Gears of War 5 Escape Mode & Terminator Full Presentation | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

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Gears 5 takes the stage during Microsofts E3 presentation, featuring new game modes and a surprising Terminator tie-in.
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9 jun 2019






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BluuSage Hace 12 días
Every one complaining then is loving the game now
dawsyn Hace 16 días
Hey man it’s September 2nd when this was comment was posted and my gears of war 5 is having a 53.93 GB update 🤔
Angel Snow
Angel Snow Hace 20 días
Is it going to have better Color in the game?????
Angel Snow
Angel Snow Hace 20 días
I really like to play the game see how the end I hope it really good one to
Nick Hace 22 días
I heavily enjoyed Gears of War's concept of dark and just utter despair. Everything just utter depression and despairing in the games. Gears of War 4 kind........of lost that. Gears of War 5 so far doesn't show that.
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Hace 23 días
you guys remember the gears of war trailer with marcus and the face of the statue and hes crying?
Kevin Salinas
Kevin Salinas Hace 24 días
Gears just isn't the same anymore 😟.I want Dom and Marcus back
Eva Mollso
Eva Mollso Hace 24 días
5:43 what music is this
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez Hace 24 días
I'm getting gears 5 on September 8th
KeepFit Daddyuk
KeepFit Daddyuk Hace 27 días
Yay Woman Power!....no thank's.
A Golden Scar
A Golden Scar Hace 27 días
Lost some respect for Xbox for using shitty Billie ilish or whatever’s music
Ridwan Wan
Ridwan Wan Hace 29 días
Nintendo please
jrag1000 Hace un mes
Why do the developers always think people want to create their own levels to challenge their friends? They are so misguided about that notion. Fucking stupid.
Creeper Hace un mes
Creeper Hace un mes
I'm this close to not buying it
Lauchboy Laser
Lauchboy Laser Hace un mes
What if i told you the black dude is Jace Stratton
XxPU5SYxP0UND3RxX Hace un mes
Its changing now i miss the old style of the games
jpleroux24 Hace un mes
Gears without Marcus Fenix and Delta? Nah, keep that shit. Id even settle for JD and his crew but to introduce all new characters now in hopes of reviving this series I think is laughable at best
PISTOLE PEET Hace un mes
Y all the hate
Lavon mitchell
Lavon mitchell Hace un mes
It on my birthday lol
Matome Martin
Matome Martin Hace un mes
We should be able to kick or punch the enemies when they're close enough
PBA porkpies
PBA porkpies Hace un mes
Ide rather see a remastered trilogy but hey
Shish Kebab
Shish Kebab Hace un mes
What they dont realize is that overdoing it kills the gears spirit, everyone likes it simple with a good ol gnasher
smug buck
smug buck Hace un mes
Let's be honest, know one cares about Kait
Sneaker Bay
Sneaker Bay Hace un mes
Gears ain’t gears nomore 🤷🏾‍♂️
jayden rowley
jayden rowley Hace un mes
Can’t wait to play it I love gears 4
Diego Contreras
Diego Contreras Hace un mes
I hate those cyborgs in the franchise; they've overlaped the viceral experience in GOW.
DeadBoiClique Hace un mes
I fucking hate the billie eillish video. Fucking horrible. Use original music.
ttsunamii Hace un mes
Wow but no new maps
devanjis Madness
devanjis Madness Hace un mes
They should do a 15v15 team death match that's should go 30deaths n it's a huge battle field with vehicle's like the silver back
Napalm Hace un mes
Menuda mierda lo va a comprar su pta madre microsoft
Kebler Keppler
Kebler Keppler Hace un mes
is crazy train from ozzy???
Creeper Hace 27 días
Ye but they messed it up real bad
Dory Grisales
Dory Grisales Hace un mes
Nicolas Lahky
Nicolas Lahky Hace un mes
Probably the last amazing exclusive we have and you fuck it up like this. It's not Gears anymore
Ethan Kaiser
Ethan Kaiser Hace un mes
Can't wait to try the game with the terminator dark fate
Deadpool C.
