Gears of War 5 Escape Mode & Terminator Full Presentation | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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M Velez
M Velez Hace 2 horas
My gears ended with JD FENIX .
More Cloud tech USA
More Cloud tech USA Hace 4 horas
Gears 5 > Death Stranding
Jonathan Mercado
Jonathan Mercado Hace 9 horas
Hold up you have the terminator but not play the iconic sound! Shame
Real Hanzo Main
Real Hanzo Main Hace 12 horas
just stfu and bring back the og gang
ItsDom Thao
ItsDom Thao Hace un día
TBH what is happening to Gears of War, I hate the robots and the story line tho like I rather play Gears 3. I want a good story line to draw me in with the characters, in Gears 4 i wasn't attached to ANY OF THE characters I want that feeling of being attached to a character such as Dom, when Dom died I cried. I really hope this isnt a repeat of Gears 4
Mike Gikas
Mike Gikas Hace un día
They must remaster gears 2 and 3
Jorge Valdebenito
Jorge Valdebenito Hace un día
Que llegue luego no mas
TheM31ShadoW Hace un día
So this should be the biggest gears experience so far coalition ??!
Yay Buckets
Yay Buckets Hace un día
WY Hodesntbthis have more lieks
Juan Carlos Mendoza Carcamo
Screw XBOX
JayCrimson Hace un día
Why does every game company feel you need to have a female protagonist? Shits getting old as fuck and not realistic.
Kringe Stick
Kringe Stick Hace un día
Why is there so much resentment of the newer gears of war games?honestly just want to understand
Kringe Stick
Kringe Stick Hace un día
Just getting into the franchise and playing the original games. In the most recent editions of the game(gears of war 4) does it seem like there's an agenda being put down your throat, if not why is there so much representment comming from the community when it comes to this launch trailer
Abd el rahman mohamed
I will not fucken buy any gears game until you release gears 2 and 3 on PC cause i will not play incomplete stuff,and another thing try put more efforts in your games so at least appears to be a game not incomplete abomination, try to look and learn from the indie games and the independent studios learn some art some game play and PUT SOME FUCKEN PASSION INTO THE GODDAMN PRODUCT YOU SELL INSTEAD OF FUCKEN MILKING US AND THE GAME.
BLINK TWICE Hace 2 días
Can I get an ultimate edition gears 2 and 3? That’d be great
biggy cheese
biggy cheese Hace 2 días
5:50 can I point out the way that guy is running in the background
kishenkoolskills90 Hace 2 días
They need to bring a terminator game, where your Sarah corner and you fight terminators
Dimond dumbies
Dimond dumbies Hace 2 días
Ok so to all of you are complaining because they didn't show gameplay they had a stream right after this that showed the nee escape mode.
Visura Fernando
Visura Fernando Hace 2 días
Gears of war was the reason I got my Xbox in year 6 now I’m at uni and I love my PS4
Ray Boy_theguy
Ray Boy_theguy Hace 2 días
I saw the commercial and was like why the fuck is a terminator holding a lance from gears of war 😮😮😮 are the locusts making robots now because of their now dwindling species ?????
Tye Gettys
Tye Gettys Hace 2 días
What happened to this game?
Jarrod Bryant
Jarrod Bryant Hace 3 días
This isnt even gears anymore.
A Templar Knight
A Templar Knight Hace 3 días
Hol up so the terminator is gonna be on the humans side that's pretty weird(I know you can hack or reprogram a terminator but this seems to be a soldier variant of a t 800 so this is gonna be neato)
Habib Hussain
Habib Hussain Hace 3 días
Song name? Anybody?
Andy Flip
Andy Flip Hace 3 días
Gears ended with gears 3. Gears 2 is platinum to the name this will suffer the same fate as halo 4 and 5 if you would have listened from how bad gears 4 was.......just sad.
96MemeStar69 Hace 3 días
No One: No One: No One: E3: *A New Challenger Approaches*
Azadmehr Nohegar
Azadmehr Nohegar Hace 3 días
Can these guys stop using Black Sabbath in the worst ways humanly possible i thought anthem was cringy but this is on another level
slider slayer
slider slayer Hace 3 días
i loved gear of war and didn't think 4 was bad, but does any one else feels like it was suppose to end after 3? when i first played it felt like a good ending place for games i loved, and now there's more idk how i feel
Thats It
Thats It Hace 3 días
I cant take you guys seriously tbh. Do you rly want to do a Gears of War game without Marcus and the old characters ? I dont care if he is in a wheelchair just bring him back ! Thanks.
dharvesh 25
dharvesh 25 Hace 3 días
What’s the song?
