Gary Moore - The Messiah Will Come Again

Patrick Webster
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GARY MOORE (4 April 1952 - 6 February 2011)
In remembrance to one of my all time guitar heroes, who sadly passed away a year ago today. This remains one of my favourite performances by him and I can still remember buying the original version, written and recorded by Roy Buchanan, when I was still a 15 year old boy and starting out learning to play the guitar.
This performance was recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1990 - a venue he revisited a number of times through the years.
Gary, you are sadly missed.


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6 feb 2012






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zach herbert
zach herbert Hace 7 horas
Roy buchanan would be proud
Tbass handyman
Tbass handyman Hace un día
just curious what he would sound like on a strat
goedwards Hace un día
18th Century - Mozart, 19th Century - Beethoven, 20th Century - Gary Moore
irishsetterarchie Hace un día
Masterpiece by a master of music!
Tatjana Khin
Tatjana Khin Hace un día
Virtuose !!!!!!!
Tatjana Khin
Tatjana Khin Hace un día
Top-Noten -Master und so eine wunderbare Leistung Gary ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💥💫 Oktober 2020
Pedro Strom
Pedro Strom Hace un día
that guitar... screams !
666acehigh acesmoker69
Gary more loved his music found the power it gives of each note he plays wot a class of his own R.I.P
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason Hace un día
Gary Moore is a legend and the rhythem and lyrics is remarkably splendid and phenomenal..The guitar seems to weep and send out sounds of a wonderful fulfilling day ahead of us..This is going out airwavee and so pleasing to all the fans..Easy listening...Great performance and a great band..
plokijn12 Hace un día
If the Messiah will come again it means Gary will be back on stage .... Can´t wait !
Luke Ablondi
Luke Ablondi Hace un día
damn I need a les paul now
Tolocoda Tolocoda
Tolocoda Tolocoda Hace un día
How could anyone give this a thumbs down? Really?
pjones8404 Hace 2 días
Kirk Hammett can own this guitar for the rest of his life and never play one note that drips with as much emotion, soul and love. MONSTER player! Miss him!
Anders Svensson
Anders Svensson Hace un día
Well ! Kirk Hammett isn't really a musician, hes just a guitar owner !
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee Hace 2 días
Krzysztof Mierzwa
Krzysztof Mierzwa Hace 2 días
Piękny utwór przepięknie wykonanie krzysztof z polen
Анатолий Ульянов
Отличная музыка супер.
grupa 16 lekarski 2018
Genius! Odlot totalny!
An Old Man Named dave
Great cover, but Roy’s Tele was greater!
Clint Wensley
Clint Wensley Hace 2 días
Rest In Music my friend...I miss you dearly
ZIGSVIDS Hace 2 días
Yeah , but the tone sucks !
joe Joe
joe Joe Hace 3 días
Another great song...sounds like Santana has another brother ....
Mona Lund
Mona Lund Hace 3 días
I just love that man with hes guitar ♥️No one over him and now one beside. ♥️
carlos delgado
carlos delgado Hace 3 días
😢😢😢....It is eternal
mark demell
mark demell Hace 3 días
Elizabeth Sobel
Elizabeth Sobel Hace 3 días
gary moore had no equal . he had everything artistry and technique . he will always be my all time favourite .
Tony Walker
Tony Walker Hace 3 días
To be able to wrench out the passion and pure heart he can on this...
Funny45 Hace 4 días
that guitar is all beat up. he needs a new one
Tiina Uusitupa
Tiina Uusitupa Hace 4 días
Barnens... Öron.. 😂 👋
Tiina Uusitupa
Tiina Uusitupa Hace 4 días
Knäpt 😂🐪☕📢☮️❤️🇫🇮📻👋
Tiina Uusitupa
Tiina Uusitupa Hace 4 días
Inaktivera alla kommentarer youtube
Michael Byrd
Michael Byrd Hace 4 días
If yall couldn't get enough of this song check out Roy Buchanan doing it ,raw. You're very very very welcome.
押田容子 Hace 4 días
ohーGary何て、せつなく、美しい曲🎸でも、あなたは、もうこの世に、いない the、missionWillolCOMEagain🎵は、🎸と、共に、天国。👼に、上がっていくように、思います🌠😢
Lee Dee
Lee Dee Hace 4 días
Also, I believe that is/was Peter Green's old Gold Top Gibson 😊
Lee Dee
Lee Dee Hace 4 días
Wow 😊 compare and contrast with Roy Buchanan's version on Austin City Limits ... 😊
DawnRider Hace 5 días
In the dictionary, the definition for "guitar" is a picture of Gary Moore. That's all that needs to be said.
Hugh Morrison
Hugh Morrison Hace 5 días
Harry Peters
Harry Peters Hace 5 días
Nobody plays a les paul with more guts than gary moore. He is so amazing to watch and listen to.
