Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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1 dic 2019






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Adam prohacker
Adam prohacker Hace 7 horas
I'm an Islam so I know all of this I just like this theory on Minecraft
The Dragon Master337
I always thought that guardians were iron golem type stuff, and the eye is an eye of ender and the source of the laser
John The Dork
John The Dork Hace 9 horas
4:12 Welcome to my nightmares, DoryPat.
Moon Fox
Moon Fox Hace 10 horas
I do not hold a cow sorry mat pat
Now that I realize matpat is literally making us a school that teaches and is fun and entertaining
Ronnie Chatterjee
Ronnie Chatterjee Hace 11 horas
Notch is the god who is talking to dinnerbone
Naila Fathna
Naila Fathna Hace 14 horas
Life of a Homeschooler
I love that this is about a game that is widely played by nine year olds
juega kinaya
juega kinaya Hace 18 horas
Skate man
Skate man Hace 18 horas
Mat pat didn’t know what’s coming in 2020
Yupiigus Yupiigus
Yupiigus Yupiigus Hace 20 horas
When a minecraft video turns into an anvanced religion video
Chicki Nugget
Chicki Nugget Hace un día
Under the sea, under the sea Continue the song
Henny Septiani
Henny Septiani Hace un día
The real god is not jesus sorry christian it is really called allah swt
Zander Spinks
Zander Spinks Hace un día
Honestly that intro was amazing, it reminded me of the prime of ESvid IDK why
Abdelaziz Ragab
Abdelaziz Ragab Hace un día
I’m Muslim
Rizky Ramadhan
Rizky Ramadhan Hace un día
Oh hey my name is in the video only 1 letter different
Dylan Kithcart
Dylan Kithcart Hace un día
Who has watched this before?
L I L L C Hace un día
The new games has been released in a mini game in Fnaf sister location
Derek Wooden
Derek Wooden Hace un día
Can you make some sort of game theory masks? I mean it’s not.a bad idea
Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz Hace un día
The laser is coming towards to guardian, not to you, so make they are sucking part of your soul?
Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz Hace un día
The laser is coming towards to guardian, not to you, so make they are sucking part of your soul?
Cora The Zorua
Cora The Zorua Hace un día
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle Hace un día
Mat:**says 23 a lot** Me: my mom does *23* AND MEEEEE XD
Doge Pickle
Doge Pickle Hace un día
6:40 “Wateryfood stuff”
Kahula Kangaroo
Kahula Kangaroo Hace un día
Does it have a command block inside
MagentaShade Hace un día
islam and minecraft. ok
Click Bait
Click Bait Hace un día
feels weird seeing this as a muslim and how rare most english speaking channel never talk about it and link it to christian if it was religious
Andreas Bahatouris
Andreas Bahatouris Hace un día
Am j the only one that sees the inside of the guardian looks like a comand block
K-pop Geek
K-pop Geek Hace un día
10:12 so like....a step pyramid
Tristan Grobler
Tristan Grobler Hace un día
6:14 "you *drop* a cow it drops you like cow flesh" Yes I too appreciate the fine art of *cow dropping*
cuberGUY Hace un día
I knew about entrepreneurship since I was 6 lol
Roblox YT
Roblox YT Hace un día
what's funny is that I control a trident better than them zombies.
G S Hace un día
23 is my favourite number
Lucy Poppleton
Lucy Poppleton Hace un día
I have a theory (appropriate!): The guardians are a type of pufferfish that the ancient builders did SOMETHING to them, since magic exists. Also, they might be eating the prismarine.
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen Hace un día
Me as an Muslims person, just knew about this whole thing ( I live ins Iraq so) thanks for the informations dude
:0 0:
:0 0: Hace un día
The Start is Funny
Epic Edits
Epic Edits Hace un día
I am a Muslim and I was happy to hear my religion mentioned in a video
Qookie Hace un día
I live in the midle east
Ydhchxhfhb Hdjcjcjfj
I’m born on the 13th
Akiarhaka Lenihariadi
Thanks for the Islam thing
moi Moi
moi Moi Hace 2 días
Im surprised he talked about my religion
savage bot 14
savage bot 14 Hace 2 días
hmmmmmm... the block inside the guardian looks like a command block
Matpat actually mezopotamia was between two rivers that went through Turkey so technically mezopotamia was mostly in diyarbakır and gaziantep. Also love your videos
Lunatic Cultist
Lunatic Cultist Hace 2 días
When you realize you theorized everything matt theorized before even seeing his videos
:-P Dagatan
:-P Dagatan Hace 2 días
-I love this guy-
Xero 0716
Xero 0716 Hace 2 días
Da skeleton looks like. Command block
Dragon Wolf Creations
Too many Disney puns for me to handle on this.
ibrahim abe
ibrahim abe Hace 2 días
This is Ibrahim I'll own you a subscribe
Susana Franco
Susana Franco Hace 2 días
Shut up
Paliden Gamer! Games,Animations,and more!
