Gary Lineker's brilliant, heartfelt tribute to Diego Maradona

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A heartfelt tribute from Gary Lineker to the one and only Diego Maradona, including a lovely story that sums up the Argentine's true genius.
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25 nov 2020






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Steven Upton
Steven Upton Hace 3 días
its hard to plan to mark a guy taking performance enhancing drugs , who hand balls it into the net
J DH87
J DH87 Hace 4 días
Leni Gonzalez
Leni Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Este tipo es, literalmente, un caballero inglés. Sos un maestro, Gary. Y no lo digo porque hable con tanta admiración y respeto sobre Diego. Es una buena persona, un jugador que terminó su carrera sin que le hayan sacado una sola amarilla siquiera, en ningún partido. En ninguno! Amable, conciliador, un buen tipo ♥️
jorge pimentel
jorge pimentel Hace 3 días
Y un LETAL número 9, con físico y técnica de mediocampista, pero si le tirabas una pelota a la cama a la 3 de la madrugada, se despertaba y definía.
Pablo Fernandez
Pablo Fernandez Hace 10 días
Traducción please in spanish ?! 🇦🇷
Mystic Produce
Mystic Produce Hace 13 días
Gracias Gary ❤️!
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria Hace 14 días
Gary, like Maradona belonged to a golden generation composed by fantastic football players, and one of them was Diego. He's famous to this day by the Hand of God in that football match Argentina - England in Mexico 86'.
Maximus Murphius
Maximus Murphius Hace 14 días
Rex Diego ! RIP !
KeepEmCommin Hace 14 días
He's a goon
Adam Bob Anderson
Adam Bob Anderson Hace 15 días
I tried to do the thing that Mara tried to do but failed. Rip Diego 💙🤍🇦🇷
Shane Kelley
Shane Kelley Hace 15 días
Maradonna. Cheat. FULL STOP.
Shubham Sahai
Shubham Sahai Hace 16 días
Great tribute from a true sportsman! Thanks for the memories Maradona, thanks for a wonderful tribute Gary Linekar!
joseph Hace 18 días
the key point here, which lineker doesn't express clearly here, is that the ball 'comes down' but bounces before maradona helps it back up with a kick. some people may think maradona just kicks it back up without the ball hitting the ground first. that would be impossible and perhaps that's what these pundit players are thinking as lineker doesn't make it clear - lineker just says and it came back down. letting the ball bounce first is far more possible. i'd say the likes of messi and others would master that no problem, if it's not something they do naturally.
Abby 30
Abby 30 Hace 16 días
@joseph if it was normal and others could do it, then he wouldn't mention it. As for other greats, they haven't done it, so when they do we will applaud them. And also, he did it with an 80s ball, not today's lighter balls.
joseph Hace 16 días
@Abby 30 was that his key point - is that why he stated that bit at the end of his story as an afterthought. that's a good time to make a key point. he went to great length to convey what maradona did with the ball but left it unclear. what maradona did with the ball was good skill, which pele, messi, george best, kinkladze would surely have no problem doing. the english players who tried to do it, of course they didn't manage a feat of exceptional skill as they were not one of the greats. although, if they practiced it enough like maradona, their three tries would turn into more very soon. in fact, lineker is so in awe of maradona, i think he was fooled into thinking maradona did hit the ball up before it hit the ground. as that really is the way lineker describes it here, very misleadingly, without intending to. he is just starstruck. maradona is great and i'm a fan but he did not do the impossible and there other great players who have a touch to equal his, though each touch of the great players is subtly different in style to the others.
Abby 30
Abby 30 Hace 16 días
But the key point is that no other player was able to do it!
Jett Z85
Jett Z85 Hace 19 días
2:01 yes exactly....
John Abruzzi
John Abruzzi Hace 20 días
Maradona The Best of the Best Rest in Peace!
axoram Hace 20 días
Lineker grande campione e grande uomo , saluti dall'Italia , rip Diego , rip Paolo🧡
José Villaró
José Villaró Hace 21 un día
Gary is a gentleman
Jem Hace 22 días
Well said Gary. Bst player i have ever seen, including Messi and Georgie Best, and Im Irish
Indi Bhart
Indi Bhart Hace 22 días
He was sadly fouled by his opposition many times...these days the Red Card would have been shown!!!! I will be producing a list of Fowler’s shortly!!! 😀
Indi Bhart
Indi Bhart Hace 22 días
The best!!!!
