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Finally, our first South American country. Now shut up and do the Tango with me.
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Bulb 66
Bulb 66 Hace 22 horas
Never ask a Bolivian where’s the coast and never ask an Argentinian where are the Malvinas
pasta a
pasta a Hace 3 días
I follow, yes follow.
pasta a
pasta a Hace 3 días
I follow, I follow, deep sea, baby, sea, baby
Enzo Perez
Enzo Perez Hace 5 días
daniel wood cruz
daniel wood cruz Hace 5 días
Olso im gallego argentinan and purtorican
spankmymonkey3 Hace 6 días
Full of Nazis that fled there after WW2. Germans & Italians
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace 5 días
Most like Nazis fleeing to Chile from jewlandia argaytina after they were betrayed, captured, extradicted becoming world Champion in giving up Nazis not to mention they declared war on Nazi Germany, sent pilotos to the RAF to kill Germans, 0 volunteers in Hitler's Wehrmacht and 0 volunteers in Mussolini's Army which means JEWS wannabe Germans and Italians that fled to jewlandia argaytina where not allowed to serve in their armies jajajajajaja!!!
Kevin Burg
Kevin Burg Hace 7 días
Thank for your awesome videos.
Chris Kelleher
Chris Kelleher Hace 7 días
I hope the USA shifts it's trade from China to Argentina 💘. If I was 20 years old, spoke Spanish, had money I'd live there part of the year.
Adiary Martinez
Adiary Martinez Hace 8 días
Land of silver not really
Diógenes De Medici
Diógenes De Medici Hace 10 días
- This Guy: Ha! I don't know why they will call it that, being such a cold place. - Republicans: ''LAND OF FIRE'' BECAUSE IT'S RED, BECAUSE THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, KILLTHEMFUCKINGALLLL!!!! HAIL FREEDOOOOM!!! - Argentine: Ehm ... in spring the red forests bloom, looking like fire.
J.M. Paez
J.M. Paez Hace 11 días
Half argentinian and half filipino. Cant wait tor visit My fathers country
Max muhm
Max muhm Hace 12 días
love to watch the old videos, really shows how much your channel and team have progressed. always will be my favorite channel.
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace 13 días
🇦🇷 👃✡️👃 🇮🇱
gonzalo bertoloni.
gonzalo bertoloni. Hace 10 días
Pobre chileno muralla de tsunami jajajaja
cerra el orto pete
isokessu Hace 13 días
Argentina is good in soccer
FooFoo2013 Hace 13 días
Land of the fake blondes
Pedro Leuenberger
Pedro Leuenberger Hace 14 días
In fact almoust a third of argentina’s population (including myself) has an italian pasaport or doublexñcitycenship thanks to our ancestors
anjalisharma pusa
anjalisharma pusa Hace 15 días
Your videos are so informative. They are worth watching. Your efforts to make things simpler and interesting is appreciabl.
Taraknath Ghosh
Taraknath Ghosh Hace 15 días
U don't say the name messi, Love from India ❤️
Niels Runhaar
Niels Runhaar Hace 15 días
The queen from The Netherlands is born in Argentina!
Tim Watts
Tim Watts Hace 16 días
Time to update this video. But I still loved it.
Matt Braddock
Matt Braddock Hace 16 días
Never ask them what their grandparents did during World War II
the 12 points
the 12 points Hace 17 días
¡Hola a Argentina desde Azerbaiyán!🇦🇿❤🇦🇷
World Info
World Info Hace 18 días
Great Love, Argentina Greetings from: THE PHILIPPINES
A Derp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
Uruguay is Argentina 2, change my mind.
Neizion 2
Neizion 2 Hace 19 días
You forgot to mention Argentina is the only country in the Americas to have a large rugby union following. Mainly in the area where the Welsh speakers are
JG Garcia
JG Garcia Hace 20 días
I made Argentinian Locro
Joshua Solano
Joshua Solano Hace 21 un día
They went a 10 minute video talking about Argentina and didn’t even mention Yerba Mate
Bruno Galvez
Bruno Galvez Hace 22 días
Aranza Lacuadra
Aranza Lacuadra Hace 23 días
Dude, I'm argentinian and I was so proud of the info you shared! So accurate! I just discovered your channel and I love it ! Please keep it up!
