Gender Reveal Parties

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I think it's time to not do this anymore please

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16 sep 2020






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Christopher Amador
Christopher Amador Hace 9 meses
Im not gonna watch this one, thanks anyways drew
Pomeranian_23 Hace 3 horas
No one asked tho just keep it to your self 😐
JAF Hace 10 días
Crust Crusader
Crust Crusader Hace 13 días
Paper Cut
Paper Cut Hace 16 días
Dudo Hace 17 días
Andy C
Andy C Hace 33 minutos
Vestol Hace 12 horas
Actually technically 26 people died because of oil/gas so I guess the Dinos are still killen (btw this isn’t a wooosh I know I’m just making a joke)
Leiley King
Leiley King Hace 19 horas
Lily Greene
Lily Greene Hace 23 horas
My friend dyed a pot of honey with the color pink and it was actually very cute! Explosives seem....frustrating. especially when people don't know how to use them properly.
Tasi Soph
Tasi Soph Hace un día
DC News
DC News Hace un día
Our baby was born today....it was an IT....like from the Adams Family. CELEBRATE IT DAY!!!!
Some Dude
Some Dude Hace un día
I am a victim of gender reveal party’s they burnt down alot
Christian Parker
Christian Parker Hace un día
Where can I get this shirt tho
Mystery Girl
Mystery Girl Hace un día
You Have A Problem With Everyone And Everything 😂
SoughtAnarchy Hace un día
0:44 I'm *pretty* sure he said "ginger reveal"
SVT Dominos
SVT Dominos Hace 2 días
My english teacher couldn't stop talking about gender reveal parties today and I somehow ended up emailing him the link to this video... I hope he likes it! 😊
melissa green
melissa green Hace 2 días
Has anyone noticed in quite a few of these gender reveals parties, that the dad sometimes gets upset when they found out they are going to have a girl. Like why are they weird? it's just freaking weird
Sherlockowiec Hace 2 días
The one thing I don't understand is why would anyone care what gender is their baby? Genuinely want to know.
Contemporary Crow
Contemporary Crow Hace 2 días
How about a ginger reveal party? Instead of the gender, you see if it’s ginger or not
Steve Mills
Steve Mills Hace 2 días
“maybe I doo doo”
•Baseball San•
•Baseball San• Hace 2 días
My cousin just..texted people 🧍🏼
tayloreh Hace 2 días
I have watched so many of these and just realized your neon sign says hey guy.
PillowPrincess Hace 2 días
straight people are weird af
onedirection28 Hace 3 días
I'm gonna use a nuke to explode a country for my gender reveal 😁 if the fire is pink it's a boy
spaghetti :]
spaghetti :] Hace 3 días
my friends mom started them...
Meme The Cat
Meme The Cat Hace 3 días
I guess now making a colored cake is just...I dunno...predictable? Too boring? Jesus
New Yardley Sinclair
0:47 ginger reveal parties?
New Yardley Sinclair
Gender reveal.parties are a consequence of social media. Never heard of them before Facebook
Tanisha Hace 4 días
If you do a gender reveal party in my country *you would be jailed* because yes..female infanticide.
Shouta Aizawa
Shouta Aizawa Hace 5 días
So the reason i almost had to leave my house while my friend’s houses were burned was because of a stupid reason like this. SO many people were harmed, and i couldn’t even see the SUN behind all of that smoke.
Jonatan Nilsson
Jonatan Nilsson Hace 5 días
I think ur to nice about this, the very core of gender reveal parties are slightly sexist and transphobic, its sooo dumb, its not even a tradition, its like a new thing.
margaret w
margaret w Hace 5 días
did he just- did he just say "ginger reveal parties"
Georgia A
Georgia A Hace 5 días
Do you know what state this happened in? That's right......... The one that I live in
Pen the Clickety
Pen the Clickety Hace 6 días
7:06 we all know
red wolf92
red wolf92 Hace 7 días
who needs Al-Qaeda or ISIS when our fellow patriotic Americans would turn themselves into domestic terrorist for the sake of genital reveals.
Narcissa Deville
Narcissa Deville Hace 7 días
Gotta love how many dues are SOOO disappointed to see the pink smoke like wow. At least pretend not to be already disappointed in your kid.