Ray Smith
Ray Smith Hace 22 días
Maradonna. RIP. Loved the song ' Like a virgin' .
TT 97
TT 97 Hace 23 días
2:02 Owen's face says it all
TNK Sports Agency
TNK Sports Agency Hace 24 días
Gary always brilliant ,spot on, greetings from Uruguay
David M
David M Hace 26 días
This is priceless. My eternal respect to both Lineker and Maradona.
Tim Vercruysen
Tim Vercruysen Hace 27 días
My grandpa comes from naples and he sais that Maradona was more important for him than everyone and that hé Saw a match of himwhere hè scores twice and he was like a God for them we Will mis him
Nick Hace 27 días
Fuc off ya dog Gary L. Where's ya refugee ??
Nick Hace 14 días
@Generic Person Up linekers back door just like his hypocrisy is clown
Generic Person
Generic Person Hace 14 días
Where’s your spelling
Jim Clawley
Jim Clawley Hace 27 días
How would Gary know what it’s like? He was never in his own half
Gabriel Vita
Gabriel Vita Hace 28 días
My respect for Gary, he really feel admiration for Diego. Regards from Argentina.
Sigit Prabowo
Sigit Prabowo Hace 28 días
What a tribute from Gary, we will miss Maradona so much. What Gary has said about England team vs Maradona, I think it's an honest explanation. Even the Italians tried so hard to stop him, as we all know they had many legendary defenders
Lobo Suelto
Lobo Suelto Hace 28 días
Boca Juniors.. ❤🇦🇷 .......⚽......10.
Bodhi Dasgupta
Bodhi Dasgupta Hace 29 días
Gary Linekar is such a wonderful orator.. he made us visualize the goal so wonderfully..
kim kee
kim kee Hace un mes
The woke one relativising cheating ...
straightfacts Hace un mes
Gary is not only a great player with no red cards, but also a true British Gentleman.
Bob Bobbin
Bob Bobbin Hace un mes
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid Hace un mes
Petite dynamite genius. Rip Maradona. 🙏
Daniel Llanos
Daniel Llanos Hace un mes
My respect for Gary Lineker , the best player of England's football. Really !!
Nico Daglio
Nico Daglio Hace un mes
My god, what a pleasure is listening to Gary. Such a humble, clear man. Respect.
E Quint
E Quint Hace un mes
i lost mij idool
Ludwig Fischer
Ludwig Fischer Hace un mes
Without Drugs. Maradona will be better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi together.
lecocos Hace un mes
Gracias Gary por tus palabras, emocionantes recuerdos con Maradona. Un gran abrazo de un argentino que te admira!
Thomas Deierling
Thomas Deierling Hace un mes
In terms of ability of handling the Ball, he was the best ever
Yonah Hace un mes
Very touching amazing. I still feel his loss for some reason 🙏
Egzon Salihu
Egzon Salihu Hace un mes
Maradona is the best player of football in the world of all the time. RIP Maradona ❤️🔟⚽️
obj jr
obj jr Hace un mes
despues de ver el documental es exactamente todo como lo conto jaja
Hussein Hussein
Hussein Hussein Hace un mes
Words fail me !!!!! Diego forever
ياسر العمري
Maradona's ability is much better than Pele's ability in Football ....
David O'brien
David O'brien Hace un mes
I still think England should of man marked him in that game,I was stunned when I only recently discovered they had no special plans for maradonna that day,man marking does and has worked many times against great players,and yes I know he was a genius and it may not of worked,but then again it might of,Robson should of picked his fittest best tackler and had his team prepare him to stick to maradonna like glue every single move he made in that match
Stuart Kelly
Stuart Kelly Hace un mes
I got the feeling that Maradona thought Lineker was a deuchbag when he met him, he was mocking him, Maradona wouldnt like people like Lineker
Sadif Rahman
Sadif Rahman Hace un mes
Great way to pay your tribute Gary
Alejandro Cardozo
Alejandro Cardozo Hace un mes
Gary Lineker BIG GENTLEMAN! Respectfully yours from Uruguay!!
