Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers

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Welcome back to Minecraft Theory, where we do deep dives into anything and everything Minecraft! Honestly Theorists, there is SO MUCH to explore in this game. In my search for theory fodder on Creepers, Endermen, and all other manner of creatures, one thing stood out. The Illagers. You know, the exiled magic folk who seem to be up to some rather... interesting experiments. What are they doing and how might it change Minecraft FOREVER if they succeed in their plot? Let's find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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28 mar 2020






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Ryuko Nunez
Ryuko Nunez Hace 27 minutos
You should make a part 2 based off of some info from the Minecraft Dungeons Arch Illager backstory
Enrique Marcano
Enrique Marcano Hace 3 horas
But if zombies are made of wool then how do they drop flesh
Zarina Suppian
Zarina Suppian Hace 5 horas
who destroy the cyan light blue and dark blue use the diamond shovel plzzz like
Meliodas s
Meliodas s Hace 6 horas
Maybe the lapis was what made iligers have more gray skin
ZxUways Hace 6 horas
Wait a minute.... I play Minecraft dungeon and in the game illager are kidnapping villager Weird.....
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Hace 8 horas
Matpat: woodland mansions are the rarest structure in Minecraft!! Me: *sad mooshroom village noises*
Sheb L
Sheb L Hace 9 horas
calling woodland mansions “extremely rare” *laughs in 3 woodland mansions in the same biome*
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Hace 8 horas
But they only generate in one type of biome.
Serious Sponge
Serious Sponge Hace 15 horas
It probably has nothing to do with Steve specifically so much as I think it's likely that the Illagers are trying to copy the abilities of the ancient Builders/Humans. I mean, it's a pretty strong indicator that they tried to build an End Portal, something that only the Builders have done and that Steve, while a descendant of them, hasn't done. Also, taking into account that the Illagers' species seems to not be very good at building, they are not met with much success trying to figure out how the Builders did all these things. And I think that even the mansions they inhabit probably used to belong to a member of the ancient Builders, given it's far too grand an intricately designed structure to have been built by the Villager people, given that all the things they've built are meager huts and crude towers. And you don't go from basic structures to grand and luxurious buildings.
Misty Hace 16 horas
“These are the rarest structures in the game” I found Two spawned right next to each other.... at (original) spawn point I also spawned on the roof of one of them 😬😬
Ort618 Hace 18 horas
10:15 it's not LA-piz LA-ZOO-lee, it is... LaPiS lAzUlI (from Grapeapplesauce UHC)
Beatrix Marno
Beatrix Marno Hace 18 horas
13:29 maybe they were actually trying to recreate herobrine?
Mattboi96 Bruh
Mattboi96 Bruh Hace 19 horas
I actually like these theory's cause normally when i play Minecraft im just like TNT CANNONS AND HOUSES but when i hear these im like oh that would make sense why alot of these things exist and not just for more mobs
NomADoge Gaming
NomADoge Gaming Hace 20 horas
when u made the green eyes glow it made it seem like they we're robots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The Avacoda
The Avacoda Hace 21 un hora
"This mansion is hard to find" I spawned in right in front of one in vanilla mincraft
Brendan Stein
Brendan Stein Hace 23 horas
In mcpe, vindicators might still have green eyes
Aaron Long
Aaron Long Hace 8 horas
Might? Just make a new tab and Google it before you comment
streamix Hace un día
what if steve was a sucsesfull atempt to create life
Camilla Snyder
Camilla Snyder Hace un día
13:48 did you see that they have BLUE eyes?!
Misty Tucak
Misty Tucak Hace un día
"The woodland mansion spawn rate is very low." Me who spawns next to two at a time every time I choose a dark forest seed: *nervous sweating*
MrRblx_Dev Hace un día
I remember when I borrowed Minecraft for my Wii u and I enjoyed it, building my own Lil starter farm, and I saw something in the woods and when I got closer to it, it was the woodland mansion, but I didn't know that because I had no idea what it was here for, and I didn't do anything to find where it is.