6:14 I F. Y O U. D R O P. A. C O W
Shamrockin’ Robin
Shamrockin’ Robin Hace 2 días
I just thought drowned were people who died via drowning...
Guardians and elder guardians used to take damage and die as they flopped around on dry land in older versions of Minecraft
Joe Video games2020
Joe Video games2020 Hace 2 días
Del zinc en Dajaos tengo un Beach Beach
Roshaan Jamshed
Roshaan Jamshed Hace 2 días
me wanting to watch game theory matpat:*starts talking about my religion* me:*confused screaming*
Zidz Hace 2 días
10:13 *obamium*
Kierman21sun Vlogs
Kierman21sun Vlogs Hace 2 días
Mat: Hey are giant creatures with spikes and eye Lazers Also mat: nothing super weird off the bat
[VNSAA] Remenent_of_Night
obama pyramid
Wendy •Blues•
Wendy •Blues• Hace 2 días
I wanna do a game theory. Maybe that the building is underwater because it flooded, like you said. Also in the beginning matpat said that the so called ‘Guardians’ CAN survive being on land. So maybe they were originally on land.
CheeseBurger Gaming
CheeseBurger Gaming Hace 2 días
ummmm i really know the number 23 is important cuz my birthday is on march 23
Davis Winnick
Davis Winnick Hace 2 días
anyone else notice how close the guardians are to the guardians from the legend of zelda series?
Vitchie Villavicencio
i think guardians are ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sup im me
sup im me Hace 2 días
You drop a cow he drops meat
HaganPlayz Hace 3 días
FaridGC YT
FaridGC YT Hace 3 días
I'm Muslim and thanks for adding Muslims 😁 The building is made like Babylon god didn't like it and Kaaba is important because it's more then important the hole has the ancient rock of all it tells the truth and we don't even know how god looks like even Muhammad and Nuh Adam Ibrahim and everything it's different but it's great if you read all of them
Christina Keltner
Christina Keltner Hace 3 días
Dont think I'm dumb I'm 10 and I know what all of those words mean
Taha Yousaf
Taha Yousaf Hace 3 días
23 is important to me as its my date of birth.
Nyan Ahmad
Nyan Ahmad Hace 3 días
Its funny I live there
Shelby Sulaica
Shelby Sulaica Hace 3 días
Best video entrance evaaaaa lol youre awesome
Danny Devito our lord
I'm late but, what if the guardians, which we've calified are not exactly natural, are powered by gold. In real life gold is the best electricity conductor, but it's hard to get gold. Minecraft already shows that gold works with redstone with powered rails and stuff of that nature. With so much gold if it's carrying electricity, it makes sense to cover it up to the water. If gold powers these guardians I wouldn't doubt that many previous civilizations would this it had some sort of magical properties that they would base a religion around. We never really see fully inside a guardian so there could very well be gold inside.
jakob gibbs
jakob gibbs Hace 3 días
At 14:57 i know exactly where he got that immage of the overgrown simi ruined city, it is one of the title screen images from the twitch minecraft modpack overgrown which is actual procedural generation from that modpack, with a shader but other than that the same modpack, that is the whole map even infinite worlds it actually is one of the best modpacks on twitch
ツDekiru Hace 3 días
I just learned new things about Islam And I am Muslim-
Glenda Skene
Glenda Skene Hace 3 días
Xboxpro507 Hace 3 días
Best intro I’ve ever seen
CanisOrtiz Hace 3 días
.... Guardians in Minecraft: -has a lazar -Lazar needs time to charge up -Have a singular eye Guardians in BOTW: -have a single eye -Lazar needs time to charge up -Shoots a lazar. *hMMMMMMM* Edit: they’re both machines too made by ancient people/s (the Sheikah can be considered ancient right?)
l:BETA:l Hace 3 días
I appreciate that MatPat didn't skill (or show) him suffocating a dolphin or a turtle. +1 respekt.
Clyde The Wonder Dog
Although, remember that Mesopotamia as we know it existed thousands of years before islam
Your Average Weirdo Del Literally
Does that mean Our Minecraft worlds are in Iraq or Syria?
Rożny_ PL
Rożny_ PL Hace 3 días
I think guardians dont have spikes but crystals what givs him power of laser
Cielian King of the Forest
Steve and Herobrine.
NavyGaming Hace 3 días
I didnt know minecraft were so religious.. especially the monument.... im.. actually speechless
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