Richard Moonstone
Richard Moonstone Hace un mes
Pele is no doubt the best and greatest football player ever, but also possibly the greatest sporting phenomenon ever to grace this earth, especially in terms of achievements, and here's why. I'm sorry, until any player can win 3 world cups and almost 4, and change how a sport is played, reinventing the game completely, and be so influential to a country that had never won a world cup to help them win at the age of seventeen for the first time, coming from poverty to dominate everything about the game and then have every player after and since him including Maradona and Messi copying him and trying to match him in style of play and achievements to this day, until another player is even close to this, Pele is no doubt not only the best football player ever, but possibly the biggest sporting phenomenon ever. And there is a reason for this. Both his right and left foot could do anything with the ball and we're just as good as eachother as a fact, not metaphorically speaking and no other player, not even Maradona or Messi have been blessed with this weapon, most especially to this degree. Watch how from outside the box, Pele strikes the ball with equal accuracy and power to score his goals, there is no other great that can do that. And yes he achieved all he did at a time when not just poverty, but racism at great extremes was against him, and at a time fouling brutally was allowed even more ruthlessly than in Maradona's time, and yes the pitches were even worse.
Abby 30
Abby 30 Hace 16 días
But pele had the best players in the world in his team. Maradona won trophies with mediocre teams, that's why Maradona is the greatest!
JJ B Hace un mes
"until any player can win 3 world cups and almost 4, and change how a sport is played, reinventing the game completely,".... and "Pele is no doubt not only the best football player ever, but possibly the biggest sporting phenomenon ever"... and so on... Propaganda victim with a rigged hero... Hulk does not exist. Pelé was not even the best football player of his generation.
Ralph Figaro
Ralph Figaro Hace un mes
Diego was the golden ball winner of the 86 world cup the best player. Lot of people doesn't know that Gary linaker was the golden boot winner being the top scorer of that same world cup.
JJ B Hace un mes
Yes, Lineker (6) scored one more goal than Maradona (5).
Shubham Sahai
Shubham Sahai Hace un mes
Brilliant heartfelt tribute by Linekar.. Rest in peace Maradona! Thanks for the wonderful memories!
Emily An
Emily An Hace un mes
Gary Lineker is a very British Gentleman....I love UK because there are people like him...Thanks!
Emily An
Emily An Hace un mes
Great tribute Gary, love how the younger pundits are asking questions on him and in awh of his ability.
Emily An
Emily An Hace un mes
Every 1 acting like they was his friend people die all the time
joe pesci
joe pesci Hace un mes
He walked more than 3 steps, why talking good about maradroga at any cost???He wasn't that great football player
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hace un mes
He was a cheater, but a great footballer no doubt. Not the best though.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hace un mes
Every 1 acting like they was his friend people die all the time
clayton jackson
clayton jackson Hace un mes
The Definition of the word HERO! MARADONA!!!
Fabio Pascali
Fabio Pascali Hace un mes
Maradona, God, Lineker, gentleman ever
Emily An
Emily An Hace un mes
Maradona a footballing God.
Jack Flash
Jack Flash Hace un mes
Linekar : worthy winner of the golden boot award at the 86 cup , something Marodona couldn't achieve.
James Goddard
James Goddard Hace un mes
That actually is impossible! Owens face says it all! R.I.P Diego! Absolute legend!
Julian Dicks
Julian Dicks Hace un mes
pollo frito :v
pollo frito :v Hace un mes
Hablas español porq no entiendo nada:'-/
Niall Cnoc
Niall Cnoc Hace un mes
Lineker restoring some English respectability after Peter Shilton’s disgraceful behaviour last week.
sasarasasarasa Hace un mes
So much CLASS from Gary. Respect. 👌👏
sasarasasarasa Hace un mes
@Cassie Lineker was very good but call him "genius" is little bit too much 😂
Cassie Hace un mes
play in world cup and he was absoloutly a genius with ball .and was clean in the game not like maradonna
daisyroot Lady
daisyroot Lady Hace un mes
line aker has everything planned thats how he makes his profit. he should be working for tabloids, that is his big misfortune , only he'd be afraid of his tail being stepped on
Cassie Hace un mes
Champions League is boring and predictable! Format change is needed.
irishcowboy42 Hace un mes
Lots of respect for Lineker on this one, Diego was the greatest of all, it just wasn't all about the football. The humility about himself and the respect for his teammates, the love for his country all added to his icon status. The hand of God goal, give me a break, Diego was 5'5 inches tall and Shilton was supposedly 6'0 foot and he beat him with his hand to the ball, fcuk off and own up to it Peter.