KArt Hace 7 días
After Apartheid and Holocaust , Gender Parties are the worst thing human's have ever done.
why are we always yelling
It would be funny if during one of these outrageous gender reveal stunts it caused a miscarriage Or if one or both of the parents were killed
brightail Hace 8 días
I lost my home because of this!
Janet Snakehole-Macklin
This is EXACTLY how I feel about gender reveal parties!🤣
Burt Vita
Burt Vita Hace 8 días
The soggy smile jelly wait because claus holly wreck throughout a jagged roast. dull, materialistic america
Hychro Hace 9 días
The title: gender reveal parties Drew: ginger reveal parties
M J-F Hace 9 días
7:08 I also live there
Lili Swaffield
Lili Swaffield Hace 9 días
Another fire was started in fort mcmurry this week lmfao
qiishv- Hace 9 días
i heard that gender reveal parties were actually started by a woman who kept having miscarriages, so when she got far enough into a pregnancy to know the sex of the baby she decided to celebrate it
Mimi Hace 9 días
What’s ironic is that the woman who started this all is totally against it now lol.
Oui Oui baguette
Oui Oui baguette Hace 9 días
3:10 if i did the math correctly he paid one-fortieth of the damage he caused
Sжr¡bee Guтż //
Sжr¡bee Guтż // Hace 9 días
Drew: *talks about finance The background: dolphin👹
Pearl S
Pearl S Hace 10 días
3:50 Hits a little harder after the shooter who murdered a bunch of Asian women successfully won over law enforcement by saying he had a bad day.... :/
JAF Hace 10 días
People who even go NEAR fire in California are dumb af.
The Void Alone
The Void Alone Hace 10 días
Props for putting an actual tv station in your lower third graphic during the welt dingerson bit.
TyggerHG Hace 11 días
imagine someone causes a huge forest fire, 15 million dollars in damage and makes 50 different species go extinct (with blue smoke of course) just for their kid to come out as trans 15 years later
Timothy Terry
Timothy Terry Hace 11 días
Who knew making a homemade bomb could go so wrong??? 😒
Sam Ash
Sam Ash Hace 11 días
“I’m upset that 👏🏻 People 👏🏻 Are 👏🏻Stupid 👏🏻” Same energy…..
Comrendu Hace 11 días
3:30 what is that specific name of that sound effect
Bitchcrack Hace 11 días
Itz Kiwi
Itz Kiwi Hace 11 días
How do you explain to your kid that the revealing of their gender when they were still a fetus killed Uncle Tom?
Ian Gilliam
Ian Gilliam Hace 12 días
I don’t think drew remembers that he’s talking about America. Of course we’re gonna find the most destructive ways to announce to the whole world that our baby has a penis.
elenoid Hace 13 días
Please. please, please. Leave this kind of shit stay in America and America only, if you don't get rid of it completely. Lmao
Rachel Hollars
Rachel Hollars Hace 13 días
I think gender reveals are cool if they involve balloons or cake or even a fun game. Of course other people have to ruin it.
batjokes Hace 13 días
Why hasn’t they banned gender reveal parties yet? It seems like they brought more destructions to others than joy.
Jessica Hace 11 días
I mean it's not the parties that's the problem, it's the absurd stunts that go along with them. I'm sure there are plenty of people who just make a cake and never get on the news, and that's fine. You gonna tell someone they're not allowed to throw a party with a coloured cake because of pyrotechnics and aeroplane accidents?
Agent Calamari Friday
Agent Calamari Friday Hace 13 días
imagine growing up and finding these cringy videos online of your parents gender reveal thing and just feeling so embarrased.
Sofia Hace 14 días
3:54 if you know, you know
gracie c
gracie c Hace 14 días
i thought he said “ginger reveal party”
Yvonne C
Yvonne C Hace 14 días
that intro is a beaut
MinuteClover24 Hace 14 días
A couple pounds of tannerite, combined with some nice shrapnel can cut off someones leg from 50 feet away yet its used in gender reveals?
Oasia Hace 14 días
Tannerite isn’t completely illegal, its a grey area
Flowi 💕
Flowi 💕 Hace 12 días
@Oasia k
Oasia Hace 12 días
@Flowi 💕 not at all, just a correction
Flowi 💕
Flowi 💕 Hace 13 días
is this meant to justify it?
woman Hace 14 días
That accent recreation was good 👍 5:15
spidey boss 1962
spidey boss 1962 Hace 14 días
We need Smokey the Bear more than ever
Person on the Intergroogles
Thank you for introducing me to ur third channel, Danny!