Erick Mendez
Erick Mendez Hace 24 días
why the people insist in say that this lands was discovered, when the reality is that was invation
Alan eu msm
Alan eu msm Hace 26 días
I would love to meet Argentina 😄 from Brazil🇧🇷🇦🇷
Homeschoolhaole Hace 29 días
I hope these lame comments aren’t “boron” you 😎
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Jewlandia Argaytina is Israeli property...
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane Hace un mes
Fun little sidenote: At the era of Containing the spread of communism, the United States supported the Argentine Regime to defend south america from Communism, but then at the war of Falklands, The Americans supported Britain, and Britain won the falkland wars and when argentina lost, the Argentinian Government used America as a Scapegoat to Blame their Loss in Falkland wars.
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane Hace un mes
Nazi Officers from 1945 escaped Germany to find asylum in Argentina.
Taffi MH
Taffi MH Hace 27 días
@BlitzkriegCHILE You are still commenting in this video since longer than a month ago and made more than 60 comments repeating over and over that Argentina is Jewish, are you okay?
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
You mean justice, jewlandia argaytina world Champion in giving up Nazis.
nahuel gamer897
nahuel gamer897 Hace un mes
Hola soy de argentina
Allegra Morgagni
Allegra Morgagni Hace un mes
Beh spalato! come diciamo qua
Supermarine Spitfire
Argentina Corned beef! Lol
josiah hood
josiah hood Hace un mes
Jesus loves u
josiah hood
josiah hood Hace un mes
your videos are so helpful and entertaining!!!
10.000 iscritti senza video
love argentina 🇦🇷 from italy🇮🇹
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
GoK Hace un mes
You forgot that Argentina in Independence wars made a crusade to liberate half of South America
GoK Hace un mes
@BlitzkriegCHILE btw Argentina didn't request help from the USA, they instead sent help to them
GoK Hace un mes
@BlitzkriegCHILE why do you call me a jew when I'm clearly the guy who burns them with a flammenwerfer
GoK Hace un mes
@BlitzkriegCHILE wdym
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
It took jewlandia argaytina 300 years to declare war on the Spanish Empire and was to the only nation in all Latin America that needed the USA to liberate them .
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Harsh Vardhan Negi
Harsh Vardhan Negi Hace un mes
Land of messi
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Owen Mitchell
Owen Mitchell Hace un mes
Love Argentina 🇦🇷 from USA 🇺🇸
Roberto Marcelo
Roberto Marcelo Hace un mes
Hi everyone from Mendoza, Argentina, where Aconcagua Mt is located. Visit my land and you'll fall in love for sure🇦🇷♥️
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Israel loves it jajajajajaja
Franco Campos
Franco Campos Hace un mes
Forgot about rugby!!!!
Mike tubehd
Mike tubehd Hace un mes
What about the coat of arms
Ahora ya
Ahora ya Hace un mes
Most Argentines also have Spanish ancestors, same way as most Americans have English ancestors, but the German or Italian ones look more fashionable as the mainstream language is Spanish in Argentina and English on the US
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Anarchy Empire
Anarchy Empire Hace un mes
As an American I firmly believe the Falklands ( Bizaro Hawaii as they have been called by us since ancient times) belong to the US....no this has nothing to do with the recently discovered oil, Bizaro Hawaii has been part of the US since ancient times and must be returned!
Rahe_p Hace un mes
9:29 "Cute little sidekick of Argentina" that's the best description of Uruguay I have ever heard.
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Jewlandia junior URUGAY 👍👍👍
Freddie Hudson
Freddie Hudson Hace un mes
You forgot about the german/nazi immigrants post ww2
Honda CRV
Honda CRV Hace un mes
I’ve landed as Islas Malvinas airport Rosario
Historyan 23
Historyan 23 Hace un mes
Love Argentina from Indonesia
Nancy Gonzalez
Nancy Gonzalez Hace un mes
gonzalo bertoloni.
gonzalo bertoloni. Hace 10 días
@BlitzkriegCHILE jajajajajajaja chile no existes jajaja
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Sofiane Saad
Sofiane Saad Hace un mes
I love Argentina from Algeria ❤
Croix Winters
Croix Winters Hace un mes
Hola Argentina 🇦🇷
Diego Funes
Diego Funes Hace un mes
Argentine man right here, and everything he tell in the video is right, really like how he sintetize it all, without making big mistakes like i see in other videos.