Alex Martin-Schael
Alex Martin-Schael Hace un mes
Fantastic tribute, very touching.
Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado Hace un mes
Gracias Gary, un verdadero caballero y un cra también. De vos, esto significa mucho.
CallidusAnguis Hace un mes
He was a cheater, but a great footballer no doubt. Not the best though.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace un mes
El Diego is not dead, he is in eternal freestyle.
Christopher Godfrey
Every 1 acting like they was his friend people die all the time
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace un mes
instead of licking his arse when it's too late.
Andrea Zitani
Andrea Zitani Hace un mes
Gary Lineker is a very British Gentleman....I love UK because there are people like him...Thanks!
Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan Hace un mes
Lovely memories and dedication from Gary Lineker
Maradona a footballing God.
Heirov17 Hace un mes
Actually thought Gary was going to cry at the end of his "it didn't work" line. Awesome use of words and emotions in describing a fellow peer.
Andrei FIRUTI Hace un mes
During the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Romania beat Argentina 3-2. After the game, newspapers from all around the world had the following headline: “Hagi and his Romanian tent beat Argentina”. Nobody said a thing. On the same year, Romania played against France in Saint-Etienne. Local fans wrote on their banners “Carpathian Gypsies”. Nobody said a thing. In 2009, Stuttgart played Unirea Urziceni in the Champions League. Stuttgart’s coach told his players that they’ll play against gypsies, including Ciprian Marica(his own striker) in that category. Nobody said a thing. In 2010, Steaua Bucharest played against Napoli. The Italian fans wrote on a banner “Romanians are shi*ty people, they are gypsies”. No measures were taken by UEFA. In 2014, Willy Grondin, Nantes’ goalkeepers’ coach called Romanian footballer Banel Nicolita a “begger”, reffering to his ethnicity. No measures were taken by UEFA. In 2016, Irina Begu played against Caroline Garcia. During the game, Garcia said the following: “I can’t belive I’m losing to this fuc*ing gypsy”. No measures were taken. In 2018, Simona Halep won the Roland Garros tournament. Following the win, French tabloid Charlie Hebdo released a cartoon with her followed by the word “Feraille”, which translated means scrap, an allusion to gypsies. Nobody said a thing. In 2019, Czech fans repeatedly shouted “gypsies, gypsies” when Slavia Prague played against CFR Cluj. No measures were taken by UEFA. On Tuesday night, a Romanian referee referred to Istanbul Basaksehir’s assistant manager as “black”. He called him by his skin colour. The whole Turkish team refused to continue playing the game and they started calling the Romanian people “gypsies”. The entire international press heroes out of the assistant manager and players of both teams, and set up Coltescu as the number one villain. This is the world we live in.
Liam Noman
Liam Noman Hace un mes
A Moan On A Phone.
A Moan On A Phone. Hace un mes
Junkie cheat.
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Hace un mes
Champions League is boring and predictable! Format change is needed.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
Excellent video. Keep it up!?
peter koumbridis
peter koumbridis Hace un mes
he talks about maradonna with outstanding skills with the ball but forgetten that pele in his own right acheived more world cups scored more goals and was the youngest ever to play in world cup and he was absoloutly a genius with ball .and was clean in the game not like maradonna
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
Ulfhednar Norvegr
Ulfhednar Norvegr Hace un mes
A champagne socialist hailing a cheater is nothing new. Viva Drogas Maradona... Cheating is alright when they are special, right? Always one rule for the chosen - all down to the core of socialism. One rule for Tor, another rule for Loke...
Gary Spence
Gary Spence Hace un mes
Juggled some socks........fantastic !!! Crack head
David C.
David C. Hace un mes
Beautiful tribute Gary, we can feel your admiration and respect to Diego ! Very emotional to listen to !