Israel Carreon
Israel Carreon Hace 3 días
Name of the song?
jerrys the best dad
jerrys the best dad Hace 3 días
I miss the old gears I remember waking up on Christmas morning and getting the gears 1-3 pack and playing that
dorrito super
dorrito super Hace 3 días
Why Billie eyelash
Jelly_beaner Hace 3 días
I wish epic games still worked on this game
Roland G
Roland G Hace 3 días
Fuck it throw some Terminator in there, that’ll make this shit show easier to pallet.
General peñilanka
General peñilanka Hace 4 días
Este juego para mi termino en el 3
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts Hace 4 días
Pretty graphics gory violence and yet I feel nothing... Gears of War 3 Commercial had 10× more Heart than this dull, pandering to everyone satisfying no one abc formula of a presentation.
SlackAlot Hace 4 días
You really can't think this going to be a good game.
Zach Waddill
Zach Waddill Hace 4 días
Completely corny.
Ανδρέας Hace 4 días
Gears of War 3 was the last true Gears. This franchise is dead to me
Elias Sabin
Elias Sabin Hace 4 días
I’m not gonna say that it’s bad yet but I really miss the sadness and horror of the old ones. It felt like a war a real war with people who you car about at risk
AshOwly Hace 4 días
Hate the fact most games that was once aimed at Adults is now aimed at kids!
Connor Randall
Connor Randall Hace 4 días
Also this was a pretty cringey Reveal
Connor Randall
Connor Randall Hace 4 días
OMFG fuck off billy Eillish shes so annoying omfg
Jake Wion
Jake Wion Hace 4 días
Compare these trailers to Gears 1, 2 and 3... what a disconnect.
Ex-Poser Toons
Ex-Poser Toons Hace 4 días
ughk god no thanks
Userunknown Hace 4 días
Bruh I’m gonna buy an xbox again, so I can play on all 3 main platforms
Kevin Roy
Kevin Roy Hace 5 días
A fuckin girl for a main character......I actually considered buying an Xbox again just for this game....guess not. I’ll stick with my PS4 pro.
Josh Velez
Josh Velez Hace 5 días
Osmar OsbXrne Beatz
Osmar OsbXrne Beatz Hace 5 días
This shit looks like fortnite 🤦🏽‍♂️
enforcer guns we don't want bad
get guns good gun filling times were very slow.
markseed Hace 5 días
Goodbye old boy 😭🖕
Elder Mauricio Girón Bonilla
ala the beigind the floods
Isoka Kun Sama
Isoka Kun Sama Hace 5 días
Fuck you xlosers hahaha yo dont sell nothing
Sense when did terminator exist in gears
This looks so awesome
Andy Flip
Andy Flip Hace 3 días
Joshua Logan
Joshua Logan Hace 5 días
Health bars, damage markers, the shitty revamped perfect reload which they kept, and the numerous other things. The same way Dimitri Petrenko should have died in The Battle Of Berlin, Gears of War should have died in The Second Battle Of Azura. Look at how they massacred my boy.
rick hfnhdfu
rick hfnhdfu Hace 5 días
I just cringed so hard I added permanent wrinkles to my face
Andy Flip
Andy Flip Hace 3 días
Jeffrey Bratton
Jeffrey Bratton Hace 5 días
Why cant yall just remaster 3 and leave it alone??are yall gonna become like cod??
The reason I played it in the first place in 2006 was for its dark gritty horror themed explicit gorey style. It ended with Cliff Bleszinski. I’ll tell u how to achieve the grittiness, firstly play original Gears of War campaign, make a gritty dark storyline similarly, make the environments high contrasty, dark and mysterious. Make the environments grungy, make the missions balanced, the feeling of long adventure into the ever-changing unknown in between bosses was great, underneath overcast skies, thunderstorms or night skies lit up by pale moonlight and flickering street lamps, the feeling of walking into Mansion or through other derelict buildings, courtyards and spaces was crowned by captivating epically dark eerie soundtracks. The violins, sounds, the menu music itself. Matter of fact, the dark menu with the jittery grunge style accompanied by eerie music just captured what Gears of War is about. Similar to Halo, you have to look at the foundations, eg Halo 1, 2, 3. With Gears of War it’s more or less Gears 1 and 2. Make the characters ballsy with attitude correlating a little to real life Army people like in the original GoW. The COG is an Army fighting a locust at the end of the day. Stop making it like an arcade game. Lastly, make the storyline powerful and don’t be afraid to make it go into the deep end. I suggest getting a good writer for this part. COD4, Halo 3 and Gears of War campaigns were all the peak for their franchises. Those people involved in those projects really did the games justice.