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Argentino ASMR
Argentino ASMR Hace un mes
BlitzkriegCHILE Hace un mes
Kaiden Flowers
Kaiden Flowers Hace un mes
Argentinan was named after the fires that Magellan saw the native tribes using on the land Kaiden 7B
Mnb Abu
Mnb Abu Hace un mes
No doubt that most handsome men in the globe is from Argentina.. And most handsome I have seen is Pablo Aimar.(Sorry Messi fans).😆😊 ⚽️♥️
Steveofthejungle8 Hace un mes
Lol I love the Jenna Marbles music. Gotta love old Geography Now!
Duncan Mann
Duncan Mann Hace un mes
Greetings from tierra del fuego Rio Grande my family is scottish
ॐkiwi chotoॐ
ॐkiwi chotoॐ Hace un mes
2:55 podemos estar seguros de que al menos un gringo vio una cancha del ascenso en su vida. Thanks Geography Now!
Gid Chris Malenab
Gid Chris Malenab Hace 2 meses
One of the South American countries that I want to visit one day.
sunni sultanKE
sunni sultanKE Hace 2 meses
You had to not mention lionel mesi XD
ahmad mohamad
ahmad mohamad Hace 2 meses
fuck argentina
VeRoL Hace 2 meses
Messi ? :D
Musa Nabievi
Musa Nabievi Hace 2 meses
make Turkey brother ( Im from Azerbaycan btw)
Jacob Bahr
Jacob Bahr Hace 2 meses
Most Argentinians have Italian ancestry. Argentina's northeastern panhandle looks like the stereotypical Italian hand gesture
Mariano Mülek
Mariano Mülek Hace 2 meses
There is no "South American continent", America is only one and it contains North, Middle and South America
Mariano Mülek
Mariano Mülek Hace 2 meses
@Hank Donovan actually none of us is right and there's no last statement that will show one of us is😐
Hank Donovan
Hank Donovan Hace 2 meses
@Mariano Mülek or you do a google search with "continent definition" and be shocked what comes up
Mariano Mülek
Mariano Mülek Hace 2 meses
@Hank Donovan look at the rings of the Olympic flag and tell me what each (5) of them represents 🤣
Hank Donovan
Hank Donovan Hace 2 meses
why? because the landmasses are together? by that logic europe, asia and africa would also be only one continent, lol.
Aw Naw
Aw Naw Hace 2 meses
M. Garcia
M. Garcia Hace un mes
Who cares???
Spaniard Hace 2 meses
No me gusta Argentina, ellos son homosexuales
Joe Hace 2 meses
Why do you keep saying Argentina? I thought the next episode would be Armenia?
Honda CRV
Honda CRV Hace 2 meses
Argentina doesn’t like Chile.
Argentinus Maximus
Argentinus Maximus Hace 2 meses
Our most favourite joke in international politics is that Uruguay is the 24th Province.
newage777777 Hace 2 meses
المستعمرون الغزاة يسرقون أراضي الغير, ويفسدون توزيع السكان الأصليين العرقي في تلك البقعة, وكأن أراضيهم الأصلية كانت صحاري أو قد تم تدميرها ! اللعنة عليهم لو كانت دولتي كدولهم لما هاجرت لإستعمار العالم الجديد.
Mia Chevalier
Mia Chevalier Hace 2 meses
Lindo país. El único país de América Latina que me gustaría visitar o haber nacido ahí.
RossyLove White
RossyLove White Hace 2 meses
Hellow from Usa
Santi Ganya
Santi Ganya Hace 2 meses
Sorry guys, I love this videos but you completely VANISHED Argentina's succesive military dictatorships, the last one infamously renowned for having been extremely ruthless and bloody, even compared to the region's other dictatorships, and which created a war out of nowhere, being it the reason why the ongoing negotiations with the UK around Argentina's claim to the Malvinas islands were frozen up until nowadays (at the time, negotiations and international support were faring considerably better in favour of Argentina's claim). The military dictatorship was utterly failing economically and socially, killing and torturing by the many thousands, they invaded the islands to try to gain popularity within the country and completely failed. That being said, you omitted also Argentina's post-dictatorship fight for truth and justice (Verdad y Justicia), democracy and indepencence, fight which became a pillar in Latin America's united search for equality, justice, regional unity and non-intervention. Cheers!
Santi Ganya
Santi Ganya Hace 2 meses
Oh, and in that fight for justice, many brothers and sisters from our sister country Spain were remarkably important. We love Spain.
Zineb zizo
Zineb zizo Hace 2 meses
For me Argentina=_=Messi
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