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Here's the answer to basically all the questions baby!


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11 oct 2019






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Akash R
Akash R Hace 3 días
Salomondrin: “And here’s my G wagon, SMART car, etc.” Manny Koshbin: “oh here’s 4 exclusive bugattis and 7 other hypercars i never mentioned i had”
Ulhas Ahire
Ulhas Ahire Hace 12 días
I dont know brother but it feels like you are justifying your audience and fighting with them. you do what you gotta do..this algorithm or wrong audience is all taking your attention. The real peps here (here since your C GT4) want the funny you and talking about cars. Make your own content stop Justifying it . We love you Ale
Nik Man
Nik Man Hace 16 días
Who the fck cares about a two bit mexican hustler !!! Kill that stupid channel and spare us the boredom
Scooby-Doobers Hace un mes
Typical rich douchebag.
Giggidygiggidy12 Hace un mes
Every Tesla on the market outperforms that Rolls Royce as far as power, handling, speed. Interior Rolls still has the edge but that’s about all
SGTmanzo Hace un mes
A photoshopped Bugatti?? Really Alejandro?? Really?? That's incredibly sad... I'm glad I've been unsubcribed. Just wanted to check if your content got any better but unfortunately it's getting incredibly depressing at this point.
Ique Rohde
Ique Rohde Hace un mes
clickbaited bay chiron on thumbnail
Théotime Nieradzik
You deserve to get negative number of subscribers for that poorly photoshoped Bugatti
Patrick Zievinger
Patrick Zievinger Hace un mes
This channel Is trash
kenny mcdonald
kenny mcdonald Hace un mes
Dan Charron
Dan Charron Hace un mes
since the fire on that Sena, this place has tanked. now looks like you lost millions. well 1.5 million.... I would rate this garage update as Old man lost his balls....
hellojello Hace un mes
Mirko ko
Mirko ko Hace un mes
Going full electric is not green at all you idiot
Grego Serafin
Grego Serafin Hace un mes
This guy became scared after his sena burnt down, I feel in the back of his head he now thinks all cars he buys are going to burn down on him. It was a bad day not a bad life. Hope he goes back to his old ways but everyone decides to do what they think is correct.
ThePlayahans Hace 2 meses
Pure bullshit this channel
BlkR32 Hace 2 meses
beetle rsi suchhhhhhhh a sleeper!!!
rahul k
rahul k Hace 2 meses
Where is ur crew broo...whatever happenss i lll olways love uu bro♥️
Matej Mikulčić
Matej Mikulčić Hace 2 meses
????since when 2mil $ is cheap????????
Ryan Hace 2 meses
The CEO of Rolls Royce has himself confirmed that the New gen V12 Ghost coming out next year (2020) will be electrified in the NEAR future. He even insisted they would never offer hybrids, but jump directly to full electric. So don't worry, you WILL be able to place an offer for an all-electric Ghost, most likely within the next five years or so.
Cpt. Shuck
Cpt. Shuck Hace 2 meses
Get a Brabus Smart 🤔
Sanjeev Radhakrishnan
This channel has gone to shit
YSCB Spotting
YSCB Spotting Hace 2 meses
André Ackermann
André Ackermann Hace 2 meses
LaFerrari???? Fuck yeah !!!!!!!
Superquile 1
Superquile 1 Hace 2 meses
TFM Vehicles
TFM Vehicles Hace 2 meses
Dude has losed almost 500K subs since the senna fire cuz he is still pissed about his senna fire and has changed himself
Mark Davenport
Mark Davenport Hace 2 meses
Dude, what's with the butthurt over what other channels are doing with their channels and content. Buying of certain cars and on some channels do. So why did you get so jacked up over it. We watch your channel because it's a little more refined and different. So this rant was not called for in my opinion. Just stay in your lane, stop worrying about what others are doing and just do you.
Peter Mhina
Peter Mhina Hace 2 meses
You bought a ghost and not a phantom? What are you broke? #brokeboy
FoxhuntSOCOM Hace 2 meses
Everyone reminiscing in the comments about how this channel used to be the tits. Sad to see how far it's fallen. I miss the old days.
Kerr Choo
Kerr Choo Hace 2 meses
Wants to go fully electric? Alright I’m out. Your raza is disappointed in you.