Jenny Anger or Frances Moriarity
If you want to investigate a woodland mansion, go to this seed in Minecraft. It’s literally right to your right. Also, there’s a village not too far away: -518068014
vicky mcmillan
vicky mcmillan Hace un día
vicky mcmillan
vicky mcmillan Hace un día
WTFN Hace un día
Bruh u like missed out a major part The illagers think lapis is magical so they put it in the skull of the illagers to bring it to life. They create massive cats and chickens out of wall to then bring to life with lapis. This could give them more food from one giant chicken rather that 1 normal chicken. The illagers arent just experimenting on the villagers because in some of the illagers lookout spawns they have an iron golem encaged. And dont you think theres a metalic sound to the ravangers when you hit them which is strangerly simular to the iron golems sound when taking damage. But heyy thats just a theory, MY THEORY!! I hope you read this and add to or edit my theory if you think i made mistakes or at least had some key points. I love your channels man your really good at it, keep up the great work!
garth garth
garth garth Hace un día
maybe they injected lapis in the vindicators head thats why there eyes are blue
El maria Jin
El maria Jin Hace un día
Mat:you wont look at minecraft the same ever again Me at 3 am: are you sure about that?
evan george
evan george Hace un día
Explain The Outpost they have around the Villages
Rivasdavid2 Hace un día
Mat pat:makes a theory on woodland mansion Dantdm: (burns down mansion)
D0CT0R_D34D Hace un día
The sacrificial room, in The ceiling, looks like The first players of the game, the cartoon like ones
Mabel Melo
Mabel Melo Hace un día
One question why would the illigers want to re create Steve and why just Steve how about more illigers for their cult
Dylan Kithcart
Dylan Kithcart Hace un día
Mabel Melo
Mabel Melo Hace un día
Is it just me but Alex Hersh(idk how to spell his last name)(he is the creator of gravity falls) should totally join us game/film theriorist like I’d be perfect. No just me.. oh.. ok
beatM PoP
beatM PoP Hace un día
And thats how zombie outbreak start
bus goes skeet
bus goes skeet Hace un día
Colby B
Colby B Hace un día
Guess they got 1 right Herobrine
Gacha AndStuff
Gacha AndStuff Hace un día
am i colour blind, or were those peices of wool purple?
Balthazar Bluelake
Balthazar Bluelake Hace un día
2:30 Me, kidnapping villager and zombifieng them to get better trades, raiding their villages, making use of their ability to summon golems for my iron farms: How disgusting ! It’s inhuman to play whit human lives this way !
Hydrachops Hace un día
Wouldn't this theory clash with one of your previous theories on the wither episode? Or could there be two causes for the creation of zombies and skeletons.
Jonah Hann
Jonah Hann Hace un día
But game, the in game if you put a zombie in the water it becomes a drowned
Tidal 87
Tidal 87 Hace un día
I was once playing a survival world with two villages separated by a very small dark oak forest but the forest literally had a woodland mansion in it, directly between the villages and now that I watched this it’s just crazy :P
Game theory what if the ender dragon was not just there it was made by the ancient builders to stop the wither and the destruction they caused and it worked first killed them but there new endermen self's made peace with it and now work with it against any other creatures
Batless Hace 2 días
New theory: They didn’t make zombies. They’re still trying to make a Steve but eventually will make something worse, something way worse. Eventually they will make herobrine. It seems like the illagers are exact opposites of villagers and there is only one person that is an exact opposite of steve
Aimee Zimmermann
Aimee Zimmermann Hace 2 días
Wait wait wait wait... THEY'RE RARE? I've SPAWNED near them at LEAST 10 times and I almost ALWAYS come across one when I'm looking for somewhere to build (Usually in creative)
E Hace 2 días
Man I wish Mojang would add something like a mercenary mechanic to the villagers, where you can hire mercenaries to defend the village instead of these weird iron golems, perhaps some fighting villagers?
screwball168 Hace 2 días
I play Minecraft and I found the mansion
katclow Hace 2 días
1:23 alo realmente buen video espero que continuen haciendo este contenido!!! Voy a seguir mirando sus creaciones. Les mando un abrazo nos estamos viendo ❤️👍🏽
Gargantua Hace 2 días
I once had 4 spawning next to each other
Gargantua Hace 2 días
woodland mansion
A Randomお姉さん
He just did 2 theories in one video lmao, the zombies and illagers.