MajorMindsBeats Hace 5 días
Ps4 allday
Canadian Cat
Canadian Cat Hace 5 días
Gears 4 is better
holly clown
holly clown Hace 5 días
Came here for the terminator.
If you laugh you sub!
Gears is the shittest game
Devonte Booker
Devonte Booker Hace 5 días
This shit looks so lame omg.
Leonel Jimenez
Leonel Jimenez Hace 5 días
DigikidForever Hace 5 días
That first glimpse was weird as hell.
mark' S
mark' S Hace 5 días
How familiar are you with the gear wars?
Not So Pro Gamer
Not So Pro Gamer Hace 6 días
Gears took the same path halo did with halo 4 and 5...disappointing
DinoBot Hace 6 días
Finally Gears of War from Epic and Not shitty fucking fortnite
Martin Ruvalcaba
Martin Ruvalcaba Hace 6 días
How did Ozzy accept this?
Nick T
Nick T Hace 6 días
On to Gears of War 6!
Andy Flip
Andy Flip Hace 3 días
More like back to gears 3 where it should have ended
Heavy metal and anime 4 life
wait sir hammerlock from borderlands?? 😂
Heavy metal and anime 4 life
Carmine c? 😁
Mark Ledesma
Mark Ledesma Hace 6 días
My gears end in gears 3
Tarr baby
Tarr baby Hace 6 días
This proves ash isn't in mk11. It's the terminator with the chainsaw on it's gun that you hear at the end of the dlc reaveal for mk11.
Alex Epifanio
Alex Epifanio Hace 6 días
man I feel like these characters don't even feel like soldiers anymore. They just feel like bunch of high school characters with armor on.
Dylan Gundberg
Dylan Gundberg Hace 6 días
This game is aimed towards fuckboys isn't it.
Andy Flip
Andy Flip Hace 3 días
LGBTQ people
ShoeLaceBandit Hace 6 días
Wtf is this shit? Stealth kills and skinny little twerps fighting robots? I dont see any gears, or war anywhere here.
IVIajor DamageD
IVIajor DamageD Hace 6 días
I, i, can't... I cant believe what you have done to this what was once a amazing series, i actually just died inside watching all of the gears of war 5 trailers, you have truly ruined this game. Please, just let it the game and its glory days lie and just let the game die, PLEASE... ;_;
john jackson
john jackson Hace 6 días
Please who you fooling you Sony worshipper you need to be deported!!!!
XCS Hace 6 días
Ma’am of Wars!
Ricky McGrath
Ricky McGrath Hace 6 días
everyone who was involved in making this gears 5 needs to be fired. wow that was so bad
Mike Moon
Mike Moon Hace 6 días
damn the time! when epic games I leave in the wrong hands a work of art called gears of war !!
Merch Boi
Merch Boi Hace 6 días
Pure beauty but I really don't want some stupid character power B.S.
Мистер Хайзенберг Уайт
Пиздец вам всем уроды!я вернулся!
PartyUpLive Hace 6 días
This "presentation" was very poorly handled. "And we'll tell you all about it this summer." Wait, What?
Willox Hace 6 días
If they were gonna make another Gears game after 3 could it not have been a prequel or a spin off, gears of war is supposed to be about the war with the locusts and trying to stop it.
Shahbaz Khan
Shahbaz Khan Hace 6 días
Who misses the locust?
ARCANUS Hace 6 días
People are complaining about the story already jeez..
Haggis McTavish
Haggis McTavish Hace 6 días
Ok gears just stay in the coffin now ok
bob dole
bob dole Hace 6 días
Anakin skywalker vibes lol
H0bb1t M1ndTr1x
H0bb1t M1ndTr1x Hace 6 días
Gears 4 didn't earn my trust. It showed me that half of what made Gears left Epic years ago. Now it's just a loot pack shooter. Horde sucked, card system sucked, vs wasn't as fun... Hopefully Gears 5 is an improvement.
stealthcoyote Hace 6 días
Dislike this vid to show em how we feel 😤
Sleepy Sal
Sleepy Sal Hace 6 días
5 year olds when they don't get pizza rolls
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