Deadpool C. Hace un mes
So did Marcus kill Kant’s grandma in gear 3
Creeper Hace 27 días
Deadpool C.
Deadpool C. Hace un mes
I like they have terminator in gears 5 but why did They change it
Harvest Five
Harvest Five Hace un mes
Its playing a song but I forgot the name
Andrés Vázquez
Andrés Vázquez Hace un mes
Im glad that they dont use gears of war as a title anymore, and they just call it gears, cause they are right.. This isnt gears of war.
Stgcam Hace 2 meses
This game is ass
Per Bäckström
Per Bäckström Hace 2 meses
Worst music ever. No Gears feeling
Swifty Hace 2 meses
I thought all the sires were dead how they survive all this time
illusive_nezzy88 Hace 2 meses
Yeaaa after gears 4 its it's extremely hard to even be excited. Gears 4 was a total failure of what the gears series used to be. Im going to give gears 5 one chance if it fails im done with Microsoft all together
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
Yo when will they add billie elish in the game like they added the song BURY A FRIEND
Nec Legend
Nec Legend Hace 2 meses
Remaster gears 2 and I'll be forever happy!
Jellyfish. Gif
Jellyfish. Gif Hace 2 meses
i just came fo terminator scene... but only because I love terminator
Crash And burn
Crash And burn Hace 2 meses
DEAD. let it die ... Just like COD.
Alberto Daniel Gonzalez Temis
Billie Elish?
Horacio Cuevas
Horacio Cuevas Hace 2 meses
Kait isn't that interesting to me. I don't feel any attachment to this character, if she's the main protagonist. I'd be disappointed. I RATHER PLAY DEL. Del is funny, corny, and just a better character period. But i'd be cool with JD again
Horacio Cuevas
Horacio Cuevas Hace 2 meses
Lets just call them locust, renaming the enemy is just weird
The Viking
The Viking Hace 2 meses
I hope it's better than they show. I grew up on gears of war. It was one of the first console games I played and I don't want to give up on it but this looks like shit EA, and 343 would put out
ThatPixelGuy Hace 2 meses
"They attacked... And took EVERYTHING" don't think I've ever laughed so much at E3... Pure gorgonzola
Jd B
Jd B Hace 2 meses
I really hope Kait becomes the new queen. So I can kill her in gears 6. She's such a bad character.
The Bible
The Bible Hace 2 meses
Gears 2: Not an ounce of sunshine, no rainbows, no pink guns, gritty, helpless, SERIOUS, a hope that Kryll might make a comeback in the sequel. The future was optimistic. Sequel: You fight in a sunny overgrown grocery store ffs alongside your toothpick female lover? From guys who looked like the hulk to women who have arms like a garden hose. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO OUR GAME? Tbh, I knew this game was going to die when they added women all the way back in Gears 3. Now my prediction is fulfilled.
Manasume Chan
Manasume Chan Hace 2 meses
If gears of war 5 is coming then carmine family should be a big mode
Elton Mckneely
Elton Mckneely Hace 2 meses
Bring back carmine!
Jeremy Santos
Jeremy Santos Hace 2 meses
You can scroll through the comments all day nobody reacted to this positively. Marcus and Dom turning in they're graves you should be ashamed of yourselves
Jeremy Santos
Jeremy Santos Hace 2 meses
Yeah Gears of War died its funny how these guys are actually trying did any of the recent gears of war do better then 1-3? Gears of war died after judgment and now it's like hey lets make more bullshit that nobody is gonna buy. Star wars and Disney just like Gears dead
United we stand divided we fall
Lots of folks hating. Let’s wait till it comes out to judge it first. I get it it doesn’t have the same feel as previous gears but I’m still excited and hope they delve more into the lore.
United we stand divided we fall
I hope they tell what happened to JD he’s seen better days. Also let Kait be the next locust queen so we can continue the fénix legacy of crushing locust scum. Or swarm whatever.
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