the Mad King.
Trevor Adair
Trevor Adair Hace 6 días
Cripes... you do dribble on....
bel410la Hace 6 días
I wanted Jon and Daenerys to get together until I found out that they were related, but somehow I still want them together and I don't know how to feel about it.
Ragged Robin
Ragged Robin Hace 6 días
This is so depressing. I only have basic cable and my computer is way too shit for Netflix. I'll have to wait an extra .03 seconds after the first episode airs to download it, I guess. Life is hard.
Sad Russian
Sad Russian Hace 6 días
To be fair the baby bump theory could be true , we all saw how fast shadow stannis came to be .
jmboyd65 Hace 6 días
Are you really just gonna bang on about the incest in every GoT video you make? Yeah, we get it, it squicks you. Move on. Look, it's not that I have an incest kink, but really, it's part of the story. Accept it already.
Alex Ryken
Alex Ryken Hace 6 días
someone has their panties in a bunch.
Catleesie Hace 6 días
Also she’s Mi aunty and I fooked er lol I choked on mi popcorn, I’m from north uk it was listening to half the blokes in my local 😂
PatPas Hace 6 días
Analyze everything nice :) thumbs up.
Hayley James
Hayley James Hace 6 días
Is anyone else going to comment on the brillance of the "Nephew Nibbles" remark. Lol
Mariana Seabra
Mariana Seabra Hace 6 días
Actually Sansa likes Tyrion so he should be there to help calm thinhs down...
Mateusz Rak
Mateusz Rak Hace 6 días
it will be sansa+arya vs jon+denerys
Neysa Clayton
Neysa Clayton Hace 6 días
Nephew Nibbles! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
5:30 I'm laughing but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
queen amidala
queen amidala Hace 7 días
your such a nerd..
queen amidala
queen amidala Hace 5 días
+Alex Ryken youre such a nerd.
Alex Ryken
Alex Ryken Hace 6 días
wuese ugoh
wuese ugoh Hace 7 días
Got me at....Scarf that covers nephew nibbles...lol
Nicholas Cave
Nicholas Cave Hace 7 días
Jon is not uneasy. His face always looks like he is constipated.
Jennet Srisuwan
Jennet Srisuwan Hace 7 días
BAHAHAHAHA I can't with the "nephew nibbles" omfg
Nyssa Ceja
Nyssa Ceja Hace 7 días
The Starks and company won't care that he banged his aunt, since only coitus within your immediate family is considered "incest." Their concern would be more that he bent the knee without their knowledge and they would have to overcome the bomb that instead of being a bastard of the North, he was a Targaryen this whole time.
Conny V
Conny V Hace 7 días
It also looks like Danys former bodyguard recovered well from Sams treatment, is back from exile and is back in Danys services. 👍
Sharon Olshansky
Sharon Olshansky Hace 18 horas
...And he's going to meet Sam who healed him. Interesting meeting... Although Sam might know what happened to his father&brother so he might dislike Daenerys..
Denis Draga
Denis Draga Hace 7 días
And John Snow as usually know nothing
Clay Slade
Clay Slade Hace 7 días
I guess Jamie will get a hand made of Dragon Glass.
Paul Turner
Paul Turner Hace 7 días
Soy just soy
Roberta JM
Roberta JM Hace 7 días
Mr. Voss, I love your analyses! Can't wait for the next one!
T1000 Hace 7 días
I just wanna see Jon and Arya reuniting.
Taylor G
Taylor G Hace 7 días
Not that I mind, I just think it’s funny to see how many videos have been uploaded over five seconds of a trailer for Game of Thrones. We all love Game of Thrones that much that five seconds means everything xD
Jonathan J
Jonathan J Hace 7 días
Transporting across Westeros instantaneously? Sorry, no one. Not even the Flash has speed like Varys.
Hayley Wilson
Hayley Wilson Hace 7 días
cracked up when he mentions Viserys's death and theres just a clunky thud from his head to accommodate that statement
Deanna Day
Deanna Day Hace 7 días
Can you please say Sansa's name right holy shit.
T Hace 8 días
Funny ending 😁
paige hines
paige hines Hace 8 días
Lmao your hilarious! Either Jon or Danny is gonna die, I feel like it's gonna be Jon. I never thought about a baby tho, I thought Danny couldn't have children.
lendial Hace 8 días
sansa is going to betray jon
Trini N. Cahyani
Trini N. Cahyani Hace 8 días
Dany die, but the baby born, John become King of Seven Kingdom, Tyrion back to Cersei, Jaime join Winterfell, Sansa Stark die, Arya become Lady of Winterfell. Prediction done! :))))
Lynna Snow
Lynna Snow Hace 8 días
maybe it’s just a vision
Ian Foster
Ian Foster Hace 8 días
Like a true targy, Dany is going to die in childbirth like all targy mothers do.
FranFTW Hace 8 días
gabrielle cuevas
gabrielle cuevas Hace 8 días
Nephew nibbles
Eliakim Ayuno
Eliakim Ayuno Hace 8 días
The birth of another mad king maybe. Product of incest always have complications...
Sharon Olshansky
Sharon Olshansky Hace 18 horas
Actually not always (in real life and in the serie). In the serie, Tommen & Myrcella were fine, Daenerys & Rhaeger were fine too. Joffrey is sadistic and Visarys is also very problematic.
Erin Davila-Ọnụ
Erin Davila-Ọnụ Hace 8 días
Team Dany
Christin Coggins
Christin Coggins Hace 8 días
I didn't think Danny could have any more children....
Berna Aksoz
Berna Aksoz Hace 8 días
oh no i forgot everything AGAIN
Micky -
Micky - Hace 8 días
OMG your Jon Snow imitation is amazing !
Jillyb84 Hace 8 días
"nephew nibbles" hahha
Marcos Alfredo Andrade Alvarenga
Tyrion Lannister is still married with Sansa?
Amal AsokKumar
Amal AsokKumar Hace 8 días
Lannister always pays his debts... Only 3 of them are left now 😂
Russell Hanson
Russell Hanson Hace 8 días
Dany won't make it to the finale. Since we know John is the true king and a Targaryen she's pretty dispensable at this point
Manoj Nair
Manoj Nair Hace 8 días
What if Dany lays dragon eggs?
Killer Bee
Killer Bee Hace 8 días
I just hope Ghost is in this and that he lives and he's in some fights
Raj Khan
Raj Khan Hace 8 días
I can't wait 👍💯💖🇨🇮
Beautyisforus33 Hace 8 días
This is my shittt
M M Hace 8 días
It's amazing how hyped you can get for everything even so little. I also get really hyped if i talk about my favourite tv-shows and movies, but most people just look at me as if i was a crazy weirdo. i just think they don't like things as much as i do :D
Alaa Sami
Alaa Sami Hace 8 días
MrEzmodebro Hace 8 días
I died at nephew nibbles
Aj Reynon
Aj Reynon Hace 8 días
petrit rrahmani
petrit rrahmani Hace 8 días
Wtf are you screaming ncncncn
Colby Brooks
Colby Brooks Hace 8 días
Been watching for 3yrs and it just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work.
Ed Barzee
Ed Barzee Hace 8 días
Only death can pay for life. Vyserion's death paid for Jon/Dany's child's life.
Michael Crenshaw
Michael Crenshaw Hace 8 días
Tbh Dany and Jon's relationship is not uncomfortable to me even though incest in my mind is unacceptable. That's weird hmmm
Kara Kenny
Kara Kenny Hace 8 días
Sansa said it was a trap.....a thirst trap
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