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards Hace 5 días
This is the most amazing thing I've seen on youtube
Alejandro BG
Alejandro BG Hace 6 días
Nos dejaste un gran legado, maestro.
MIKE Hace 6 días
he was simply awe inspiring. his sustained notes were apparently, painful if judged by the faces that he made, lol.
Steve Guest
Steve Guest Hace 6 días
This is an incredible guitar solo .... RIP Gary
eden eden
eden eden Hace 6 días
unbelievable beautiful and touching - that's our hope, faith and painful longing
David Harper
David Harper Hace 6 días
Gary Moore brilliant guitar slinger one of the best the world has ever seen up there with top like SRV buddy guy & Clapton watched him play with BB King G Moore genius when he was in his blues mode this slinger get under your skin funny thing all best guitar slingers give you this brilliant feeling GM was at top of his game great to watch the work load he put in to live performance out of this world🎸🎸🎸
patrick devlin
patrick devlin Hace 6 días
Well hello this tune I heard many years ago Roy Buchanan wow great version wow yea he rips this a must have for any real rocker out their. enjoy
Dave Goldbach
Dave Goldbach Hace 7 días
Unreal, Gary is amazing. Very unfortunate that many hard core rockers missed this guy.
Świetny utwór.
c carville
c carville Hace 7 días
I used to believe his ability came from that guitar because it was the Devil's. I heard Kirk Hammett play it and don't believe this anymore.
tendervittles doobiestein
There's no doubt in my mind and if you really really listen to this "performance" then you'd be sure too. The greatest guitar player of all time: Gary Moore (RIP)
Nice tribute to Roy buchanan. His solo was one of the very first great guitar solos I ever heard. Not at all suprised it left a mark on Gary.
64fairlane359 Hace 8 días
Compare to the master: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-deeBQZ8Aklc.html
Carl Behrens
Carl Behrens Hace 8 días
Is this Christian rock? Man it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. All the prog bands seem occultist. Thanks, for the tip.
Cyrus Hace 8 días
is there a link to the full show somewhere?
Сергей Поторока
Спасибо,что ты был Гари.Мы тебя помним.Твоя музыка-волшебство!!!
Dennis Gritsiyenko
Dennis Gritsiyenko Hace 8 días
It's perfect.
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek Hace 9 días
12 years now unbelievable,but sadly true
MrLuskoff Hace 9 días
As for me, it is the greatest guitarist...
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek Hace 9 días
the energy he gave us is still here
Albin Bryzek
Albin Bryzek Hace 9 días
The Lord God gave him so much talent
Dan Hoerle
Dan Hoerle Hace 9 días
I tear up everytime i hear this.
Neville Darman8n
Neville Darman8n Hace 9 días
Absolutely awesome thanks 👌😍😍😍🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️
Chris Cross
Chris Cross Hace 10 días
There are not too many guys playing right from their soul
Мария Мария
Мария Мария Hace 10 días
Потрясающая игра, высший пилотаж!!!
mike murphy
mike murphy Hace 10 días
There tears coming out of his guitar. There are many great players out there but very very few like Gary Moore. Rest in peace.
Janis Klinnert
Janis Klinnert Hace 10 días
Duuuuuuude that vibrato gives me the CHILLS. Holy shit. And his tone! Unreal!!
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Hace 10 días
Such big hair! Such big hands! Such a big face! That all makes Gary so much Moore! Lol The only man worthy of Peter Greene's '59 LP! We are lucky to still share these moments in this modern age. Rest In Peace brother Gary. You will be remembered.
James Tucker
James Tucker Hace 10 días
Gary here lays tribute the the great Roy Buchanon's version of "The Messiah Will Come Again". Let's remember that boys & girls. Beautify done here, and would make the Telle master himself quite proud. God bless them both. This isn't a song to be played. It's a song only to be felt. Peace, and be safe!
Mica Landero
Mica Landero Hace 11 días
Pero cómo le vas a dar dislike a Gary Moore?! Atrevido!
ayaszveena Hace 11 días
made my day :)
RPG 808
RPG 808 Hace 11 días
Moor wore a WIG most of his career. Very low self esteem. Take the wig off and he couldn't play!
Leandro Rockpala
Leandro Rockpala Hace 11 días
Esse cara deixou saudade com essas caras de louko e pegada sem comentários nas seis cordas !!!
Krischaan Hace 11 días
Wow! That tone!! Also that Les Paul "Greeny" now belongs to Kirk Hammet from Metallica! The history for that guitar alone tremendous. Let alone of those guitarist...
IrishGuitarGaz Hace 11 días
George Harrison may have written While my Guitar Gently Weeps, but Gary Moore lived it. Never seen another player who could convey as much emotion through the instrument as he could.
Miche Gou.