Vucumprá Hace un mes
I've always liked Maradona and laughed when he batted that ball into the goal with his hands and got plenty of hatred by England fans for doing so, but it was the Ref that was at fault, Maradona was branded a cheat although he cheated no more than most other footballers, but let's not for get his links with the Camorra, drugs, weapons and so forth instead of licking his arse when it's too late.
Vucumprá Hace un mes
@JJ B Yes, that's right he cheated no more than other footballers.
JJ B Hace un mes
„The first goal, ehhhhh, it’s like…, it’s like I steal from a thief.“, "... With this I don't want to be disrecpetful to the British football fans...", Diego Maradona. (from Sky)
Kriegerdammerung Hace un mes
El Diego is not dead, he is in eternal freestyle.
G S Hace un mes
Se te extraña Diego! Gracias por tanta genialidad. Serás eterno.
Aaron James
Aaron James Hace un mes
They weren't clean full vertical volley "bangs" like ol' Gal says but subtle vertical half-volley touches that're easy and I do em all the time (ol' Gal, baiting every one up)
Eduardo Mastroscello
British friends, who always remember "the hand of god" A bit of history ... Diego with "the hand of god" were stolen .. We agree! I would also like to talk about the World Cup 66 quarterfinals England - Argentina (German referee) Germany - Uruguay (English referee) The German referee expels Rattin (Argentine captain) after 33 minutes said that he had insulted him, without knowing the Spanish language. England won 1-0 with a goal from Hurst in the 77th minute with arbitration that favored them throughout the game. If the robbery is done by the power of the Football organizations, from the shadows, is it more acceptable for a football player to do it in full view of the world?
Robert C Lynch
Robert C Lynch Hace un mes
My era too. I was a teenager in 1986 and 86 and 82 were my favourites. Maradona for me, was the greatest player ever.
steakmeal74 Hace un mes
Lineker 🤢🤮🤮
RTC1655 Hace un mes
Al Pontevedra
Al Pontevedra Hace un mes
Hey Messi I the greatest and that's it .
Angel Matos
Angel Matos Hace un mes
Diego was oxygen at every level
omko73 Hace un mes
Lineker is a good story teller and looks like a cool guy
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Hace un mes
As anybody said what a drug taking cheat Maradona was? How can people idolise somebody who cheated in there profession..get a grip on reality and stop glossing over the facts
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Hace un mes
gary lineker. the humble, loved by nation footballer turned into million pound tv license burden, big headed twitter diva.
Zico Rarat
Zico Rarat Hace un mes
The greatest ever in football
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Hace un mes
He was a drug taking cheater.
Caesar 1
Caesar 1 Hace un mes
Cool skill but useless in a game unfortunately.
I remember Gary meet Maradona.
Amalia Catalina
Amalia Catalina Hace un mes
The level of HYPOCRISY of the English. They don't talk about all the cheating they did kicking, beating punching Maradona in the face, constantly during the whole game, the CHEATING...AND that's ok. They're just sore losers. Maradona never complained of the beating he endured. And they just go on and on..if talk about cheating, then talk about your cheating as well. That takes balls.
riberadelplata Hace un mes
Cassie Hace un mes
Great tribute Gary, love how the younger pundits are asking questions on him and in awh of his ability.
Eminem Morgan
Eminem Morgan Hace un mes
Lineker contradicts himself - clearly remember him saying Messi was the greatest player ever. Not surprised though as he is a pandering woke fool. Defund the BBC
Jerome & Lydia
Jerome & Lydia Hace un mes
Gary Linekar is a real sportsman for leaving this message,especially after the disgusting HAND OF GOD drama from the 1986 World Cup. Rest in peace to a real legend of the game. Checkout our Maradona tribute blog right now on our ESvid channel
cristian silvio bernachea
nosotros vimos un free style, en 1981, 25 años antes de que hubiera otro en cualquier parte del mundo
Cassie Hace un mes
Gary Lineker: what a great player and classy man! We miss him, Baggio and MARADONA! Greetings from Italy
Christopher O'Farrell
This is Gary at his best. He should keep out of politics, there he is a more ruder spelling of the german player, Kuntz.
Francis Robertson
Francis Robertson Hace un mes
Non personality’s talking about a human being they would destroy for anything he done in this day. They couldn’t like sh** off his shoe
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