Josiah Ondo Hasian Lihardo Martua Marpaung
*ravagers are made from villagers* Me:NOW I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING
wade watts
wade watts Hace 2 días
why are these here? made by the pillagers? cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/699327055820750969/717577388791169134/unknown.png
DeadMan6663 Youtube
DeadMan6663 Youtube Hace 2 días
In the PS3 Edition of Minecraft they are as common as dirt
0SHLYN J0NES Hace 2 días
How many sheep were harmed in the making of that mansion?
The Workshop
The Workshop Hace 2 días
I’ve had 4 near spawn
Mr. Just About Average
I. think the builders are humans after climate change. For example when you said there was a flood in the drown episode
Joeyand the plushis 0087
I remember that one time I spawned in a new survival world I look to my right and I see a Giant fortress
Ash Veramortez
Ash Veramortez Hace 2 días
Okay, what if they are attempting to rebuild Steve? And they messed up? Herobrine. Herobrine is a very dangerous mob, and he’s just as evil as the illager colonies. So what if- Herobrine was a failed experiment of the illagers and they sent him out. He then attacks the player because he was compared to you, the player, so much, and he hated you for being so, in retrospect, perfect. Unlike himself. Just a theory, obviously, but I think it’s worth at least saying something about. I dunno, maybe there’s some other reason for Herobrine’s exsistence. Honestly, wouldn’t mind seeing a theory on him. I have many questions.
Kathia Drissi-Smaili
go on the ps3 and thier not rare
CarroTsForeveR BruH
CarroTsForeveR BruH Hace 2 días
Maybe they are Minecraft fans like us lol
Luchian McReynolds
Luchian McReynolds Hace 2 días
14:44 is the school of ddlc
AkGamer. Ro
AkGamer. Ro Hace 2 días
I'm more curious why evokers turn blue sheep red if they need blue wool for Builder building.
Alexis Lps
Alexis Lps Hace 2 días
Wow the Mansion is the first thing I ever found when I first started playing Minecraft on my first world
fluffymochii 。
fluffymochii 。 Hace 2 días
I always spawn near this mantion am i the only one??
X-SPEED-YT Hace 3 días
This videos quite new.... Most ESvid videos I watch were made like 2 years ago
Arthur Beggs
Arthur Beggs Hace 3 días
i think minecraft dungeons is gonna shed a LOT of light on this due toit following the rise of the illagers
Nazem Khal
Nazem Khal Hace 3 días
And a stupid random person come and say mInEcRaFt Is FoR KiDs
another account
another account Hace 3 días
They look like they are trying to wake up Santana from Jojo trying to win WW2
Malfunctioning ToasterDog
they livin in a *d a n k* mansion
Jack Cumming
Jack Cumming Hace 3 días
Another similarity between ravagers and villagers is that they look at cats just like villagers do.
Candy Permen
Candy Permen Hace 3 días
I know somethings its almost like a cicada puzle its hard to get and its a puzle to so minecraft is a very hard puzle but in the game so the minecraft is a very hard puzle that people try to put together but dont Know what to do and illagers is a villian that try making a new World of FAKE!! THIS IS MESSED UP!! And vindicators is a very much people who helps the illagers almost like worker ants i can go long and villagers is waiting in panic to become a vindicators and all of the fake wool items is actually the illagers trying to make a home that is FAKE!!!
Decent Hace 3 días
What if Steve is the successful experiment ?
Minecraft Experiments
like it! ❤️
Lil BroomStick
Lil BroomStick Hace 3 días
What if minecraft story mode is the story of the ancient builders?
Elon Smokes
Elon Smokes Hace 3 días
What if the unspeakable facts are turning baby villagers into totems of undying (totems of undying kind of look like babies)
Time Tree
Time Tree Hace 3 días
Witch's are also illergers
Diamond Kind
Diamond Kind Hace 3 días
Jathushan Jeyaratnam
13:16 i thought he was going to mention herobrine instead of zombies.
Banyas Family
Banyas Family Hace 3 días
It’s Lazuli
Banyas Family
Banyas Family Hace 3 días
You said lapis lazuli wrong
Banyas Family
Banyas Family Hace 3 días
A continuación
my thoughts.
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