Miche Gou. Hace 11 días
Ouahhh !!!! +++++
spitfireace57 Hace 12 días
Thanks for the nod to Roy Buchanan.
Rodolfo Ortega
Rodolfo Ortega Hace 12 días
This is IT, the rest are phantoms
Sweetie Hace 12 días
Around this time seems to be the high peak for Gary Moore's guitar performance in my opinion.
ggammel Hace 12 días
In the dark of night, I turned on the radio, to hear this worshiping guitar. "A worshiping guitar," I exclaimed thinking that's how I would search for it online because Christian stations normally don't announce who's playing what. "This guitarist has surely used his God-given talent to worship and bring glory to his Maker," I thought, and as it ended, Ian Punnett, Coast- to-Coast announced, "The Messiah Will Come Again" performed by Gary Moore. Wow!
oh wow Don Airey on keys
Allyn Nichols
Allyn Nichols Hace 12 días
A snippet of this being played in the night on KFI, woke me right up. Had to get up and write it down so as to not forget. Don’t be ashamed if you wept.....cuz he’s making that guitar cry.
fred d
fred d Hace 12 días
Me too!
Terry Farley
Terry Farley Hace 12 días
RIP Maestro!
Kimberly Hollingsworth
I just found this tonight.,.. as bumper music on a talk show.... and I am just in heart felt tears...! So beautiful!! I had no idea....!
James Town
James Town Hace 12 días
My neighbors hear this too when I listen to this
Ben Craig
Ben Craig Hace 13 días
the only guitar that can make Hammetts vibrato sound good lol. with Gary it's just divine.
Mohd Ariff
Mohd Ariff Hace 13 días
He was the guitar actualy..#RIP Gary..😪
Jodi Acosta
Jodi Acosta Hace 13 días
Doesn't matter HOW Gary achieved these INCREDIBLE sounds. What matters is his ABILITY TO MAKE THAT GUITAR CRY OUT TO JESUS, THE MESSIAH😍
markus frankenfeld
markus frankenfeld Hace 14 días
The Messiah has come again.
Niels Koopman
Niels Koopman Hace 14 días
Just stunning and fascinating to watch....never mind listen!
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis Hace 14 días
I will never be able to play shit like that.
Shawn Bell
Shawn Bell Hace 14 días
Stunning, just stunning.
chedderhead55 Hace 14 días
Always never thought I would hear this song played better than by Roy Buchannan........and then I heard Gary Moore's version....... Phenomenal!!
Kimberly Hollingsworth
I just heard it tonight for very first time.... and I’m in tears... so utterly beautiful!
George G Woolston
George G Woolston Hace 15 días
ROY BUCHANAN - THE MESSIAH WILL COME AGAIN(LIVE 1976) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-deeBQZ8Aklc.html
hansgerd eisemann
hansgerd eisemann Hace 15 días
Ein Gitarist der ersten Reihe !!! Unvergesslich!!!
sanja lang
sanja lang Hace 15 días
Insanely good. Simple perfection.
Aleks Jeff
Aleks Jeff Hace 16 días
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
Plebis Maximus
Plebis Maximus Hace 5 días
Forever and ever, amen!
Nicholas Collora
Nicholas Collora Hace 16 días
Not quest. Question..when USA 👍 liberates Nicholas Collora youtube..just a homo sapien..8 scenes observe your 1 ➖ 8
Faded Blue Jeans
Faded Blue Jeans Hace 16 días
One of the most underrated guitar players in the history of the world. This is a 10 minute song and I do not think he repeated himself once. Spectacular.
daniel laurence
daniel laurence Hace 12 días
@Faded Blue Jeans Underrated is not the word. Not very famous perhaps, but not underrated.
Faded Blue Jeans
Faded Blue Jeans Hace 12 días
@daniel laurence Compared to household names like Clapton, Page , Gilmour and the like, he does not have anywhere NEAR the name recognition that those players enjoy. Guitar players know who he is, and a few just general music lovers appreciate him, but for the most part his work has been overlooked by the general public. Its a shame too because he was every bit as good as any of those players. So yes, I am sticking by what I said.
daniel laurence
daniel laurence Hace 12 días
Underrated? Don t say bullshit
trevor Hace 16 días
Melodic too, not just a bunch of notes, thats the difference, anyone can shred. Master Moore.
Ellis Scott
Ellis Scott Hace 13 días
trevor what I love about guitarists like this guy, Eric Johnson, Steve via and a few others. They're playing is super insane fast but while keeping it tasteful. That's why I could never really get with Eddie van halens playing, and while it's a terrible loss that he's gone and he was undeniably a legend in his own right I just found his playing to be rather dull despite being impressive
pie nasta
pie nasta Hace 16 días
Bahh ! When i see all famous guitarist using pedals sound control ..... And then truly blues played only with a Gibson .
Zora M
Zora M Hace 16 días
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet jesus Gary
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