Dominic Hace 2 meses
the comments are brutal lol
Schumi Hace 2 meses
Remember when this guy had so much cars (amazing cars), he didn't even know where to park them. Now he has like three old man-ish cars; rolls and two mercs. That accident + his wife f*cked him up bad ...
chromatics kent
chromatics kent Hace 2 meses
That db11 looks amazing, I missed you man
StormBreaker Studio
StormBreaker Studio Hace 3 meses
Bro we like u as u are so keep up the hardwork 🙂
Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew
Did this man really objectify his wife by calling her a “thing”?
burnedtortilla Hace 26 días
Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew stop being a pussy he didn’t mean anything by it
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas Hace un mes
Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew I mean English is not his first language, maybe he didn’t mean it like that?
HElSENBERG Hace 3 meses
Why does he even bother to pretend he is going green? That ship has sailed 😂
Matti G
Matti G Hace 3 meses
Come back to earth....split it 30 30 40 and just have a great time....top ge... add trips and have the job of my fave retierees...
CultureMix Hace 3 meses
Why is there one door handle in chrome on the Rolls Royce and the one on the other side is black??????? Maybe not a black badge but just black wrap? LOL
Lewiz_SVT Hace 3 meses
Esa es la pinche actitud perro felicidades i love your channel and you actitude keep that positive mind
Ricardo Carbajal
Ricardo Carbajal Hace 3 meses
Love it how every keep judging this man. Don’t like the channel fuck off go watch stradman.
serz1885 Hace 3 meses
this new cars looks so boaring compare to old school one like ferrari from 90s mercedeses fr from 50-60s bmw from 80s alfa romeos from 30s lambas from 70s
My Daddy
My Daddy Hace 3 meses
Yea, I dipped out a while ago.....Just wanted to check and see if things have changed. I haven’t missed anything.
imthelastone Hace 3 meses
boring as fuck, man this channel went to shit
Flawless Fatality
Flawless Fatality Hace 3 meses
You need to bring back the viper ACR. I loved that thing
William Carey
William Carey Hace 3 meses
what happened to LTACY podcast?
trinisuprazee Hace 3 meses
haven't checked in this channel for a while then hears all electric walks back out
Joey Hace 3 meses
I’m 29 man chill with calling yourself old making me feel old
Andrew Hace 3 meses
Jesus that Senna fire really made him lose his marbles. Only cares about money, not the cars. Used to be a somebody in the supercar scene and now nobody gives a shit about him.
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Hace 3 meses
Truckstop Gaming
Truckstop Gaming Hace 3 meses
I'm sorry but like many others this is not the great channel it was !! and I am not buying a supra .... wait but you have a beetle ????
lucifer morningstar
lucifer morningstar Hace 3 meses
is it me or is the second video thats just a long advert whats happened to the channel
waitwuttt Hace 3 meses
i dont think salomindrin realized maybe he has but since he slowed down on his main channel a lot of other automotive youtubers are taking bits and pieces from what he used to do
Oden Vasquez
Oden Vasquez Hace 3 meses
His garage is weak now. Love the homie and wish him the best and much more success but its not the same dude as before. Idk what happened but im out bro 😭🤘🏽
jkems06 Hace 3 meses
can you do a reflection video on what was your favorite garage setup of all time was? an what each car was.?
momo Hace 3 meses
"idc about material stuff" this guy is so full of shit
momo Hace 3 meses
Dammit haven't watch this and almost a year. Is he still a douchebag
Sergio Hace 3 meses
Literally the Stradman with the Gladiator and the Supra 😭😂
Boosted Beaners
Boosted Beaners Hace 3 meses
Waaaaaacccccckkkkk asssssss fooool
denmark39 Hace 4 meses
“Going green in one year” statement from Monaco NOT “ I’m going to wait for an electric Rolls Royce” . And what happened to “ I love earth soo much”?? if you care at least don’t but G Amg! 🤬 You did. say only 1 only 1 only 1 only 1 gas gosling car!!! I counted 4 Amg car engines 😱🤬. Man you seem like a Trust worthy guy but man this is so fake!!
______ Hace 4 meses
Henk ter Beest
Henk ter Beest Hace 4 meses
Change the gtr for a TDF 😍
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