Alexinho Hace 15 días
I love how this is, as most stupid things like the imperial system, almost exclusive to 'Murica.
Abigail Heberle
Abigail Heberle Hace 15 días
Imagine if you were the baby of the parents that threw one of these get her reveal parties
potatopouf Hace 16 días
god damn it florida. why you gotta do that. i also was born and raised here. and wtf is wrong with people. that poor alligator.
potatopouf Hace 16 días
its so sad that people dont care about the environment. like wtf man I just don't get it.
Hanin Mohammed
Hanin Mohammed Hace 16 días
"Honey, get the camera! Grandma, light the fuse!" I shouldn't have laughed so hard at that 😂
Paper Cut
Paper Cut Hace 16 días
Imagine the mom can drink while pregnant. Oh my god that would be literal hell for a gender reveal party
I C Hace 16 días
"Having a bad day" line transcends its time in the most depressing way
James Kidd
James Kidd Hace 8 días
@LoafOf Milk nobody said they were
LoafOf Milk
LoafOf Milk Hace 13 días
@Oryy yyx stupid people are not a problem exclusive to the US.
Oryy yyx
Oryy yyx Hace 16 días
Was about to comment that, jesus the US is fucked
Gresen Seri
Gresen Seri Hace 17 días
The petite basement rhetorically reduce because banker synthetically imagine outside a internal whip. hanging, unadvised success
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller Hace 17 días
Just found out my brother and his wife are having a girl in December. Amazingly they were able to just group text us this happy news and all was well. Although my fiancé was blowing up our bathroom after Taco Bell at the time so I guess we’re still on brand.
Brock Ellis
Brock Ellis Hace 17 días
I swear he's saying ginger reveal
Emma Brown
Emma Brown Hace 17 días
If I ever have a baby, I’ll probably do a gender reveal party so I can eat a shit ton of cake without being judged
irene zoom
irene zoom Hace 18 días
menus were thrown
crescent Hace 18 días
0:44 ginger reveal parties
Carmen Fox
Carmen Fox Hace 18 días
Laughing and cringing now at the “bad day” skit when thinking about how people used it against the guy who killed the 6 women earlier this year
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace 18 días
You would think they want the people to be alive to see the baby
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
the fact that the "bad day" excuse isn't even... outlandish to a lot of people, anymore
P M Hace 18 días
Gender reveal party but it's just me, crying and eating pink cake. Also not pregnant
Bunny Bear
Bunny Bear Hace 18 días
drew: guess what state this happened in. me slowly: florida.. drew:thats right... the one that I live in
cool socool
cool socool Hace 19 días
my parents didn’t have a gender reveal party, they just thought i was gonna be a boy and i wasn’t lol.
chaos agent
chaos agent Hace 19 días
It's a trans
Shreyansh Verma
Shreyansh Verma Hace 19 días
In India revealing the gender of the baby and even founding the gender before the child is born is illegal. It is not allowed. 🙄🙄🙄🙄. Us indian got it.
Rohan Khatri
Rohan Khatri Hace 19 días
Sex determination test are illigal here in India
Santana Hodgson
Santana Hodgson Hace 20 días
Dang.. that “bad day” sketch didn’t age well...
JerJer B
JerJer B Hace 20 días
It's not that they've gone too far, it's that they haven't gone far enough. We need gender reveal parties to include thermonuclear weapons !
Red Hace 20 días
0:44 *ginger reveal parties*
Extincto Hace 20 días
Wait Drew is Florida Man??
Monster _ Lock
Monster _ Lock Hace 20 días
You know how my cousin made her gender reveal party? She made a blue cake… See? It's not that hard…
Sandra King
Sandra King Hace 20 días
The womanly pisces eventually sound because block endosonographically watch under a white windscreen. adhesive, crooked break
cora jung-fagan
cora jung-fagan Hace 21 un día
its a fire portishead
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco Hace 21 un día
Gender reveal parties need to stop
Julia C
Julia C Hace 21 un día
My parents actually have a great gender reveal tradition with me and my siblings where they give birth and thats it
Kuro Kat
Kuro Kat Hace 21 un día
(I am upset that people are stupid)
Tre Tahko
Tre Tahko Hace 21 un día
This is the first video I seen of you and I'm from cali so this hits different. Great content Nd you funny as fuck man 🤣💯
Pumpkin Hace 21 un día
That intro...
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